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Thread: "Never Say Never 3" with Selena Gomez and Taylor Momsen

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    fanfiction "Never Say Never 3" with Selena Gomez and Taylor Momsen

    Never Say Never 3
    With Selena Gomez and Taylor Momsen
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, blowjob, reluc, oral, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!!

    Having just had sex with Ariana Grande outside, we dusted ourselves off and made our way inside, as I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to march upstairs and confront Selena Gomez about spying on us from the balcony.

    The girl sure had a nerve considering how preachy and opinionated she was earlier in the evening. In fact, I found it kind of amusing that the same girl who had been so out spoken and judgmental towards Ariana and her friends was the same person who had no trouble covertly watching us fuck from the shadows upstairs.

    Inside, I helped myself to a drink before I slipped away from Ariana and decided to go upstairs and speak my mind with the petite hostess, when I was suddenly stopped short as I caught sight of Debby Ryan, who had finally cleaned herself up after our initial tryst and was now apparently looking for me.

    Thinking quickly, I swiftly ducked for cover and pretended to pick something up from the floor when I turned and suddenly found myself staring at something quite remarkable, a set of long slender legs that led to a half naked scantily clad beauty.

    "I think you can get up now. I don't think she saw you." said the leggy blonde, who soon introduced herself to me as Taylor Momsen.

    I have to admit that her name almost eluded me as I, like everyone else in the room, was absolutely mesmerized by her incredibly sexy, yet inappropriate attire.

    Her outfit left little to the imagination, and pretty much consisted of a pair of black diamond incrusted panties, a black lace corset, and matching thigh high stockings. It was without doubt one of the most daring ensembles I had ever seen someone wear.

    She looked as though she had just wandered straight off the set of a porn shoot somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. While others looked on and stared, Taylor and I exchanged pleasantries and quickly chatted up a storm, and the teenage harlot wasted little time openly flirting with me, putting on a show for the shocked onlookers.

    There she boldly asking me several intimate questions, including if I had arrived to the event alone, and if I'd be interested in joining her for some drinks at another venue.

    "Wow, you certainly don't waste any time now do you?" I snickered. "What did you have in mind?"

    "How about we head over to Sunset Boulevard," she quipped. "And you buy me a real drink?"

    "So you drink, huh?" I replied, surprised that someone of her age actually drank alcohol.

    Then again, I was still surprised that someone of her age dressed the way that she did, and yet managed to get away with it.

    "Yes I drink!" she snapped back, "And I do a lot more than that."

    Judging from her current state of dress, I didn't doubt it. However, as tempting as that offer sounded I still had Selena Gomez on my mind, and I was determined to confront her before the nights end.

    With that in mind, I accepted Taylor's invitation for drinks at a local bar but asked her to give me a minute before I excused myself and returned to the mission at hand, which involved me tracking down the pint sized Latina and giving her a piece of my mind.

    "That little bitch is not getting a pass tonight." I thought to myself, as I marched up another flight of stairs, taking two steps at a time.

    Upstairs I quickly discovered that the dimply lit floor was deserted for the most part, with just a few stragglers from the party here and there. Recalling her last known location, I marched in the direction of the balcony but alas she was nowhere to be found.

    Resigned to my fate, I finally shrugged my shoulders and was about to leave when I noticed the ladies room at the end of the secluded hallway, and it suddenly dawned on me where she had snuck off too.

    Taking a deep breath, I then ducked into the women's bathroom (the same place I had molested Debby earlier) and peering around the corner, low and behold found Gomez standing in front of the full length mirror applying makeup to her face.

    Grinning smugly to myself, I immediately noted that she was totally alone, and I stood there for a moment admiring the view and allowing my eyes to travel from her feet, up her sculptured legs, and over her luscious butt and across her pretty face, watching in silence as she slowly applied lip gloss to her teenage mouth.

    "You know you really shouldn't be in here." she suddenly said, without taking her eyes away from her own lips in the mirror.

    To my amusement I could see she was still a little shaken up about watching me fuck one of her peers in the courtyard minutes earlier.

    "Where's your... um, friend?" she scoffed, apparently referring to Ariana.

    "I could ask you the same question?" I answered. "Where's your precious little boyfriend right now?"

    As I spoke, I tried my hardest not to laugh but she could hear the sarcasm in my voice.

    To my surprise Selena simply shrugged her shoulders and didn't seem too concerned. It seemed the young lovebirds had had some kind of falling out or lovers tiff during the evening, and she had slipped into the bathroom to call a friend (Demi Lovato) and get away from everyone. In truth I wasn't that surprised considering her attitude throughout the night.

    She had been a right, royal bitch, strutting around the party in her sexy little wrap dress and acting like a real tyrant behind the scenes, telling everyone what to do or say in front of the media.

