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Thread: iCarly: "iNot A Virgin!" with Miranda Cosgrove

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    fanfiction iCarly: "iNot A Virgin!" with Miranda Cosgrove

    iCarly: The Sexy Series
    "iNot A Virgin!"
    With Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) & Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress)
    Written by BulletBill2
    (MF, BJ, voy, mast)

    I do not own the characters and name's for which whom are used in this fictional story.

    The following story composes of sexual erotic reading, viewer discretion is advised

    Carly springs through the front door with the highest of spirits, excited to have received straight A's for the entire school year.

    "Spencer!" Carly yelling out loudly.

    Swiftly she dances to the stereo and turns on some random party music, thus grabbing Spencer's attention out from the shower.

    "Who are you and just to let you know I have a ping pong racket and I‘m not afraid to use it! ...oh it's just you."

    Spencer dashing into the room only in a towel, wet head to toe.

    "Who else would you think be in here?" Carly breaks into a laugh, turning off the music.

    "Hey, you never know when someone can bust in here and cause some real trouble." Spencer trying to be serious.

    "And the first thing you think of for using as protection is a ping pong racket?" Staring down Spencer in disbelieve.

    Slowly he slides the ping pong racket behind him, throwing it oddly back into the his room.

    Giggles shortly follows by Carly.

    "Look at you... way too happy... dancing all around... loud party music? It isn't your birthday is it?" Spencer desperately asks.

    A worried look captures his face quickly (since he would've had no present prepared if it was Carly's b-day).

    "No, I got straight A's for the year!"

    Handing Spencer her report card. All so glad to hear it wasn't her b-day

    "No way, that's awesomeness!"

    Congratulating her accomplishment with a big hug, Spencer lifts Carly up wildly into the air. Even sneaking a good clutching grope of her sweet behind with his right hand. Surprising Carly at the moments time.

    Seconds afterwards, Sam splurges into the apartment uninvited. Looking for something to drink, her entering causes the end of the awkward hug.

    "What have I missed?" Sam walking through to the kitchen.

    "Carly just got straight A's for the year!" Spencer lashes out in excitement.

    "Alright, nice going Carl's." Sam happily congrats.

    "Yeah it's not a big deal." Being modest of her grades. "Right there, all in a row. Straight A's- you see!" Carly showing off her report card with endless energy.

    "You know what kido, I'm going to make you something special."

    "Spencer, you don't have to do anything special..."

    "No, I'm going to and it will be a surprise."

    Spencer darts off back to the shower. Obviously exhilarated to the fullest for make thing special for her. Thus, leaving Carly and Sam to mingle among themselves on the couch.

    "So with straight A's, that pretty much makes you the smartest girl in school."

    Sam points out while beginning to drink a swig of her Peppy Cola.

    "I wouldn't say the smartest." Carly again, being modest.

    "Trust me, it does. And you know what that means, right?"

    "That it shows I'm a good listener and do all of my homework, unlike some others." Carly signing to Sam.

    "It's not like I'm trying to avoid it all, you know how easily I get distracted. And no, it means you haven't gotten laid."

    Carly fires back in fury. Having never such talk with her long time bff.

    "What, so not true!"

    "Oh c'mon, everyone knows. You focus on school way too seriously to ever get any cock."

    "Sam! Well... maybe I want to be a... a ah..." Carly stumbling her words.

    "A virgin." Sam completing the sentence.

    At the exact moment Freddie walks in with some of his tech equipment, asking for the girls opinion in what to use for the web show.

    "Hey guys, which will you think work better for the show; an 8-bit Tripad cord or a 16-bit Bipad cord?

    "Does it really look like I care." Sam insulting Freddie's arrival.

    "Ah Freddie?" Carly grabbing his attention. "Do you think I focus on school far too seriously?" She adds.

    "More than anyone else I know. Why?" Freddie answers back truthfully.

    "Oh my god, everyone does know."

    Carly realizing her status and falling back helplessly to the couch, beginning to worry about the thoughts of others knowing she's just a virgin.

