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Thread: "Red Blooded Woman" with Dannii and Kylie Minogue

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    fanfiction "Red Blooded Woman" with Dannii and Kylie Minogue

    Red Blooded Woman
    With Kylie and Dannii Minogue
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, voy, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    The first time I met Dannii Minogue there was an obvious and undeniable attraction between us. As it turned out she was back in Melbourne visiting her family for a few days, and while hitting up one of the local clubs in town, we had hooked up at the bar.

    Several hours and many drinks later Dannii lay naked on my bed, lying on her side with her back to me as I grasped her hair and pummeled her from behind.

    There I watched as her thick round rump quivered to each and every concussion, while I reached around and helped myself to a healthy grope of her luscious breasts and caressed that intoxicating hourglass figure.

    It was only after this initial encounter that the starlet and I sat around sharing a cigarette that she chose to tell me that she was apparently "dating" someone back in the States, but due to their conflicting schedules were now relegated to mere fuck buddies.

    "Sorry to hear that."

    "It's fine. I kind of like it that way." she said cold-heartedly. "I don't really have the time to get involved with long term relationships."

    "That's a little cold isn't it?"

    "It is what it is." she replied bluntly. "What about you? Do you think you'd be interested in the same kind of arrangement."

    "What do you mean?" I played coy, making her spell it out to me.

    "You know exactly what I mean. Nothing serious. Just fun."

    I paused to give her a sarcastic grin.

    "What do you think?"

    "Are you sure you'd be happily with that?" she confirmed. "Willing to be at my beck and call."

    "Are you kidding?" I quipped. "You're Dannii—fucking—Minogue."

    The singer-songwriter giggled before she playfully smacked me in the arm.

    "I'm being serious."

    "Trust me. It's fine." I reassured "Whatever you want. I'm easy. Honestly."

    "Well Yeah." she snapped back. "I already know that."

    With that said I faked anger and grabbed her by the wrist and tickled her.

    Naturally this quickly escalated to some foreplay with me kissing my way down her luscious body and ultimately prying her legs apart so I could feast on her tender cunt.

    To my delight this action seemed to really turn her on, and arching her back sharply she grasped the sheets and climaxed loudly—filling my mouth with her sweet tangy nectar.

    A few days later the busty songstress called me out of the blue and insisted I fly out to the London and stay with her over the weekend.

    With a first class ticket waiting for me at the check-in counter, I happily agreed and ultimately arrived to her quaint West London apartment the following day.

    It was there that I was surprised to meet her older sister Kylie, who right away seemed to take a disliking towards me.

    Still, despite her obvious distain for me I had to admit that Kylie was a stunningly woman in person, and aside from her pretty face, she possessed one of the tightest, sexiest little bodies I had ever seen.

    Inside Dannii and I celebrated my impromptu arrival with a few drinks before we headed out to dinner.

    It was there that she gave me a brief history lesson about her family and friends, and apologized for Kylie's cold reception as she could apparently be quite cranky and short-tempered.

    Getting loaded throughout the evening, we finally arrived home around midnight for a full night of debauchery when I was surprised to find Kylie passed out on the sofa—and sleeping half naked under several blankets in front of the TV.

    Despite this we continued down the hall and kissing each other fervently while pawing at each other's clothes. Once safely inside her tiny bedroom Dannii proceeded to push me to the bed and essentially straddled me.

    There the busty starlet began to ride me enthusiastically and was noticeably aroused, so much so I was almost certain that her sister would hear us from the living room.

    But this didn't seem to concern Dannii whole simply moaned louder and talked dirty.

    "Fuck the shit out of me!" she slurred erotically.

    The following morning Dannii got up and headed out to the ITV studios in Wembley to shoot another episode of her hit series "X-Factor" leaving me in bed with a raging boner and the entire place to myself.

    Around 10am I finally got up out of bed and showered and wandered into the kitchen for a quick breakfast.

    I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat, and with no one home I made myself comfortable at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper in nothing more than my boxer-briefs.

    Unfortunately for me Kylie soon arrived home and wandered in to find me sitting there half naked.

    "Um. Hello?" she remarked sarcastically, apparently surprised to find me sitting there half naked in the kitchen.

    "Where's Dannii?"

    "She's at work. I assume?" I shrugged while enjoying my corn flakes. "Over at the studio and shooting something or rather."

    Kylie exhaled and rolled her eyes, before leaning over to slip a coaster for my glass of OJ.

    "Wait. She went to work and left you here all alone in my apartment?" she snapped. "Is she out of her fucking mind!"

