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Thread: "Truth or Dare" with Victorious

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    fanfiction "Truth or Dare" with Victorious

    Truth or Dare
    With Victoria Justice, Danielle Monet, Elizabeth Gillies, and Ariana Grande
    Written by TPG
    CODES: orgy, drugs, voy, mast, rim, trib
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: Figured it was about time these cast members had a little "quality time" together.

    Having just returned from another star-studded event in Beverly Hills, the "Victorious" cast arrived back to the quaint one bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles where they stumbled inside and collapsed to the sofa.

    There the ladies helped themselves to more alcohol before Liz suddenly produced a hefty blunt.

    "Whoa." Ariana gasped. "Where did you get that?"

    "One of the guys at the party gave it to me."


    "Yeah. I offered to give him a blowjob for it but he ended up leaving the party early."

    "—bummer, huh?" Daniella remarked sarcastically.

    As Liz went on to explain how she had managed to score the large joint, the girls glanced at each other suspiciously as they were uncertain if she was being on the level. Fact was with her track record anything was possible.

    "I wouldn't smoke that if I were you." Victoria said as she sauntered in from the kitchen. "Who knows what they put in it."

    "Ugh. Just relax Vee." Liz quipped. "Why do you think I waited until we got home."

    "Go ahead. Light it up!" Ariana stated enthusiastically. "I wanna try it!"

    "Me too." Daniella admitted if only to spite Victoria who now stood there with her hands on her hips judging her friends.

    The conversation quickly turned to drugs and alcohol, and while most of them were already drunk, everyone except for Victoria seemed genuinely curious about trying weed for the very first time.

    "Err. I dunno." VJ whined as she helped herself to another gulp of Vodka. "I don't think we should."

    "Oh, come on!" Ariana pleaded. "It's just us girls here tonight. Besides. Aren't you even a little curious?"

    "Yeah." Daniella added. "I hear pot can make you really horny as well."

    "Maybe that's why VJ is afraid." Liz speculated. "Maybe she's scared she might not be able to control herself around us."

    "Yeah. Right." Justice snorted.

    Nevertheless. Despite her concerns Victoria permitted her friends to indulge in the mystery spliff and they soon proceeded to pass it around the room.

    Several minutes later the large doobie was ultimately handed to their host (Victoria) who simply glared at it skeptically before looking back at her friends who all smiled.

    "Go on. Do it." Daniella encouraged. "We all know you want to."

    "I know I'm going to regret this." she sighed. "—but what the heck. It's now or never."

    With that said the "Victorious" star sucked in the tainted air and enjoyed several long tokes before she finally handed it back to Elizabeth, who immediately giggled as she realized just how stoned her friend was.

    In just the small amount of time that she had indulged in the drug, Victoria's eyes were noticeably bloodshot and her demeanor was very tranquil and sedated. In Elizabeth's estimation VJ was absolutely baked.

    It was then as the ladies sat there enjoying their high that Daniella insisted that they play a game of "Truth or Dare" with the emphasis on "Truth" and revealing things about each other they didn't know.

    Before they knew it, they were moving furniture out of the way and found themselves seated in a circle on the floor, while still passing around the smoldering blunt.

    "So who wants to go first?"

    Seeing as she was the one to suggest the game, Daniella was chosen to answer first and she quickly decided on "TRUTH" before she was asked about the kinkiest and/or risqué place she had ever had sex.

    The busty actress thought carefully before she finally recalled a recent encounter in which she had given a complete stranger a blowjob while attending the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

    "What! When?" Ariana exclaimed. "But I was with you the entire night?"

    Monet giggled and explained how she had slipped away for a few minutes and wandered around the backstage area only to meet the mystery man in an empty dressing room.

    There she apparently found herself on her knees sucking his cock and taking his load into the back of her throat, before she rushed back to her seat during intermission.

    "You can't be serious!" the girls gasped. "You blew a total stranger?"

    "What can I say." Daniella giggled. "The guy was really, really cute!"

    To the ladies amusement DM went on to add how he was apparently a BIG fan of the show.

    "Yeah. Well I bet he is now!" Elizabeth joked making the other girls break into hysterics.

    With the game now well and truly underway, Victoria was quickly put on the spot and asked the same question "Truth or Dare" but to everyone's surprise the striking teen-queen eagerly answered with "DARE!"