    "Knows what? What were you two talking about?" Freddie asks in clarifying.

    "Alright, I told Carly if she's the smartest girl in school, she's still a virgin." Sam admit to Freddie. "And now she freaking out, thanks to you." She unfairly adds.

    "Don't listen to Sam, it's just a myth. Nobody judges anyone else's virginity by how smart they are." Freddie trying to calm Carly.

    "How can you be so sure?" Carly whimpering out.

    "Trust me, nothing to worry about."

    Carly signs back to Freddie with a slight nod by her head. Still looking to be insecure about the situation by her body language.

    "Ok, so we still doing the web show?" Freddie asks.

    "Yeah, let me go change real quick and I'll see you guys in the studio." Carly suddenly sprinting to her room.

    "We start in ten, so don't be late!" Freddie yells.

    "You kidding me, you know she's never late you dip wade!" Sam slugging Freddie in the arm. "It's my job to be late." she quickly adds.

    "Watch it Sam! Why!? Ouch... C'mon." Freddie getting taunted.

    All the way up the stair's into the studio, Sam punching and slapping Freddie endlessly. Showing her pleasurable excitement at giving Freddie injuries he truly doesn't deserve. Acting out as almost a way of flirting with him, but with pain included.

    In her room, Carly begins to feel paranoid about what Sam had mention about her being a virgin. Now with an idea, she ravels up something for a shocking surprise.
    That Sam and Freddie would never expect.

    "Where is that women?" Sam pacing back and forth.

    "She's never late, huh." Freddie teases.

    "Shut up Freddo, your voice already irritates me. Not to say your face has already accomplished that." Sam smarts back.

    Seconds before the show was about to begin, Carly bursts into the studio, wearing something a little more revealing than originally planned.

    Scampers in wearing a white tube top, thin enough to see through to her sexy black bra underneath. Her large collar dropping so far, it exposes almost all of her cleavage nearly down to her nipples.

    Also wearing a very short black miniskirt with loosened ruffles at the bottom. Her creamy legs seemingly looking to go on forever, until they reach her pink ankle socks and black tinny shoes.

    Freddie stares in astonishment as Carly walks in, not believing how hot she has just dressed herself. Trying to figure out what had come over her.

    "I'm here, lets get started." Carly still adjusting her tube top.

    "Ok, we can start... hey Freddo!?" Sam realizing Freddie's trans. "It's not the time for drooling now, is it?!" Sam loudly bringing Freddie out of his trans.

    "Ah, right. Sorry in 3... 2..." Freddie signing to begin the show.

    "I'm Carly."

    "I'm Sam."

    "And this is a sexy little web show called iCarly! Carly and Sam say in unison.

    Through out the entire show Freddie couldn't take his eyes off of Carly. And watching her sexy movements through all of the sketches in her skimpy like outfit, slowly caused him to develop a enormous erect. Forcing him to have a hard time trying to cover it up while holding the camera.

    "So remember, poke your shoes with a fork." Carly jokes

    "And give a hobo a hug." Sam adds.

    "Because this was iCarly, bye, adios, au revoir! Carly and Sam say in unison.

    "And were clear." Freddie announces.

    Soon after Sam's phone vibrates and grabs her attention.

    "Oh man." She complains.

    "What's wrong?" Carly asks.

    "My mom got stuck in the tub again, now I have to go over there and wedge her out."

    "Wedge her out?"

    Freddie follows up with an odd expression. Carly too follows suit with nearly the same exact expression splashed upon her face.

    "Don't ask. I see you guys tomorrow." Sam quickly heads out of the studio.

    "Ok, see you Sam." Carly saying her goodbye.

    Carly walks over to Freddie standing at his laptop. Looking over his shoulder, asks him a funny question that she herself should know the answer to.

    "So Freddie, what you doing?" Asking playfully.

    "Ah, what I always do after a show- editing it."

    Freddie answers with some confusion to such a silly question. Since he's practically does this exact task after every show for the last few years.

