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Thread: Hollywood Clique Chapter 3 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood Clique Chapter 3 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Victoria Justice, Debby Ryan, AnnaSophia Robb, and Ariana Grande
    Created by TPG

    With nothing to lose, you approach Victoria Justice and introduce yourself only to find that she knows exactly who you and what you're doing there. Right away she smiles and openly flirts with you.

    "So did you two love birds finally meet?" VJ beams.

    "Yep, we finally hooked up." You answer, "But I guess it's pretty strange considering we've already been dating for a few weeks now?"

    "Not at all," she replies, "In fact, I think it's kind of romantic. I wish I could meet a guy who was as patient and determined as you are."

    You snicker to yourself as you recall the scene outside not more than 2mins earlier in which you abruptly stuffed your fingers inside Miranda's cunt and urged her to take off her panties for keepsake. Meanwhile, it's only now that you notice two very attractive teens who are openly leering at you from across the room. You quickly realize its Debby Ryan and AnnaSophia Robb, who smile in your direction and giggle amongst themselves as they continue to drink.

    Thinking quickly, you take this opportunity to offer Victoria another drink and as you head to the kitchen for a refill, you bump into the girls and introduce yourself.

    "Well hello there, yourself." Debby croons, as you quickly realize just how drunk the busty teen really is.

    You briefly chat to the ladies before you grab two drinks from the fridge and head back to Victoria, who smiles widely and mentions that she saw you talking to the other girls.

    "Looks to me like Miranda might have some competition tonight?"

    "Who Debby? Nah." You respond, "I think everyone here knows my situation (with Miranda) and that I'm already spoken for."

    Victoria pauses for a moment assuming that you're talking about her before you add, "...with Miranda I mean."

    "Oh? Oh! Right-Right-Right!" the starlet blushes, as you laugh at her expense.

    "Besides, I don't see any harm in just flirting a little?"

    "Definitely!" VJ agrees. "I know exactly what you mean. I think that's healthy in any relationship."

    That said, you and Victoria grin at each other as you help yourselves to another beverage, knowing full well that the two of you are both thinking about sex (and each other). It's then you're surprised as she suddenly changes the topic and seems to get all serious on you, and asks you for a favor; wondering if you would mind giving her and her co-stars a ride home later. You happily agree despite the fact that you're already drunk, and still drinking no less. Noting this Victoria comes up with a solution of her own.

    "Oh, and don't worry if you can't actually drive us because Liz isn't drinking tonight, so she can take the wheel if you're not feeling up to it?"

    You're more than happy to hand over the responsibilities to Elizabeth Gillies as this now gives you an excuse to really get wasted. With that settled you and the "Victorious" star take it up a notch and start to throw back a copious amount of alcohol. In fact, over the next hour or so you and Victoria get into a competitive bout of drinking, and her friends soon join in on the fun and proceed to do body shots off each other.

    You then watch with amazement as Ariana Grande lies down on the kitchen counter top, and while exposing her midriff, Victoria proceeds to do jelly shots from her hips and tummy. Returning the favor, the ladies then insist Victoria assume the position, as both Ariana and Daniella proceed to lick various liquors from VJ's exquisite body, running their tongues and lips across her belly and chest region.

    At one point, Daniella slowly licks the middle of VJ's chest, running her tongue along the teen's remarkable cleavage while staring you and smiling seductively. For her part, Victoria can only giggle uncontrollably as the drinking games get more and more elaborate and risqué, with Ariana and Daniella ultimately sharing a kiss. It's at this point that you and the girls are the center of attention, and while others cheer you on, you take the opportunity to duck out of the limelight to take a quick leak upstairs.

    There you find some relative peace and quiet for a few minutes and you snicker to yourself as you can clearly hear the commotion downstairs, but as you exit the John you're surprised to see two familiar faces again, Debby Ryan and AnnaSophia Robb, who are standing by the door waiting for the toilet to be unoccupied. The girls giggle at the wonderful coincidence before Debby rushes by you claiming that she's going to pee her pants.

    This leaves you alone with the striking blonde teen, who you openly flirt with and who seems to really enjoy your compliments and attention.

    "I probably shouldn't be telling you this," AnnaSophia confesses, "But my friend Debby has a huge crush on you."

    "She does, huh? What about you?" You inquire, "Are you dating anyone at the moment?"

    AnnaSophia simply blushes and claims that she doesn't have time for "boys" and mentions something about trying to find someone special who is witty and spontaneous.

    "A daddy complex huh?" you snicker under your breath.

    "Excuse me?"