    Feeling bold, Daniella then proposed an outrageous task and insisted that Victoria strip down to her birthday suit and stand outside on her tiny terrace for a full sixty seconds.

    Of course, no one actually believed that VJ would agree to such a challenge but fortunately for them the speed-laced Marijuana had taken a toll on her senses and really seemed to strip her of any and all inhibitions.

    So against her natural instincts, the preppy brunette suddenly rose to her feet and accepted the dare.

    "Challenge accepted." Victoria chirped as she began to undress.

    "Oh. My. God." Ariana exclaimed as the rest of the cast all glared at each other and watched VJ undress.

    "—this is amazing!" Daniella giggled. "I can't believe she's actually going to do it."

    Without missing a beat Victoria stripped out of her clothes and in the process flaunted her flawless 18-year-old body to her friends, all of whom were taken aback to discover that not only did she possess a perfectly tanned and toned body, but she also appeared to be completely shaved clean, her pussy devoid of any hair whatsoever.

    "Whoa." Elizabeth Gillies gasped. "Who would have thought that Tori Vega is totally shaved clean."

    "I know right?" Ariana agreed. "I was thinking the exact same thing. That's so sexy Victoria."

    "I mean," Liz added. "I thought I was the only one in this group who did that."


    "Sure." Liz explained. "—I can't stand having hair down there. It really irritates me. Besides. I love getting eaten out, and most of my boyfriends hate it. So my pussy is and always will be as smooth as a babies bottom."

    Clutching her private parts with both hands, Victoria blushed as she dashed through the small living room and tentatively stepped out onto the cold dark balcony.

    Her friends laughed and huddled around the door as they kept one eye on the clock to keep time. Sixty seconds later the gang opened the door and allowed the Puerto Rican beauty back into her humble abode, all of the them cheering loudly.

    But in her drunken stupor Victoria suddenly seemed unconcerned about covering herself up and apparently did not have the energy to put all of her clothes back on.

    "Ugh. I really can't be bothered with all that." she hissed, as she took a seat back on the floor and reached for a blanket instead.

    Over the next few rounds the girls were eventually dared to take off their clothes, with everyone ultimately left to sit in the very same state and VJ, naked as the day they were born.

    It was around this time that Elizabeth chose "TRUTH" and happily admitted to a hot encounter she had experienced back in New York City a few weeks earlier.

    According to her, she had snuck into a trendy nightclub in Hell's Kitchen and hooked up with two "older" guys in the bathroom who had doped her up on coke and invited her back to their place where they engaged in a hot and heavy three-way.

    "Whoa. Really?" the ladies gasped in unison. "That's pretty daring even for you."

    Her co-stars were then doubly shocked when Gillies went on to describe how she had actually been Double-Penetrated by the two men, and was fucked in the ass so hard that she couldn't walk straight for a week.

    "ohmigod. Are you serious?" Ariana chuckled. "You actually let them do that to you?"

    "Sure." Liz slurred before helping herself to another swig of red wine. "It's actually not as bad as you think it is."

    "Ouch!" Daniella remarked. "Count me out. I don't think I could handle that. Didn't it hurt?"

    "Hell yeah it hurt!" Elizabeth confessed. "But it also felt so good."

    "Wow. I'm impressed." Monet added while reaching up to toast their glasses. "I didn't think you had it in you."

    "Oh. Trust me. I had it in me alright." Elizabeth giggled. "And to tell you the truth I'd probably be up for it again."

    To everyone's amusement Victoria suddenly seemed particularly intrigued by this seedy "encounter" and wanted to know every sordid detail, especially about the DP aspect itself.

    At one point DM nudged Ariana in the ribs and the two giggled amongst themselves as they listened to VJ almost interrogate Liz about the incident.

    "But doesn't it hurt?" Justice inquired, while still seated in nothing but a blanket. "—you know, getting filled by two guys at the same time."

    "At first it does sure." Liz explained. "But you get used to it eventually...and the feeling of being used like that is just amazing."

    Liz paused for a moment before she grinned.

    "Why do you ask Vee? Are you thinking about trying it sometime?"

    But before Victoria could respond, Ariana chimed in and confessed how she too had fantasized about having anal sex with a complete stranger, and frequently masturbated to the idea.

