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Thread: "London Calling" with Anna Kournikova and Katy Perry

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    fanfiction "London Calling" with Anna Kournikova and Katy Perry

    London Calling
    With Anna Kournikova and Katy Perry
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, drunk, voy, sleep, rim
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: Okay so, I was just watching TV when I literally fell out of my chair when I came across Anna Kournikova and Katy Perry on the Graham Norton Show. Suffice to say I started writing even before the interview was over...and this it what I came up with. I hope you like it.

    By the time I arrived to the Bristol Arms pub in North London almost everyone was well plastered, including the two hotties at the table otherwise known as Anna Kournikova and Katy Perry.

    Having just appeared on the Graham Norton show together, the ladies had apparently indulged Graham and his crew and agreed to join them for a few late afternoon drinks after the show.

    Fortunately for me my eldest brother Dave had called and informed me about the sudden turn of events, and being the only single and straight male at the bar definitely sounded appealing.

    Inside Norton had arranged for a private out of the way area for our group to sit and chat, and while others drank and conversed amongst themselves, Katy and I immediately sparked up a conversation and soon pounced on the pool table where we enjoyed a competitive game of Billiards.

    "Okay. First one to lose." Katy announced. "Buys the rest of the table a round of drinks agreed?"

    "Sure. Why not."

    Considering there were almost a dozen staff members milling around our table it was no short feat.

    Fortunately for me Katy was not as skilled as she might have led on but to her credit she instead compensated by taking off her coat and flaunting us that tremendous body of hers, showing off that incredible outfit she wore on the show, and making sure to flash us those remarkable breasts.

    Playing along, I then put on an extra show for the other onlookers at the bar and "instructed" the pop star on the finer points of holding the cue, showing her how to shoot. She in turn caught on very quickly and rewarded my efforts by grinding her luscious round butt back into my crotch.

    "Is this right?" She teased, as she bent over and opened her mouth and grunted erotically as she took her shot.

    "Err. Yeah." I stammered.

    "Oh. You're right." She purred suggestively. "That feels so much better. I can really feel that when I hit the ball."

    While the others all laughed and cheered us on I tried my best to hide my growing erection which I'm sure Katy noticed.

    Meanwhile as this went on, I was finding it hard to concentrate as I kept glancing over to admire Kournikova and her surprising cleavage, as she appeared to be wearing a very capable push-up bra which she wasn't shy about flaunting.

    It was during this time that I was also surprised to learn that both ladies smoked cigarettes, which was apparently amusing to the three of us as we seemed to be the only three who smoked in the pub. This in turn gave me another excuse to bond with the ladies as the mostly gay staff and pub patrons mingled among themselves.

    I have to admit I was also taken aback by how flirtatious they both seemed without the presence of cameras, particularly Katy who had incredibly alluring with her piercing blue eyes and had a way of looking straight through you when she spoke to you.

    Back at the table, it was now that Anna asked me to accompany her downstairs to the cigarette dispenser, and feeling a little drunk she proceeded to call her boyfriend back in Miami.

    I snickered to myself as I imagined what kind of conversation Enrique was in store for considering just how intoxicated and aroused Anna was. She was definitely loaded and now up for some dirty talk.

    Unfortunately for her, the tennis star was unable to get in contact with him and instead was given the run around by a few of his friends, as he was trying to avoid talking to her.

    "Wow." I snickered inwardly. "Trouble in paradise?"

    Fed up with the whole situation Anna finally hung up in frustration and then insisted I make the call and told me exactly what to say, in the process placing her face close to mine so as to listen in on the conversation.

    I don't mind admitting that I instantly got wood as I could detect her perfumed scent, which lingered from her hair and neck, and I could actually feel the warmth of her breath waft across my face.

    Sadly, Anna's fears were soon realized as Enrique happily came to the phone to talk to me before she swiftly snatched the phone from my grasp and totally flipped out.

    "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" She cursed loudly in broken English. "I thought you were too busy to talk!"

    The Russian star immediately exploded in a series of expletives and began to abuse and berate her boyfriend from across the Atlantic.

    "I know you're with that fucking whore right now okay!" She accused. "Don't lie to me!"

    While Anna carried on under the staircase beside the cigarette dispenser, I stepped over to the bar and tried to mind my own business but could still hear most of the conversation or lack thereof, as it was a mostly one sided affair.

