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Thread: Hollywood Clique Chapter 4 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood Clique Chapter 4 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies
    Created by TPG

    Victoria Justice invites you and the girls into her apartment and once there, you immediately take Ariana Grande straight to the bedroom. There you playfully push the sexy redhead to the bed, and urging her knees apart you proceed to fuck her while the others watch on. Turned on by the shameless scene Elizabeth Gillies proceeds to disrobe and keenly joins in.

    With two of the ladies now naked on the bed, you reluctantly pull out of Ariana and scoot over and position yourself between her friends legs and begin to bang Liz missionary style, who to your surprised you find is considerably more tighter than you anticipated. Still, despite her young cunt Gillies appears to be by far the kinkiest and most outspoken girl of the bunch as she immediately talks dirty to you and insists that you choke her as the two of you fuck.

    "Yeah? You like that?" Liz hisses up at you. "You like fucking that tight young cunt, huh?"

    The ladies chuckle at her enthusiasm but also find it incredibly arousing as you proceed to slam into her on the bed and pummel her hairless cunt.

    "Yeah? Fuck me! Fuck this tight teen cunt!" she grunts. "Put your hands around my neck and choke me! C'mon!"

    Watching this, Ariana now rubs herself furiously beside you on the bed as you slam into Elizabeth and fuck her hard and fast. Hearing the two of you carry on this way, the petite actress gets into the spirit of things and starts to talk dirty as well, and with puppy-dog eyes she asks you to call her names and urges you to discipline her.

    "Yeah? Are you a dirty girl Ariana?" You ask her. "Are you a little slut?"

    "Yes!" she replies seductively, "Fuck yes! I love sucking cock! And I love watching you fuck Liz like that!"

    You now playfully spank Ariana across her thighs and butt as you playfully choke Liz and fuck her mercilessly just the way she likes it. While this goes on, Victoria quietly watches this lewd scene from her bedroom door and is clearly anxious and aroused at the same time, watching as her sexy cast mates get absolutely fucked and manhandled!

    You finally switch positions with the girls, and now direct Ariana to bend over and get on all fours which seems to really rile everyone up. There you reach over and grab hold of her long magenta colored mane, and cock her head back firmly as you slam into her from behind and call her a whore.

    "UGH! Yes! Fuck me!" Grande hisses as you bury your cock to the root. "Harder! Harder!"

    You smack her luscious round butt with your hand as you bang her hard and deep, while Elizabeth urges Victoria to take off her clothes and join you on the bed. But you notice that the "Victorious" star is reluctant and only blushes and cowers behind the door. You finally look over at her and ask her to join you, all the while as you continue to thrust into one of her co-stars.

    "Come on Victoria, don't get shy on us now?" You tell her. "Besides, when was the last time you had some real fun?"

    "Yeah, come on!" Elizabeth urges her. "We all know you want to!"

    With that said, Liz gets up from the bed and invites VJ into the room where she finally complies and slowly proceeds to disrobe and reveal that incredible figure of hers. You now lie back on the bed as all three ladies confront you, and proceed to blow you at the same time. The girls kneel before you with Ariana to your left, Liz in the middle, and Victoria on your right.

    Right away you notice that while Ariana and VJ are a little coy and tentative with your penis, Elizabeth Gillies takes your breath away as she eagerly kisses her way across your taint and without warning proceeds to rim you. The girls swoon as they realize just how skilled and nasty Liz appears to be, and while the others concentrate on gently licking and sucking the tip of your bulbous head, Elizabeth continues to massage your prostrate and plays with your balls.

    Your eyes roll into the back of your head as their combined efforts almost make you pop right there, but at the very last moment they urge the princess of the group to swallow her pride and get up and ride you. You then watch with wide-eyed fascination as the Hollywood Princess herself, Victoria-fucking-Justice moves to straddle you in the middle of the bed. Almost immediately you both moan out loud as you finally penetrate the teen goddess with the tip of your penis, and ultimately impale her.

    While she leans over you the ladies help guide your huge cock further inside her tight little clam, and VJ grimaces momentarily as she takes your full length and kisses you on the lips as you screw her nice and slow. The rest of the room and the world for that matter soon fades into the background as you sweetly screw one of the words sexiest young starlets, marveling at the feel of her hot velvet-like cunt.

    There you stare up into her pretty face and gauge her pleasure and pain tolerance as you slowly delve several more inches of your trouser snake into the teen queen.