    With that said the elder Minogue sister then marched over to the phone and proceeded to dial her sister's cell number, which unfortunately for her went straight to message bank.

    "Dannii it's me." she hissed. "Call me back as soon as you get this message okay."

    "Is something wrong?" I asked as I watched her take out her frustrations on the phone and toss it across the sofa.

    "I can't believe she would let a complete stranger use my apartment like this."

    "Complete stranger?" I replied. "Wait. Isn't this her apartment? Aren't you like staying here for a few days until you get back on your feet or something?"

    "What! Who told you that?" Kylie exclaimed. "Is that what she told you? That bitch!"

    Kylie then went on.

    "For your information this is my apartment, and she has her own place over at Battersea. Maybe you should ask her about it when she gets home."

    "Well if that's the case...why hasn't she told me."

    "Ugh. Why do you think?" Kylie sniped. "It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. You're just a fling for her. A good time."

    While she rattled on I simply shrugged my shoulders and nonchalantly picked up the cereal bowl and slurped down the last mouthful of milk, infuriating her with my lack of manners, and carefree attitude about the entire ordeal.

    "Ugh. What the hell is wrong with you." she grimaced as she put her things away in the kitchen. "Didn't you hear a word I said?"

    "No. I heard you." I calmly said. "I just don't really care."

    "Ha. Figures." Kylie scoffed as I went to the fridge to help myself to another glass of OJ.

    "Do you mind?" I asked.

    "No. By all means." she replied without even looking at me. "Do what you want. God knows my sister does. She thinks the entire world revolves around her."

    Kylie slammed a few cabinets around the kitchen as I suddenly felt increasingly uncomfortable. To make matters worse, she then proceeded to berate her sister as she cleaned up the area and the mess I had made.

    It was only now that I stopped to notice her lack of attire, as it appeared that she had just returned from the gym and was wearing a thin white t-shirt and tight black spandex pants that stopped just below the knee.

    Like Dannii, Kylie was petite and small in stature but I noticed that she was considerably leaner, tighter, and more athletic than her wayward sibling.

    "Um. I get the feeling I'm not really welcome here." I commented. "And if that's the case then I have no problem grabbing a hotel."

    Kylie stopped what she was doing and looked right at me, her brilliant blue eyes almost looking straight through me.

    "Look. It's not you okay. It's nothing person. I just don't like what Dannii is doing."

    "What do you mean?"

    Kylie put her hands on the kitchen counter with her back to me as she spoke.

    "Did my sister tell you that she had a boyfriend?"

    "Kinda. Yeah." I replied.

    "She did?" Kylie stopped. "So you know?"

    "Well the first night we meet she laid out all her cards on the table and explained how she was with someone, but that it wasn't very serious."

    "Not very serious." Kylie repeated. "The guy just went and bought her a One-Hundred-Thousand dollar engagement ring last week."

    Turning her back to me, Kylie shook her head as I found my eyes drift down her body and to her tight round butt.

    I gasped inwardly as I finally stopped to admire her glorious backside, and I had to admit that she really was a phenomenal little package, or as my mates back in Melbourne liked to say a real "Pocket Rocket."

    "I suspect one of the reasons she has you staying here with me is so he doesn't find out. And I just don't like being a part of this."

    Kylie paused for a few seconds before she spoke again.

    "I know I'm being forward but...are you and my sister serious or just screwing around?"

    I was a little taken aback by her intrusive question but I had the feeling Kylie already knew the answer.

    "Well. I think I would class it more along the lines of a fuck-buddy arrangement at the moment."

    "Yep. I figured as much." Kylie said with more than a little disgust.

    "Hey. They're her words." I explained. "Not mine."

    "Sounds about right." Kylie added.

    With that said, I stood up and carried my bowl to the counter where she was leaning against.

    It was only now that I realized just how tiny she was, standing at just 5'1, her head barely reached my chin. I placed my bowl in her kitchen sink before I turned to face her.

    "Look, this is obviously something that is really bothering you," I told her. "So I'll start to pack my stuff and get out of your hair. Sorry for making things unbearable for you."

    As I spoke, I noticed that Kylie suddenly started to sob, and feeling guilty I put my hand on her shoulder and attempted to comfort her.

    "Hey-Hey, it's OK." I sympathized, trying to calm her down. "I didn't mean to upset you? Did I say something inappropriate?"

    Kylie didn't respond but continued to weep softly, before I grabbed a couple of tissues and handed them to her and asked her again to please stop crying.

    "I'll be alright," she said, finally regaining her composure. "And you don't have to go."

    "It's not a problem, really." I said and without really thinking I began to rub her shoulders.

