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Thread: "Cracking The Whip" with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Emily Osment and Demi Lovato

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    fanfiction "Cracking The Whip" with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Emily Osment and Demi Lovato

    (Fm FFm FFFFm bond bdsm fdom humil)

    Chapter 1
    I’m James Relays and im a 19 year old worker at the disney channel studios. Everytime when i see one of the four beautiful disney channel stars (Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Demi Lovato Selena Gomez) walking around i get an instant hardon. None of these beautiful girls have ever talked to me and haven’t even looked at me. One day I decide I should look in Mileys Dressing room. Pretending to be there to deliver somthing i sneak in and close the door behind me. I have to find my goal: a piece of mileys lingerie. When I’m searching through the dresser i finally find a small white bra.

    Found what you’re looking for ?? says Miley who was standing behind me with an evil grin on her face. My blood turns to ice and my face becomes red when i turn around too see miley standing there in a tight tee, hot pants and heeled leather boots smiling devishly at me. S-S-Sorry i try to tell her but she suddenly barks SIT to me. Not wanting to make her angry i comply and i sat down in a chair. Listen Up. I can do 2 things now. 1. I can call security and sue you for breaking in and make sure you’re fired and have no money left after the trial. Or you can become my slave, and become an item that belongs to me. Choose now James as she read from my name tag. Thinking about the choice the 17 year old gave me and how much i fantasised about being mileys slave. I-I choose to become your slave. And i bow my head in submission to my new mistress.

    Miley smiles as she knew she finally obtained a pet for herself and her friends. OK lets lay down some rules slave she snapped. You will always call me mistress. You will always be naked except for the collar that you will receive. You will never look me in the eye unless i tell you too. You will only speak if spoken too. Now give me your clothes and you’re ID. i stripped and gave everything to miley. She puts it in a box and locks the box. She bends the key so it can never be used again. When looking at me and my dick she started laughing hysterricly. That is the most pathethic dick i’ve ever seen. Go on your knees and stay there i’ll be right back. I obeyed and miley came back with a bag in her hand and a grin on her face. She walked to me and slapped me in the face, hard. When i scream out in pain she puts a gag in my mouth with a little pump attached to it and straps the straps tightly around my head. This will shut you up. She says. Do you know what this is ? i nod no. This is an inflatable gag. The leather ball in your mouth can be pumped up too any size i like.

    Mileys pumps one time and i look with fear in my eyes at her. Thinking how far she is going to pump up the gag. After alot of pumps i am not able to move my jaw or tongue. When i try to call her a bitch not a single sound comes out my mouth. I am completely silenced. When she moves in close with a cattleprod she just took out of a closet. I back down to the door and she my chance when she is coming to me. I reach for the door knob. I can't find it and instead of finding the door knob i feel that a heel is pushing me too the ground. And when i least suspect it a shock hits me in my back. When i scream nothing is heard. Miley spits in my face and stands laughing at me. The women that pushed me too the ground pulls me at my hair off the ground and then i finally see her face. Its Selena Gomez. I am really scared now as the 18 year old looks at me with anger. My hair starts to ache. Suddenly she drops me and i hit the floor face first. When miley holds me down i hear the ripping sound of duct tape and i close my eyes in fear of what to come.

    In a matter of minutes has Selena taped my elbows, wrists, ankels and knees tightly together causing my shoulders to ache. Then the two girls flip me around and start to laugh. Oh Miley what a fun little toy did you get. Says selena to miley. Thanks, i bet the little slut thought this whas hard. He doesn't know what is going to come. Says miley in response to selena. We could make use of him now but we have to replace his gag for a short while says selena. Sure what do you have in mind says miley. Just follow my lead says selena as she is grabbing in the bag. She takes a something with alot of hooks on it out. Listen slave, i am going to take out your gag. If you make a single sound. Then i am gonna torture you for 30 hours straight got it says selena coldly. I quickly nod yes. After selena takes my gag out. I try to scream help but i don't get any further then HE becuz selena efficiently shuts me up by using a small version of the cattleprod. She puts in a gag with alot of hooks that stretch my mouth open. Once again only muffled sound come out of my mouth

    Looking with rage in her eyes selena takes a look at me. You're gonna pay for that later Cunt. Says selena rageful to me. What are we going to do with him. Asks miley. I thought it was a fun idea to use him as a toilet first and then let him clean our pussies and eat us out. Says selena very seriously. Apparently miley was very into this idea because she started stripping immediatly. Selena followed her colleagues lead and stripped to. I looked at the 2 naked stars with gaze but my stare would be errupted with a slap on my face. LY DOWN screams selena at me and i comply. She leans over my face and starts to pee in my mouth. You better enjoy it slave this will be the last you get to drink for a long time. She says as she continues to pee. After swallowing every last drop i thought it would be over but then miley leans over my face and starts to pee too! After she is done. I get flipped over by selena so my face touches the wooden floor of the dressing room that is littered with spatters of pee. Miley grabs my hair and uses my head as a mop to clean her floor. After she is happy with how her floor looks she flips me over again.

    Selena now is moving in to sit on my face. Once she sits she commands me too eat her out. After sitting about 20 minutes on my face she cums and then rams my face into her pussy to wipe away the cum. Miley uses me the same way. Thinking the punishment is over. I ly down breathing heavily. Selena start too look at eachother and nod to eachother. They lift me up and throw me in their van at the back of mileys dressing room. All the windows of the van are taped closed. Its pitch dark when they close the door. As the 2 disney stars are dressing themself i am crying in the back of the van. I hear an engine starting. I can feel that we are driving. A very long car ride later we stop. And i just hope they are goimg to set me free.

    When the van door opens i see that it is dark. We must have been driving the entire day i think too myself. In the distance i can see the shape of a castle but before i can get a decent look. i'm blindfolded. Hello Honey, how was your day says a voice i Haven't heard before. Great, after putting in our resign at DC Studios, i actually found a young employee that was rumaging around in my underwear. And after lying to him about destroying him, he actually surrendered to me and Selena and agreed to become our slave what a dumass. Says miley, when i hear this i wanted to smack myself in the head. But to my own fear i let out a hearable sigh. SLAP, somebody slapped me in the face and alot of giggles could be heard. I let out a gasp when somebody pulls me on my hair and starts dragging my bound body through the mud. When were a little further i can feel that we've entered indoors becuz i feel stone beneath me. To my relief my hair is finaaly being let loose. I fall to the floor and make a mmph sound.

    When the blindfolled has been pulled from my face i can't believe my eyes. I am lying in a gigantic hall that looks like its part of a medieval castle because everything is made out of stone. But when i look around me i see two people i never thought too see here. Demi Lovato and Emily Osment. Demi was clothed in a long leather bustier dress and was wearing high heels. Emily was wearing a latex corset, tight leather pants and thigh high latex boots with high heels.

    the two disney divas move in to me laughing loudly. aren't you a pathethic little slut say demi. demi spits in my face. you are now part of our property and this was only the beginning.................

    to be continued

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    i'm now writing part 2. if you have any ideas about how the story can ontinue after that or have some ideas for punishment/bondage/humiliation please reply here

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