    "Oh. Please. Go slow." she whimpers above you, "I'm not used to this position."

    Clutching her firmly by her hips, you're only too happily to oblige as you move more slowly but intently than before, and now bury most if not all of your manhood deep inside her tight little Puerto Rican cunt.

    "Is that better?" You ask her, and she simply nods and bites her bottom lip erotically.

    With that settled, you invite her to lie flat against your chest and initiate a tender tongue kiss as you grab hold and squeeze her buttocks with both hands and proceed to thrust up into her at increased tempo, now drilling her harder and faster than before and taking her breath away.

    "Oh! Ugh! Ugh! UGH!" VJ gasps into your mouth, "Oh God!"

    It's only several minutes later that the incessant moaning from the other side of the bed catches your attention and you both look over to find Ariana and Liz locked in a hot and heavy 69 position at the foot of the bed. There you find Ariana laying directly over her lovers face with her pretty little butt gently pulled apart by Elizabeth's hands as she eagerly delves her hot-pink tongue all along the length of her friends crack.

    "Ooh Liz!" Ariana moans breathlessly. "Right there! Don't stop! You're gonna make me cum!"

    "Yeah? Do it!" Liz snaps back from underneath her, "Cum all over my fucking face, Ari! I wanna drink your fucking cum tonight!!"

    This scene turns you and Victoria on immensely, and she glances at you as she feels your cock actually twitch with excitement inside her. Before you know it you roll the TV princess onto her back and swiftly pin her long slender limps around your shoulders as you proceed to pound into her ruthlessly. To your delight Victoria wails out loud and her eyes roll into the back of her head as you watch her gorgeous little breasts jiggle enticingly back and forth.

    At one point you actually pick her hips up off the bed as you fuck her wildly, and she reaches out and frantically grasps the bed sheets as you strike her cervix over and over again.

    "ohgod! ohmygod! ohmygod!" Justice cries out loud as you have your way with her.

    Suddenly, you stop thrusting for a moment to catch your breath and hear VJ suggest that you stop and pull out and take her from behind, as it's apparently her favorite position and almost always gets her off every time. Without wasting another moment VJ swings her legs over your body and slowly rolls over and moves into the appropriate position, as you pause for a moment to admire the remarkable scene before you.

    There Victoria Justice is now naked and on all fours, her flawless athletic body shimmering in a fine sheen of perspiration as she waits to be taken doggy-style. You gently place your hands on her exquisite butt and caress her soft young flesh, and despite yourself you suddenly lean forward and stick your tongue into her ass, making her jump and croon at the same time.

    "Ooh!" she gasps with surprise, "You sneaky... Oh! Wow!"

    Despite her initial shock, the ravishing brunette soon settles with the sensation of your tongue inside her ass and she in fact wiggles her behind back against you as you tease and tickle her tender perineum, driving her crazy.

    "Oh! Please!" she whimpers urgently. "Stop it! That tickles! C'mon, just fuck me!"

    "Sorry? What?" You repeat, as she glances over her shoulder and blushes brightly with shame.

    "C'mon, do it!"

    "No, that's not what you just said!" You tease, making her roll her eyes and grit her teeth with frustration.

    "COME ON! Please!"

    "Please what, Victoria?" You challenge. "I want to hear you say it! Say it again!"

    "Let's fuck!" she snaps back at you, "Fuck me for god sake!"

    While Victoria cusses with impatience, you place your hands on her shoulders and gently instruct her to lean forward and rest her face flat against the mattress, causing her hips and her flawless round butt to point skyward and reveal to you one of the most pristine little clams you've ever seen.

    "Jesus Christ you're pretty." You tell her, "Such a perfect little pussy."

    Gripping her hips, you then enter her slowly and savor every morsel inch of her tight young cunt, which grips and squeezes you tightly with each movement. You proceed to fuck her with short, slow strokes, and quickly build up the pace and start to drill her mercilessly as she cries out loud again.

    "ohgod! ohgod!" VJ chants. "YES! FUCK!"

    Just then, you feel Victoria start to tremble and feel her cunt muscles constrict around your thick love muscle and the realization that she's climaxing around you sends you over the edge. You suddenly thrust forward and proceed to fill her splendid womb with your potent seed before she finally collapses forward in a heap and your load trickles out from between her legs.

