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Thread: iCarly: "iBet You to get Naked" with Miranda Cosgrove

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    fanfiction iCarly: "iBet You to get Naked" with Miranda Cosgrove

    iCarly: The Sexy Series
    "iBet You to get Naked" Chapter 1
    With Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) & Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor)
    Written by BulletBill2
    (MF, voy, mast, incest)

    Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and name's for which whom are used in this fictional story. The following story composes of sexual erotic reading, viewer discretion is advised.

    Both Carly and Sam raced up the stairway, approaching Carly's apartment.

    "Yeah! Mama gets to the door first!" Sam pouncing in excitement.

    Carly follows up a few seconds behind in disappointment and short of breath.

    "You just had to push that little old lady down the stairs, didn't you?"

    "Hey, she tried to cut me off. And did you see how vicious she was!"

    "Yeah, attack of the senior citizen! I'll just speed walk to my escape." Carly making fun of the situation.

    As Carly began to search for her keys to open the door, Sam interrupts her actions and deploys the reason for there race up the stairwell.

    "Hold on there Ms. avoidance, we had a deal here."

    "Sam... not out here. Were in the hallway for god sakes!"

    "No, right here and right now." Sam orders sternly. "Take it off!"

    At first Carly hesitated to Sam's demands. But had no choice than to accept her losing result of a silly bet they agreed upon before racing up the stairs. Whoever makes it to the door first, gets the losers bra.

    "Fine, you want my bra?" Carly throwing down her purse with attitude.

    She quickly lifts up her shirt to the bottom cups of her bra, exposing her beautifully flat abdomen. Reaching to her back strap, she unlatches in one attempt. Trying to move through the ordeal before anyone else appears in the hallway.

    Oblivious to the girl's acknowledgement, Freddie happen to hear the two running up the stairwell moments earlier, grabbing his attention. Silent, he watches the proposition unveil from behind his peep hole of his front door.

    Carly speeds on, pulling down both her shoulder straps pass her T-shirt sleeves and arranges to lift her shirt up to her collar bone. Revealing a red lace push-up bra with an erotic design.

    Freddie witnessing the site, adrenaline pumping, his cock beginning to grow uncontrollably. He begins to whack one off. His where bouts still lurking unknowingly.

    Carly streams a hand across her chest, snatching one of the cups of her bra. She slings the entire undergarment off her chest. Allowing her creamy white breast to open air.

    "There, you happy Ms. pushing friends to strip in hallways." Carly playfully dangling her bra in front of Sam's face.

    "No way, I still want those matching panties your wearing too."

    "You talking about these matching panties?

    Carly teases Sam, lifting her denim-jean skirt. Showing her red lace panties, almost thin enough to see her clit pressing through the material. She turns in a complete circle. Giving a short show case to Sam, driving her crazy.

    "Stop it Carl's. Before I rip them babies off of your pretty little hips." Sam playfully threatens.

    "Well that's never going to happen... especially NEVER out here again." Carly clarifies while beginning to open the front door of her apartment.

    Right after Carly's final statement, Freddie couldn't help but lustfully day dream of Carly stripping out of her red lace panties. So intertwined within his thoughts, his orgasm peaks. Causing him to accidentally hit his forehead against the door.

    "Did you just hear that?" Carly asks Sam before fully walking through the doorway.

    "Hear what?"

    Immediately, Freddie recovers himself and dashes away from the door. Thinking his cover was now possibly blown.

    "Huh, thought I heard someone coming?" Carly cautiously looks back.

    "Just probably that old lady I pushed down the stairs a while ago. Maybe whining or something." Sam convincing Carly.

    Both continued through the door way into Carly's apartment. And happen see something that they would have never expected.

    "Hey Spencer...What is that?" Carly asks surprised.

    "Oh hey kido, this is large clay..."

    "No one cares! Any fried chicken?" Sam interrupts, walking towards the kitchen.

    "In the fridge... So why is this thing sitting on our dinning room table again?

    "Socko needed a nude sculpture of a life size nude couple made out of clay for that new art studio across the street." Spencer elaborating on the event.

    "Oh, Hearty Arty! Carly guesses.

    "Yes, and Socko choose me to sculpt for there entry for the studios first ever art show! May I get a three person applause please?" Spencer randomly demands.

    All three begin to clap there hands rapidly in celebration. Until a sudden phone call forces the moment to fold up. Spencer dancing wildly to answer it.

