Well here's another chapter. Strictly speaking there's no sex in this chapter and it's a fair length but it's a nice link between what's gone before and what I've got planned for the future. Hope you all enjoy and in case you've forgotten what Tweedy and Dani look like.......

Living The Dream
Chapter 14
Grand Openings
Cheryl Tweedy & Danielle Lloyd

It had been a crazy year.

Even after Christina had reached out to mend some bridges in New York, I decided to play it safe and keep my distance. This meant we ended up in bed again every chance we got, but I think we both knew that was always going to happen. So we carried on for as long as the pregnancy, and my schedule, allowed.

Christina gave birth to a six pounds, two ounce bundle of noise in the January, she called him Max.

I returned to America to visit her and the baby but with a new born demanding her attention and a divorce case pending, I felt it best to take a step back and chose to concentrate on getting my ill fated London nightclub finished, a project that had been snowballing out of control for almost a year itself.

We still talked and I would be visiting her again soon, but until things with Jordan were smoothed over and something could be done to silence the still lurking Manny, I would play the background.

So after a near twelve month delay, building troubles of every conceivable kind and a hype machine manned by Titus's own personal PR team it was finished.

It was time for the grand opening of Trinity42.


I felt my chest swell as I looked out across the main floor of the club. The crowd were swaying out on the dance floor to an early evening set being played by one of my own stable of DJ's. My old friend Bumpy Tyson was due to play later in the night, once he returned from a publicity jaunt around some of the capitals radio stations.

We ripped the piss out of each other a lot, especially once he found out what me and Nicole Scherzinger were up to in the room next door to him in Vegas, but he was the first one on the phone asking for a slot on the opening nights rota. My partners in musical crime Joey B and Kut would also play later on, if they could stay sober long enough. I looked down at the two bars that serviced the main room; they were fully manned and doing their jobs; nothing I hated more than waiting to be served at a bar.

I let out a long satisfied sigh as I saw the clubs general manager and event co-ordinator moving between the two, keeping the bar staff in line and moving. My face cracked into a giant grin. Seventy five per cent of tonight's business was on the comp but that didn't matter. We were open and doing, some, business.

I was up in the mezzanine level, which would normally be the VIP lounge, keeping an eye on things. A lot of familiar faces were milling around downstairs; Fergie had turned up with Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, Keeley Hazell and myself had only been out once more after our night at the Cairo Club but she still accepted her invitation and came along.

Attending with them were some other acts I had worked with, a few I wanted to work with and then people I invited just because I could. There were plenty of friends, old and new and from both sides of the Atlantic mixing with my family and the industry types.

The meeting to finalise the guest list had lasted six hours. Names were thrown around as we tried to get a balance of who we wanted to invite, who we should invite and who we could invite. It should have come as no surprise that the lads had thrown the name of every female model, singer, kiss and tell girl and general hottie that they could think of into the selection hat. A few people left that meeting sorely disappointed at the final decision.

My family had been in the nightclub business for years but it never stopped amazing me how just one picture of a celeb leaving a club in the papers would mean the admission line would be a long one for the next few weeks. If you could regularly get exposure like that, then you would own the keys to a gold mine. And I was hoping that's what I had spread out before me.

I laughed out loud as I saw my uncle and father being introduced to Tee's new girlfriend and her little posse. Tee was going through his model phase again, that's what a night out with Russell Simmons did to you, so they all looked like they were from a Victoria Secrets casting. I watched as my father stood wide eyed whilst his brother-in-law gave them the cheeky chappie banter of someone who'd been in the nightclub game all his life.

Big Duncan was looming off my left shoulder and from the corner of my eye I saw him put a finger up to his ear piece as he listened to something. He was my handler for the evening. With the amount of stuff going on I was going to need him.

"Tell Tee to keep my uncle away from the models, he has a hart condition", I laughed as he and my father exchanged glances at the departing flock.

"Sammy is on the door", Dunc said above the music, "Cheryl Tweedy's just arrived", he said still not quite believing what was going on around him.