    Suddenly, you're interrupted as Debby emerges from the bathroom and informs her blonde friend that she can now use the bathroom next, and while the gorgeous teen disappears into the bathroom, you and Debby get talking. Right away it's abundantly clear that Ryan has a huge crush on you as she just can't stop smiling and flirting. Almost immediately you notice the way she plays with her hair and pushes out her chest as she speaks to you, accentuating her more than impressive assets.

    "So, do you live nearby?" Debby inquires, as she drunkenly sways in the nonexistent breeze and inadvertently leans towards you.

    You instinctively slip your hand around her waist trying to hold her steady, and in the process she drapes her arms around your shoulders as you pull her in.

    "Do I live close by?" You repeated. "Why, did you have something in mind?"

    "Maybe?" she smiles through bloodshot eyes. "Me and my friend were hoping to find another party after this one."

    You suddenly find yourself in a pickle, as you realize you've already agreed to drive Victoria and her friend's home after the party. You also realize that you've been upstairs a little longer than you anticipated and you need to return before others notice... but the lips on this girl are just absolutely mind blowing. Realizing that you only have a few extra moments with her before AnnaSophia emerges from the bathroom, you decide to act on instinct and without warning you gently caress Debby's pretty face and run your fingers across her luscious lips, feeling their suppleness before sliding your thumb into her open mouth.

    To your delight, Debby doesn't resist and in fact repays your lewd gesture by gently sucking it into her mouth. Her eyes never leave yours as she twirls her surprisingly long tongue around the tip of your thumb, almost daring and urging you on. In an instant you take your thumb away and kiss her hard on the lips, as she in turn takes your breath away and she instinctively reaches out to grab hold of your cock through your pants.

    "Mm... is this for me?" she purrs erotically. "I want it!"

    The two of you make out fervently before Debby breaks the heated exchange and whimpers into your mouth.

    "Please, take it out!" she urges. "I want to suck it!"

    Without hesitation, you direct her to her knees in front of you as you unzip your pants and grant her wish. The sexy little nymphet immediately takes your cock into her mouth and proceeds to blow your mind, sucking your cock like a damn professional. Just then, you freeze with shame as you see AnnaSophia suddenly emerge from the bathroom and stop dead in her tracks as she's taken aback by the provocative scene. Shocked momentarily, her lips break into a wry smile as she simply stands there watching her BFF hungrily devour your hard cock.

    "I told you I'd suck his dick by the end of the night," Debby remarks before slipping you back into the warmth of her teen mouth.

    Not knowing what to say, you glare at the gorgeous young blonde and notice that she can't take her eyes away from your cock.

    "Come here." You direct at the blonde teenager, before you grab her firmly by the wrist and pull her in for a kiss.

    Debby now pumps her fist and bobs her head up and down over your cock as you make out with her blonde girlfriend.

    "I can't believe you two," AnnaSophia giggles between kisses. "I can't believe she's actually sucking your dick!"

    Just hearing her say these words sends a shiver up your spine, and you reach under her shirt and fondle her pert breasts as you kiss her all over her face and neck and cause her to coo with glee.

    "What's the matter? You think you could do a better job?" You dare her, and AnnaSophia simply responds by dropping to her knees beside her BFF.

    Debby finally relinquishes her firm grasp around your cock and passes it over to AnnaSophia who swiftly takes you it into her hot little mouth. Although it's abundantly clear that she is not as experienced as Debby is, it's no less remarkable as the stunning teenager stares up at you the entire time she swallows. Debby takes this opportunity to stand up and kiss you again, as her blonde apprentice works you over.

    "Mm... isn't she just adorable?" Debby coos into your ear, "Mm, fuck her face! She likes that!"

    Not one to argue, you do as requested and AnnaSophia moans and mumbled erotically as you stuff more of your length down her hot narrow throat, almost gagging the little blonde princess. Just then, you're suddenly interrupted by your phone and before you switch it off, you decide to take a look to see who is texting you at such a late hour, and you see it's from Miranda.

    "I miss you so much!" the message reads, "I can't stop thinking about you!"

    You snicker to yourself as the ladies now take turns swallowing your rod, while you proceed to text your "girlfriend" on the phone.

    "Thinking about you too right now," You type back with trembling hands. "Wish we had more time together."

    A moment later, you hear another text message come through which you immediately read.

    "You're driving me crazy!" it reads. "Guess what I'm doing right now?"

    You simply text back a single word, "Spread."

    Once again the chime goes off, and this time you hear yourself moan as you attempt read it while the girls are now both licking and noisily slurping on your shiny manhood at the same time, both determined than ever to get you off.

