(CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
Featuring Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Amanda Michalka, and Miranda Cosgrove
Created by TPG

Against you're better judgment, you decide to switch off the car and briefly stop-in to say hello as you figure it's not everyday you get to see what an all-girl party at Miley's place looks like from the inside. You happen to know that many others would die for the opportunity you're now given. Inside you notice the radio is blaring from the stereo and for the most part the house is left in relative darkness with most of the action and fun going on around the pool in the yard.

There you find Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato playfully frolicking in the water, and you do a double take as you realize that both ladies are in fact topless. Noticing you there, Demi suddenly squeals with shame and tries to cover her breasts with her hands while Vanessa simply stands up straight in the water and grins up at you, wondering who you are and what you're doing there.

Over at the other end of the pool you see that Ashley Tisdale is enjoying the hot tub by herself, and hearing the commotion she turns and shrieks out loud as well, but not at your presents but the arrival of Emily Osment and her "Hellcats" co-stars who rush over to join her in the water. Feeling a little awkward, you remark to Miley about how much you like her new place and hear her tell Demi to get out of the water and show you around.

You then watch as Lovato slips on a tiny piece of fabric around her chest and apologizing for her outburst earlier, and invites you to follow her as she gives you the grand tour. You're soon shown the kitchen and the spacious living area downstairs, the large garage and gym before you follow the sexy Latina up the winding staircase and you can't help but glare intently at her thick round rump which wiggles enticingly in front of your face.

You swallow hard as you realize that her butt has to be just about the sexiest booty you've ever seen, and you have to fight every urge in your body to reach out and grab it, and sink your teeth into that thick, plump, soft flesh. Upstairs, Demi shows you the games room and the large bedroom and bathroom, giggling pointlessly in the process which only reminds you just how drunk she in fact is. There she directs your attention towards the sauna and a large open, four person shower space.

Still wet from the salt water pool downstairs, the "Sonny with a Chance" star mentions how much she absolutely adores the custom made shower, and before you can turn around and make a snide comment, she takes the opportunity to step inside and switches on the water. You're suddenly taken aback as you try to hold a conversation with her as she proceeds to shower in her barely-there, skimpy black bikini right in front of you.

Almost immediately you note the way the flimsy material literally clings to her voluptuous frame, outlining every tiny curve and crease of her remarkable body. Watching her for a moment, Lovato then surprises you as she actually invites you to join her.

"What, now?" You scoff, "Here?"

"Sure, why not?" the luscious teen beams back at you, her puffy dark nipples standing at full attention.

"I just hate taking a shower all by myself." she adds.

While you try to come up with some kind of excuse, you're taken aback once again as you see her casually untie her bikini top and now proceed to casually bath topless in front of you, literally daring you to act. Shocked beyond words, you stutter something or rather under your breath and try to explain how you really need to be going as you're going to be late for the birthday party across town.

Demi simply giggles as you turn to leave the bathroom but suddenly find yourself face to face with Amanda Michalka who stands in the doorway in nothing more than her own two piece bikini, blocking your exit. With a cold beer in her hand and a guilty grin on her face AJ quips, "Am I interrupted something?"

"Of course not," Demi winks from behind you, "Come on in gorgeous."

To your surprise the younger Michalka sister simply beams as she slips by you and joins her friend in the large shower space, and the ladies giggle amongst themselves as they douse themselves under the spray of water and put on a special show for you. You watch in stunned silence as Amanda finally turns to face her friend and proceeds to lovingly lather Lovato's exquisite body with her hands, smearing her incredible hour-glass figure with frothy, soapy suds, and causing the teen to moan and purr to her touch.

You gulp hard and have to look away in fear of creating a hole in the front of your pants from your menacing erection. In fact for a moment in time you actually forget your own name, much less who Miranda and Victoria are. Not knowing what to do or say, you finally take a deep breath and turn to leave the ladies to their own frivolities, but not before you catch AJ toss her bikini top to the floor and the ladies sensually tongue kiss one another.