    "Hey! I told you before what's good enough for you is good enough for me." I heard her hiss. "If you can sleep around with complete strangers than so can I! Just remember that Enrique."

    With that said she then hung up the phone and abruptly threw it against the wall before she stormed off into the ladies room. I simply stood there speechless, shocked by her outburst and went over to pick up what was left of her Motorola phone.

    To my amusement the phone still managed to work, and I listened to it ring off the hook over the next few minutes but I dare not answer it, knowing it was her boyfriend.

    Kournikova finally emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later and I happened to notice that she had tied back her long blonde mane, which now exposed her long subtle neck and sculptured shoulders, and really exemplified her ample chest.

    Her breasts now seemed to be on full display and were almost impossible to ignore. At one point I almost made the mistake of asking her directly if she had in fact had a boob job in recent months (as I couldn't remember her being so endowed).

    Fortunately for me I thought better of it and decided to mind my own business. Instead I invited Anna over to the bar and tried to console her but all she now seemed interested in doing was getting her hands on alcohol and drinking her troubles away, which was fine by me.

    "Vodka!" She almost blared at the barmaid. "Do you have it?"

    She then surprised me as she began to divulge intimate details about her eight year relationship, and how they had not seen each other in several weeks and had not had sex even longer still.

    "What. Why?" I replied. "Is that true?"

    "No. I'm telling you the truth." She vowed before throwing back one of many shots.

    "Can you believe he doesn't even get aroused by me anymore?"

    This remark more than any other really floored me, especially considering how incredibly sexy she looked at that precise moment, scantily dressed and throwing back drinks like no one's business.

    I stammered a response while being treated to another wonderful eyeful of Kournikova's cleavage, her breasts jiggling behind the lace bra as she slammed down the shot glass.

    "Another!" she insisted.

    "That's gottta be bullshit." I finally said out loud. "What the hell is the matter with him?"

    "Why do you think?" she said while slurring her words a little. "It's because he's sleeping around!"

    Sympathizing with her plight, I then tried to lighten the mood and made a brief remark that maybe she should let off some steam and have a one night stand with someone in London, and to my delight she seemed to agree.

    "I know right." she grinned mischievously as we shared another round of Vodka. "That would really piss him off."

    By my count the Russian beauty had now downed at least a dozen shots in quick succession and still seemed eager to finish the bottle on the top shelf.

    Back upstairs Anna and I were greeted with cheers as we returned to the main party with two full trays of drinks, most of them shot glasses. Anna immediately updated Katy about the phone call fiasco and proceeded to hit the sauce pretty hard.

    Unfortunately for her, Katy was going through her own issues during her London trip, and had been relegated to strong pain medication due to her injured leg, but Anna dismissed this and convinced her to join us for a few rounds, claiming that she did that sort of thing all the time.

    To our amusement it seemed Katy was way too considerate to say no to the Russian starlet, even at the risk of her own health.

    With the girls permission, I then joined Katy and Anna in a series of shots and cocktails and as predicted it hit us all pretty hard, but particularly threw Katy for a loop.

    By the end of that second tray of drinks the "Teenage Dream" singer was utterly plastered and could barely stand much less put two coherent sentences together. Instead she just giggled uncontrollably to herself.

    To my delight another side effect seemed to be her playful demeanor, and the way she suddenly seemed to be so very touchy-feely with me, constantly leaning on my knee and inadvertently brushing her large breasts against my arm.

    It seemed I was not the only one to notice this change in her behavior, as Anna and I exchanged knowing glances with each other and she seemed to think that Katy was very much interested in me. Of course I didn't take any of this too seriously and simply took it for what it was, just some innocent drunk flirting.

    But then at one point when Katy got up to go to the bathroom, Anna took the opportunity to move and sit in the empty seat beside me and leaned in to tell me that I should definitely go for it.

    "Are you crazy?" I snickered. "I might be drunk but I'm not stupid. Isn't she getting married in a few weeks anyway?"

    "So?" Kournikova quipped. "Don't you find her attractive? She definitely likes you Rob. You should go for it!"

    While I explained how I found them both extremely sexy, I went on to add that I would never assume anything could come of it, knowing full well that both of them were in long term and committed relationship. Despite my comments Anna simply grinned and downed another shot.

    "You know, you never know your luck." she added, before we toasted to our health and guzzled down another TRAY of drinks.

    By my count Anna had finished two bottles of Vodka on her own, and was well on way to emptying a third. I had always heard that Russian girls (especially athletes) could hold their liquor, but this was something to behold.