    "I'm so wet right now." Miranda claims. "Are you playing with my panties? cause I'm playing with myself as we speak!"

    You reach into your pocket and caress her silk underwear as Debby and AnnaSophia continue to suck your dick enthusiastically, and you urge them to kiss each other which they do.

    "What exactly are you doing right now?" You reply to Miranda's message.

    "In Bed. Naked. Legs spread. Two fingers inside." Cosgrove claims.

    The image alone almost makes you want to pop, not to mention the fact that you look down to see AnnaSophia lustfully spit on your cock before the ladies run their warm tongues up and down the full length of your penis, smearing there saliva. You can feel the tension building in your balls, but suddenly in the heat of the moment you realize something has caught the girl's attention and you follow Debby's eye line and look over in the hallway to see Ariana Grande standing there with a stunned expression on her face.

    "Um... Oops. Sorry." she apologizes, as you panic and try to explain yourself.

    "Shit! Um, uh... this isn't what it looks like!" You exclaim, as you put away your cock and attempt to chase after the "Victorious" star but Debby stops you.

    With your spontaneous threesome now ruined, you thank the girls for their company and rush back downstairs expecting to be greeted by a lynching mob. However, you quickly discover that although Ariana was clearly shocked by the scene, she does not say anything and keeps the incident to herself. As to what her true motives are you're not sure, but whatever they are you're just happy that Victoria's opinion of you (and that of her friends) has not changed.

    Meanwhile it's around this time that the girls all agree that it's time to leave, and collecting their things, they follow you back to your SUV. There, you hand Elizabeth the keys and remind her that if anything should happen to the car while she's behind the wheel will result in punishment.

    Your exact words are, "Scratch it, and it's your ass!"

    "Hmm, sounds tempting!" Liz giggles, as Danielle calls shotgun and sits in the front while you crawl into the backseat with Victoria and Ariana and find yourself seated in between them.

    Inside, the girls insist Elizabeth fire up the heater while Daniella looks for a radio station to listen to, and Victoria trembles and playfully snuggles up to you, claiming that her shoes are killing her and that she can't wait to take them off. Meanwhile Ariana sits as far away from you as possible, still clearly disgusted by the incident she witnessed a few minutes earlier between you, Debby Ryan and AnnaSophia Robb.

    "Hey Ariana, aren't you cold over there?" VJ asks as you reach over and put your arm around Grande and pull her in close.

    The three of you now huddle together as the others giggle, and the sexy redhead flashes you a scathing look. Nevertheless, you now have one arm around Ariana while your left is in Victoria's lap, as she snuggles against your shoulder and holds your hand. Liz finally starts the engine and soon turns onto the highway, with the first designated stop being Daniella's place a few minutes away. On the way however, Elizabeth hits a few pot holes and this inadvertently causes your hand to move and accidentally bump Ariana's shoulder and breast.

    To your delight Grande seems distracted with her phone, and doesn't seem to object to the accidental nudge, but feeling emboldened, you let your hand drift even lower and you do it again, and gently brush the side of your palm against her breast/rib cage. Once again, Ariana doesn't complain and she simply rolls her eyes as she checks her phone for messages. In your mind she either doesn't care or better yet, in her drunken state doesn't realize it's your hand which is resting against the side of her exposed boob.

    For you, the entire evening has already been one of the most memorable nights you can remember, and you figure that at this point you really have nothing to lose. After all the ladies are in fact riding in YOUR car, and the more you think about it the more arrogant you become. With that in mind you decide to throw all caution to the wind, and despite the smooth surface of the road you slowly reach over and proceed to gently knead and fondle Ariana's incredibly soft breast.

    In the meanwhile, Victoria rests her head on your shoulder and with her hand inside yours, she sensually caresses your fingers. While the gesture is initially innocent, it soon grows erotic as you softly touch and stroke one another in the dark. The tension in the backseat is almost palpable, and for a moment you almost forget yourself as you try to molest Ariana while flirting and seducing Victoria at the same time. Lost in the moment, you feel yourself caressing VJ more confidently and intently, urging her to reciprocate which she happily does.

    While the girls up the front listen to music and carry on, your cock grows hard as you secretly fondle Ariana's chest (with or without her consent) and sensuously play with Victoria's delicate fingers, caressing her hands and playing with her long manicured nails, and teasing her erogenous zones. Fortunately for you the backseat is considerably dark and the ladies seem to assume that the others have no idea anything is going on. Meanwhile, you feel Ariana shift and squirm a little beside you and in the process grant you further access to her chest.