You try not to think about as you exit the bathroom, knowing full well that if you don't leave now you'll never leave. Downstairs, you try to will your erection down as you rush for the front door, and you happen to glance into the living room as you're leaving to find Miley Cyrus straddling a naked Vanessa Hudgen's on the floor, while applying lotion to her back. Seeing you rush for the exit, Miley calls out to you and gets up and gives chase, asking if you're OK.

By this stage you're all flustered and explain how you're already extremely late for that birthday party and although you're grateful for her hospitality you have to go. With her hands and wrists still covered in cocoa-nut oil, Miley walks you out to the car and tries to convince you to stay but you decline her offer.

"Are you sure there's nothing I can say to make you stay?" she smiles sweetly, "I give a mean massage. Just ask the girls."

As you start your vehicle and converse with her through the window, its only now that you notice just how persistent she appears to be and if you didn't know any better you could swear she is very much interested in you.

"Err, before you go. Do you have my number?" Miley offers, before you reach for your phone and key-in her digits.

"Well, I hope you guys have a good night." You finally state, and yet Miley still stands there lingering by your window.

For a moment there's an awkward silence between you as you get the feeling that she's waiting for you to do something or make the first move. Realizing that it's now or never, you throw caution to the wind and lean towards the window.

"Hey, come here." You nod your head, and Miley blushes sweetly and slowly leans towards you as you kiss her on the lips.

To your delight, the initial contact is soft and tender but this quickly changes as she parts her soft lips and urgently thrusts her long wet tongue deep into your mouth, and you proceed to French kiss one another. Making out with her fervently, you have to remind yourself that this is in fact Miley-fucking-Cyrus you're sucking-face with, and as quickly as it begins, she breaks the lip-lock and heads back into the house as if the entire incident never even took place.

"Holy shit." you remark to yourself. "What the hell just happened here?"

Exactly 15mins later you finally arrive to the highly anticipated birthday party across town and there you see that the place is pumping. Inside its wall to wall pussy, and you're delighted to see that the women outnumber the men 3-to-1. Looking around, you soon recognize several familiar faces including Ariana Grande, Debby Ryan, Joanna "JoJo" Levesque, and see Miranda Cosgrove standing in the corner of the room enjoying some company.

You're then greeted by your best friend Brody who's clearly drunk and makes a scene, before he directs you over to the Miranda to make the formal introductions. Right away your heart races and you recall all of your phone conversations with her over the last few weeks, and realize there's a very strong and undeniable attraction between the two of you. The room seems to stand still as your eyes finally meet, and you both can't stop smiling at each other as you're officially introduced and given some privacy to talk and catch up.

Unfortunately for you, Miranda has bad news as she explains that minutes before you arrived she had called her folks and asked her mom to pick her up, with her ride arriving outside at any moment. You're clearly disappointed as the two of you have been waiting weeks for this encounter, but thinking quickly you suggest that maybe you and Miranda find a more quiet and suitable place to "talk" and she wholeheartedly agrees.

Outside you can feel the tension building between you, and as you find a dark and secluded out of the way place behind some bushes, you suddenly and abruptly pounce and reach up under her knee length skirt and caress her panties with your fingers.

"Oh! What are you doing?!" Miranda gasps with surprise, as you literally take her breath away.

The "iCarly" star is startled by the bold action, and although she staggers back slightly and is knocked off balance momentarily, she doesn't resist and simply giggling incredulously as you leisurely massage her sex through her underwear.

"Wait! Not here?!" she blushes brightly, finding your persistence amusing. "What are you trying to do?"

"I just wanted to see if you were wearing any panties tonight?"

"Of course I am!" she quips matter-of-factly. "I always do."

Rubbing her sweet tender clam though her panties, you feel her inhale her breath sharply and reach up to grasp at your shoulders.

"Please..." she whimpers erotically, while looking around to make sure that no one can see the two of you screwing around.

"You like that don't you?" You snicker, "You like me petting that pretty little pussy, huh?"

Closing her eyes, Miranda slips her arms around your shoulders and leans forward to kiss you on the lips but you refuse and continue to rub her moistening cunt through the silk fabric.

