Another girl/girl Girls Aloud fiction featuring Cheryl Tweedy and Sarah Harding :)


“Hey Chezza!”
Cheryl smiles slightly as the breezy tones of her blonde bandmate's voice echo down the telephone line.
“Hi Sarah, didn't expect to hear from you, how've you been?” the brunette asks, taking the cordless phone into the living room with her and flopping onto the couch in her tracksuit.
“Oh fine, just been doing this and that, enjoying the time off, anyway...” the older girl takes a breath, “...more importantly, how's things with you?”

The concern evident in her friend's voice is all that's needed to set her off again. Reaching for the box of tissues on the coffee table she realises that she's down to the last one. Blowing her nose and dabbing at her eyes she starts an all too familiar conversation, the one she seems to have been having over and over ever since he cheated on her...again...

A couple of months later....

“Hey Chezza!”
“I just can't get rid of you can I ?!” the Geordie jokes, referring to her and Sarah's numerous chats since the cataclysmic events of early Febuary.
“Nope, not even if you change your name by deed poll and flee the country, I'll always be behind you!” the blonde dons a creepy voice, ending with a sinister cackle that makes Cheryl giggle.
“It's good to hear you laughing again” Sarah states warmly, “listen I'd like to take you out for a meal tonight, if you feel up to it that is?”
“Of course” Cheryl replies, pleasantly surprised, “that'd be great, I could do with letting my hair down”
“Well I'll try and make it a night to remember” the blonde promises eagerly.

That evening....

“This's nice, feels weird though after being cooped up in us house with us mam for ages”, Cheryl glances around the restaurant painfully aware of several pairs of eyes covertly watching her every move.
Sarah reaches across, taking her friend's hand in hers.
“I can ask them if they've got any tables that are, you know, more private if you like?”
“It's ok” Cheryl sighs, tucking a stray hair behind her ear, “they'd only think you were covering for more secret dates with a hot new lover or some bullshit like that...fcuking tabloids” she swears before taking a large swig of her wine.
“Come on” Sarah soothes, “lets order food before we're both pissed as farts” she jokes picking up her menu.

A couples of hours later....

“Don't you get sick of it?” Cheryl asks, picking at her dessert.
“Well, whatever 'it' is I'm sure it's not worth taking it out on your chocolate pancake!” the blonde teases.
“You're right, as usual”, the Geordie laughs, finishing off the last few mouthfuls of her dessert and neatly dabbing at the corners of her lips with the napkin.
“I know we signed up for it but sometimes the paps do us head in...” she rolls her eyes, “I mean who in their right mind cares about us sex life...or lack of it”
“Obviously more people than you think” Sarah replies, reaching over and taking Cheryl's hand once more, “you definitely need to get rid of these frustrations”
“What the sex ones or the paps...” jokes the Geordie, blushing as she adds “I can't remember the last time I had a really good fcuk”
“Hmm...” Sarah leans in, her thumb brushing across Cheryl's knuckles, “...lets go back to mine, I've got a nice bottle of champers chilling in the fridge”
The brunette gulps,
“You always have bottles of champers in the fridge”
“Yeah, well, I promise I'll do my best to relax you as well” the older girl grins mischeveously.
“Sarah...I know we've both had a bit to drink but...err...are you flirting with me” Cheryl blushes even harder.
“Maybe” the blonde replies, “is it working?”
“'ll have to wait and see when we get back to yours”

Half an hour later....

“I can't believe we're doing this”
Cheryl gasps feeling the blonde's lips kissing down the side of her neck, fingers speedily unhooking her bra as their bodies tangle together on Sarah's living room carpet, clothes strewn around them.
“It worked then” the older girl comments cheekily, moving her head down onto Cheryl's cleavage and sliding the black lacy bra off to reveal the brunette's pert breasts.
“Definately” the Geordie smiles, eyes filled with lust as she relaxes into the carpet letting the blonde's mouth descend onto her.
“Ohh....” she groans as Sarah takes a nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking at the sensitive bud before moving to the other breast.

Impatient she pushes the other girl over onto her back, quickly rolling the blonde's thong down her long legs and running a hand between them.
Sarah buries her face in the side of Cheryl's neck as the Geordie's fingers slide between her pussy lips, slowly drawing circles around her clit.
“Stop...” she gasps moments later, feeling herself quickly hurtling closer towards the edge, “...come here”
She roughly grabs Cheryl's tiny panties, almost ripping them off as she takes hold of the younger girl's bum, pulling their pussies tightly together.
“Oh...that's it”, Sarah groans in satisfaction.
The two girls grind into one another harder and faster, their bodies finding their own rhythm.
“Ohhh...yes” Cheryl cries out as she finally cums, the powerful aftershocks ripping through her as the blonde's release swiftly follows.
“Shit!” Sarah's body spasms one last time before she falls back onto the carpeted floor breathing heavily with Cheryl's small frame on top of her.
“Whoa!” the older girl starts chuckling.
“I know...” the Geordie replies, “...I fcuking needed that!”
“Mmm...” Sarah cuddles into her friend's body.
“Hey is that bottle of champers still on offer?” Cheryl questions smiling widely, “I suddenly feel the need to celebrate!”