    Fortunately for me as the evening dragged on the other guys at our table were slowly called away to prior commitments, leaving just my brother and Graham and I to sit with the (drunk) ladies. The boys then took the hint and finally got up to leave, but not before Norton and my brother insisted that I was great company and that the ladies could stay with me at the pub.

    I was now left alone with the inebriated celebrities as Anna went on to suggest that the three of us leave the pub and head into town and hit up a club and party some more, but it was still early in the evening and Katy was certainly not up to it.

    Considering our current states we decided to kill a few hours by dropping by Katy's hotel room in London so she could quickly grab a shower and change and hopefully sober up a little, but as we hailed a cab and made our way there we soon realized just how far gone the songstress really was.

    It seemed the lethal combination of pain killers and alcohol literally knocked her out and on more than one occasion she simply passed out. Several minutes later we arrived back to the hotel where Anna and I helped Katy to her bed before we helped ourselves to the mini bar in the other room.

    There, Anna whined about the apartment being way more lavish and opulent than her own accommodation across town, and we proceeded to wander around the large suite assessing it room by room.

    I have to admit that by this stage my heart was racing in my chest as I suddenly found myself alone in a 5-star hotel room with a drunk and incredible gorgeous Russian athlete. In fact I had to use all of my power to control the throbbing erection in my pants.

    Meanwhile Anna and I explored the penthouse together and soon found ourselves in the lavish bathroom where we both marveled at the large marble shower and gold fixtures. The tennis star snickered and wondered if Katy would mind if she helped herself to a relaxing douse.

    "Are you serious?" I chuckled. "Would you really take a shower right now?"

    "Sure. Why not?" she slurred as she reached over to give the taps a quick try.

    "It looks so beautiful and inviting." she added. "Besides. I love getting wet...especially when I'm drunk."

    It was only a moment later that she realized how dirty her comment sounded and she giggled drunkenly.

    Truth be told the mere possibility of Anna Kournikova stripping down and enjoying a shower almost made me pass out with excitement. In fact I couldn't remember being so hard in all my life.

    Still. I guess this was around the time that the alcohol finally caught up with me because I soon lost my inhibitions and now openly leered at Kournikova's incredibly tight butt and legs as she glanced over her shoulder and spoke to me. At this point she could clearly see me checking her out but apparently didn't mind nor care.

    "What do you think?" she grinned. "Should I do it?"

    Pausing for a moment, I then took an opportunity to finally corner her against the onyx sink, and while she smiled coyly and wondered what the hell I was doing, I slowly leaned in for a kiss.

    At first the Russian beauty simply blushed and backed away slightly, apparently flattered and amused by my bold action. But drunk, I stubbornly persisted and ultimately made contact with her lips yet again, this time forcing a brief moment with our tongues.

    Anna initially giggled to this action but permitted me another kiss, followed by another, then another...before she finally reciprocated and slipped her tongue across mine. We kissed each other passionately for several minutes, both of us just grabbing at each other's clothes, before she suddenly slipping out of my grasp and backed out of the bathroom.

    "Where are you going?" I asked, as she simply smiled and nodding her head and suggested that I follow.

    A minute later I followed the leggy athlete into the living quarters where she turned up the radio before she pushed me to the sofa and without wasting another moment straddled my legs.

    In an instant I immediately groped her flawless butt with both hands and pulled her to me, grinding her body against mine.

    "Jesus." I let out. "You really do have the world's best butt."

    "Thanks." she blushed sweetly, as we shared another lustful kiss and enjoyed the strong taste of Vodka on her lips.

    Anna and I kissed each other for what seemed like hours but was probably just 15-20mins before she paused to take a fresh gulp of drink and admitted to me how I was the first guy she had apparently fooled around with in several years.

    "Well you know what they say." I snickered. "It's like riding a bike. You never forget."

    Kournikova simply responded to this claim by suddenly ripping open my shirt, buttons flying everywhere, before she poured a small bottle of Vodka all over my chest and body and proceeded to hungrily lick it from my skin, making sure to lick my nipples and bite my pectoral muscles in the process.

    "Grr. Yes." I squirmed at her animalistic behavior.

    The blonde sensation then took my breath away as she followed up with this heated action by swiftly peeling her own top over her head and leaving her straddling my lap in nothing but her skirt and black push-up bra. I immediately fondled her ample chest, making her coo to my impulsive action.