"I can't believe we're doing this right now." she almost pants, as you briefly peel the damp fabric to the side and make direct contact with her slick kitty.

Miranda moans to the action and glares right into your eyes, urging you to stop yet longing to be touched, played, fingered. Almost instinctively her feet part slightly and she opens her stands for you.

"You know what I want right now?" You tell her.

"What?" she purrs expectantly. "What do you want?"

"I want you to take those panties off for me?"

"What? Why?" she scoffs.

"That way when I talk to you on the phone I have something to play with when I listen to your sweet voice, Miranda."

To your delight she doesn't object and she immediately complies.

Looking around again, Miranda reaches under her skirt and peels her sexy silk panties down her smooth legs. She then hands them to you as you slip them into your pocket and finally reward her compliance with a hard kiss on the lips, causing her to gasp and moan into your mouth. As you kiss her passionately you slip your hand back between her long slender legs and find her incredibly wet, so wet in fact that you effortlessly plunge two of your fingers knuckle deep into her sopping young cunt and twirl them around inside of her.

"Ugh!" she lets out involuntarily, as you break the lip lock and maul her neck with your tongue.

To your amusement, Miranda moans as her body takes over and she proceeds to grind her hips in a circular motion against your delving digits.

"Mm... that's it baby." You encourage her. "Ride my fingers."

"Ugh! You're so deep right now!" she whispers seductively, her lips quivering.

Meanwhile as you eagerly explore her sweet young slot, you're suddenly taken aback as you discover first hand (so to speak) that she's totally and utterly shaved clean. This revelation more than any other that evening surprises you, and Miranda giggles to your stunned reaction.

"I had a feeling you'd like it." she states shyly.

"You mean, you shaved it just for me?"

Miranda simply nods as you kiss her even more fervently than before.

"God I wish I didn't have to leave so early." Miranda purrs into your ear. "I was really looking forward to seeing you tonight."

As the two of you kiss and converse, you continue to gently probe and finger her pristine little cunt, marveling at how tight yet incredibly wet she appears to be.

"By the way, where were you earlier?" Miranda asks, "What took you so long to get here? I was trying to call you."

You hide a guilty smile as you recall the lewd scene before you earlier, with Demi and AJ making out together in Miley's shower. Just then, you hear a beep and Miranda recognizes her mom's car and has to leave.

"When can I see you again?" Cosgrove pleads, as you finally and reluctantly take your hand away from under her skirt.

"Will you call me later tonight?" she insists.

"Only if you give me a bedtime story?" You joke.

"I think something can be arranged?" Miranda grins before she takes your hand and gently kisses your slick fingers, the same ones which were inside her moments earlier.

You're absolutely blown away by this lewd gesture as she simply giggles mischievously and rushes off to greet her mom. A moment later, you turn around and head back into the party and realize that with Miranda gone, you're left with a multitude of options. With the sweet pungent scent of Carly Shay's vaginal juices still fresh on your fingers, you head inside with a renewed sense of confidents, and with nothing to lose you observe the scene around you.

There you notice Debby Ryan and AnnaSophia Robb who are chatting amongst themselves in the corner, and judging from their behavior they're clearly enjoying each other's company. Meanwhile Ariana Grande stands across the room texting on her cell phone and drinking a beer, and every so often glances up to flash you a seductive look, definitely hinting and giving you permission to go over and talk to her.

Looking further around the room you also notice that Victoria Justice appears to be alone for a brief moment, as her BFF and co-star Daniella Monet is refilling their glasses, giving you the perfect opportunity to go talk to her and break the ice. Just then however, you turn to your right and see Joanna "JoJo" Levesque chatting away on her cell phone in the kitchen, and while listening intently to the caller on the line, you exchange glances with her and she smiles and flashes you a brief but playful wink.

"Shit. Decisions, decisions," You snicker to yourself as you pour yourself a beer.

You weigh up your options carefully as you're now in a very wicked and playful mood and you just want to fool around and have some fun.

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