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Thread: "The Perfect Plan" with Elizabeth Gillies

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    fanfiction "The Perfect Plan" with Elizabeth Gillies

    The Perfect Plan
    With Elizabeth Gillies

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

    It had been a week since my menage a trois with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande, but since then I hadn’t seen them again. Everyday I looked forward to bumping into them while cleaning the dressing rooms, but no such luck.

    I had received a call to go in to work earlier. Apparently there was a scene that involved getting the whole set dirty and they needed me to clean it all up as soon as possible. I walked down the studio corridors peeking in every room in hopes of finding the magnificent duo.

    It was at the main set were I found the young starlets talking and joking around with the rest of the “Victorious” cast. I stood by the craft service table as I watched the cast practice their lines and I wondered if any of them had practiced theirs scenes with Ariana and Victoria the way I had.

    After a few minutes I caught Victoria and Ariana looking in my direction, giggling and then waving. Returning the gesture I began to walk towards them only to be sropped by one of the camera men telling me about a spill. Annoyed I turned and headed to do my job.

    As I mopped up the mess I caught sight of the two young starlet who were now joined by their co star Elizabeth Gillies. The redhead leaned in and whispered something to Liz who turned to look at me with a stern look on her face.

    Liz was heading towards me as I finished cleaning up. The young star stopped in front of me with her hands on her hips.

    “So, I believe you have something that belongs to me” she said coldly.

    “Excuse me?” I looked at her puzzled.

    “You took something that was mine” hands still at her hips.

    “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about” I answered.

    “Well last week I lost a piece of clothing and Ariana tells me you have it” she snapped back obviously referring the thong I had taken.

    I stared at her faking confusion.

    “Look do you have it or not” she said raising her volume.

    Not wanting to make a scene I answered “Let’s say I did take this piece of clothing, how can you be sure it’s yours?” I quipped

    “Ari said it was mine” Liz now with a furious look

    “How does she know?” I challenged.

    “Because, she recognized my scent on that piece of clothing” Liz answered not going into further details.

    I stood there not knowing what to say, trying to imagine all the possibilities of how Ariana could of learned Liz’s intimate smell.

    “Look” Liz continued “All I want is for you to return it. I had just bought it and I only got to wear it once.” she pleaded

    “Fine, I’ll return it” I said with a bit of guilt “but I don’t have it with me so it will have to be tomorrow.”

    “I’m leaving to New York tomorrow but you can drop it off at my house later today.” She took a pen from a nearby table and wrote her address on my arm.

    “You better go if not I will tell on you” Liz warned. I simply nodded.

    It was almost 9 and I was still in my apartment thinking on whether I should keep he underwear and enjoy it for a bit longer, risk getting into trouble, or simply return it. Arguing with myself I reached a decision and wrote the address down on a piece of paper. I took a quick shower and put on some clothes then pocketed Elizabeth Gillies’s address.

    I stood across the street from the young teen’s house a few minutes before I made my way to the front door. I rang the door bell and waited for the door to open but no one came. I took a deep breath and once again rang the door bell.

    I heard rustling from inside the house. I leaned forward to try and listen better, the door suddenly bursting wide open, surprising me as I jumped back..

    “I was starting to think you weren’t going to come” Liz said as she stood at the entrance in a bathrobe a little out of breath.

    “I almost didn’t” I answered.

    “Oh, come on in. It’s cold outside and I don’t want to get sick” she said waving me in.

    I followed her into the living room where she took a seat on the couch.

    “So do you have it” Liz said as she extended her hand out.

    “Yeah, here it is” I reached into my pocket and pulled out the tiny underwear.

    I placed the thong on her hand but I couldn’t get myself to let go. Losing some patience Liz snatched it away and placed it inside her bathrobes pocket.

    “Can I ask you something” Liz said as she gestured me to sit

    “Sure” I answered taking a seat on a chair across from her.

    “Why did you take it?” Liz leaned forward interested in my answer.

