This's a short girl/girl fic featuring Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud, hope you like it :)

“Truth or dare Nads?” squeals Sarah excitedly as the empty vodka bottle lands in the direction of the Irish woman.
“Hmm....dare, yous already know enough about me” quips Nadine.
“Ok then, time for some fun, I dare you to come skinny dipping with me in that lake!” says Sarah gesturing to the large expanse of water that the girls tour bus has decided to break down at the side of.
“I don't know, weather's nice but it'll still be freezing” replies Nadine cautiously “and the lake could be pretty deep”
“Well we're not going to swim lengths Nads – come on – pleeeease!” Sarah cajoles, eyelashes fluttering as the last of Nadine's resolve disappears.
“Go on then but just you and me yeah, the rest of yous stay here and make sure he's not copping an eyeful” Nadine motions towards the driver who's pretending to keenly scrutinize a tabloid newspaper as the wait for help to arrive.

“For a second there I didn't think they were buying it” smiles Sarah pulling the young Irishwoman into her arms at the water's edge.
“Yeah” replies Nadine “but we can't be too long or they'll start to suspect something's up”
“Mmm...” Sarah nuzzles into Nadine's neck, kissing it gently as she runs her hands over the soft skin of the other woman's back, reaching up to untie her halter-necked top.
“Anyway” she adds seductively, as Nadine's top falls away leaving her naked except for some tiny denim shorts, “it doesn't usually take me long with you”
“Ohh I know” replies Nadine huskily, lifting off Sarah's light summer dress and removing her panties as Sarah practically rips Nadine's shorts off her.

Still kissing the two head into the water, shrieking as the cold hits their bare flesh. Breaking the passionate kiss Sarah motions with her head, “Over there, come on I'll race you to it!”.
They soon reach the boulder resting half out of the water and Sarah wastes no time pushing Nadine up against it. The Irishwoman moans as Sarah's thigh insinuates itself between her legs, pressing up against her throbbing centre as Sarah's hands massage her breasts, thumbs swiping over her hardened nipples.

As Nadine lets out another groan of delight Sarah grabs her hand, guiding the other woman's fingers to exactly where she needs them most. Even through the water Nadine can feel the extent of Sarah's wetness, so she doubles her efforts, sliding long slender fingers inside each of Sarah's tight holes as her thumb works faster against her clit. The blonde moans loudly rocking against her friend's fingers as the tryptich of pleasurable sensations takes her over the edge and orgasm soon suffuses every part of her trembling form.

Once her breathing has returned to normal Sarah eagerly returns the favour. Her fingers locate Nadine's velvety folds, rhythmically stroking and caressing the tiny swollen bud within as the younger woman moans breathily against her ear. Sarah licks and sucks at Nadine's pulse point, both women knowing there will be visible marks but too far gone in their lust to care. Such intense stimulation along with the thrill of possibly being caught by their bandmates means it's not long before Nadine's practically clawing at Sarah's back as she cums loudly, the ferocity of her orgasm leaving her limp in the blonde's arms.

Moments pass and the only sounds around them are those of their breathing and the waves gently lapping against the rock they lay against.
“I suppose we'd best get back” says Sarah regretfully “it's always over far too soon”
Nadine runs a hand down the side of her face lovingly “Don't worry I'm sure we'll have fun later on, I cleared all my files off my bunk specially”
Sarah lets out a throaty laugh “Oh well in that case I'll have to make an effort Nads! Come on I'm starting to go pruney!”
With that the two women head back in the direction of their stricken tourbus, happy thoughts of later in mind.