"Nice, make sure she gets a booth up here", I replied in regard to the seating up here that was being kept in reserve for my personal pick of the guests.

"One of your personal picks has arrived too", Dunc said with a smirk.

I picked out Danielle Lloyd walking up the set of stairs opposite the mezzanine that led to the second, quieter lounge bar. She had a short, bright red dress on with a deep cut 'V' in the back the showed off her sexy tanned back, the point rode so low that it almost skimmed the top of her arse crack. For a second I wondered what it would look like if she wore it the other way around; small scoop neckline on her back, big V pointing to her navel at the front. I wasn't going to be able to miss her in the crowd tonight.

I watched her speak to a bouncer stood at the top of the stairs before going through the archway that was framed with heavy curtains a shade deeper than her dress. Dani was now in what would be the 'chill out room' when Joe Public was let loose on the place. A lot quieter than the rest of the club, it was the perfect place to strike up a conversation. And that's what I intended on doing. I was quickly forming my route for the evening in my mind.

"Tee is asking for you, and security want to know if they should waver the dress code for guests entourage's", Dunc announced like the news headlines.

God, this was going to get tedious as the night wore on.


I mingled with all the right people, talking the talk and walking the walk for another good hour or so. As I did I noticed that Cheryl had decided to share a booth with Fergie and Will.I.Am. Fergie saw me working the room and waved. I smiled and returned the gesture.

I may have screwed her on that video set knowing she was about to become a married woman but it hadn't stopped our friendship. We still spoke and she would talk openly about the incident, obviously when it was just the two of us, and flirt with me just to see my flustered responses. She was a pretty cool woman.

A flick of her wrist and I had what I wanted. An opening to go over to their booth at the side of the sunken dance floor.

"Mr Corleone," she greeted with a hug around the table edge.

Her cleavage wobbled in a V necked white t-shirt that just about fitted over her tits.

"Aren't you looking buoyant this evening", I replied quietly in her ear as he chest crushed into mine.

"You behave", she smiled sitting down.

I shook Will's hand as I was introduced by Fergie and then turned my attention to the three women sitting on the other half of the dark semi circle.

Cheryl Tweedy and Kimberly Walsh, also from Girls Aloud, were sitting with a third female smiling sweetly and drinking big glasses of wine. I greeted each one in turn, happily accepting a kiss on the cheek from each.

Cheryl smelt awesome.

She was wearing what looked like a white vest and a slim lined black skirt, a wide black belt squeezed her already small stomach in, creating a more hourglass look. A black bra, for right or wrong, was peeking out of the vest under her arms giving me a peek of some side boobage.

With her hair settling around her shoulders and cheeky smile flashing through the dim light, she reminded me a bit of Eva Longoria.

"You're on to a winner here", Cheryl said as I parked myself on the edge of the booth seat.

I saw Wills brow twitch as he struggled with her Newcastle accent. They had recently worked together but the Geordie tongue was a tough one to crack to the uninitiated.

"I'm hoping, looks good for all the delays we had, doesn't it?" I replied.

"I kept hearing about setbacks", Kim now added.

She was from Bradford so had a completely different accent to Cheryl's. Luckily her words came through lips so sexy they could make the howl of a banshee sound like honey. I was just thinking of the dick sucking capabilities of her lips when I realised it was my turn to respond.

"Oh, yeah, tons of stuff going on with it but we got here in the end", I smiled.

"We were just talking about solo work as opposed to group work", Will said, "Which do you prefer working with as a producer?"

Four sexy smiles and a huge pair of sunglasses waited for my answer.

"As long as I can connect with who I'm working with then it doesn't really matter if there's one artist or twelve", I shot off diplomatically, "I do find that I prefer to work one on one with singers rather than rappers though"

"Any reason for that?" Kim asked

"Hip hop is based in a culture of bragging and an energy that you can only get when your bouncing off another emcee"

"You know it", Will added leaning around Fergie to slap hands with me

"The amount of times I've been in a studio with emcees and one has heard another's verse and just said 'Please put me in there, I need to better that'. That one-up-manship is how awesome records get made. It's just how it goes"

"So what do you think about working with new artists, maybe first time solo artists?" Cheryl asked taking a large sip of her wine.

