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Thread: "One Crazy Night" Part 1 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

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    fanfiction "One Crazy Night" Part 1 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

    One Crazy Night Part one

    Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
    This is my first part of my first story

    This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    Selena stood in front of her full body mirror mostly naked only concealed by black lace panties and matching black lace bra. Standing their hold up different dresses in the mirror tonight was a special night.

    A few months ago her and her friends Demi Lovato and Emily Osment decided that they would wait for Demi to turn eighteen then they where all going to hit the town.
    Tonight was that night they where all finally eighteen, Selena wanted to make sure she had the perfect dress for the night. Fixated on her dress in the mirror Selena didn’t notice a figured standing at the door.

    Demi had shown up early hoping to “help” her friend pick out her dress. She really on the other hand wanted to just see her friend/lover of course the two had never really made love yet.

    Before Selena noticed Demi at the door, Demi had tiptoed across the floor standing right behind her and reaching her arms around to Selena perfect breast where she then proceeded to cup them with her hands.

    Selena looked shocked for just a moment, but shocked turned into excitement once she realized who it was.

    Demi looked at her friend for just a moment taking in the site of the back of her Selena’s half naked body, with only her underwear to cover her.

    Still holding the dress Selena looked at Demi’s refection in the mirror, her Latina friend was wearing a short black dress with red lace stockings, and a black leather jacket on top.

    Demi still cupping Selena breast moved her head slowly as to kiss her friend on the crook of Selena’s neck, making her friends back curve as she closed her eyes and began to purr.

    With her right hand she then proceeded to play with Selena right breast now reaching underneath the bra, the soft pillowing skin felt so wonderful to the touch. Squeezing her nipples with her index and thumb.

    Trying to be quite Selena let out a soft coo nudging back her head against her friends shoulder. All the sudden Demi stopped kiss her friends neck.

    “Wait right here for a moment.” Demi Whispered in Selena ear. She the proceed to grab the dress that Selena was holding then walked of to the bed where a million other dresses had been flung. Placing the dress on the bed with the others Demi the reached around her back to unzip herself, pulling the dress over her head and laying it next to Selena’s dress.

    Demi then proceed to remove her panties and red stockings, she knew if thing except going on the way they where she’d have to find a new pair she was already getting wet.

    Selena remained facing the mirror watching her friend undress through her reflection, Selena had gotten so wet, and She knew she would probably have to shower again before Emily arrived.

    Walking back over to where Selena stood continuing where she had left of kissing between Selena’s ear and the crook of her neck, Demi then proceed to move her left hand down the length of her friends chest reaching her stomach and stopping only briefly to encircle Selena’s small belly button admiring her perfectly fit stomach.

    Demi then continued moving her hand down until she reached her goal first rubbing the outside of her panties using her index finger to trace out the delicate lace design of the only thing standing between her and the glorious flesh.

    Reaching her right hand around, slipping her fingertips first into the band of her friend’s panties she then proceeded to grab the elastic as she removed them she started to bend at the knee’s trailing kisses down the arch of Selena back.

    Pulling Selena panties as she knelt, then having her step out of them, Demi then discarded the already wet panties, taking in the essence of her friend’s sex.

    Reaching up with her left hand pushing on Selena’s upper back at the same time bracing her legs so the would stay in place as Selena leaned against the mirror she was standing in front of pressing her soft ample breast on the mirror.

    With Selena legs spread and her back arched Demi didn’t waste any more time baring her face into Selena’s cunt using her hand index finger and thumb to spread apart so she could force her tongue in the light pink folds of her friends cunt.

    Selena unprepared almost toppled over at the sheer force and excitement. Catching her self on the mirror with Demi’s left hand bracing her from below, regaining her footing. She felt as though she was about to melt in a sea of warmth.

    “You okay” Demi asked as she then continued licking at Selena cunt folds.
    With no answer just the sound of moans and few slurred cuss words.
    Selena had never felt so good Demi’s tongue was more expert at this then she would have guessed twisting and lunging there her like a pro, Selena could fell her self about to burst.

    Demi sensing this, she reached her right hand taking two fingers pushing them into Selena’s extremely tight pussy to the knuckles, bring them quickly back out then adding a third finger. Moving her fingers in and out starting out slow then adding a fourth finger, Demi then proceeded to move faster as she continued to lick and suck at Selena’s cunt.

    “Fuck this feels so good.” Selena moaned

    Demi reached around with her right hand to grab Selena’s left wrist and spun her around on the balls of her feet so she get better access to Selena’s cleanly shavin pussy burying her face and fingers back in to Selena’s cunt.

    Selena grabbing her friend’s head letting her fingers flow through her dark brown hair. Unable to hold back anymore arching her back, with a slight uncontrollable spasm.
    Pulling Demi’s head in further until her ultimate release cum spill all over Demi’s face, as Demi slowly finished pumping her finger inside Selena juicy slit.

    Selena with her back pressed against the mirror slid down so that she was now sitting of the floor face to face with her cum socked friend.

    Demi licking her fingers looked over at Selena then moved in to kiss Selena so that she could taste her essence. Piercing her tongue past Selena luscious pink lips wrestling Selena essence between their two tongues until the both ran out of air.

    Selena reaching up with both hands she grab the Demi’s head pulling her away so she could lick the rest of herself off her gorgeous friends face and chest.

    Still holding onto her head Selena brought her eyes back to me Demi’s “hmmm… I hate you now where going to take a shower before Emily gets here.” Selena said in sort of a sexy whisper to her friend.

    With a quick peck on Selena’s cut button nose Demi stood up first grabbing Selena’s hands to help her up to her feet. Where Demi was waiting with another round of quick soft kisses.

    “Alright lets get cleaned up before Em. get’s here.”

    To Be Continued………

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    OMG..! Amazing story .. thank you!.

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