    "Right, editing the show. I love it when you do your tech stuff."

    Carly streaming her forefinger up and down Freddie's shoulder. Causing him to tense up and pull away slightly. Surprised to hear Carly talk in that sort of manner.

    "You've never mentioned it before. Are you feeling alright Carly?" .

    "Yeah, I'm fine."

    She answers in a soft voice. Stepping closer, the more Freddie began to feel his nerves to surface uncontrollably.

    "You seem to be acting kind of strange." Freddie points out.

    "Really? Do you like it?" Pinning Freddie to the wall.

    "What? What do you mean?" Freddie confusingly asks.

    Carly stops her approach and grabs a hold of the bottom of her tube top. Slowly she lifts it up, showing her ever perfect abdomen. She raises her arms further up, exposing her sexy black bra. Now over head, her dark sultry hair weaving through her tube top, reseeding softly upon her shoulders and chest.

    "I... ah... Carly?" Freddie beginning to stutter towards speechlessness.

    Carly steps forward, putting her arms over Freddie's shoulders. Fondling his hair at the back of his head, just behind the ear. Both making full eye contact, never looking away.

    "I bet you have been waiting for this moment for a long time?" She asks quietly.

    Before Freddie could reply to her question, he is cut off by her actions. Carly applying her index finger across his lips. Silencing his words.

    "Shh, shh, don't answer."

    Afterwards, removing her finger and giving Freddie a kiss on the lips. Surprising him, but was happy enough to oblige.

    Slowly he begins to tense down when making out, grabbing Carly's lower back and hips. Eventually sliding down to her tight ass, pushing her miniskirt down enough for it drop to the floor. Revealing her cute hot pink v-string, of course now merely standing in her underwear.

    Suddenly Feddie backs off, stepping aside.

    "Wait a minute, I know what your trying to do." Freddie configuring the situation.

    "Your just trying to get laid, so your not left in the spot light as a virgin." He retreats.

    Disappointment lurks, yet so turned on by the site. He's thrown into a whirlpool between reality and fantasy. What more could he really want, knowing that he has always wanted Carly more than any other girl in the entire world. And yet again, here she is openly offering herself and still he resists.

    "You like me, don't you Freddie?" She continues unphased by his retreat.

    "Yes... no... I mean yes, but Carly I don't think this is such a good idea." Freddie slowly back peddling.

    "Please Freddie, for me." Giving him a sweet smile like no other.

    Before Freddie could answer, he trips back into a bean bag chair. Carly quickly takes advantage, droping down to all fours and pouncing her way on to contain him.

    Freddie sits still with Carly hovering over. Looking at her smile. Slowly she leans in, her young breasts hanging upon her bra, dangling all so very close to his face. A few seconds of lustful thought clouded Freddie‘s mine. And that's all it took to push him over the line, he could no longer resist her sexually needed appetite.

    "I'm too easy." Freddie admits with a smile.

    Softly he grabs Carly by the hips and gives her another kiss on the lips. Which she was happy obliged to do. He couldn't hardly believe how soft and silkily smooth her skin was. Freddie having to comment about it.

    "Your skin is very nice... so soft... smooth..."

    Freddie trying to comment in between kisses. Both beginning to giggle all so lightly over the comment. Finally Carly keeps pressed to his lips, nicely shutting him up. Several seconds into there make out session, Freddie (with Carly's help) gets his shirt up and off. Both still in a light giggle.

    "I love guys with a hairless chest." She comments.

    Carly still hovering over Freddie, beginning to kiss his chest. Softly she works her way down from his pecks to his abdomen and positions herself to her knees.

    "Do you want me to take my bra off?" Teasing Freddie.

    Quietly he nods with a grinful smirk across his face. Forcing Carly to slightly laugh while trying to stay focus at undoing the back strap of her bra.
    "You want to see my perky nipples?" Teasing him once again.

    "Please, your gonna drive me insane." Freddie begging.