"Is that an offer of work?" I half joked.

Cheryl smiled a little embarrassed.

"Well, I wouldn't mind one of those Christina hits", she replied maybe not realising the full implications of what that meant.

Will bailed her out, "I think with Mike behind the boards you would be a big hit"

"Mike and his white boy funk", Fergie added resting her head on my shoulder for a second.

We all laughed and I blushed slightly, "I think that I could do great things with any of you", I said meaning the rest of her group.

"What about a double act? We could do duets", Kim posed

"Or maybe you could just sing my back ups", Cheryl answered emptying the bottle on the table into their glasses. We all laughed as we shared the joke.

"Maybe after Cheryl's got a number one album, I can sort you out with one", I chuckled in Kim's direction.

"How many are there in your group?" Fergie asked

"Five", Cheryl replied through the laughter

"Well there's five years worth of work for you", Kim smiled.

"I'll drink to that", Cheryl giggled holding her glass aloft.

I tugged on Dunc's suit jacket as he stood looking out onto the dance floor with his back to the booth.

"Get me one of the bar staff", I said as he turned around, "One that can carry a tray through a crowd"

The chat continued with Fergie telling a few stories of what I was like to work with, then Will came back with his own stories from the studio. As the girls raised their eyebrows at some of his more scandalous bits of information, I realised that I wasn't the only producer out there being confronted with the situations I had been getting myself into.

As soon as more drinks arrived for my guests I made my move to leave, Dani was somewhere out there waiting for me.

"Where do you think you're going?" Cheryl asked as she grabbed hold of one of the fresh bottles of wine

"I've got to greet some other guests", I offered, "I'll be back in a while"

"You best be", she smiled, "We need to talk about how you're going to make me a solo star" she giggled.

"And me", Kim added, "I need work too"

I couldn't resist it, "I'm sure I can come up with something for you to do too Kim", I smiled as I walked off.

I heard a crash of drunken female laughing behind me as Duncan followed me across the dance floor towards the stairs to the chill out lounge.


The mood was much more relaxed after I had climbed the stairs into 'The Lounge'. The room was bathed in a chilled out ice blue and a DJ span some laid back instrumentals from a booth at the end of the bar. Images from a tropical coral reef played on the high definition TV screens that were dotted around the walls.

A few people greeted me as we entered the room but I passed them off with polite thanks whilst I scanned the crowd for Dani. I spotted her at a table nearest the bar and made my way slowly in that direction.

A blonde who looked like a plastic Californian housewife touched Dani's arm before leaning in to say something into her ear. Dani flicked her hair over her shoulder coolly and looked in my direction. I threw myself into greeting people, all while keeping on my slow creep in her direction. I sent Dunc to the bar for drinks as I got level with her table.

"Good evening ladies", I greeted, "Is everything OK for you over here?"

The girls around the table looked at me and then at each other.

"Fine", the plastic blonde replied, "Did your mate get scared?"

I looked around for Dunc, "He's getting the drinks in", I replied, "Can I get you anything?"

"How about some champagne?" the third female giggled, I notice Dani didn't. I got the impression the one asking for champers didn't know who I was.

"Why not", I said grandly, "Would you like any particular brand?" I asked directly at Dani as Duncan came back with a bottle of beer for me.

"What do you recommend?" Dani replied looking up at me. Her eye's twinkled and little dimples framed a sexy little grin.

"Get a big bottle of the Spades, Dunc" I asked, "What's good enough for Jay is good enough for me", I said with a smile

Duncan sighed before he turned and trudged back to the bar.

"May I sit?" I asked motioning to the stool next to Dani.

"Depends on how good that champagne's going to be", the plastic blonde laughed. I didn't even look in her direction. I just kept my attention on Dani.

"Well it's hard to refuse a seat to the owner of the club", Dani said lightly.