    "It's probably one of my most favorite fantasies." she told her friends. "I always wake up humping my pillow."

    This comment prompted the ladies to admit to the same seedy scenario before VJ acknowledged how the only thing she had ever had inside her butt was her index finger.

    "So you have tried it." Liz smiled. "I mean. You have experimented with your ass before."

    "Um. I guess?" Justice shrugged. "While I've never actually have butt-sex I do often play with my ass when I get off."

    It was only now that Victoria realized what she was saying, and feeling embarrassed she quickly corrected herself.

    "What I mean is...I may have experimented a little. Sure." she clarified. "But who hasn't nowadays, right?"

    "Absolutely." Grande agreed. "Hell I do it all the time!"

    "You do?"

    "Sure." the petite actress confessed. "In fact. I can't get off unless I play with my butt. I've just conditioned my body that way."

    "You have?"

    "I know. Weird, huh?"

    After sharing a long giggle the ladies continued with the game and Daniella was the next girl off the rank.

    "DARE!" she announced to the room, before she was challenged to make out with Ariana for five whole minutes.

    After a brief debate the girls eventually scooted towards one another and began to kiss.

    Elizabeth appeared beside herself with excitement as she watched them intently and played the role of director, telling them precisely what to do to each other.

    "Mm. That's it." Liz encouraged. "Massage her tongue with your own. Wow. That looks so fucking hot right now."

    The ladies happily obliged and sensually French-kissed one another as Liz insisted that they fondle their breasts as well. To Victoria's surprise the girls obediently complied and now caressed each other while they exchanged spit.

    At one point saliva drooled from Ariana's chin and down between her cleavage where Daniella twisted and tweaked at her friends nipples, pulling at the points with her thumb and forefinger and making the redhead coo to her touch.

    This display quickly fired up the others in the room with Victoria glancing over at Liz and catching her dip her hand between her legs.

    "I think that's time." VJ announced, putting an end to the festivities.

    For a few minutes after the exchange there was an awkward silence in the room as the girls wiped their mouths and grinned knowingly at each other, both surprised by how much they enjoyed the experience.

    "Not bad." Monet remarked. "Not bad at all."

    "Thanks." Ariana winked. "You're not too bad yourself."

    The ladies then continued with the game with Ariana keenly accepting the next DARE. The pint-sized actress was then challenged by Daniella to lie back and masturbate in front of everybody.

    "Huh. What?" she stuttered nervously. "But—why? Are you serious?"

    The girls laughed at her expense.

    "Nah-Uh." DM chuckled. "You can't get out of it. You have to do it!"

    "—but I've never done that in front of anyone before."

    "Come on Ari." Liz encouraged. "It's just a game. We're just having some harmless fun here tonight."

    Not wanting to disappoint, Ariana reluctantly laid back and proceeded to rub her young sex as the others watched on. Even from their vantage point they could see that the petite actress was more than aroused.

    The ladies then suggested that someone reach over and give her a helpful hand, and Liz was only too happy to oblige. Ariana purred while her friends watched on and Elizabeth lovingly caressed her breasts.

    "Hmm. You're so pretty." Elizabeth whispered into her ear. "You like it when I play with your tits?"

    The ladies watched Ari play with her clit and noticed the way her legs now parted to the sweet talk Liz offered her.

    "Mm." Liz continued. "I bet you're so wet right now. I bet you could easily slide two fingers inside."

    "Yeah. Super wet." Daniella chimed in with her own comments. "Rub that clit in a tiny circles Ari. God you look so sexy like that."

    Ariana keenly obliged and moaned incessantly as she strummed her love-button, her eyes never leaving Victoria. For her part, VJ tried to keep a straight face and playfully blew her a few kisses and rolled her tongue over her lips.

    "Ugh. Oh. Oh-God." Grande whimpered as she glared up at Liz who was still massaging her breasts.

    "How does that feel baby?"

    "Nice." Ariana panted. "Really. Nice."

    "Why don't you taste yourself?" Liz dared, and Ariana acted on impulse.

    At this point you could cut the tension in the room with a knife, the ladies visibly aroused by the erotic show.

    As shocking as this was they were then taken aback when Daniella suddenly took it upon herself to lean over and suck one of Ariana's stiff nipples into her mouth.

    "Let's see if she can handle this."