    Carly throws her bra into his face. Freddie takes in the scent from her bra. He slightly weeps after his exhalation. In the meantime, she crawls back onto Freddie. Her silky topless skin of her breasts and abdomen rubbing sweet sensations against his chest. Thus too, grasping a hold of his growing cock through his pants along the way back up.

    "You like that? Well, let me give you some more."

    Carly reaches behind herself, slipping her right hand under the right strap of her v-string. Slowly she pulls them down her precious legs to her outstanding feet. Lifting her leg from the knee, her panties dangling between her toes and heel.

    In her effort, Freddie begins to fondle her breasts. Nipples already hard. Gently he cups both, squeezing them leisurely. Arousal sparks into her body, forcing her to coo with cute moans of pleasure.

    Struggling for her reach to her panties from her feet, she barely succeds past her surprising arousal when Freddie slightly begins to tweaks her nipples.

    Disposing her panties, tossing them onto Freddie's chest. Now wearing nothing but her pink ankle socks. He fetches the already moist v-string, brings them to his face and inhaling deeply her sweetening scent.

    "You smell so good, I can smell your scent forever." Exhaling a comment.

    "Oh Freddie." Carly blushes.

    Suddenly, Freddie grabs Carly by the waist and pulls her into his lap. Cradling her into a saddle position, putting his head into her perky chest. As too, sneaking a right hand down to massage her spotlessly shaved twat.

    "Suck my nipples." Carly desperately demands.

    "What was that? I didn't quite hear..." Freddie teasing back.

    "Suck my fucking nipples!" Demanding louder.

    With no hesitation, his tongue begins licking around her areola. Dispensing saliva and blowing at it with his breath, causing a cold stimulation of her areola to a bright red glow. Slowly Freddie continues zeroing in to surround the nipple with his lips. Suckling them both to a pointy perk. His tongue slathering away carelessly at both breast.

    "Mmm... nuh..." she coos. "Damn it, oh yeah. Faster."

    Sitting there in Freddie's lap, Carly captures his right hand, speeding up the massaging pace over her clit. Throwing in circular motions into the mix. Causing her to tremble with the additional sensation upon her labia lips.

    "Does that turn you on baby? Do you like that, huh? You like it!?"

    "Huh... yes, Yes!"

    Being spiraled into an organsim, Carly begins rocking and passionately grunting to every stroke of Freddie's hand upon her sex. As also, Freddie continuing kissing and suckling her delicious breasts.

    Freddie finally sought out enough courage to add in a finger. Ever so slightly, he sneaks his middle finger cautiously into Carly's moist pussy. Sparking the loudest moan from her yet. To his surprise, she was incredibly tight. Easing his way in further with growing strokes.

    She hooks on to Freddie shoulders and leans on back to a full arms length. Bucking her hips wildly in rhythm. There his thumb massaging her clit, middle finger inside her warm cunt, and the rest tingling her outer pink labia lips. Pushing Carly to the climatic peak of her boiling organism.

    "That's right, finger me. Finger that pussy!" Carly commands.

    "You going to come Carly? You going to come all over?"

    "Huh, huh... ahhh yeah, huh yes... nuhhh... yes!"

    Suddenly she releases an exploding squirt. Drenching Freddie's hand with her juices. Followed by a few short squirts to her ever so receding sensation. Both coming to relaxing stand still.

    "Hmm, you taste so damn good." Freddie licking her fluid off his hand.

    "Your hogging it all, I want a taste." Carly begging for a lick.

    Surprising Freddie, that she would want a taste of her own jucies. There she licked up the palm of his hand and moved into sucking in his index finger, devouring her very own juices into her mouth. Swallowing graciously to her delight.

    "Yum, I do taste good."

    "You have no idea how much that just turned me on."

    Freddie almost coming to a shudder over seeing her dirty personality unfold. Never thinking she would do such a spontaneous act as she just displayed.

    "Really, how much does this turn you on?"

    Carly repositions herself back down onto the floor, spreading her legs out into a v-formation (with a slight bend at the knees) facing Freddie, giving him the best view of the day of her brightly pinked snatch.