    At the same time the movement caused the robe to open up a bit letting her right breast to pop out revealing a little pink erect nipple. Trying not to be too obvious that I was sneaking a peak at her chest I tried turning away but my eyes kept wandering back to her.

    “Well" I began carefully choosing my words “I think you’re really hot, so when I saw it I thought it would be a great souvenir.”

    As soon as the word came out of my mouth I could hear a voice in head screaming at me for saying something so stupid.

    “A souvenir? I don’t understand, I mean did you put it up on the wall or something so all your friends could see.” Liz interrogated.

    “No, why would I do that” my voice now cracking.

    “What did you do with it then? Tell me” Liz kept pressuring.

    Not knowing what to say next I stood ready to run.

    “Come on, tell me what you did with my dirty little thong.” the young starlet let out.

    Surprised by her comment I turned back to her. A naughty expression on her face I finally realized what Elizabeth Gillies wanted to hear.

    “The first thing I did” I looked her straight in the eyes “was absorb the sweet smell”

    “Uh-hu” excitement now filled the teens face.

    “Then I licked clean the mess that you left.”

    Liz undid her robe now letting both of her firm breast out for me to ogle.

    “What else did you do” Liz spoke softly, lust in her eyes

    “I wrapped it around my dick” Liz now spread her legs, “I masturbated until I came into it over and over again”

    Now rubbing her clam over her panties the brunette moaned. My pants now constricting my cock I unzipped them allowing my erection to reach its full extent and began to stroke it.

    “Oh fuck” Liz gasped at the sight of my manhood “Ariana was telling the truth”

    I chuckled as I now knew Ariana Grande had been discussing our sexual encounter.

    Liz threw her robe off then pulled her lace boy shorts down until they slid down her slender legs revealing a cleaned shave pussy. Signaling me to get closer she reached her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss.

    I placed my hands on her body cupping her breasts then my hands made their way down her side stopping at her hips. I placed my hands on her firm little ass slowly adding pressure until my hardness was pressed against her body.

    Our lips separated allowing us to catch our breath.

    “Take me now” Liz ordered.

    I walked her over to the couch again. Giving her time to position herself on the couch I finished undressing the stared at the glorious view. Liz was on her back with her legs folded against her body, her tight shaved cum wet and ready for what was next.

    Her little pussy looked so good I had to taste it. My mouth getting nearer to the young actresses little cunt my cock now throbbed. My tongue glided along the teen’s womanhood her lips separating and her juices flowed down my throat.

    My finger teasing her asshole before making their way inside the brunettes now drenched pussy. The movement of my fingers inside her made Liz moan.

    “Yes” she purred

    Her hips now moving to the rhythm of my hand.

    “Fuck me” she urged.

    Not being one to argue I stood and grabbed her legs pulling her closer. Feeling in a great mood I teased the young star, placing my cock at her opening ready to penetrate her then moving it away.

    What for me was innocent fun for Liz it was torture.

    “What are you waiting for? Fuck me already” she burst.

    Not wanting to make her upset and changing her mind about the whole thing I leaned over her and stared into her eyes.

    “Your going to get it now” I warned.

    My mushroom tip separated the tight pussy and pushed its way in until Liz had all of my stiffness inside her.

    “Shit” she yelped “Holy fucking shit”

    The movement of my hips increased every second making Liz’s body tremble, her legs wrapped around my hips tightening their grip on my me. Her hand moved away from caressing her breast slowly traveling down her body and ferociously rubbing her clit.

    I clasped one of her hard nipples with my mouth then gently pulled it with my teeth. She took a hold of my head and pulled my face up to her kissing me again this time her tongue invading my mouth.

    Her eyes, which had been closed since receiving my manhood for the first time, now opened.

    “Please fuck my ass” she begged . After listening to her friend and co star Ariana Grande go on and on about her pleasurable backdoor experience Liz had to try it.