"Thanks", I said sitting down, "That saves the introductions if you know who I am, saves some time", I said warmly.

"Are you in a rush?" Dani asked

"Oh no, but I can just get down to finding out things about you", I smiled.

"Really, what would you want to know about me?" she asked

"Oooh I don't know", I said as if searching in my mind for a mystical answer, "If your seeing anyone, where's your favourite restaurant, what do you like, what you don't like, do you prefer chocolates or flowers? You know, that kind of thing"

"That kind of thing?" Dani asked

"That kind of thing" I repeated.

Dani looked at me for a few seconds as Dunc plonked a champagne bucket down and three glasses. She started to smile and then laughed.

"You've got some front" she said in her chirpy Scouse accent. I realised I was touring the north of England's accents tonight.

"Hey, if you don't like it, tell me to piss off, enjoy the champers and have a nice evening", I said.

Dani smiled back at me confidently like she had me sussed already.

"Stay for a glass", she smiled.

The conversation flowed freely after the no bullshit approach. The plastic blonde kept trying to hijack it but I just ignored her. In the end Dani jokingly warned her off. Dani knew I was there for her and her friend was simply complicating matters. The plastic friend got the huff and turned her attention to the other women at the table.

Before I knew it the champagne had gone, a new one had appeared and an hour had passed. Dunc was leaning over my shoulder and telling me that I had other people to see.

"Cheryl and Fergie are asking where you are too", he whispered.

"Problem?", Dani asked as Dunc moved back.

"Apparently I'm wanted elsewhere. I've tried to explain that I'm deep in conversation with a very important person but some money men want their picture taking with some footballers", I explained.

"I'm sure you sold cars before you moved into music", Dani giggled

"Do you not like my banter?" I asked, mocking offence.

"I never said that"

"How about dinner then? You could hear some more of it", I offered

"Dinner with you?" Dani posed

"No, dinner with the lump here", I said indicating Dunc.

"Let me have your number and I'll think about it", Dani said with a sly smile.

A business card was out of my jacket pocket and in her hand before she could blink. I stood to leave.

"Oh and if you don't fancy cabbing it home tonight, let the host up here know and I'll get you a car home"

"You have a limo service as well?" Dani asked with an arched eyebrow

"Not quite as tacky as a stretch. Range Rovers, Audi's and Bentley Flying Spurs", I listed, "That good enough for you?" I smiled.

"They'll do", she giggled. It was quite infectious.

"OK. But don't forget to call me. Dinner. Soon", I said as I walked away.

"That looked too easy", Dunc said

"Almost was", I said as we moved out of the lounge, "Get some drinks down to Cheryl and Fergies booth"


"And where do you think you've been?" a plainly tipsy Cheryl asked as I sat once more in her booth.

Will had disappeared and Fergie had replaced Kim at Cheryl's side. The pair sat grinning at me like a couple of naughty school girls. (Christ, now there's a thought)

"Working", I smiled in reply, "People needed keeping happy", I said reaching for a bottle of Cristal that was on the table.

"And we didn't?" Fergie giggled.

"Oi you, don't think you can start", I laughed, "People wanted showing around"

"Do we not get a tour?" Cheryl asked innocently. I could tell she was enjoying playing the ignored star by the lopsided smile on her red lips. God she was sexy.

"Do you really want showing around store rooms and offices?" I asked indicating how boring a tour of a nightclub would be.

"As an invited guest I think it's my right", came her reply.

I looked at her for a few seconds. She held my eyes and smiled knowingly. Her eye's sparked as she nodded her head softly to the beat.

"Errr", Fergie announced as we continued to look at each other across the table, "I think I'm going to make a move"

Cheryl broke our contact first to look at Fergie, "Really? Mike was going to give us the VIP tour", Cheryl said.

She could barely keep the fakeness out of her voice.

"We're going back to LA tomorrow for a while, so I've got packing and things to do", Fergie replied.

"Oh OK, well it was really nice to meet you", Cheryl continued.

"You too," Fergie replied.

Cheryl let Fergie get out of the booth and I stood to get my goodbye hug.