    Noting this, you're now almost certain that she is well aware of what you're doing, and not only does she consent to it but she encourages it. In fact you now quickly slip your hand inside the edge of her dress and discover first hand (so to speak) that she's not wearing a bra underneath. There you softly caress the fullness of her tit, and hear her coo quietly to your touch. Naturally this turn of events drives you wild, and you find yourself breathing a little heavier, your temperature is through the roof. But to your amusement you realize that VJ's breathing a little labored also, and for completely different reasons.

    In the darkness, her fingers gingerly trace along your knuckles and wrists, as she fondles and caresses you tenderly. With her head still resting against shoulder, she apparently fakes sleep but you know for a fact that she's wide awake, and well aware of what she is doing to you. As the two of you lovingly pet one another, you feel her gently nuzzle her face against your neck which drives you even more insane. Coupled that with the feel of Ariana's pert breast in your other hand, and you're so turned on at this point that you think you're going to scream.

    With nothing to lose and everything to gain, you take a deep breath and move both of your hands at the same time. In one bold motion, you slip your hand further inside Ariana's dress and make direct contact with her incredibly erect nipple, taking her breath away as you tweak it between your thumb and forefinger. At the same time, you slip your hand passed Victoria's fingers and gently place the palm of your hand on the inside of her bare thigh.

    This action excites you more than any other as you feel VJ panic momentarily and instinctively press her thighs together. This reaction however inadvertently smothers your fingers between her soft smooth legs, and in the process thrills you both. Pausing for moment, you then feel Victoria gently caress your wrist and forearm, as though suggesting without words that you're pushing your luck and that it's as far as she is willing to go.

    Not satisfied with the outcome, you nevertheless persist and ever so gently squeeze and caress her soft tender flesh, and to your delight you ultimately feel VJ release the tension in her legs and permit you to touch and sooth her there, if only temporarily. Your head is now reeling as you sit in the back of your own pick-up, casually fondling the cast of "Victorious" in the dark. Just then, you jump slightly as you feel a hand suddenly brush along the front of your pants and realize it belongs to Ariana.

    There she gently squeezes your cock through your pants and teases you in the same manner as you are teasing her breast. Suddenly, you feel her reach for the top of the zipper and proceed to unbutton your pants, and you can't believe the audacity of this girl. Your head is spinning as your other hand now seems to have a mind of its own, bolstered by this daring action from the redheaded actress, and you proceed to caress VJs velvety soft thighs even more incessantly than before.

    This causes the "Victorious" star to whimper softly and rub her thighs together in the process, and she finally relents to your gentle groping and massaging by opening her legs granting you full access to her limps. You almost moan to the gesture. Without wasting another moment, you slide your hands all the way inside her flimsy little skirt and brush your fingertips against her lace panties.

    Justice inhales sharply to the abrupt contact but to your surprise does not object or resist you. In fact, her only response it to squirm and wriggle her hips against your probing digits, her knees now clearly parted in the backseat. Meanwhile Ariana grows more daring with each passing moment as she takes out your cock and shifts around in her seat and turns to look at you. It's only now that she realizes what you've been doing (molesting them both) and for a moment she stops to watch you play with Victoria, astonished that the TV star would allow you to touch her in such an intimate way.

    Holding your breath, you're still unsure how Ariana's going to react to this revelation but she simply flashes you the most seductive look yet, and without warning buries her face in your lap. You continue to fondle her breast as Ariana takes your cock into her warm wet mouth and that sexy long ponytail now bobs up and down in front of you. The mere touch of her lips almost make you pop right away, that and the fact that it only takes for one of the ladies to glance back and see what we're all doing, but as luck would have it, no one notices anything peculiar.

    Just then, as Ariana takes your cock into her mouth and twirls her tongue around the sensitive bell-end, you react without thinking and move the hand between VJ's legs and urge her to open them wide, as you dip your finger under her lace panties and rub her sex directly.

    "Oh." You hear her purr into your shoulder, as the cabin quickly fills with the scent of raw sex.

    Victoria now moans audible as you leisurely explore her with your finger, and she finally responds and proceeds to kiss your neck before you look over and press your lips to hers. You now make out with Victoria Justice while caressing her cunt beneath her panties, all the while as Ariana Grande sucks your dick! Teasing VJ for several moments, you finally plunge two of your fingers deep-long into her tight young cunt, sending a jolt of electricity to shoot up her spine and causing her to thrash her hips wildly against you in blissful rapture.