    "Hey-lo? Yeah, this is him... really? A bunch of kids!? That‘s horrible! Well, thanks for calling. No, I appreciate it... Bye." Spencer hanging up the phone, disappointment smeared across his face.

    "Who was that Spencer?" Carly asks concerned.

    "Just got a call from my nude model for my sculpture. Unfortunately, she was pushed by some misbehaved kids and had fallen down a flank of stairs. So she now can't make it."

    "Really, a flank of stairs huh?" Carly says while turning her head to Sam with a stare down look upon her face.

    Sam looks up at Carly and smiles with chicken all over her face. Acting all incident of the déjà vu moment.

    "Don't worry Spence, I think your better off with out her." Sam remarks, almost coming to a laugh.

    "So now who's going to nude model for my sculpture?"

    Spencer slowly looks over to Carly and is astonished with a bright idea. His body language totally asking Carly to model for his sculpture.

    "Oh, no no. I know that look. Not me, no not happening." Carly signs in disproval, crossing her arms.

    "Please!" Spencer vigorously begging out like a little child.

    "Oh come on Carl's, you have an amazing bod. It wouldn‘t hurt.

    "Sam! Don‘t encourage."

    "I'm just saying it's not like everyone is actually going to be seeing you nude for real. Right Spence?

    "True and you do have an awesome body of symmetry for arts sack! So what do you say little sis? For me?"

    "I don't know." Carly blushes in hard thought, looking away while biting her lower lip.

    "I'll give you a back massage."

    Spencer bribing Carly in last chance whisper. She looks back at him with a light smiling smirk across her face. She steps forward beginning to play with her sultry dark hair, curling it with her forefinger.

    "No. I can't do it." Turning to walk away.

    Spencer looks to Sam for some help. Sam nods her head a few times towards Carly and hints back to Spencer of his needed effort to go further. Reading her sign he gives in.

    "Ah fine, I'll do anything!"

    Carly stops in her tracks, raising her brow and smiles soon after. She quickly turns and walks back into the dinning room with a clever thought in mind.

    "Anything?" Carly asking clearly.

    "Yes! Anything you want."

    "Ok... ok I'll do it."

    "Yes, you're a life saver!" Spencer gasps out in relief.

    Little did he know what his kid sister had in mind with the word anything would represent. In a low seductive voice, Carly surprisingly grabs the collar of Spencer's shirt.

    "And I MEAN anything." Carly pulling Spencer down to her height.

    A serious stare down occurs between them, followed by the doorbell. Silence prevails until it rings a second time.

    "Aren't yah gonna get that?" Spencer pleads to Carly in letting go of his collar.

    "Coming!" Carly announces, darting off to answer the door.

    The situation leaves Sam half amused in the kitchen, watching Spencer recover his stance and pride.

    "Hey, ready to do the show?" Freddie says standing at the doorway.

    "Yeah, you ready to COME, inside Freddie?" Carly awkwardly questions back.

    "Wh... what was that... huh Carly?" Freddie nervously spills his understanding. Beginning to slightly blush.

    "Oh, nothing. I'll be in the studio if anyone wants to COME, for me." Carly giggles while walking up to the stairs.

    Clearly a vide between Carly and Freddie was established, she seems to have known that he had come from behind his peep hole of his door. Freddie instantly getting nervous, hoping she hadn't told anyone. Yet, she never seemed to exploit the situation. To her, she instead laughed over it more than anything. Which relived him ever so slightly.

    "Hey Spence... Why is there a human shaped hunk of clay on your table? Freddie asks.

    Without any hesitation, Sam lashes out before Spencer can fill in the blank.

    "Hopefully a newer better version of you!"

    "Sam, Sam, Sam, admitted it. You can only wish that a newer version of me would have a better package than what I have."

    Sam gives Freddie a blank cold expression and begins to walk towards him.

    "Really Freddie, do you?

    Suddenly before he can react, she's grabs a hold of his cock through his pants.

    "SAM!!! What the... you out of your mind!! Why!?

    To her surprise, it was growing hard by the second in her hand. Still with a good grip, she continued to hold. Both looked into each others eyes for a short moment, beginning to smile sincerely. Freddie leans in and suddenly hears...


    Sam unhinges her grip of his enormous shlong, and walks off for the stairs leading to the studio.

    "Really Sam?" Freddie turning to Spencer. "You know one day she's just going to pull it right off I tell you. Right off!" Blurting out to Spencer.