    It was truly an instinctive response to her tears and to my surprise she responded to my touch as I felt the tension leave her body. Kylie dropped her head and slightly hunched her shoulders forward in response to my impromptu back rub so I continued.

    While my intentions were purely innocent at first, as soon as she responded to my touch and I heard her coo, I was instantly aroused. Just the idea of my hands on Dannii's older, and in many ways sexier sister, caused my mind to race.

    "There, does that feel better?" I asked while tenderly rubbing her tender neck and treating her to a brief head massage.

    "Yes." she murmured softly. "That feels good."

    I took her reply as a cue to continue the massage down to her shoulders and across the middle of her back.

    There I carefully avoided the bra strap, as I didn't want to insinuate that the touching was of a sexual nature, and I rubbed and kneaded her sore overworked muscles, while she now bent over slightly at the waist to give me more leverage to push on her shoulders.

    In this position she arched her back, causing her tight firm butt to thrust out and enticingly wiggle mere inches away from my stiffening member.

    It was also during this process that her t-shirt rode up slightly, revealing her lower back and two dimples of Venus. I continued to move my hands in ever widening circles and was now massaging her hips and ribs.

    There, I was careful to avoid the sides of her breasts as I harbored little hope that she would allow this spontaneous moment to go much farther.

    "Do you want me to keep rubbing you?" I finally muttered.

    "Yes." she responded meekly. "It feels really good. It's exactly what I need right now."

    "Yeah, you need to relax." I agreed. "You're body is so tease at the moment."

    Messaging her body, I decided to get a little bolder and began rubbing the small of her back, just above that spectacular butt, and yet she still offered no resistance.

    I studied her backside and could see through the taut material of her workout tights that she was wearing a tiny white thong underneath.

    The mere possibility caused my cock to jump in my boxer-briefs and stand at full attention. Even after the vigorous night of love making I had shared with her sister, I was getting extremely worked up and had to subtly reposition my cock into an upright position.

    "Mm," Kylie purred softly, her hands placed flat on the kitchen counter as I continued to lovingly massage and pampered her tremendous body.

    The smell of her long blonde hair soon filled my nostrils, and feeling confident, I began lifting the hem of her shirt slightly and caressed the bare skin with my fingertips, and still she did nothing.

    Emboldened, I continued to lift her shirt up until her bra strap was exposed, and it was now that I half expected her to protest and pull away from me, but she still didn't object.

    Things had reached a crescendo and I suddenly found myself weighing up my options; to stop or keep going?

    On the one hand I was concerned that I was misreading the entire situation and if I pushed too hard she would most probably scream and slap me across the face, and throw me out onto the street.

    On the other hand, I had already offered to leave, and with the knowledge that Dannii was already doing the dirty on me, I also knew I had nothing to lose.

    With my mind made up, I found a soft tender spot on her right hip and worked my magic as I spoke into her ear.

    "You know, Dannii won't be back till later." I said, as my fingers moved across those two incredibly erotic indentations above her butt.

    As I caressed them and massaged those "butt dimples" with my fingertips, I felt her entire body tremble to my touch.

    "She'll probably be out for most of the day." Kylie added softly, not so much replying to my remark but simply thinking out loud, and apparently one the same wavelength as me.

    Her response sent a bolt of adrenaline to shoot up my spine. Was she thinking the same think? Was Kylie as turned on as I was?

    "Who knows, she might not even come home tonight at all?" I remarked as I deafly slid my fingers up her firm sculptured back and deafly unhooked her tight sports bra.

    My heart now pounded in my chest as I heard a soft gasp escape her lips the moment the bra was released and lost its rigidity.

    I gently pushed her t-shirt all the way up to her shoulder blades with my wrists and began running my hands all over her spine and shoulders, following the tight sculptured groove down to her remarkable butt.

    At the same time I leant forward and placed a soft kiss on the nape of her neck, and moved my hands around her petite frame and under her arms, beneath her bra to cup her pert breasts directly with the palms of my hands in one bold action.

    Her nipples were small and stiff and fully erect, and she moaned as I pinched and rolled them between my thumb and forefinger.

    I wasted little time releasing one of her breasts with my hand and slipped it down between her legs where I began rubbing her slit through her spandex pants.

    Kylie simply responded to this musing by tossing her head back in pleasure and reached back to find my erection with her own hand.

    "Mm, you're so hard right now?" she whispered, before she turned to look at me and in an instant we kissed each other passionately.

    The songstress sighed into my mouth as I continued to fondle her breasts and caressed her sex through her pants, and we took turns biting each other's lips before our tongues met and eagerly wrestled against one another, trying to force the other into submission.