    Ultimately she slides her right hand down between her legs over her vulva. Slowly she slips her middle finger into her wet pussy, then adding her index finger on the second stroke. Sure enough it was a tight fit, but she managed to slither it in. Possibly only pulling this off from how wet she has come out to be.

    After a several more strokes, she effortlessly glides her digits out. Her fingers glimmering in the light, dripping from her juices. One by one, exchanging them into her mouth, cleaning them with her saliva.

    "Mmm, yeah... I taste sooo good." Carly plays seductively.

    "Oh my fucking god... Why the hell am I still in my pants?" Freddie lashes out comically.

    Both bursting out into a giggle fest.

    Carly channels her position to unbuckle his pants. Freddie standing to help speed up the process for a short moments time. Taking off his pants in record time (or so in his life).

    "I need your cock." Carly blurts out impatiently.

    Like the feisty thing she now was, she couldn't wait to pull down his boxers to scavenge his gigantic erection.

    "Ah, take them boxers off." Freddie commands.

    As quickly and gentley as she could, she grips the top of the boxers and unfolds down over Freddie's pulsating pole. Certainly shocked from the size he had possessed.

    "Oh my god, it's so big." Carly loaded with excitement.

    Immediately she grabs a hold and keenly starts to stroke his pole.

    "You like it big, don't you?"

    "Ah huh, just the way I like it." Carly smiles.

    Freddie relaxes in the bean bag chair, letting Carly work her magic among his tremdous manhood. Striding in different distances, exploring in various ways to pump. Realizing he grunts at best when she hit's the back of the overhanging head. He moans with the greatest of sensation as she began stroke all the right buttons.

    "Ah... that feels so good." Freddie commenting.

    "You like that?"

    "Oh yeah." Freddie replies. " Ah, your such a dirty little whore." He adds.

    "You want me to stop?" Carly Teases.

    "Hell no, don't stop! Don't stop." Freddie pleads out.

    Carly accerlates her strokes. Driving him crazy with close encounters of her mouth at the head. So close, Freddie shrivels to every pass of her warm breath.

    Then unexpectedly, she takes in Freddie's raging cock. Causing him to gasp slightly in pleasure. His tool submerged in her warmly spacious mouth. Twiddling her tongue among the under side of the head. Triggering even more gurnts.

    "Huh, holy shit! Oh fuck yeah." Freddie beginning to orgasim.

    Carly stroking with her luscious lips, waxing his cock. Pushing the distance of her throat before gaging. Freddie fishes for her beautifully shined hair, keeping it away from her face.

    Not so long after, Freddie stops Carly's blow job. And quickly lifts her to his lap, penetrating his spear slowly into her tight cunt. Loudly she weeps out in slight pain in the first few thrusts. The more Freddie battered her pink sex, the better she began to feel.

    "Your so fucking tight." Freddie commenting.

    "Oh god! Unbelieveable." Carly jolts wildly.

    To every stroke, the deeper and harder Freddie stabbed Carly's little pussy. She rolls her eyes to back of her head, having a hard time staying in rythum with such tremendous sensations traveling through her body.

    Switching to doggy style, Freddie carries Carly to her hands and knees upon the bean bag chair. Still with his pile driver lodged deep into her tingling twat. He clings a grip of her waist and continues ramming her tender behind.

    "You going to come?" Carly asks vigorously. "You going to come in that sweet womb of mine, huh?" Carly kinkily adds.

    "Ah, you would love that, wouldn't you?! My hot cum all inside your pussy walls." Freddie heating up her orgasim.

    Freddie speeds up his thrusts. Closing in on his peaking sensation for coming.

    "Nuh, yes... cum in that pussy." Carly commands.

    Suddenly Freddie can feel all that he can handle and erupts within Carly's fertile womb. Filling it with several pumps of cum.

    "Ahhhh, do you like that... huh!" Freddie dumping his load.

    "Ohhh... shit, shit... your coming inside me!" Carly lashes out.