    The action even surprised Liz, who laughed out loud and then imitated her friends actions and sucked the other free nipple into her own mouth as well.

    "ohmigod. Guys?" Ariana moaned to the unexpected action, with two of her co-stars now suckling her.

    Her head lolling back as she felt their tongues swirl around her erect buds.

    "Mm. Doesn't she just have the best set of tits." Daniella remarked. "So soft and perky."

    "Absolutely." Elizabeth replied. "I've wanted to wrap my lips around these things for a very long time."

    "Oh. Um. This is too much for me to handle." Grande squirmed in blissful torture. "It's not fair. You're gonna make me cum."

    "Duh." Liz snickered. "I think that's kind of the point."

    As this spontaneous scene played out, Victoria found herself fidgeting uncomfortably on the floor, while Elizabeth now had her hand buried down between her own legs and was openly fiddling with her clit.

    Daniella on the other hand was still suckling Ariana's breast, and making a lewd slurping noise as she took her friends entire boob into her mouth.

    "Damn. That's so fucking hot!" Liz said as she watched Ariana now plunge two of her fingers deep inside her hot cunt.

    "Oh. Danielle." Grande swooned quietly through half-slitted eyes.

    "What do her nipples taste like?" Victoria suddenly quizzed. "I bet that sucking is driving her insane right now."

    "Oh. Trust me. It is."

    "Why don't you come over here and find out for yourself?" Ariana challenged as her fingers picked up their pace and she now rubbed her clit even harder.

    Suddenly, before anyone could blink Ariana's entire body braced tight and she came, coating her fingers in her girl-juice.

    "OHHH—NNNGGHHH!!" Grande cried.

    Thinking quickly, Monet leaned over and placed her lips against Ariana's neck to give her a juicy love bite as she climaxed. As Grande finally came down from her high the ladies took a minute to catch their breathes and fully appreciate what had just occurred.

    "I can't believe that just happened." Liz muttered. "—that was so fucking hot."

    The ladies giggled shyly before sharing another round of drink then continued on with the game.

    It was at this point that Victoria selected "DARE" but this time was challenged to interact with her fellow co-stars, and allow Liz and Daniella to suck her breasts for five whole minutes.

    To their surprise VJ happily accepted and without hesitation dropped the blanket from around her shoulders and exposed her exquisite breasts. Both Liz and Daniella looked at each other before they both mauled her chest, taking her chocolate dark nipples into their mouths.

    "Oh. Wow." Victoria sighed at the dual stimulation as her sexy (and very naked) co-stars now molested her.

    "See. I knew you'd like it." Ariana smiled as she leisurely caressed her still dripping sex and watched her friends maul the starlet.

    Victoria gently placed her hands on both of their heads and lolled her head back with glee as they both devoured her. Liz took particular pride in her work and now teased her right boob with her teeth, tugging at its nipple and causing VJ to wince.

    "Ugh. God—" Justice gasped. "Liz. That hurts."

    "But in a good way right?"

    Victoria simply smiled.

    "Hm." Elizabeth grinned over at Daniella. "I think we've got ourselves a winner here."

    "Mm. You have no idea." VJ grimaced blissfully. "—I could do this all night."

    Her nipples were now the size of two pencil erasers as the ladies had their fill.

    "You know what," Ariana added. "Maybe you guys should both kiss her too?"

    Without missing a beat Daniella leaned up to share a kiss with Victoria before VJ turned her head towards Elizabeth who immediately plunged her tongue down her throat.

    There was an audible silence in the room as the two (regular rivals) finally locked lips for the very first time and hungrily tongued one another. Meanwhile Daniella glanced over at Ariana to share a giggle and found her sitting there openly masturbating.

    It took several instances to put an end to the dare but when they did they all blushed and giggled into their drinks.

    By now all four ladies were so high and relaxed they didn't even bother to ask "Truth or Dare" anymore and instead just dared each other to do more and more outrageous things.

    Elizabeth took this opportunity to challenge VJ and DM into a tribbing competition, daring the two to wrap their legs around each other and grind their pussies until they could make the other come.

    "OH! Yes-Yes-Yes!" Ariana insisted. "I've always wanted to see that. Please do it! PLEASE!!"

    While Daniella appeared drunk enough to agree, Victoria seemed to have reservations.