    Spearing her tongue out at me, I immediately caught it with my lips and sucked it into my mouth causing her to whimper and moan.

    Suddenly, she broke our embrace and with the most seductive glare yet, took me by the hand and led me down the hall and back to the inner sanctum, where hours earlier I had been fucking her sister.

    Once inside, Kylie turned and kissed me forcefully on the mouth again before she proceeded to strip me of my boxer-briefs.

    "Take these off!" she gasped between kisses. "I want you naked!"

    As she whimpered, I too began to pull at her gym ensemble, urging her to take it all off which she did. I quickly had her t-shirt over her head and off in seconds, and while standing there topless for a moment I hungrily enveloped her erect nipple with my mouth.

    It was during this time that I also chuckled to myself as it suddenly dawned on me that despite Dannii's boob job, the sisters appeared to have the exact same nipples. They even seemed to taste the same.

    Kylie moaned and lolled her head back as I suckled her natural tits and alternated between the two stiff buds on her chest, before she reached down and hurriedly grabbed her stretch pants and thong, and in one swift action pulled them both down her legs.

    "I want you to fuck me!" she gasped between kisses.

    "Yeah? Is that what you want?"

    "I want you to make me moan like you did my sister last night." she added before shoving her tongue into my mouth.

    My fingers were between her legs in an instant, and we both gasped audibly at the discovery of just how incredibly wet she in fact was. Kylie was literally panting now as I eagerly plunged two of my fingers into her cunt.

    I paused every few seconds to rub my thumb over her engorged clit, even as I continued to suck on her ample breasts.

    Suddenly, the songstress broke away from me long enough to step out of her sweaty clothes, as I took the opportunity to playfully push her back onto the bed. Reading my mind, she immediately flipped over and positioned herself on all fours, with her extraordinary butt facing the edge of the bed.

    "God yes!" I hissed. "Look at that butt! I've been dying to tap that arse from the moment I first saw you!"

    "What are you waiting for?" was her simple response, a challenge if you will.

    "Put it inside me already." she dared. "Here's your chance, fuck me!"

    I rewarded her comments with a sharp swat across the butt, causing her to jump with surprise and excitement.

    It was then I took her breath away as I suddenly and without warning leaned over and stuck my tongue in her ass, eliciting a long agonizing moan.

    "Oh, you cheeky bastar..." she muttered breathlessly, as I took each soft cheek in both hands and delved my tongue even deeper still.

    "Oh god!" she gasped involuntarily, while grinding her delectable butt against my face.

    "Mm, you're ass tastes the exactly the same as your sisters, you know that?" I grinned evilly.

    "Oh God, that feels so good!" she whimpered. "Do it again! Please!"

    "Do what again, Kylie?" I teased. "Where do you want my tongue?"

    "In my arse!" she purred in her strong Aussie accent. "I need you tongue in my arse, baby!"

    With that said I licked her butt some more before I finally straightened up and stepped forward to press the tip of my cock-flesh against her gleaming plenge.

    "I'm going to fuck you till you scream!" I hissed through gritted teeth. "And take out all my frustrations with Dannii, on you!"

    "Yes, do it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she begged, as she buried her face into the mattress leaving her impossibly tight and magnificent butt swaying in the breeze before me.

    I stood there marveling at her perfect derriere for a moment, simply admiring the scene before me.

    In all the fantasies I had entertained in my head, it had never even occurred to me to imagine Kylie in such a state, naked on the bed with her ass up in the air, begging to be fucked.

    "Come on, stop teasing me!" she finally snapped back at me, wiggling her butt. "Fuck me, already! Or do I have to take matters into my own hands...again?"

    "Your own hands again?" I repeated, as I continued to rub the end of my sensitive shlong along her sopping wet slit.

    "Last night, while you two were fucking in here," she confessed over her shoulder, "I was on the sofa outside listening to you both, and frigging myself senseless!"

    "Of Jesus, don't tell me that." I groaned, as her body bucked back against my cock, urging me to impale her.

    As she continued to confess to her lewd actions, I watched as her hand dipped back underneath her naked body and she proceeded to rub her clit, all the while describing in great detail how she had gotten herself off to the mere sound of Dannii moaning and screaming out my name.

    "I was so fucking wet last night," she admitted. "That I almost considered walking in and joining you both."

    "Yeah? That would have been so fucking hot!" I replied, as I slowly and finally eased my cock into her hot little box, filling her wanton clam with man meat.