    As it so happened it appeared Bieber had finally had enough of her domineering ways, and had publicly humiliated her by talking down to her in front of everyone and causing her to blush with shame and seek shelter upstairs. She couldn't believe the way he had spoken to her, and now waited for the embarrassing incident to die down a little before making another grand entrance.

    In the meanwhile, Selena and I now proceeded to exchange several barbs before I finally found the courage to step into the bathroom and stand behind her at the counter, looking at her face through the large mirror.

    "Trouble in paradise, huh?" I snickered, "Say it ain't so?"

    For the first time since entering the small space, the striking Latina actually took her eyes away from her lips to look at me through the reflection in the mirror, only to flash me a sarcastic grin.

    Meanwhile as she continued to touchup her makeup, I took the opportunity to look her up and down and admire her fine young body, specifically glaring at her smooth slender legs and an ass that just wouldn't quite.

    To my delight it seemed that her already short dress now hiked up slightly while she leaned forward against the counter to apply makeup.

    "What do you want?" she finally said, "I'm not in the mood right now, OK?"

    "You're not in the mood, huh?" I grinned. "Well, that doesn't half surprise me."

    Selena shot me a dirty look as I went on.

    "Well, I just wanted to come in here and find out if you enjoyed the show earlier?"

    Playing coy, Selena immediately referenced her boyfriend's film screening as I quickly interrupted her mid-sentence and set her straight.

    "No, come on now." I stated. "We both know what I'm actually referring to?"

    Selena didn't respond to my allegations, still acting coy and refusing to admit that she had seen anything, but the expression on her face told me that she knew exactly what I was talking about and furthermore, enjoyed herself. Leering at her legs once again, I decided to speak my mind.

    "You know, you really are a sexy little bitch." I told her bluntly. "It's a shame you're wasted on that douche bag."

    "Excuse me?"

    "You heard me." I sniped back. "What the fuck are you doing dating a boy, Selena?"

    Offended, Gomez finally stopped what she was doing and turned around to face me for the first time, but before she could respond appropriately, she suddenly stopped short as she realized my close proximity to her.

    "How dare you speak to me that way!" she affirmed.

    "Speak to you that way?" I smirked, "Who the FUCK do you think you are, you little brat?"

    The Disney star was visibly shocked and stunned into silence as I went on.

    "Look, you're definitely one hot piece of ass sweetheart," I told her straight. "But you've got an attitude problem."

    "No I don't!" she snapped back, only proving my point.

    It was only now as we stood toe to toe together that I noticed the way her flawless chest rose and fell erotically, noting the tiny beauty spot on her right boob. Taken aback by her striking beauty I paused for a moment before I finally spoke.

    "But seriously, tell me the truth?" I insisted, "Why are you wasting your time with a boy? You're totally out of his league."

    "Not that it's any of your business, but I like him." she maintained. "He makes me laugh."

    "Is that what you want, to laugh?" I replied, as I boldly reached out and brushed away a single stray strand of hair from her face.

    To her credit Gomez was as cool as a cucumber, and stood her ground the entire time as I intimidated her. She now simply stood there glaring up at me with those dark innocent eyes as I casually played with her long hair.

    "What do you think you're doing? Stop it." she calmly threatened. "All I have to do is scream."

    I let my hand fall from her hair and brush along the length of her bare collarbone, across her chest to gently caress that tiny freckle on her soft, smooth breast.

    "And all I have to do it undo this belt," I said, reminding her just how vulnerable she really was scantily clad in that tiny purple dress.

    With that said, Selena fell deathly silent as my hands traveled across her cleavage and down to her tiny waist, slowly manipulating the intricate buckle with my fingers.

    A moment later, I unbuckled her belt and watched with glee as her sexy little wrap dress slowly unraveled and fell open before my very eyes, completely exposing her petite body underneath to me and revealing two succulent pert breasts, and a purple thong.

    "Jesus Christ," I said under my breath, "Look at you. Fucking look at you baby, such a beautiful young woman."

    As I spoke, her chest heaved with anticipation while her nipples were noticeably erect. Her natural young tits now sat unrestrained, and drooped outward slightly.

    "When was the last time a real man touched you, Selena?" I asked her, to which she simply blushed.

    Pausing for a moment, I stood there marveling at her extraordinary beauty before I told her to finally take off her dress altogether.

    "What, here?" she stammered, "Now?"

    "Take it off," I insisted, as she looked at the door with a concerned expression on her face.

    "That's right," I quipped, "The door is not locked. Anyone could walk in on us at any moment."

    Like me, I'm sure this detail turned her on immensely cause to my surprise she actually consented.