    "I once knew a guy that had his pulled right off. You know what they called him?" Spencer tells Freddie.

    "No, but I bet I‘m about to find out?"

    "They nicknamed him Mr. Dic..

    "Ok then, got a web show to do." Freddie jogging off quickly to avoid Spencer's story.

    "Mr. Dictionary. What did he think I was going to say?

    Now all in the studio, the iCarly gang begins preparing for there web show.

    Carly steps forward into the of the camera for an up close shot, slicking on a coat of lip stick. Nearly showing a down blouse shot into the camera frame.

    "How's this look Freddie?" Carly asks, rubbing her lips together.

    "Good! And we start in 5...4...3...2..." Freddie counting down to start the show.

    "I'm the girl who fingers Sam!

    "And I'm the girl who fingers Carly!

    "And this a sexy little web show called "iCarly!" Carly and Sam yell in unison.

    "Today were starting off with all you art lovers." says Carly.

    "A new art studio has just opened right across the street, called Hearty Arty." Sam adds.

    "And my brother Spencer has entered in there very first art show!

    "Since it is the public's vote to see who goes to the final round- vote for Spencer!" Sam explains.

    "Please, vote for Spencer. Think of the children." Carly egging on fans with a cute puppy dog face.

    "If you're a true iCarly fan, you have to vote for Spencer!" Sam pushing sternly.

    "Do it, just do it. Voting starts tomorrow at seven-o'clock sharp." Carly quickly adds.

    "Now to switch things up, we have a brand bit for you on the show." Sam brings up.

    "Something we they we like to call Random Callers!" Carly and Sam say together.

    "Ok Freddie, present are first caller?" Carly asks.

    "Our first caller, coming right up."

    From behind his laptop, Freddie connects the first ever caller onto the show. Giving a sign to Carly that they were live with the caller.

    "Your on with iCarly, who may I ask is calling?" Carly excited to introduce.

    "Hello iCarly."

    The mysterious voice was presented over the phone- silencing the studio. A voice that was soon recognizable and not easily welcomed by all the iCarly gang.

    "Hey, I know that voice!" Sam immediately jolts out with fury.

    "Nevel!?" Carly quickly adds after Sam.

    "Yes it is me. Why, was it my sweet voice that gave it away?" Nevel cleverly answers.

    "Freddie, get this little pip squeak off the air." Sam walking to Freddie by his laptop.

    "I can't disconnect him. I don't know how he's doing it." Freddie eagerly trying to stop the connection.

    "Having fun trying to boot me off?" Nevel following up with an evil yet awkward laugh.

    "What do you want Nevel?" Carly giving up, and hearing what he has to say.

    "I heard your brother is entering that new art show at Hearty Arty tomorrow?"

    "Yeah, so?" Carly starting to get irritated.

    "Well, I'm entering the art show too. And I bet you that my sculpture will beat yours."

    "Listen here Nevel, we ain't doing any bet with you." Sam laying down the law.

    "Shut up you fucking blonde bitch, I was talking to Carly." Nevel bursting out.

    "Oh you just didn't call me a fucking blonde bitch!?" Sam recalling his offensive statement.

    As Carly tries to calm Sam down, Freddie thinks about the bet and how it could possibly be towards there advantage.

    "What are the consequences if we lose this bet?" Freddie stepping in.

    "Freddie, what are you doing?" Carly curiously asks in a light tone.

    "I bet you to get naked for a week, all three of you on your web show that is." Nevel setting the bar high.

    "Ok. And if we win, you will never... ever... bug us again!" Freddie raising his voice.

    At the same time Freddie gives a blink to Carly, obviously with a plan to sabotage Nevel's so called bet. Sam also realizes and follows suit.

    "Not so easy Papperman, you will also have to give us two-hundred bucks?" Sam making things interesting.

    "What? You think I'm really going to pay you two-hundred..."

    "You wanna pay that to each of us!?" Carly springing into the mix.

    "Ok fine. Two-hundred it is."

    "So Nevel, do we have a bet?" Carly asks with confidence.

    "Yes, we have a bet." Nevel agreeing. "Now we'll see who really will rue the day tomorrow. Haha..."

    When Nevel gave his last evil words and disconnected himself, Carly and Sam desperately wanted to know what Freddie had up his sleeve to accept such a bet.

    "So what hell is really going?" Carly yelling in Freddie's ear.

    "There's one thing that Nevel doesn't know that can help us win the bet." Freddie intrigues both girls.