    Carly's pussy filled so quickly it gushed out the sides around Freddie's cock. As Freddie existed her soaking cunt, a flood of cum dispends out. Making the most perfect creampie you would have ever seen.

    All movements come to a halt. Both breathing deep and hard, sweat and fatigue setting in. Resulting in a comforting cuddle between the two, that had never been reached ever before.

    Carly sits across Freddie's chest, placing her head just beside his jaw. He smells the fascinating scent of her gorgeously dark hair. His arms clutching hers, intertwining each others fingers. A peaceful site of relaxation was reached.

    "You know what this means, right?" Freddie finally speaking out.

    "And what's that?" Carly asks curiously.

    "Your no longer a virgin."

    "I never said I was a virgin." Carly defending her words.

    "Huh, but I thought you said you were?" Freddie sprung into confusion.


    Carly simply replies while gathering her clothes. Putting on her tube top and miniskirt. And gives a sweet kiss to Freddie on the cheek.

    "So that... wasn't your first time." Freddie feeling slightly dumbfounded.

    "Hey Carly!" Spencer rocketing up into the studio.

    "Look, I made you an special straight A's dildo and... I'm too late aren't I?" Spencer realizing the situation.

    "Well Spense, I wouldn't say too late." Freddie says and gets slugged by Carly. "It's more like missed." Freddie again slugged by Carly.

    "Wait, you made me a dildo, as a good grades present?" Carly asks. "That's a horrible present." Carly giving her opinion.

    Carly's reaction silences the studio. And she begins walking out of the studio, looking to be angry passing by Spencer- purposely ignoring him.

    Yet she back tracks a few seconds later and grabs the (Straight A's dildo) out of Spencer's hand.

    "Thank you." Carly thanking Spencer in a near whisper. And marches right back out of the studio for the second time.

    "Your welcome" Spencer happily whispering back with a growing grin upon his face.

    A brief pause occurs between Spencer and Freddie.

    "So... was she really a virgin?" Spencer oddly asks.

    "Definitely." Freddie replying with out any hesitation.

    "I knew it!" Spencer blurts out instantly, walking out of the studio in celebration.

    Freddie exhales in relief. "Wow, it's been one hell of a day."

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    That was Hottt...:blowup:

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    Thanks for the comment sanchezdirty. I really appreicate it, and I'm glad you enjoy my first story.

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    damn awesome. I had an idea for an iCarly story. Just never did it, cause didn't think anyone would be interested. lol

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    Thanks for the comment star(f)uckers_inc. Don't worry about what other's would think about, you just have to go out and on limb and do it. That's what I did. So what was your iCarly idea about?

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    That was your first story Bullet? Very Impressive....

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    Thanks and it's true, it was my first story. And I'm already getting close to finishing my second with another iCarly.

    I orginally only a celeb faker into photos, but writing has stood in it's shadow for a long while.

    But it's all a big help from TPG stories, his writing intrigued me to push forth in writing celeb erotica. Plus getting many helping story pointers from his tutorials.

    Now I'm writing stories and actaully throughly enjoying it :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BulletBill2 View Post
    Thanks for the comment star(f)uckers_inc. Don't worry about what other's would think about, you just have to go out and on limb and do it. That's what I did. So what was your iCarly idea about?
    I was going to write a lesbian scenario called iGo Lez, I later decided on the name iKissed A Girl & Did So Much More or something along those lines. lol never got around to doing that.

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    Good all be the grammar could be tweaked a little bit. Nice to see an iCarly story

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenthForbias View Post
    There are a couple things here and there I would tweak, mainly grammatical things, but outside of that, good job.

    I've been having some iCarly ideas running through my head for a long time, as well as some Victorious, but with them shooting that iCarly/Victorious crossover episode a couple weeks back, I'll just wait for that episode to air and then I'll see what I can get from that. :D
    Thanks for the comment ZenthForbias. I've got to admit, my grammer isn't the best, but hope to get better as I begin to write more. As also, can't wait to see future iCarly/Victorious stories you may come up with. Thanks again :)

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