    While the two of you lie there catching your breath, you watch and listen to the others as they carry on loudly, both of them still locked in a mouth watering 69, and both hungrily feasting on each other's gleaming slots. Now having rolled onto their sides, you note just how nasty and enthusiastic Elizabeth appears to be as she not only slurps at Ariana's tender cunt-lips with renewed zeal, but she buries her middle finger inside her friend's backdoor and berates her, which drives Ariana absolutely bat-shit crazy.

    "Ugh! Liz!" Grande sobs while thrashing against her wildly.

    "Where's my finger bitch?!" Liz yells back at her. "Huh? Where is Ari? Tell me!"

    "It's... UGH! It's in my ass!"

    "You better eat my ass if you want me to make you cum, bitch!" Liz blares.

    You then watch intently as the redheaded teen happily concedes to this ultimatum and immediately shoves the whole of her long wet tongue deep into her best friend's butthole, sending them both into orgasmic bliss as Elizabeth keenly reciprocates. Watching them, you marvel at Elizabeth's oversexed libido as she just can't seem to get enough of her friends dripping twat, and Ariana has to physically push her away.

    "Please... please, enough." Ariana pants.

    Ultimately, Victoria gets up to take a shower while her redheaded co-star quickly jumps to her feet and wants to tag along, and you and Liz are left alone in bed to casually chat and bask in the afterglow of sex.

    "Do they always do everything together?" You snicker, as Liz giggles and explains how Ariana has always had a huge crush on Victoria.

    "In fact," she adds. "It wouldn't surprise me if Victoria has her on her knees eating her peach as we speak."


    "Yeah, well no one eats pussy as good as Ariana does..." Liz claims. "Everyone knows that. Well, aside from Daniella of course."

    "Oh, but of course." You snicker.

    "I mean how else do you think she scored the role of Victoria's sisters on the show?"

    "By what, eating her twat?"

    Elizabeth doesn't answer with words but the shit-eating grin on her face speaks volumes.

    As you now lie there casually chatting with her, Liz leisurely plays with your cock and apparently wants to go another round. It seems that since she's the only one in the group that isn't drunk, she has much more stamina than everyone else and is super aroused. Just then, your phone rings but you let it go to message bank as you assume it's only Miranda Cosgove again. But as it rings several more times you grow annoyed and impatient and you finally answer it to hear the familiar voice of Emily Osment?

    Emily asks you where you are and insists that you come back to Miley Cyrus' place as soon as possible. You laugh and remind her what time it is, but this doesn't seem to concern her in the least. Despite her invitation, you naturally decline as you know it's going to be extremely hard to top the foursome you just experienced with the "Victorious" girls, but you're then taken aback as you hear Selena Gomez snatch the phone away and say she wants to meet you.

    It seems the girls there have been talked about you all night and Gomez is suddenly curious and wants to speak to you. To make matters worse you then hear the girls playfully shriek and wrestle with the phone before Miley jokes that she's stoned and horny and that she needs some cock! This playful remark is said in jest, but you can't help think that maybe there is some truth to it.

    You then hear Emily finally grab the phone again and wander outside to talk to you as the party rages on, and she tells you that she's pretty confident that if you decide to come back that you won't be disappointed. Osment goes on to claim that Miley has been talking about you all evening and that she really likes you and wants to sleep with you. In fact, Emily apparently had to talk Miley out of grabbing her car keys and heading over to the birthday party to seduce you.

    You suddenly start to wonder if you can pull off the Trifecta of the century, banging all three Hollywood "Cliques" so to speak which include Miley Cyrus and her friends, Miranda Cosgrove and her group, and of course Victoria Justice and her crew. Also, the fact that you get to meet Selena Gomez in the process is only an added bonus, and with your mind made up you start to dress. But to your amusement Elizabeth insists that you take her with you, to which you simply scoff.

    "Yeah right," You laugh. "Haven't you already had enough fun for the night?"

    "No, please! Let me tag along?" Liz urges, now standing before you completely naked. "I won't get in the way, I promise!"

    You try to explain to her that you're not going to come back by this part of town again, but she doesn't seem to care, in fact she claims that she'll simply catch a ride back later in the morning with some friends. As you dress and are about to slip out the door, the naked teen grabs your keys and blocks your exit and demands you allow her to come.

    "I promise to make it worth your while?" she says seductively as she reaches out to gently stroke your cock through your pants.

