This's my first post on the forum so I hope it works ok :)

It is of course completely fake and isn't an accurate portray of Cheryl Tweedy or Kimberley Walsh's sexualities in any way at all

Hope you enjoy it :)

You stroll confidently towards the full-length mirror, sturdy in your flat, shiny Doc Martens. They're sensible and dependable compared with the killer heels you're usually seen out and about in because you need to be comfortable tonight of all nights. You'll be spending most of the time on your feet. She'll be on her knees, just as it should be....

You stop in front of the mirror, eyes taking in every inch of your costume. Perfect. Tonight you've chosen a suit, shirt and tie, all black and of the highest quality. Naturally. You lean down to adjust the tie, running your fingers down over the silky material and smiling as you reflect on the acts you're about to perform. You take a minute to gaze down at your crotch, it's not-so-hidden secret straining at the crisp fabric of the trousers. Humming to yourself happily you check your hair and make-up then your watch, it's almost time.

You walk to the dressing table picking up the two fragrances, hers and yours, lightly spraying yourself with both. It shouldn't work but, strangely, it does. The heady combination of scents invades your nostrils and you close your eyes, breathing slowly and evenly, getting back in to character for the rest of the evening's entertainment.

Act One has already taken place, quarter of an hour ago precisely. Just enough time for her to prepare herself for what she's about to receive but not so long that she's unsafe. You're very particular about the details, it's the little things that make nights like these so special. Every aspect is painstakingly worked out by you beforehand, you cannot afford to lose control in the face of her beauty.

In your everyday life the other girls laugh and call you the Ice Queen, businesslike and unsusceptible to spur of the moment emotional responses. She knows different, knows just how merciless you can be but also how she, and she alone, makes you melt inside.

You head downstairs, pausing momentarily to pick up the key to the basement door from the table in the hallway. You gradually make your way to the secret place, the special place that is yours and hers alone. You slip the key into the lock, one swift turn and it's done. Pausing with your hand on the doorknob you take a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

It's showtime....

She's laid on the bed in a star-shape exactly where you left her , arms and legs outstretched, each limb attached to one of the bed's four posts. After all she'd have to be Houdini to free herself from your knot work. You pride yourself on the intricacy of the bonds and you pause to take in both them and her beautiful body. Her skin is smooth, muscles taut, eyes closed. Your very own perverse Sleeping Beauty. You grin widely.

Taking a step towards her your shoes creak, alerting her to your presence. Her eyes open, she smiles back at you warmly and – it's a stupid cliché – but your heart leaps, butterflies soaring round your stomach. You gulp and run your tongue over dry lips. She's the one tied to the bed, naked and vunerable, but you find yourself questioning who really has the power.

You, of course, and you intend to show her that.

Pulling yourself together you lean down, cupping her face you run a thumb over one of her dimples.
“I thought you'd abandoned us” she jokes.
“Never” you reply, stroking her face, letting her know that, whatever comes next, she can trust you.

You walk over to the shelving unit built in to the walls of the basement. Opening the doors you glance at the vast array of implements and toys within. Without hesitation you reach over, grabbing a few items. Yes, you think to yourself, these will do nicely for now.

Moving back to the bed you place the items on the table at the side. She looks at them and her eyes widen, an odd mixture of fear and delight on her face as you lean in, hovering above her, your full lips inches from hers.

“Do you trust me?” you ask, your voice quiet and calm.
“Yes” she replies, her eyes never leaving yours.

You take one of her erect nipples between your thumb and index finger twisting it sharply. She winces in pain, belatedly realising her mistake.
“Yes what?” you ask again, low and menacing.
“Ye...yes Kimberley” she stutters and you release the pressure on her nub, soothing it with your fingertips.
“Good girl” you whisper as your free hand moves down to her other breast and she groans under your ministrations.

You kiss her deeply, your tongue battling for supremacy over hers. She soon begins writhing against the bed, stretching her bonds to their limits as you stroke over her sensitive nipples. You draw back and she curses in frustration, unable to do a thing about her current predicament. Just the way she likes it.

Reaching over to the side table you pick up your first selected item, a small pair of stainless steel, rubber tipped clamps. She licks her lips in anticipation, closing her eyes as you swiftly attach one to each nipple. Kissing her again you give a couple of light tugs on the chain connecting the two clamps, she moans into your mouth and you feel your clit throb into life. You want her so much it's unreal but you must stay in control.

Breaking the kiss you look down at her.
“I'm going to untie you now...behave...understand?”
She nods, submitting completely to your wishes.
You quickly release her from her bonds, taking a leather collar and leash from the table and throwing it to her.
“Put it on” you instruct.
She obeys immediately, eager to progress to the next stage of the game. You take the end of the lead in your hand, allowing her to step safely off the bed. Once she's off you yank hard on the leash, pulling her towards you.
“Kneel down”.