    "I better hope it isn't your face, cause it looks awfully horrible." Sam taunts Freddie.

    "No Sam, a much prettier face than mine. Someone we know, and who will also be a judge tomorrow at the art show for the final round."

    "Well, who is?" Carly asks, filling up with suspense.

    Leaning into Carly's ear, Freddie whispers who it is. Surprising her, she figures out the master plan they had at hand. For Sam, really didn't give a rats ass who it was. She had already left the studio to get something to scarf down.

    It was shortly later that Freddie went to go and set up the arrangements of the bet. Allowing time for Carly to now help Spencer in his sculpture.

    Carly walks down the stairs wearing her pink bath robe. Entering through the kitchen, she runs into Spencer who was getting ready with his sculpting tools.

    "Ok, I‘m here. What ever should I do?" Carly using a deep voice for amusement.

    "Awesome! Now I'm going to be sculpting from the dinning table. So if you can climb up on to the island-counter in the kitchen and make a good pose, that would be great." Spencer trying to give directions.

    "Ah, ok... I'll try my best." Carly responds, starting to get a smidge nervous.

    Carly grabs a chair and uses it as a stepping tool to get up on the island-counter. As she stands in her robe, about to untie her belt, she begins to have seconds thoughts enter her mind. Thinking this maybe was not such quite the best of idea's to go through.

    "Spencer... I don't know if I can do this?" Carly states almost shivering with fear.

    "What? Oh Carly, every model has this problem when they first begin. It just takes getting use to."

    Spencer tries to comfort Carly's fear, which seems to work. She has been nude before. But never revealing her nude body to Spencer or any other family member so to speak. The task was defiantly different from others. Seemingly awkward and especially weird to do for a family's sake.

    Fighting her fear, she strongly pushes through. Throwing her robe off and onto the floor. Now completely nude head to toe. She stands there with creamy white skin, open to be ogled by anyone who wished to do so. Or least for Spencer, who stands alone to be the only person in the entire room.

    At first Spencer was transited by her stripping off her robe. Never quite thinking how purely hot his little kid sister ever truly grew up to be. Her perfectly pear shaped breasts with the best nipples a girl can acquire, were absolutely to die for.

    "See, it ain't so bad. Isn't it? Spencer breaking out of his short trans.

    "Yeah, I guess so. It is a little bit chilly in here though." Carly replies in a faint voice.

    You can see her nipples coming to a tender perk, showing that she was cold. Of course Spencer liked the site, but decided to heat up the room anyways so she would stop trying to cover herself up.

    "Well, how should I pose?" Carly asks. Never having modeled a day in her life.

    Thinking of some lustful thoughts, Spencer gets Carly to try dozens of different poses to see what stands out best for her body type.

    "Just start randomly changing movements, your chest and hips first."

    "Like this?" Carly shifting her hips back and forth. "How's this?" She asks on, pushing her chest outward while arching her back.

    "Yeah, now try moving limbs, like your arms and legs next." Spencer adding a few more ideas for her to pose by.

    Before you knew it, Carly was practically dancing on top of the island-counter. Making short yet sexy poses in transition of her movements. She really seemed to start getting into it, comfortable she had achieved. Even making poses without Spencer's commands.

    During her actions, Spencer was slowly getting turned on by her seductively hot body. Her skin so smooth. Her legs so blazingly attractive, limber yet just soft enough to take your breath away.

    "Ok, this isn't quite working." Spencer surprising Carly.

    Spencer gets up and grabs a chair from the dinning table and sets it up on the island-counter.

    "Try sitting in this, I think it will do better than a standing pose. And plus it will help you not get as tired." Spencer coming to a laugh.

    "Oh thank you, I can finally sit." Carly weeping in relief.

    Right away Carly gets comfortable in the chair and begins to start many different poses. Catching Spencer nearly half off guard on most.

    "So Spencer, you want me to cross my legs. Kick them off to the side or simply spread them?" Carly acting all erotic, posing out all three ideas for Spencer.

    Spencer couldn't almost hold back himself any longer. He makes up a plan inside his head. Even if she was his little sister or not, he stuck with it.

    "Here, let me help." Spencer getting up to assist Carly's pose.

    He gently grabs a hold of her left leg, by the shin and runs it up to her inner-thigh area. Causing Carly to shiver for a split moment. Slowly Spencer setting her leg in the position he liked. Doing the same with her right leg. Making a spread open v-formation, which she never questioned.