    "Err. I don't know." she hesitated. "Isn't that like unhygienic or something?"

    "Ugh. Get over yourself Victoria." Monet quipped. "If you're afraid to lose just say so. Just admit you can't handle me."

    This of course had the desired effect with the leggy brunette quickly moving into position and draped her long legs over her co-stars limps.

    Victoria tried to silence a quiet moan as she felt Monet's womanly figure grind against her. The erotic sensation of skin-against-skin sent jolts of electricity up and down their spines.

    "Mm." Liz grinned at Ariana. "Now we'll finally get to see who's the real top dog in this outfit."

    "My money's on VJ!" Grande proclaimed.

    "You're on!" Gillies countered. "I say Daniella's got this."

    A moment later Victoria raised her head to say something but instead found Daniella's lips waiting for her. Their mouths immediately locked as DM renewed their earlier kiss and slowly began to grind her hips in a circular motion.

    VJ's hands soon found her friends butt and despite herself she soon found herself squeezing and groping her derriere, trying in vain to pull her even closer for firmer contact.

    She sighed and spread her legs apart, lifting her knees to allow DM's shapely hips to sink lower and allow for more contact between them.

    Noting this, Daniella switched tactics and hip movements as the others called out the time. It had been almost three whole minutes since they had started but the announcement went unheeded and they instead began grinding even harder.

    Elizabeth quickly realized it was pointless to interrupt. They had gone past the point of no return and both girls were now panting audibly. At this point it wasn't a question of if they would come, but who would succumb first.

    Thinking quickly, Victoria decided to distract her opponent by leaning over and sucking on her neck. This unexpected love bite seemed to do the trick as Monet was overcome with emotions and suddenly climaxed loudly.

    "Wow. What just happened?" Ariana remarked. "Who won?"

    "Seriously?" Liz quipped. "Does it really matter?"

    "I guess not."

    As incredibly hot as this turn of events was, the girls were then surprised when Victoria made the bold suggestion that the next dare they participate in should involve everyone.

    "What do you have in mind?"

    Victoria went on to explain that all four of them should masturbate together at the same time and determine once and for all who could hold out the longest.

    Naturally the ladies all giggled at the suggestion but quickly realized that she was dead serious and eager to experiment.

    "Well?" she challenged. "Are you guys up for it or are you all talk."

    The co-stars quickly sat in a circle and proceeded to openly touch and fondled themselves while looking at each other.

    "And one of the rules is," VJ added. "You have to keep your eyes open and look at each other the entire time."

    While Ariana and Daniella both nodded in agreement, Victoria locked her eyes with Elizabeth who sat directly opposite her and grinned back with a wicked smile.

    "It's not going to work you know." Liz claimed. "You're not going to win at this game."

    "We'll see." Victoria countered. "Besides. What makes you so confident?"

    "I play with myself a lot." Gillies claimed. "And most of the time I like to watch myself in the mirror."


    "So. I'm just saying. I can hold my own for a very long time."

    "Ha!" Justice replied. "I could outperform you any day of the week Liz. Trust me. I'm not as innocent as you all think I am."

    "Prove it." Gillies dared as her own fingers increased their pace across her clit. "I dare you to do exactly what I'm doing."

    "Fine. We'll do it your way to begin with but first, everyone lick their fingers."

    Without hesitation the ladies all followed suit before continuing to probe and pleasure themselves. The room soon filled with the erotic sounds of soft moans and moist probing, as Liz and VJ locked eyes.

    "You're such a slut, Victoria." Elizabeth teased, as she gently dipped her fingers in and out of her dripping cunt.

    "Am I?" Victoria played along.

    "I bet you really get off on this." Liz remarked. "Making us all play with ourselves like this."

    "Ha! Looks who's talking." VJ snapped. "I can practically hear how wet you are from here."

    "Fuck-yeah. What did you expect. In fact, right now I'm totally thinking about you while I do it."

    "You are, huh?"

    "Uh-huh." Liz teased. "—thinking about what it would be like to have your tongue inside my pussy right now."

    "Ha. You wish." VJ replied while flicking her bean. "If anything, you should be licking my pussy."

    The others simply sat dumbfounded, still rubbing themselves and watching the increasingly hot banter between the two girls.

    "Just face it. This is one game you're not going to win." Liz claimed. "This isn't a Victorious episode. This is real life. And tonight we're totally going to make you come first."