    Justice moans into your mouth and slowly opens her eyes only to be shocked into silence and taken aback to see her co-star in the midst of sucking your cock. The actress gasps with disbelief, but is so drunk and riled up at this point that there is literally no turning back. Thinking quickly, you swiftly silence any objections she might have by kissing her hard on the lips, and at the same time wriggle your fingers inside her hole urging her into action.

    By now you're feeling absolutely diabolical as you saw your thick digits in and out of VJ's hot little cunt, and groan to the sensation of Ariana's soft lips as they envelope your manhood. Taking your fingers away for just a moment, you then grab the back of Ariana's ponytail and abruptly feed the ravishing redhead your slick fingers. Ariana Grande is now forced to savor her bestfriend's pussy juice, and this lewd action seems to turn on Victoria just as much as it does Ariana, and she finally snakes her free hand down to your lap and grips the base of your cock firmly.

    To your surprise and delight Victoria seems to have a killer grip, and judging by her skillful hold she's definitely done this before. She now proceeds to stroke your shaft as Ariana places her lips around the very tip of your bell-end and sucks you into her mouth, her tongue delicately flicking across the slit of your cock. Suddenly, the SUV comes to an abrupt halt as you all realize that you've arrived to Daniella's place.

    In an instant, Grande almost jumps into the corner against the door and pretends to be asleep, while VJ sits aback and closes her legs and plays possum. Daniella glances back from the front seat and wishes everyone a goodnight, and for a moment she offers one of the ladies in the back the soon to be vacant position in the passenger seat. Just then, as Daniella gets out you hear VJ suddenly jump into action and open her door and get out.

    You're devastated and assume that you're clearly offended her, but Ariana interrupts your train of thought by reaching over and squeezing your cock yet again, a sly grin on her pretty face. Upfront, you hear VJ get comfortable in the passenger seat and tell Liz to head back to her place immediately. She then slips her shoes off as they turn up the music, as Ariana wastes little time and is back on your cock again.

    In an instant she picks up where she left off and she proceeds to suck you fervently. It's only now that you realize that Liz has been watching you through the rearview mirror the entire trip, and this revelation turns you on to no end, as you grab the back of Ariana's long ponytail and kiss her hard on the mouth. With all pretense now out the fucking window, you pull the TV harlot towards you and direct her to sit on your lap.

    Fortunately for you she's a tiny little thing and she effortlessly straddles you without any dramas, and in the process hikes up her already very short skirt. Noting this, Liz giggles as Victoria looks back to see Ariana carefully impaling herself over your cock.

    "Ugh, fuck!" Ariana hisses, as she immediately proceeds to wiggle her hips in a circular motion and rides you in front of her friends.

    Liz cheers her on over the booming music and turns up the volume even louder, as Victoria simply observes from the passenger side, her feet up on the upholstery as she watches you intently. Ariana is now free to moan as loudly as she likes and she does just that as she screws you slowly, but you soon pick up the pace. It's during this screw that your eyes meet Victoria's and you hear Liz gasp at her friend as it appears VJ is now openly masturbating?

    Unfortunately for you the ride over to her apartment is a 2min trip at best, and Liz soon pulls into her driveway and switches off the engine, the radio still blaring loudly.

    "OMG! This is crazy!" Liz giggles over the radio. "This is just about the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen!"

    As you and Ariana continue to fuck, you see Liz is taken aback by something VJ is doing and the ladies lock eyes. Suddenly, Victoria reaches out and grabs her friends hand and guides it between her parted legs, and Elizabeth is left speechless. You then notice the girls say something to each other but you can't hear them over the music and the racket Ariana is making above you.

    "Look at me." Ariana urges. "Please, look at me while we fuck!"

    But just then, you see Victoria lean over and initiate a kiss with Elizabeth, who is only too happily to oblige. Judging from her stunned reaction you can tell it's the first time Victoria has ever initiated such a daring move. The mere notion that Elizabeth is now fingering Victoria almost makes you pop, not to mention the tightness of Ariana's sopping cunt. And not wanting to climax just yet, you reluctantly pull Ariana off of your lap as you suddenly have a bright idea.

    (Please vote above)

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    maybe in the next chapter can we see Selena as guest? :) Btw awesome storyline....

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    maybe in the next chapter can we see Selena as guest? :) Btw awesome storyline....
    You read my mind hehe soon. soon.

    Thanks Soma80

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    This is amazing! Liz is my favorite so it's great that you include her in stuff :D (you're the only one hahaha). You're definitely a fantastic writer!!!! Keep it up!

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    Hot Hot HOT ! More Debby !

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