    With trembling hands Selena then proceeded to take off her flimsy dress, leaving her standing there in the ladies room in nothing more than her thong panties, and high heeled shoes.

    Without wasting another moment, I then took her breath away as I abruptly closed the gap between us and impatiently took her luscious tit into my mouth, causing her to gasp with surprise and moan involuntarily.

    "Please," she purred a moment later. "Lock the door."

    I responded to her pleas by gently biting her nipple between my teeth and impatiently groping the other with my free hand.

    Selena Gomez now stood there in the upstairs bathroom, naked for the most part, as I hungrily mauled and fondled her teen body, her boyfriend and peers downstairs and none the wiser.

    "Please, the door?" she whined yet again, but before she could utter another sentence I swiftly silenced her with a passionate kiss on the lips.

    To my delight the topless actress did not resist me, and simply whimpered into my mouth as I had my way with her.

    Finally after several moments, I reluctantly broke our embrace only to stand up straight and unzip my fly, watching as her teenage eyes grew to the size of saucers. I could tell from the shocked expression on her face that she was taken aback by the size and girth of my throbbing shlong, and I snickered smugly to myself as I directed her to get on her knees before me and invited her to service me.

    Selena gave little resistance and was still startled by my bold action before I took one of her hands and directed her to reach out and grab it, which she did. Gomez hesitated for just a moment before her hand grasped me firmly around the base of my shaft and she proceeded to stroke my stiff cock with her right hand, her eyes never leaving my penis.

    Then, before she had time to whine or object I pushed my hips forward towards her face and abruptly jammed my cock between her sweet lips. The teen sensation groaned as I suddenly filled her young teen mouth with dick, and with a mouth full of cock she proceeded to groan and whimper more liberally as I proceed to fuck her pretty face.

    "Take it!" I hissed down at her. "Take it down your throat you sexy little slut!"

    Her eyes grew wide as I pushed most of my thick length past her succulent lips and forced the head of my cock flesh to rub against the back of her narrow throat, causing Selena to briefly gag and choke momentary before catching her second wind.

    I on the other hand showed little sympathy and quickly found a steady pace, and catching most of her long brown mane in both hands, I manipulated her head from left to right and fucked that sweet pie hole continually.

    The filthy noise of her gagging throat and her drooling, salivating mouth quickly filled and echoed throughout the tiled space before I finally withdrew from her slobbering lips and directed her up to her feet by the arm.

    By this stage the petite Latina was in a trance like state, her mouth drooling all over herself as I picked her up and effortlessly placed her on the edge of the counter and spread her legs apart.

    "Right here, sweetheart." I growled. "I want you right here. There's something I've wanted to do to you all night."

    Snatching her panties with both hands, I then heaved them down her legs, leaving her now completely naked if not for her high heeled shoes, and held her legs apart by the ankles.

    Without any further ado I then dove forward and buried my face into her hot young twat and eagerly ate her tight, teen clam. Selena moaned and thrashed about wildly above me as I licked her pristine cunt, and feeling bold I immediately tongued her tiny backdoor which seemed to drive her absolutely crazy.

    "Please... Ooh!" she moaned breathlessly. "Oh god!"

    "Do you want me to stop?" I grinned from between her spread legs, as I then straightened up and proceeded to rub the very tip of my bulbous bell-end against her slimy taco.

    "Ooh god." was her only response, as her high heeled shoes and exquisite little feet were now draped over my shoulders.

    "Do you want me to stop, baby?" I teased her. "Or do you want to get fucked tonight?"

    "Please... fuck me." she finally purred, before I granted her wish.

    With that said, I thrust my hips forward and we both moaned out loud to the rough intrusion of my penis.

    Grunting out loud I could hardly believe how incredibly tight she was, and as I gripped her firmly by her slender hips and glanced down to admire my handy work, I was suddenly rocked to my very core as I realized that in my hast to impale her, I had in fact inadvertently impaled her ass!

    "Ooh shit!" I let out. "I'm in your ass baby!"

    Without thinking, I instinctively pulled out of her overly stretched anus, only to hear an extra long moan from her followed by an erotic pop as I withdrew.

    But seeing the wanton look in her eye, and realizing that she was up for it, my diabolical mind took over and I eased forward once again if only to tease her a little, but before I could think straight I was buried back inside her tight teen backdoor, moving my hips back and forth and fucking her derriere.

    "Oh yeah baby, you like that?" I groaned rhetorically. "You like getting fucked in the ass?"

    "Ooh shit! Oh shit! Please!" is all she could muster in response. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

    "Where's my cock, baby?" I urged. "Tell me?"

    "It's in... it's in my ass!" she grunted seductively.