    "Firstly, you have no idea where I'm going!" You tell her, but try as you might to talk some sense into her she just doesn't listen.

    "Please, I promise I'll be good! You can do whatever you want to me in the car! Use me, and leave in the middle of nowhere if you want?"

    You can't believe how mentally damaged this girl seems to be, and you start to wonder if getting involved with someone so young was a bad idea. At this point however you're desperate to leave before the others return from the shower and with no other alternative left to you, you reluctantly agree.

    "Alright, hurry up!" You tell her, "You can come but on one condition. We don't alert the others that we're leaving and we leave RIGHT NOW!"

    To your amusement, Liz seems more than eager and she swiftly slips on some jeans and a shirt (no underwear whatsoever) and you both sneak out of Victoria's trendy apartment. Outside, the two of you quietly climb into your pick-up and you quickly start the engine and head in the direction of Miley Cyrus' mansion in Toluca Lake.

    "Phew, that was kind of fun." You state, as you look over and see Liz flashing you a devious grin.

    Without wasting another moment, Elizabeth then reaches over and rubs your cock through your pants and urges you to take it out.

    "You just don't get enough of this, do you?"

    "Well although I'd like to think that you invited me along for my personality," she quips. "I'm sure that wasn't the only reason, right?"

    You happily oblige and without saying another word she scoots over and proceeds to blow you as you drive. To you delight Liz is a dedicated cocksucker and she swallows you enthusiastically, even deep-throating you several times during the trip. To your chagrin however you soon discover that you're low on fuel and you pull into a secluded gas station on the highway.

    As you fill up, Liz sits back and lights up a cigarette and puts her feet up on the dash. One glance into the cabin and you see that not only has she unbuckled her jeans but she in fact is now playing with herself while talking to you, which makes you laugh.

    "You crazy nympho bitch."

    "So um, I wanted to ask you." Liz inquires. "What's the story with you and Miranda anyway?"

    "Because it sure didn't look to me like you were spoken for earlier this evening?" she adds.

    Just then, as the nosey teen flicks some ash from her cigarette it strikes the upholstery and she panics as she tries not to burn a hole in the seat. Noting this, you flash Elizabeth a scathing look and tell her to put out the light and get out of the car. At first she thinks you're joking, but as you finish filling up you move to her side of the window and tell her again.

    "Get the fuck out of the car!"

    "What?" she pouts, "But why?"

    "Do you remember what I told you earlier this evening about damaging my car?"

    Liz giggles and responds, "You said it would be my ass."

    "So, get your ass out here and follow me."

    Despite you're dire tone, Elizabeth suddenly seems excited at the prospect of getting fucked again. Putting out her light, she keenly follows you around the side of the gas station in her huge transparent clog-like porn-star stilettos. The naive teen follows you into a seedy little restroom where there you suddenly and abruptly pin her up against the wall and pull her jeans down to her ankles, leaving her standing there with her fanny hanging out and on full display.

    With the door still open you can both see the headlights of various cars racing by on the highway as Elizabeth instinctively covers her exposed sex with her hands but you restrain her wrists.

    "What do you think you're doing?" You snicker. "Leave your hands to the side. I want them all to see your shaved little cunt, Liz."

    "Mm... are you going to punish me daddy?" she replies back, as you're taken aback by the depravity of this girl.

    Just when you think you can shock and offend the sexy little nymphet, she comes back with something even more disturbing. Thinking quickly, you reach into your pocket and stuff the used panties that you've been carrying with you all night into her mouth. Startled, Elizabeth resists momentarily and asks you who they belong to, and you lie and tell her that you picked them up off the floor before you left Victoria's bedroom, even though in reality they in fact belong to your girlfriend and part-time phone sex buddy Miranda Cosgrove.

    To your amusement, Liz now readily accepts them into her mouth as she assumes that they belong to either Ariana or Victoria. You meanwhile grab her roughly by the hair and twirl her around and spank her taut little butt, and with your hard cock now straining inside your pants, your mind is awash with various ideas. Should you just fuck her sweet ass and teach her a lesson, before getting on your way?

    Should you just lock her in the restroom and leave her stranded at the gas station? Or maybe should you degrade and slap her around a little?

    Decisions, decisions.

    (Please vote above)

    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<


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    Oh man this was so freaking good.can't wait for whats next

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    Fantastic !

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    A great story as above, look forward to reading the next

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