    "Ooh yes!" she hissed erotically to the splendid action. "You made my sister moan so loud last night, it was driving me crazy!"

    "That's what happens when you get fucked in the arse, Kylie." I told her before I pulled back a little and abruptly thrust forward again, filling her slimy cunt hole with cock-flesh.

    Her body jerked violently to the action and she grunted out loud.

    "UGH! Yes!"

    "Are you a dirty little slut, too? Huh?" I accused before spanking her precious butt once again.

    "Do you want to get fucked in the arse as well? Just like you're whore sister?"

    "Yes! Fuck me in the arse! Go on?" she challenged through gritted teeth.

    "Go on then? Come on! I need it! We both do! I want to feel you in my tight butthole!"

    I could hardly believe my luck. Not only was I fortunately enough to fuck Dannii Minogue in the ass after our drunken night out, but now less than 24hours later I had her very own sister naked and on all fours, begging me to drill her in the backdoor as well.

    With that said I reluctantly withdrew my pulsating sword from her gleaming vagina and smeared my cock with her copious juices.

    "Jesus Christ Kylie," I snickered maniacally. "You're so fucking wet right now, you know that?"

    With my cock nice and wet and ready, I then carefully squeezed the tip against her tight little puckered shitter, and she tensed up almost immediately.

    "Rub your clit." I insisted, and she immediately obliged.

    The scent of her wet, overheated cunt quickly filled the room. The bedroom just reeked of hot sex, as I attempted to fill her glorious ass.

    "Yeah you're just like your slutty little sister, aren't you?" I growled as I slowly and carefully entered her holy of holies.

    "Yes, we are!" she simply whimpered. "We both love getting fucked in the arse!"

    "Oh yeah, you're so fucking tight too!" I hissed, before I finally eased my way all the way inside her back passage, and ever so gently proceeded to move my hips back and forth.

    Kylie grimaced and bit down on the pillow under her face, and grasped the sheets firmly causing her knuckles to turn white.

    "Yeah, look how good that looks." I groaned to myself. "You're arse looks so fucking good with a dick inside it."

    Slapping her buttocks, Kylie shrieked out with surprise before I picked up the pace and proceeded to fuck her more intently, feeding her most of my length.

    "Ugh! Ugh! Ooh! Ugh!" she grunted steadily, as I dominated that sweet, sweet ass of hers.

    Reaching over I then snatched a handful of her long blonde mane, and pulling hard, cocked her head back aggressively and making her scream out in lust.

    "UGH YES!! FUCCCK! Fuck my arse! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

    Still rubbing her clit furiously, she began to grasp back at my balls and massaged them as they repeatedly slapped against her wet cunt, smacking her lips and causing her to shudder involuntarily with each strike.

    "Mm yeah, you're such a good little backdoor slut!" I jeered. "Just like your whore sister! That fucking slut, cunt! Who knew, both Minogue sisters love it in the arse!!"

    I snickered to myself as I made her approach her climax, and without warning I cruelly pulled out of her poop chute, and buried myself deep into her quivering cunt, this time burying my staff to the absolute root, and utterly surprising and sending her into the stratosphere.

    "UUNNGHH!!!" she cried out loud, as her entire body convulsed wildly on the bed.

    "You like that, huh?" I chuckled cruelly, "Such a sexy little cunt!"

    "Yes!" I heard her whimper breathlessly.

    "Yes what?" I replied. "That you're a fucking insatiable little whore?"

    "Yes. I'm a whore." she announced loudly, before chanting the sentence over and over again.

    "I'm a whore! A fucking whore! Fuck this whore! You're gonna make this whore cum again!"

    Hearing these lewd admissions from her seemed to have a unexpected effect on me, and clutching her tightly by her narrow hips, I suddenly came deep inside her wanton cunt and filled her womb with my seed, in turn sending her apparently right over the edge.

    "UUUGHHHHH!!!" she cried at the top of her lungs as she came once again, this time even harder than the first.

    We both gasped aloud and shook wildly for several moments before my cock popped out and I spurted the remaining two loads all over her wondrous butt.

    Exhausted, Kylie fell forward to collapse on the large bed, her body shimmering in a fine sheen of perspiration.

    She looked absolutely magnificent lying there spend, her freshly fucked ass looking enticing as ever, having just been raided by her sister's boyfriend no less. When she regained her composure she finally spoke.

    "My god...that was incredible." she panted. "I can see why Dannii was so loud."

    "So does this mean I can stay a little longer?"

    Kylie simply smiled up at me and nodded her head.

    "I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement?"

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    It's been ages since the last Minogue story. Thank you very much for filling the void!

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