Following your order she kneels in front of you, her head level with the conspicuous bulge in your tailored trousers. She licks her lips again nervously, awaiting your next move. She thinks she knows what's coming next. She's wrong.
“Get on all fours with your back to me” you continue.
A fleeting look of surprise passes over her face before she quickly gets into position. It's a rather undignified position but then that's the point.

You stand back for a minute to admire the view. Her arse really is perfect and deserving of something very special.
“Touch yourself for me” you order.
You smile as she leans forward to balance, pushing her pert little backside even further into the air as her fingers part her moist lips, stroking at her clit. You watch her intently, each of her little groans of desire sending tingles of pleasure to your pussy.

Feeling a surge of power you can't wait any longer. You take a bottle of lube and a large set of silicone anal beads from the side table. You run your hands over the textured surface of the beads, the lube silky under your fingers. The silicone toy certainly wasn't cheap but she loves her anal play and, as far as you're concerned, only the best will do for her.

You carefully kneel down on one knee behind her. Your lubed fingers stroke over the velvety skin of her exposed anus and she pushes her backside towards you longingly. You smile widely now that she's given you an excuse to punish her. Not that you ever needed one.

Grabbing a fistful of her silky hair you pull her back towards you forcefully. She yelps in shock, body rigid as you throw her across your knee and start spanking her. Eventually stopping you slowly push the first few lubed-up beads past the tightness of her sphincter causing her to groan loudly with pleasure. You bring your hand down again, landing a glancing blow across her buttocks.

“Please...” she whimpers, her voice small, legs trembling.
“Please what?” you hiss, knowing that she's enjoying this just as much as you are. Maybe even more.
“Please Kimberley...” she repeats breathily, her desire obvious.
You smile again. Hmm...she's definitely enjoying it more.

Running a hand over the tender skin of her backside you slide the rest of the toy deep inside her, moans escaping her lips as, one by one, the beads enter her until she's completely filled. Satisfied you stand, ready to take things to the next level. She looks up at you expectantly, those big brown eyes filling you with lust.

Taking one last look at her dishevelled form you walk a few steps to the nearest wall. You lean against it casually and unzip your trousers. Reaching inside you free your impressive shaft. Long, thick and matt black like the rest of your outfit, it's quite a site to behold.

You beckon her towards you and she comes eagerly, crawling on all fours, the lead trailing across the floor as she moves. She reaches you and you wrap your hand around the length of the dildo, smoothing lube over it until the surface is shiny. The aroma of strawberries fills the air. You inhale deeply.

The lube is her favourite flavour which, considering what she's about to do, is just as well.

You pace a hand onto the back of her head, her hair tangled round your fingers as you pull her head towards your crotch. She puts her hands on the outside of your thighs to steady herself. Her eyes never leave you as her lips wrap around your shaft, slowly devouring every inch of the silicone cock until she's reached the base. You smile widely as she enthusiastically licks and sucks over the huge dildo.

She'd certainly be popular with the boys. Tough shit. She's all yours. It's not about the physical sensation, it's about the power.

“That's enough” you command, letting go of her head, “stand up and face the wall”
She does as she's told and you reach around the front of her, kissing her neck as you release the clamps from her nipples. She gasps with pleasure as your thumbs stroke over the extra sensitive buds before moving downwards.

“Please Kimberley...fuck me” she groans desperately.
You trail your fingers between her legs, parting her pussy lips and circling her clit lightly. Her sticky wetness covers your fingers. She's definitely ready for you.

Wasting no time you push her against the wall, sliding your shaft deep inside her. As you build a steady rhythm she gasps.
You smile and wrap your hand around her slender throat, continuing to stimulate her clit. You apply gentle pressure, blocking her airway for seconds.

“Do you trust me?” you repeat hotly into her ear.
Biting her lip, eyes wide, she nods.
You give another gentle squeeze, pumping into her pussy harder and faster. You can tell she's near to the edge as her entire body tenses, trembling as she tries to hold back.
“Cum for me” you whisper huskily, releasing her neck.

Her beautiful body convulses and you feel a spurt of warm wetness against your upper thighs. Her groans of pleasure and relief echo off the basement walls and your clit pulsates as she rides out her orgasm. You slow your movements, pulling the anal beads from deep within her tightness. She gives one final loud groan and collapses limply against you as you kiss her neck tenderly.

You pick her up in your arms and carry her over to the four poster bed. Laying her down gently you climb on next to her, she snuggles into you. Her hand wanders over the damp patch at your crotch, a finger tracing round the glistening dildo protruding from your zipper.

“Well I guess that's another pair of trousers for the dry cleaners” she sighs straight faced.
You look down at her horrified and she cracks up, her body shaking with laughter.
“Oh Kimba, as if I'd sent pants with me cum on it to the cleaners!”
“You're so easy to wind up, it's part of why I love you” she adds, smiling contentedly.

You smile back at her, your stomach flutters, and the Ice Queen feels herself begin to thaw.