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Thread: "One Crazy Night" Part 2 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

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    fanfiction "One Crazy Night" Part 2 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

    One Crazy Night Part Two
    Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

    This is the second part of my first story. enjoy!

    This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    With a quick peck on Selena’s cute button nose Demi stood up first grabbing Selena’s hands to help her up to her feet. Where Demi was waiting with another round of quick soft kisses.

    “Alright lets get cleaned up before Em. get’s here.”
    Demi and Selena continued to walk over to Selena’s bathroom so they could get cleaned up while walking Demi couldn’t keep her eyes off her friend reaching her head in a couple time for a few more kisses to her soft neck.

    Once inside the bathroom Demi had noticed Selena makeup lying out ready to but used for the night ahead.

    Opening the shower door Demi stepped in first turning on the water to the perfect temp. Letting the water flow over her naked body. Selena followed close behind grabbing around her friend from behind so she could just sit there hugging her friend.
    Selena and Demi being friends sense they where quite young had shared a bath many a time before but it was only recently that they started to have these feelings for each other. Even before when they where about twelve and had practiced kiss with each other.

    Selena still with her arms wrapped around her friend as the hot water hit from all sides she started kissing her friend on her next with much affection between the two of them that not even a crow bar could separate them.

    Selena’s kisses suddenly stopped when she whispered into Demi’s ear. “Wait here I’ve got a surprise for you.” Releasing her grip she turned and left the shower leaving Demi to wonder what the surprise was.

    A few seconds had gone by when Demi heard the bathroom door open again turning to look at her friend standing there with a slight seductive grin on her face when she realized why here friend was grinning.

    Looking down to Selena’s waist with stunned look in her eyes she saw that Selena was warring a black harness strapped around her gorgeous cheeks attached to that harness was a eight inch light pink dildo.

    Selena then proceeded to step back into the shower moving her head in for a long passionate kiss letting her the tongues tangle for a few minutes until Selena pulled away.

    “It’s your turn now.” Selena spoke in a seductive voice letting here teeth bite her bottom lip after. Letting the strap on slide between Demi’s legs as to tease her swelling cunt letting the head poke through to the other side and pressing the shaft up against her swelling cunt.

    Selena hands moved up to play with Demi’s wet perky breast and came down with another long kiss, until Demi pulled back to look into Selena eyes with a pleading.
    “I’m glad my first time could be with you.” Demi confided as she stared at her friend with her inviting brown eyes.

    Selena pushing Demi against the back wall of the shower looked back at her friend before continuing. Massaging Demi gleaming wet body letting her left hand roam.
    With that Selena moved her right hand down to grip the eight-inch dildo strapped between her legs. Letting the head pierce slightly into her friends virgin cunt until she met with so resistance.

    Demi wincing from the slight pain held onto Selena shoulders. With her arm wrapped underneath

    “You okay I can stop if you need…..” Selena asked before she was interrupted.
    “I’m alright there’s no one else I would rather be doing this with.” Demi looked into Selena eyes once again with a look begging as she bit her bottom lip.
    Selena proceeded to push in with the strap on until she felt the resistance loosen. Pulling out at that moment as a small trickle of blood mixed with the water from the shower and flowed down the drain.

    Selena began pumping in and out slow at first letting Demi adjust to this new sensation. “Uh…. Mmmm….” Was all that was released from her lips before Selena moved in for another long kiss.

    Reaching up Selena let her hands flow throw Demi slick dark wet hair and the pulled back to get better access for Demi neck where she then planted several more kisses then pulled Demi close so that her head was resting on her shoulder and there sopping wet breast where pushed together.

    As hot as the water was coming from the shower head, There seamed to be more steam emanating from the two soaking wet bodies clashing together as the water slapped between them.

    At this moment in time Selena had picked up the pace of her fucking, they both then lost there footing on the wet floor and slipped slightly until Selena braced her legs to keep them balanced.

    Demi grabbed hold of Selena as she dropped to her knees than sat on her legs so that Demi could was sitting on Selena’s lap.

    Demi’s instincts kicked in right then and she started moving her hips to the thrust coming from below. “Uh….. fuck this fel……” Demi moaned loudly as the light pick cock filled her.

    Selena looked up at Demi bouncing up and down in her lap she couldn’t help but notice how perfect her body was. “I wanna see you play with yourself.” Selena asked in a seductive voice as she quickly moved in for a kiss.

    Complying with her request Demi brought her left hand up to her mouth and stuck her middle finger into her mouth and sucked it for just minute before removing it, moving her finger down the length of her body until reaching her cleanly shaven pussy.

    Taking her middle and index fingers Demi began rubbing her moistened slit. With her other hand she reached down and began fingering Selena’s glistening pussy, while still getting fucked.

    After a few minutes Demi brought her fingers up so that Selena could taste her fingers encircling Selena’s lips before inserting her middle finger into her mouth. Selena accepting the offer tasted Demi’s sweet juices letting it roll around in her mouth for a few minutes before swallowing it.

    Beginning to feel that her legs where starting to fall asleep, Selena grab Demi and twisted both of them around so that Demi was now laying on the floor of the shower with Selena on top now thrusting faster into forcing Demi to brace her arm against the wall of the shower.

    “ooo….fuck.. I’m…..abo...ut..” Demi now nearing her release felt the sensation about ready to take over her body bending her legs, and aching her back as her eyes rolled back into her head she couldn’t hold back anymore with a slight uncontrollable spasm she felt herself explode.

    As Selena pumped in a few more times before rolling so that Demi was on top letting her move down to suck her self off the dildo as she swung her leg over so that Selena was between her legs with perfect access to her cum soaked pussy.

    Not wasting anytime Selena started licking up Demi’s sweet essence lapping it up almost as if she where a dog lapping up water, Letting her tongue pierce though her friend bringing up two fingers so she could finger Demi’s pussy.

    On the other end Demi was finishing ducking off the strap on, once done Demi un hooked the straps to remove the harness wrapped around Selena’s waste so that she could access her friends soft folds of skin between her legs.

    Both now locked in a 69 position fingering and licking each other until both of them were unable to hold back anymore both tensing up there bodies until they both erupted between there legs leaving there muscles week.

    After they finished Demi moved back up to lay next to Selena letting the warmth of the shower rain on top of them as they looked into each others eyes and kissed each other with passion for each other as they hugged each other while laying on the floor.

    “So how was your first time” Selena asked once they broke of their kiss.

    “Amazing” Demi answered looking intently into Selena gorgeous brown eyes.

    “Happy birthday sexy.” Selena exclaimed as she kissed Demi again……..

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    Okay it's up Rudo i think u'll like this one.

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    great story !!! ... selena and demi, the perfect duo, and more in this type of scene... Thank you ..

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