    "You smell so good too." I mumbled under my breath as I trailed my tongue between her soft tanned mounds and slowly peeled one of her bra cups down to expose a single (stiff) nipple.

    Without missing a beat I took it into my mouth and suckled her erect teat as she ran her fingers through my hair, moaning and encouraging me to suck harder.

    "Ugh..Yes. Harder." she purred while arching her back sharply and grinding her sex into me. "I like that."

    I quickly proceeded to suck and noisily slurp on her other nipple too, and soon groped both tits with both hands while I alternated between the two hard nubs. Anna could only whimper against my lap and loll her head back in sheer bliss as I mauled her remarkable chest.

    In all my time I had never seen a more flawless set of tits.

    "You're such a sexy little bitch." I heard myself growl. "You know that?"

    The tennis sensation rewarded my comments by splashing some left over Vodka all over her breasts and invited me to lick her clean. I didn't need to be asked twice.

    Despite my bravado I was still finding it hard to accept that this stunning blonde that I was molesting was the same Anna Kournikova I had spent my youth watching on TV and masturbating to for the longest time. The entire afternoon and evening was just so surreal.

    It was then she stood up to unzip her skirt and reached down to unbuckle my pants.

    "C'mon." she urged. "Take it out. I want to see."

    I simply sat there dumbfounded as I watched her peel her sheer black panties down her legs and now stood before me in nothing but her high heeled shoes. I almost gasped when I realized she was totally shaved clean.

    "Fuck. Yeah." I heard myself mutter, as I stopped to admire her bare naked sex up close and personal.

    With our clothes finally discarded, Anna remarked. "Have you ever been with a Russian woman before?"

    Before I could answer the blonde bombshell swiftly jumped into action and re-positioned herself directly over my lap again. I immediately heard myself gasp when I felt her reach down and grab my tackle and rub the head of my cock against her slick vulva, holding me there for a moment before wiggling her hips and enveloping me with her cunt.

    "Ugh..shit!" We both wheezed at the surprising tightness of her 29-year-old cunt.

    Kournikova quickly twirled and pivoted her slender hips and proceeded to grind her sex against me, repeatedly impaling herself while kissing me urgently on the mouth.

    We screwed in this delicious position for several minutes before she finally got up, and with a wicked grin on her face told me that she has an idea and insisted that I follow her down the hall.

    At this point I was like a man possessed. In her current state of undress, she could have told me to jump out the window and I would have obeyed without question. As it was I simply stood up, and like a hypnotized adolescent I followed the leggy Russian down the hall and into the bathroom.

    It seemed Anna wanted to try out that shower after all and was now determined to test it out with or without Perry's permission. But feeling bold I suddenly grabbed her in the doorway and at the very last moment pulled her into Katy's bedroom.

    "Huh. What are you doing?" she giggled as I pulled her inside.

    There we found Katy just as we had left her, passed out on the bed and still dressed in the same sexy ensemble she had appeared in on the show.

    Reading my mind, Anne smiled as I directed her to lie on the corner of the bed and spread her long legs wide for me, inviting me to take her missionary style. I swiftly entered the Russian Goddess, impaling her with one swift thrust as Katy Perry lay sleeping just a few feet away.

    "Oh. Yes." Kournikova moaned as I buried my pole, her eyes locked on her slumbering friend as we proceeded to have sex.

    The tennis star and I fucked for several minutes like this and at one point I grabbed her ankles and directed her legs over my shoulders and fucked her more keenly, slamming my hips into the back of her thighs and riling a fresh series of moans from her.

    "Ugh. Yes. Yes!" she grunted audibly.

    Anna gasped loudly for a minute before she pushed me off her and rushed for the door.

    "Hey." I playfully snapped. "Where do you think you're going?"

    "I'm taking a shower." she giggled as my eyes fell and admired the most incredible butt I had ever seen.

    With that said the statuesque blonde disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower start a moment later, as I fell back to the bed with a huge grin on my face, noting the way my cock now gleamed with Kournikova's creamy cunt-juice.

    As funny as it sounds, it took all of a minute for me to realize that I was now lying in bed beside a passed out superstar.

    I looked over at Katy and admired her sleeping form. I could see the way her large natural breasts slumped to each side of her rib cage leaving a very sizable and enticing gap between her tits. I could also see right up her short dress and spot her white thong panties.