    Instead of putting her right leg in position, Spencer ends up kissing the top of her right foot. Carly surprised, and asking to stop but never officially forcing him to do so.

    "Spencer, don't. Please, you know how that tickles me." Carly asks, but fails into giggles.

    Inch by inch up her right leg, Spencer kissed on front and massaged from behind.
    Sprawling Carly out of control with her body. At first tickling, then changing to a pleasurable seduction.

    She knew it was wrong for such situation to take place. The sensations barreling up her leg was too great. It got her hotter than ever. And sat in the chair, choosing to enjoy it.

    Spencer reaches kissing her thighs, and finally sneaking his hands upon her ripe breasts. Fondling and twisting her nipples, stimulating Carly just enough to start boiling her blood.

    "Oh yeah, that feels really good." Carly coos with pleasure.

    "Your nipples are real sensitive, aren't they?" Spencer playfully asks.

    Before Carly could answer, Spencer's kissing was about to approach Carly's delicate vagina. Slowly she began to get wet. Within seconds, Spencer surprisingly goes down on her with his spasming tongue, licking her clit and outer pussy lips. Forcing her to reach her first real pivotal orgasm.

    "Huh fuck, eat my pussy." Carly weeps out. "Eat it like you want it!" She adds louder.

    Carly intensified so much, her legs lifted and locked at the knees. Her hands having know where else to go, other than into Spencer's hair. Lightly she weaved her fingers through, pulling it slightly when ever feeling a top sensation from her orgasm.

    After several minutes eating Carly's pussy, Spencer leads up her abdomen and chest. Kissing his destination all the way up to her neck. Which she desperately loved to feel as well.

    "You know me way too well Spence, yeah oh..." Carly feeling ever more sensations.

    "I should know, I'm your brother." Spencer replies in between kisses.

    Without warning, Spencer picks Carly entirely up and carries her to the couch. Where he sets her down in the same position as was before. He begin to take off his pants.

    In the same moment, Carly starts rubbing her pink snatch profusely. Her back against the couch and legs flipped up and spread out. Not waiting a single moment to loose her sensation she had reached.

    "Couldn't wait for my play toy, huh? Spencer teasing Carly, moving her hand out of the way for entering her now juicy pussy.

    Spencer plunges his colossal shaft into Carly's moist snatch. Causing her to nearly jump a bout on the couch for short second. Issuing that Spencer was too big to fully push all the way in.

    "My god, I think your too big. Your too big!" She nearly screams in pain.

    "C'mon sis, suck it in baby!" Spencer keeps pressing, spitting a large sum of saliva over his shaft and her pussy lips.

    "Oooohh... ahhh... fuck yeah!" Carly yells out.

    Spencer's dick finally spearing it's way in, engorged all the way into her tight little hole. Bottoming out against her uterus. He begins to stroke, causing Carly to yell out even more.

    Painful weeps soon turned to precious coos on her behalf. Her tight walls expanding to a pleasurable canal. Making Spencer's strokes easier to accomplish.

    "Now that's what I'm talking about." Spencer comments, speeding up the pace.

    A few more minutes go by and Carly begins to start reaching her climax.

    "Huh, Nahhh... ahhh shit! Carly moans uncontrollably.

    Spencer grasps her wild legs and puts them up on his shoulders. Clamping them down next to his neck with his bionic hands. Pounding away his enormous cock into her slippery chamber, quicker than you can blink. The unbelievable sensation was about to come to a head.

    "Nahh... huhh... oh yeah... right there!! Carly yelling her loudest yet- peaking her orgasm.

    "Here it comes... ahhhh!! Spencer preparing to come a well.

    Spencer pulls out just in time to unleash his several loads of cum. Decimating Carly all over her body and face, leaving it glimmer in the light.

    Carly begins rubbing in the cum all over her chest, around her breasts and nipples. All her energy drained, she slowly drifts off into an motionless state.

    Exhausted too, Spencer looks on briefly as his little sister falls peacefully asleep. He goes and retrieves a clean towel to clean up her face and chest. Stepping back, he takes in the warmly unbelievable view of Carly on the couch.

    "Wow, the perfect pose."

    To be continued...

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    Sorry to everyone, this story is "Chapter 1" of 2 and I forgot to mention it in the thread title. My 2nd Chapter to this story will be coming soon...

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    That was awesome. Thanks for posting.

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