    I position Liz so that her shoulders supported the rest of her body, which was now up in the air. Resting her body against mine I separated her cheeks revealing her tight backdoor. I placed my tongue at the rim and pushed it in.

    “That feels good” the brunette moaned.

    I wiggled my tongue inside making sure that it was nice and wet. I replaced my tongue with my fingers making Liz clench her ass. In one swift move I pulled my fingers out, the act caused her to cry out in pleasure.

    Since her body was now vertical and her ass was almost at my chest I grabbed the chair that I had previously sat on and place my foot it. I pushed my self up and placed my other foot on the couch accidentally stepping on the TV remote.

    The TV turned on loud moans coming from the speakers. I turned to the TV to see a two people fucking then I turned back to Liz an with an innocent look on her face she exclaimed

    “I told you I thought you weren’t coming”

    Everything made sense now, she had been playing with herself when I arrived. It was all there taking too long to open the door, the loss of breath, wearing her bathrobe with only her panties underneath and the porn. I had rang the door bell just as she was masturbating to some rather hardcore porn.

    Leaving the TV on I hovered my mouth over Liz’s ass before I let a long strand of saliva land on her tiny hole. Spreading the saliva around with my cock I prepped the teens backdoor then without out warning inserted the tip.

    “Jesus Christ, more” she plead.

    I pushed more slowly creeping every inch of my stiffness into this naughty teen. Now the moaning of the porn star in the movie and the moaning of Liz filled the house maybe even the neighborhood.

    “Faster, faster” she cried

    I complied and picked up the pace which pleased Elizabeth. Thinking that this was going to be all the surprises that this little slut had I was now letting my body really take over and finish but this teen starlet wasn’t done.

    Elizabeth Gillies reached behind a couch cushion and pulled out a large dildo, almost the size of my own cock, and put it up to her mouth sucked on the end. With this sight I knew that I couldn’t cum just yet so with all my strengths I stopped myself from releasing my juices.

    Liz slapped her tits with the large sex toy when I had an idea. I pulled my cock from her ass took the dildo making Liz a bit upset. I grabbed the robe which on the floor and took only the strap. I wrapped the strap on the end of the dildo then wrapped the rest around my waist and tied it firmly.

    Liz watched with curiosity then excitement as she figure what I had planned for her. With everything ready Liz was now on all fours on the couch with her ass swaying from side to side teasing me. I position my cock and the dildo at both of the starlets openings and in one movement began to continuously impale her.

    This time Liz’s moans were louder than the passing cars only momentarily muffled as her face was pressed against the backrest of the couch. I spanked her little round ass while at the same time trying to pick up speed. Her buttocks turning red and the feeling of the dildo running along her ass as my cock goes deep into Liz’s cunt sent me over the edge.
    The young cunt getting tighter just as I explode into her, she orgasms too. Without a second thought I pull my dick out of her twat and plunge it into Liz’s bum once again releasing the remainder of my goo.

    With no energy left I collapse on the couch. Liz grabbed the robe and placed it under her before sitting on it next to me.

    “That was amazing. I can’t wait until I tell Ari, she is going to be soooo jealous” she says still panting heavily. "I can't believe this worked"

    Liz now laid her head on my chest and we stayed like that for almost 15 minutes before she drifted off. I carefully slid out from under her making sure not to wake her and wrapped the robe around her. I place the dildo back behind the cushion, turn off the TV, and put on my clothes.

    I look at the sleeping teen and smile at the fact that this is what she had planned the whole time. I turn to leave but before I make it to the door I run back and pick up the lace underwear.

    “A well deserved prize” I say out loud to myself.

    Closing the door behind me I whistle as I walk down the drive way thinking of how I had almost decide not to come.

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    Great Story ,Thanks !

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    Thanks Jude and starbuk I really appreciate your comments.

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    Yep, you should definitely keep writing! With your imagination - you can only get better - and create some really entertaining and hot-as-fuck stories in weeks/months to come.

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