(CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
Featuring Victoria Justice, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, and Miranda Cosgrove
Created by TPG

It's another Friday night in Los Angeles as you arrive home and get an unexpected call from a friend, inviting you to a birthday party. While you're initially reluctant to go, you then learn that several familiar faces will be attending the event. One of these guests is none other than "Victorious" star Victoria Justice, who you've always had a crush on.

"Dude, the entire cast is going to be there tonight!" Brody exclaims, insisting that you drop what you're doing and swing by the party.

While you still try to wrap your brain around the fact that Victoria and her clique will be there, he then goes on to mention the rest of the guest list which apparently includes other celebrities such as Miranda Cosgrove, Debby Ryan, and AnnaSophia Robb among others. Your heart skips a beat as you hear Miranda's name being mentioned, as you guys have a little history together.

As it so happens, you and Miranda have mutual friends, who seem determined to set the two of you up. In fact, Miranda procured your phone number a few weeks earlier, and despite never meeting each other in person, you've conversed on the phone many times before. Now with this birthday party being staged so close by, it seems the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and finally meet Miranda and Victoria at the same event.

Your mind is reeling at the mere possibilities, and you suddenly feel charged up and eager to go. With that in mind you hang up the phone and spend the next few minutes showering, shaving, and dressing up for the occasion. A hundred scenarios play out in your head as you wonder what it will be like to finally see the girls up close and in person, both of them incredibly pretty in their own right.

Additionally, you also find yourself extremely nervous about talking to Miranda in person too, as you don't want to disappoint her. Nevertheless, you snicker to yourself as you recall your second phone conversation with her in which things got pretty heated and you actually had some brief but hot phone sex. You can still hear her sweet voice whispering seductively into the phone.

"Mm... I love being watched when I get off."

"You do?"

"Sure," Miranda purrs. "I'm watching myself in the mirror right now."

"You are?" You reply. "What are you doing right now?"

"Well, I'm lying on my bed touching myself." she confesses softly. "I'm lying back with my legs spread wide, and playing with my clit."

"Lick your fingers, Miranda." You insist, "And slip one of your fingers inside."

Miranda moans, "God I can't wait to finally see you in person."

It was an incredible conversation and one of many intimate moments over the phone. Fortunately for you the "iCarly" star has already seen photos of you and apparently thinks you're cute, but you still need to see each other in person for this relationship to move to the next level. Truth be told you're still unsure if you even want to date Miranda exclusively, as you find her to be a little naive and quirky.

Meanwhile you're also excited and looking forward to meeting Victoria Justice for the first time, and hope to make a big impression on her as you've always had a thing for her, and rumor has it that in recent weeks she's been on a wild tear through Hollywood and "courting" several guys at once. It seems Victoria is apparently determined to snag a boyfriend before her highly anticipated 18th birthday in a few days.

Nonetheless, you finally give yourself the once over in the mirror and snatch your keys from the counter and prepare to step out the door when you hear your phone ring, and immediately recognize the familiar voice of Emily Osment on the other end of the line. You haven't spoken to Emily in weeks, and it seems she called to ask you a personal favor, claiming that she needs a ride to a friend's place.

Glancing at the time you see you have a little time to spare (considering you're already running late) but you still debate whether or not you're going to help her. It's only now that Emily explains that one of her BFF's is having a pool party across town, and Osment wants to know if you'll pick her up and take her there.

"Wait what?" You stammer, "Miley Cyrus is having a pool party tonight?"

Emily giggles at your reaction and explains that it's a small private gathering between Miley Cyrus and some of her closest girlfriends, and since her ride over to the house fell through at the very last minute, you were the first person she thought to call.

"It's OK though," Emily adds. "If you're busy tonight, I can just call someone else?"

Even before the "Hannah Montana" star has time to finish that statement, you jump at the chance and keenly offer her a ride, insisting that you'll be over at her place in about 7mins flat. Despite your birthday party plans, you suddenly feel determined to give Emily a ride as you've always wanted to meet Miley Cyrus in person, and you're also extremely curious to see just what kind of party it in fact is.

Truth be told you've had the opportunity to meet her several times in the past but due to circumstances out of your control you've always had to cancel. This time however, you're determined to meet the "Can't Be Tamed" star and make up for lost time. With that settled you make final preparations and head on over to Emily's place but are soon taken aback as you discover that Emily is not alone.

In fact Osment is accompanied by the Michalka sisters, who are clearly wearing bikinis under their skimpy little outfits, and judging from the large bags their both carrying, it's abundantly clear that they intend on spending the night there.

The ladies climb into your SUV, and you hear Alyson remark, "Your right Emily, he is kind of cute."

Compliments aside, you drive the girls across town and towards Miley's place, and while making small talk they ask you why you're dressed up. You explain about the birthday party you're going to attend, and they pout and insist that you join their pool party instead. It's a tempting offer considering how incredibly sexy the sisters look, and the high spirits they all seem to be in.

Furthermore, you can't help but get a vibe from the blonde siblings and suspect that if you play your cards right you might just get lucky with one, or both of them? The mere notion alone makes your cock twitch and grow in your pants. It's only now that you actually contemplate their intriguing offer, and you see AJ reach inside one of the large bags and retrieve a large bottle of Sambuca, claiming that its only one of at least a half dozen bottles of alcohol she and her sister purchased specifically for the party earlier in the day.

"I'm going to get so wasted tonight!" You hear the ladies proclaim from the backseat.

"Yeah and later," Emily adds, "I'm going to convince Miley to play a game of Truth or Dare!"

"Err, shut up!" AJ laughs, "You just want another excuse to make out with my sister again!"

Taken aback by this comment, the image of them all drunk and sitting around in their skimpy little bikinis suddenly excites you, and you have to wonder just what your real motivations are. To make things even more vexing, you hear the girls mention that Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens are also at the house with Miley, and you suddenly feel uncomfortable and squirm anxiously in your seat, even more confused than before.

A few minutes later you finally arrive to Miley's palatial home and the ladies insist you get out and say hello to everyone but you indicate that you're already late for the birthday party across town. Things then get even more interesting when you hear your phone ring and find your friend shouting through the cell asking you where you are, claiming that Miranda and Victoria are already at the party (looking absolutely radiant) and asking about you.

It seems Miranda has spoken highly of you to Victoria, and she now wants to meet you in person as well. While you sit there in your car conflicted and confused, you see Miley Cyrus appear at the front door to greet her latest arrivals, and noticing you there, she comes over to the car to speak to you. You're head is spinning as you notice that she's barefoot and scantily clad in nothing more that daisy-duke shorts, and a tiny bikini top, her entire midriff and legs on full display.

You and Miley exchange pleasantries before she playfully berates you and insists you lock up the car and come inside to have a drink and meet the others.

"You know I promised the girls that I wouldn't invite any boys here tonight," she claims. "But for you I'll make an exception."

As Miley speaks, you can't help but notice the shit-eating grin on her face and you're surprised at how friendly and flirtatious she appears to be. You suddenly have a hard decision to make... do you accept the invitation from Miley Cyrus, or do you leave and go to the birthday party to meet with Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove who are waiting to meet you?

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