    Still clutching her legs, I then proceeded to lick her ankles as I slid my throbbing member all the way in and out of her tight back passage, and picked up the pace and really started to wail into her—fucking her for all I was worth.

    "Rub your clit for me." I urged between thrusts, to which she happily obliged as I fucked her teen ass.

    I guess the grunting and moaning from both of us could clearly be heard from the hallway outside because a moment later something caught my attention in the corner of my eye, and I looked over at the door to see Taylor Momsen standing there with a huge grin on her face.

    "Am I interrupting something?" she smirked slyly.

    As expected Selena totally and utterly freaked out, and flailed about wildly as she attempted to get up and cover herself. But thinking fast I quickly held her down in place and told her not to move, insisting that Taylor was a friend and that it was OK.

    "Stop! No! OMG! Stop!" Gomez overreacted, "Get out of here! OMG! This is so embarrassing!"

    "Oh, I don't think so." Taylor grinned, as she turned to lock the bathroom door behind her, giving us some much needed privacy inside.

    Still standing there with my cock buried inside the Latina, I pushed my hips forward again to give her a little nudge, causing her to moan involuntarily. Selena's mind was now reeling as I continued to wiggle my hips and impaled her puckered anus with my cock.

    All she could do now was lay there glaring up at Taylor, blushing ashamedly and not really knowing what to do or say.

    "But hey, don't let me stop you two." Taylor added, before I watched her through the mirror as she casually sauntered into one of the stalls behind us and casually slipped her panties down her legs.

    Sitting on the John, the sultry blonde then spread her long limps as far as her panties would allow her (as they were now pooled around her ankles) and began to openly twiddle with herself to the show, watching as the unofficial host of the party got fucked in the ass on the counter.

    Losing sight of Taylor, Selena scrambled to get up on her elbows as I simply ploughed on ahead and continued to fuck her sweet, sweet ass on the counter top. For a minute the pleasure was so intense that Selena's eyes rolled in the back of her head and all she could do was fall back and moan involuntarily.

    At one point we were so engrossed in what we were doing, so caught up in the moment that we almost forget that we had company. It was in fact during this time that I opened my eyes to see Taylor kneeling on the floor beside me, watching intently while twiddling herself the entire time.

    Without thinking I then reached out and slipped my thumb into her hot mouth, and to my delight she happily accepted and sucked it keenly and methodically. I then took my fingers away, only to glide them along Selena's gleaming slot, smearing her juices before stuffing my wet digits back into Taylor's waiting mouth.

    I watched with glee as Taylor moaned and savored Selena's essence, which turned me on so much that I literally throbbed inside the Latina's butt, causing her to moan in turn.

    "Come on, give me a taste." Taylor finally purred up at me, and without wasting another moment I withdrew my cock from Selena's tight butt and swiftly stuffed my shiny rod into the blonde's waiting mouth.

    We all moaned out load to this carnal and animalistic action, before I then proceeded to fuck Taylor's pretty face and groaned with lust as the sexy little nymph attempted to deep throat me.

    Just then, I looked back at Selena on the counter and groaned with delight as I watched her squirm about and finger her holes shamelessly. There she rubbed her clit furiously with one hand while she delved two other fingers deep into her gapping butthole, thrashing about erotically as she tried to get herself off.

    Noting this, I withdraw from Taylor's slobbering mouth and was determined to finish the Latina off, but instead watched with amazement as Taylor keenly moved to kneel between Selena's spread legs, and suddenly dove right in and wrapped her mouth around Selena's hot clam, sending the petite actress through the stratosphere.

    "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Selena chanted incoherently as the wannabe grunge rocker ate her gleaming cunt vehemently.

    I watched the incredible scene for several moments before I finally positioned myself behind Taylor and placed my hands on the sweetest, tightest little teen ass I had ever laid eyes on.

    "Stick your tongue in her ass, Taylor." I suggested from behind her. "She likes that?"

    Taylor did not hesitate, causing Gomez to arch her back sharply and almost scream down the walls around us as Momsen rimmed her.

    "Oh yeah, you like that?" Taylor hissed up at her, before spitting at her cunt. "You like it when I stick my tongue in your ass, bitch?"

    "Yes! Ooh yes!" the Disney star could only cry out in euphoria as she suddenly came.

    This sudden and unexpected turn of events then sent me over the edge as well and I instinctively pulled out to sprayed my load all over the Momsen's teenage ass, covering her flawless body in semen.

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    Outstanding! You managed to keep this series continuing on an upward rise, getting better and better and after the scenes with Debby and Ariana that's saying quite a lot. Selena takes an entire chapter with the help of the sexy Taylor and continues to show why she deserves it. Well done TPG, such a great trilogy, definitely hope to see more!

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