"And I'll see you soon boy", Fergie said as she hugged me.

"You too", I replied.

Fergie pushed her tits roughly into my chest, "Keep an eye on that one", she whispered into my ear

"OK," I replied, "You on your own at the hotel later?" I whispered back.

"Yes," came the reply.

"Might speak to you later then", I said

Fergie broke our embrace and smiled lightly at me. I knew what she was thinking. I knew she was thinking that she shouldn't, but if I was to call her when I finished up here, she would still invite me over "to keep her company".

Fergie left Cheryl and myself alone at the booth. There was no sign of Kim or the friend coming back.

"So what about this tour then?" Cheryl asked, "Are you going to keep me happy like the rest of your guests?"

"I'm not going to get any rest am I?" I conceded

"No," came Cheryl's flat reply.

"OK. Come on then"

And with that Cheryl closed in to my side and followed me as I led.


I showed Cheryl the whole building with constant digs as to if she was bored yet. Of course, the only answers I got were flat no's.

"And finally we have the secure store room", I said standing in front of a metal door in the room behind the main bar.

"And what could you possibly have to store in there?" Cheryl said looking closer at the electronic keypad lock.

"Anything that's expensive really. The champers, some of the spirits, got some cigars and fags in there too I think", I explained, "There's only four people who have the code to this door"

"Ooooh! Exclusive", Cheryl teased

"Told you the tour wasn't that exciting. But that does conclude it"

"And what's down there?" she asked motioning to a stair case that ran down from the room.

"That's just down to the underground car park we have. We keep the cars we use for the limo service down there", I explained.

"So that's where you'd sneak me out if I asked?"

"Yeah, that's what we call the pap dodger", I sighed

"Can I see?" came the obvious question

I looked at Dunc who simply shrugged slightly

"It's a big brick room with some expensive cars in it"

"Oh I definitely want to see now", Cheryl said already making for the stairs.

I looked at Dunc

"Well you said you'd give her the tour", he said simply

"Wait here for us mate", I said following Cheryl down.


The basement sat under the rear portion of the building. There was a sort of sub level above it where the pump rooms were but this was the very bottom of the building. The bare brick had been painted bottle green on the bottom half of the walls and then white on the top.

Strip lighting had been put in which buzzed in a weirdly comforting way across the top of the high ceiling. The smell of wax, petrol and engines made me smile as we reached the bottom of the stone stairs.

"So this is it", I said motioning towards the cars, "One of the most expensive car parks in London"

Cheryl smiled broadly, "You boys and your toys".

There was a Rolls Royce Phantom, which was mine, a Bentley Flying Spur, two Ranger Rovers, one a Vogue the other a Sport and a couple of Audi S8's. All the car's were black and tinted up. Kut's fire engine red Aston Martin Vanquish and Joey's own silver Range Rover Sport sat amongst the staff cars further down the room.

"I like this one", Cheryl said as she slowly walked down the line in between the two rows of LeMans style parked cars. I followed close behind.

She paused in front of the Bentley Flying Spur. The four door luxury barge that was sent out only on my approval.

"Good choice. I love how Bentleys look", I replied.

Cheryl stood and looked at the vehicle like she was in a showroom. She suddenly turned and lent back onto the front grill of the Bentley.

"Does it look better now?" she asked playfully caressing the winged badge.

"I'd take it as an optional extra, just don't scratch it", I smiled.

"Behave", came the smiley reply.

Cheryl struck a few poses in front of me as she continued to play with me. I bit on my bottom lip.

"Which do you think then? Which pose for the calendar?" she asked.

"Could I show you?" I asked

Cheryl smiled for a second, "Sounds like you've thought about this", she paused as she stood up straight, "OK"

I moved in front of her and put my hands lightly on her hips.

"I think every bloke must have thought about his own calendar shoot", I said.

I turned her on the spot to face the Bentley's bonnet. I moved in close behind her, the smell from her body washing over me. I moved my hands to bend her at the waist, over the bonnet.