    "Yeah, sure you are." Justice almost panted, her voice shaking. "We'll see about that."

    "—in fact." Liz counted. "I bet you break before Ariana does."

    "Whatever." VJ panted. "All three of you couldn't make me cum if you tried."

    Elizabeth seemed to take this challenge to heart and immediately stopped what she was doing and dared her to agree to a daisy chain. Hearing this term for the first time the others seemed confused before Elizabeth went on to explain what it was.

    While the others looked at Victoria for permission to proceed Elizabeth baited her some more.

    "What's the matter Victoria. Are you chicken?"

    "No! Of course not." she huffed. "I'll do it if the others agree to it."

    "What do we have to do?" Daniella quizzed, as Liz directed everyone to scoot closer to the middle of the circle and suggested everyone lean to the right and spread their legs.

    "The rules stay the same." Gillies explained. "You have to make the girl in front of you come first."

    With that said Elizabeth took Daniella's breath away as she dipped her head between the her parted legs and proceeded to leave delicate butterfly kisses all around her sex.

    VJ considered making a smug remark but suddenly gasped with surprise as she felt Daniella's hot tongue make direct contact with her pussy, causing her legs to tremble and her entire body to burst out in tiny goose-pimples.

    "Ohmigod." Victoria yelped as she quickly imitated the action and dipped her own head between Ariana's thighs.

    The room quickly fell into absolute debauchery as they all now moaned and whimpered loudly.

    From left to right: Victoria licked Ariana, while she sucked on Elizabeth's snatch, who feasted on Daniella pussy who in turn keenly slurped at VJ's pristine sex.

    They all moaned in unison when Ariana suddenly cried out loudly and rolled away from the ladies, muttering something about VJ cheating.

    It took several moments for her to explain herself but when she did she claimed that Victoria had cheated because she had intentionally dragged her tongue across her sex and rimmed her asshole, making her cum.

    Elizabeth quickly incorporated the same action and proceeded to rim Daniella's ass. This lewd action seemed to have the desired effect and made the busty starlet moan and thrash about wildly.

    To her delight Daniella appeared unable to handle the taboo stimulation and she suddenly shrieked out loud and rolled away from the ladues.

    This left Victoria and Elizabeth to lie in the center of the floor, both panting heavily and staring each other down. Liz suddenly pounced on her naked friend and hungrily wrapped her lips around VJ's hairless mound.

    "Ugh! You bitch!" Justice gasped as she initially tried to push her away, but instead jammed her sex against her mouth.

    Without wasting another moment Liz immediately proceeded to tongue-fuck Victoria's tiny backdoor, licking and rimming her for all she was worth and causing the stunning brunette to moan aloud.

    "ohmigod. ohmigod." she muttered incoherently. "You did not just...oh god."

    "—what, stick my tongue in your ass!" Liz teased between licks. "Just admit it, you like it."

    A moment later the two naked actresses both wrestled around with each other, both sweating and panting as they carried on. This ultimately concluded with the girls rolling over and contorted themselves into a 69, with Liz coming out on top.

    Victoria would only lie there moaning as Elizabeth proceeded to feast of her co-stars sex, taunting her with her tongue as she probed her shit-pipe.


    As thought caught in a trance, Victoria immediately complied and returned the favor by thrusting her own tongue inside Gillies tight little rectum.

    Meanwhile across the floor both Ariana and Daniella now sat there frigging themselves frantically to the hot show.

    "Oh. Liz. ohmigod!" Victoria sighed. "You fucking bitch! —eat my ass. Yeah. Deeper. All the way. oh. All the way inside!"

    "Mm. Yeah." Elizabeth responded while rimming her enthusiastically.

    To their surprise Victoria really seemed to get off on the lewd act and suddenly lost all control of her flailing body and climaxed loudly, thrashing wildly like a woman possessed.


    With a job well done Elizabeth finally rolled off her spent friend and wiped her gleaming chin.

    "Checkmate. Bitch." Gilles panted. "I told you I'd win."

    "—yeah. You win. You so win." Justice muttered out of breath.

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    THAT WAS AMAZING!!! Great work as always!!! And can I say FINALLY Liz has a story :) (She's my favorite). I can't find stories with her in them anywhere

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