    Feeling bold, I reached up and cupped one of her soft breasts and felt the weight of her boob. Her only reaction to this was to shift slightly and turn her head to the side away from me. At this point I was like an animal in heat. I wanted her so bad, and no one was around to stop me.

    I slowly groped her luscious tits and gently tweaked her dark nipples. Still. There was no reaction from her, so I let my hand slowly dip down between her legs where I caressed the inside of her thighs noting the smoothness of her shapely limbs.

    I carefully pried her legs apart and took a deep whiff of her scented sex, before I reached up and ever so gently stroked her pussy through her panties, admiring the way the material clung to her 26-year-old vagina.

    I caressed her tender slit before curiosity got the better of me and I ultimately peeled the material to the side to expose the singer's sex to my greedy eyes, and discovered that Katy was neatly trimmed.

    I studied her puffy vulva and noted that while Katy's mons and lips appeared to be waxed clean, she appeared to have fashioned a neat little love heart of dark stubble just above her clit. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen, and my mouth watered as I observed the slight glint of moisture between those puffy, swollen lips.

    My fingers gently caressed her slick lips and a sigh escaped her mouth. Despite this I decided to go all the way. I just had the urge to taste her.

    I replaced my finger with my thumb and now stroked her womanhood back and forth, almost petting her while she slept. It was only now that Katy stirred a little more while I began to wonder just how "drunk" she really was.

    When I licked two fingers and gently eased them into her hot wet hole, they encountered no resistance whatsoever. In fact I filled her completely (to the second knuckle) and heard her whimper in acknowledgment and arch her back a little on the bed.

    Without wasting another moment I dove in-between her thick legs and began to lick at her honey pot. I could smell the pungent smell of her sex, but god help me if it wasn't the tastiest pussy I had ever savored.

    Caught up in the moment I begin liking and sucking on her puffy lips in desperation, and before I knew it my tongue dipped lower until I was rimming her ass.

    This dirty deed particularly seemed to have an effect on her, as I felt her back arch sharply some more and she began moving her hips and pushing her sex against my chin.

    For the first time since we had started she appeared to be conscious as her hand moved down and held my head to her as her hips moved in rhythm, grinding against my face.

    It was the most extraordinary experience. It really felt like I was making love to her by the way she was moving and responding. When I finally dipped a single finger into her ass and wrapped my lips around her beefy clit and sucked, her entire body spasmed and her hips to bucked uncontrollably as she was rocked by an obviously STRONG orgasm.

    I wanted to stay down there between her legs licking her ass and eating her clam all night, but I could feel her pulling me up to her. As I crawled up her from beneath her legs (my chin covered in her juice) she shifted to her side so that I could spoon her from behind.

    While my initial thought was that maybe now she just wanted me to cuddle with her (seeing as she just came) Katy blew all my assumptions out of the water as she reached back and grasped my cock firmly with her hand.

    "I want you inside me." she slurred hotly.

    I was only too happy to oblige as I guided my cock into her pussy and filled her completely for the very first time.

    We fucked slowly and sensually for a few minutes while my hands groped and fondled her incredible tits. But as incredible as this moment was we were suddenly ripped out of our reverie as I heard Anna yell from the bathroom.

    For reasons I can't really explain, my initial instinct was to jump off the bed and pretend like nothing was happening. In fact it almost felt like I had been caught screwing around by the wife or a girlfriend or something.

    To my chagrin I only realized the absurdity of it all much too late, as Katy groaned with disappointment and rolled over one final time to pass out completely.

    Resigned to my fate, I made my way towards the bathroom but soon discovered that as disappointed as I was nothing could have prepared me for what awaited me there. Inside I found the leggy blonde literally dripping wet and brandishing nothing more than a sexy smile.

    "What are you doing in there. I'm feeling lonely." she grinned sweetly as she brushed her long wet hair to one side.

    I was so taken aback by the vision before me I could barely move much less speak.

    "So are you going to stand there all night?" Anna teased. "Or are you going to join me?"

    Without wasting another moment I stepped into the shower behind her, grabbing her firmly by the hips and impaled her from behind, causing her to yelp out at the violent breach, as I proceeded to fuck the shit out of her and take out all of my pent up frustrations.

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    You done did it man, nice one I remember the conversation we had about this when the idea was born

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    very very hot!! can't wait for more

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    Fantastic story once again man.!! Really looking forward to the next (and hopefully more) parts.

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