"Oh, I know your game", Cheryl said, arms already reaching out to brace herself against the bonnet.

I let her position herself after that. She got into position. Her arse cheeks rubbed across the front of my trousers once, then twice more as she realised what she was rubbing against and wiggled her hips.

Cheryl looked back at me over her shoulder, "So this would be December's Christmas pose would it?" she asked still wiggling her arse from side to side in front of me.

I took a step back.

"I think I could live with that every month" I chuckled as I eyed her up.

Cheryl took her hands away from the bonnet and went down either side of the knee length dress. She slowly started to pull the dress upwards. I watched it travel a few inches up her legs before I jumped in.

"Woah, I think we need to stop playing now", I laughed. My dick certainly wasn't agreeing with my brain once again.

Cheryl laughed and stood up. The hugging skirt didn't drop as she did.

"I didn't think we'd even started", she smiled.

She turned and was suddenly in front of me. My reaction was almost automatic, happening without me thinking about it.

My head came down and my hands up to cup her face as kissed her. I dropped them away after a second and pulled my mouth away but Cheryl chased me. Her tongue speared out and ran across my retreating lips. One of her hands was running through the fade of my haircut, the other was firmly holding my now awake cock in my trousers.

Cheryl groaned into my mouth as I ventured forward once more to kiss her back.

My hand scrambled up the back of her legs, pulling the skirt as it went.

"Mmmm, ahhh!" Cheryl gasped as my hand reached the top of her legs and dived between her arse cheeks. My fingers were pussy seeking missiles.

Cheryl continued to gasp and groan as we kissed. My fingers working amongst the already tight, bunched up skirt material and even hotter thong material. I tugged upwards harshly at the skirt with my free hand to give my fingers more room to search.

Cheryl's head lolled back whilst she still gripped my head in both her hands.

"Ooooh god!" she moaned as my fingers finally made it inside her panties.

My fingers brushed lightly over her pussy lips from behind making her tremble.

The door at the top of the garage stairs clunked open loudly, followed by the overly loud clumping footsteps of Big Duncan.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, breaking my lips and hands away from Cheryl, who in turn began a mad scramble to pull her skirt down and straighten herself out.

I moved behind the Bentleys front wing to hide the hard on that was now tenting my trousers. Cheryl leaned nonchalantly on the Bentley with one hand, facing away from the stairs to hide her flushed face.

"What?" I asked as Dunc made it to the bottom of the stairwell.

"Kim is looking for Cheryl", he replied

Cheryl looked at me and then slowly around at Dunc, "Don't tell her I'm down here. I'll be up in a minute"

"Take Cheryl back quietly please mate", I added.

"Of course", Dunce said knowingly before clumping back up stairs.

"Are you not coming up?" Cheryl after we both heard the door shut at the top of the stairs.

"Dunc'll get you back into the club without anyone catching on. I've gotta wait her for something to subside first", I grinned.

We did the phone number dance and Cheryl kissed me again before she tottered back up to the waiting Duncan. It was true that I had to wait for my hard on to disappear but I also thought it best to let Cheryl clear the room and meet up with a possibly suspect Kim with me well out of the way.


I gave it ten minutes and went back up to the club. I found Dunc waiting for me at the end of the bar nursing a Coke.

"I hope that's got a spirit in it", I said as I joined him.

The main room looked as busy as ever.

"Just Amaretto", he replied.

"Good, good", one of the bar staff came and took my order.

"Cheryl's gone, Kim was dodgy as fuck about where she'd been. They went out the front, got pap'ed and then got a cab"

"OK", I said sipping my beer, "Do you want to know what happened down there?" I asked

"Not unless you want to tell me man"

I slapped the big lump on the back, "And that's why your one of my best mates", I laughed.

Dunc's hand went up to his ear piece once again.

"Dani's up in the lounge asking about where you are. The guy up there thinks she ready to leave", he reported.

I span the bottle of Corona on the marble bar top between my thumbs and smiled. I gave it a few seconds thought.

"Tell him we'll be right up", I grinned.