Another chapter, a quicker read this time, featuring just Dani, a Bentley and a blow job Enjoy...

Living The Dream...
Chapter 15
Grand Closings
Danielle Lloyd

I glanced around me into the dark night as Dani unzipped my trousers and slipped her hand inside.

The street was sat just as you would expect it to be at half three in the morning; extremely quite and extremely dark. The street lights were a fair distance apart and only giving out a dim glow, there was no way anyone would know we were inside the car. The dull orange tinge from the street lights couldn't pierce the Bentleys tints.

"Has she gone in the house yet?" Dani asked looking up and out of the rear passenger door window, her fingers still stroking my cock.

Dunc had just disappeared inside the front door of the girls house, Dani's friend giggled and jangled keys loudly as she went.

"They're in" I confirmed as the door shut and lights flicked on in the hallway.

"Good", Dani said shifting her head to within a inch of my face. I sat there, waiting for her to kiss me, "Means I can get on with this".

Dani smiled sweetly and licked her lips slowly before her head descended towards my crotch. A chill ran up my spine as Dani traced a manicured nail down my stalk and over my balls. I could feel her warm breath blowing through my opened trouser zip.

"Shit! Did someone leave the air con on" I said as another shiver went through me.

Dani laughed and slowly massaged my balls with just her nails, "I feel proper bad, we shouldn't be doing this out here", she chirped.

"You don't get any pap's hanging around do you?" I asked glancing around again.

"No, this is my friends house, I only crash here when we go clubbing' or whatever. It beats a hotel and the paps know nothing about it", Dani explained.

I relaxed a little, "That's cool then. Being bad is good every so often anyway", I said resting my hand on her backs bare skin.

I couldn't see them in the partial darkness but I could feel her tits bumping into my thigh as her fingers moved around my cock, teasing it as she went. Dani was knelt on all fours on the Bentleys rear seat, her head getting ever closer to my dick.

"Well what ever it is, it's got me fuckin' wet", Dani moaned, "I am so turned on!"

Her breath grew stronger on my rod and I braced myself, ready for her wet mouth to engulf it.

The long forceful lick from my balls up to my tip came as such a shock that I had to force my body back into the seat. She stuck her tongue out to a firm point and ran it around my now pumping stalk in time with the tickling massage that was causing an electrical storm in my balls.

I felt movement to my left as Dani ground her thighs together. I stroked my hand down her back and onto the fabric of her dress that started not much above her arse crack. But instead of going over the top of the fabric, I gently slipped my fingers under the dress.

I passed her attempt at underwear, a very small g-string, and probed down her arse crack with my middle finger.

"Mmmm" Dani breathed as my finger started down the slope of her crack. Her cheeks moved slowly from side to side as she ground her thighs together.

So far the head of my dick was the only part of me to make it into her mouth, Dani choosing to lick, kiss and tickle my rod instead. She was sucking on the head of my dick as my finger came to a squeezing halt against between arse cheeks.

She had both her legs clamped together so hard it was going to be impossible for my middle finger to travel any further without her loosening up.

"C'mon, open up for me", I whispered whilst applying a little pressure in the direction I wanted to go, "Pleeeease?" I asked with a kiss to the top of her head.

Dani had nibbled her way down my stalk and was now trying to suck on one of my balls that was still inside my trousers. For a second I didn't think I was going to get any further.

"Not up my arse though", she warned not taking her mouth away from the task at hand.

I felt her thigh muscles relax and with a little wiggle she had opened her legs so that her knees were now spread as wide as the Bentleys rear bench allowed. Dani went back to sucking on the head of my cock and my finger continued it's journey onward.

I made a point of not just going lightly over Dani's arsehole but tracing my finger out to the side and around the puckered little muscle all together.

"Oooh, good boy", Dani cooed and slipped the whole length of my cock into her mouth as my finger passed.

Her lips came to rest at the base and I felt her mouth muscles begin to quiver around my submerged dick. I paused my finger's journey as Dani got comfy with deep throating the whole length of my steely hard cock. By now my middle digit was sitting at the bottom of Dani's very wet slit, the back of my hand was damp from the moisture soaked up by her g-string.

I paused as Dani's lips ran up and down my shaft at quick speed, the slurping noises sounding twice as loud in the confines of the dark car. I couldn't see much but I could feel and hear plenty.

I began to slide my finger along and up into Dani's waiting pussy. It reacted as I entered and I felt Dani shiver with excitement, her hips lowered her tunnel down to meet it. I spread my other fingers out across her undercarriage as support and began to slide my finger in and out, in and out.

Dani threw her head back and pulled her hair away from her face, "Oooooh fuck!" she moaned.

I could now see her face, her eyes closed and head tilted back in the street light. Her mouth silently dropped open as she rode her pussy back to meet my finger. With her eyes still closed she began to suck on her bottom lip.

"Are you enjoying that?" I asked in almost a chuckle. I began to drive my finger home harder and faster. Dani's face changed into that of someone in deep concentration.

Dani started to pant, "Y-y-y-yesss", she breathed.

I felt the g-string expand outwards even more as Dani's right hand joined mine inside so her fingers could play with her clit. I felt them as she began to rub away on her button, her head dropped forward covering my dick in her hair.

She was no longer panting quietly. Dani was now moaning and slamming her pussy back onto my soaked hand. I took the ring finger on my right hand and slid it in to join my middle finger. Her warm insides gave way easily to accommodate the extra digit.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she groaned as her pussy slid down my fingers.

She tried to put the tip of my dick back in her mouth but it fell out as she threw her head back once again.

"I'm gonna cum", she moaned in real labour.

I felt her hand go into over drive on her clit. Her hips were pumping down onto my fingers, wetness was running everywhere.

Dani had an incredibly cute face, especially when she was cumming, the look of her lost in her ecstasy fuelled word was enough to keep my dick more than hard.

I felt her body tense and her pussy clamp around my fingers.

"Oooooooh, fuuuuck!" Dani moaned as she reached her climax

"That's it baby, let go, cum all over my fingers", I soothed.

"Feeels so good" she continued to moan as her body ceased up, "Ahhhhh!" she sighed as her orgasm washed over her.

"Feel nice?" I asked

"Mmmmmmm, oh god! I'm still cumming Mike", she exclaimed in case I hadn't noticed her pussy still sucking up my fingers, "Oooh fuck I'm still cumming!"

My dick was aching to be touched by any part of Dani now but I let her come down and level out after her orgasm, I was quite happy to watch as her face unscrewed and her cute smile returned.

"I liked that" she smiled as she opened her eyes.

"Come to Spain with me and we can see what else we can get up to", I said cheekily

"Spain?" Dani asked confused

"For dinner. There's a great seafood restaurant in Palma, you gotta try their lobster", I explained.

"You want to take me to Spain for dinner", Dani posed.

"Me and the boys are heading out to my villa to chill out for a couple of weeks. I think you should come join us. Bring some of you mates. Shit, I'll take everyone for dinner", I laughed.

"You bullshitting me?" she asked a little surprised.

"I never say anything unless I mean to", I kind of lied, "Come to the villa with me, I'll get the jet to pick you up"

Dani's smile grew bigger, but she didn't answer. She just dropped her head and swallowed my dick whole once more. She sucked harder and faster with a whole new energy. I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

I don't think I'd ever grow tired of the feeling of a great blow job. My hips began to involuntarily buck upward to meet her lips on their down stroke.

"Fuck!" I grunted as I let loose in Dani's mouth.

Dani's mouth slurped loudly as she drank it all down.

"Mmmmm!", she groaned in pleasure.

Next stop Majorca, I thought to myself with a smile.