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Thread: Hollywood Clique Chapter 5 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood Clique Chapter 5 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Elizabeth Gillies, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez
    Created by TPG

    With Elizabeth Gillies disobeying you so blatantly, you bend her over and stuff your cock inside of her from behind, causing her to gasp out loud against the restroom wall and moan languishingly as you put your hands around her throat and pound into her. There you fuck her mercilessly as she boldly glares over her shoulder and hisses back at you.

    "Are you going to fuck my ass daddy? Huh?" she dares you. "Are you going to teach me a lesson? Yeah?"

    With that said you grant the little nymphet her wish and you pull out only to force-feed your cock back inside in tiny little backdoor, and despite her squeals, you proceed to thrust your hips back and forth and fuck her sweet tender teenage ass.

    "UGH! FUCK!" Elizabeth exclaims as you grip her slender pale hips tightly with both hands and pummel her tight butt.

    Slamming into her continually, Gillies howls for release before you finally feel your balls tingle with euphoria and you fill her back passage with copious amounts of spunk, grinning smugly to yourself as it lewdly trickles out of her twitching sphincter. Completely your deed, you give her a moment to clean up and at the very last moment as she approaches your vehicle you suddenly bury your foot over the accelerator and take off!

    Elizabeth immediately screams obscenities and gives you the finger as you snicker to yourself and get back on the highway and drive in the direction of Miley Cyrus' mansion, your only regret being that you surrendered Miranda Cosgrove's panties to Liz. Still, you laugh to yourself as you wonder if Gillies will later hand them over to her "Victorious" co-star and expect Victoria Justice to recognize them, only to find out that they do not in fact belong to her after all.

    Not more than 10mins later you finally arrive back at the private pool party in Toluca Lake and inside you find the house dark and deserted with commotion emanating from outside around the pool area. There you find almost everyone is butt-ass naked, and as you quietly stand there admiring the splendid scene for a moment, you watch as Ashley Tisdale, Alyson Michalka, and Emily Osment shriek out loudly as they playfully frolic in the heated swimming pool.

    Just then, you look over at the gazebo to find the rest of the ladies milling around a large picnic table, with their host brandishing a huge bong which she passes around her circle of friends. Moreover, you realize that while all of the girls seem to be at various stages of undress, one girl in particular seems to be dressed up to the nines and stands out over the others, and you immediately recognize her to be Selena Gomez who has obviously arrived to the party straight from some glitzy red carpeted event in Beverly Hills.

    To your chagrin you also note a tiny boy-like figure holding her hand and you realize it's in fact her boyfriend Justin Bieber?

    "No fucking way!" You cuss to yourself, as you're suddenly filled with rage and almost debate whether or not you should just leave.

    But as you stand there debating what to do, the girls catch sight of you and shriek out loudly with delight as they greet you warmly and invite you over to join the table which is littered with drug paraphernalia. There you introduced yourself to Selena for the first time and you have to admit you're actually a little nervous as you discover just how incredibly pretty she is. Right away she beams her brilliant smile and openly flirts with you, right in front of her date no less, and to your amusement Bieber makes some kind of childish remark before Selena rolls her eyes with shame and tells him to go inside and fetch the ladies some more drinks.

    It seems Gomez has her own personal little slave, and definitely wears the pants in their relationship. Right away the petite Latina seduces you with her remarkable smile and very charming personality and the two of you hit it off instantaneously before Miley quickly intercedes and invites you to join her upstairs.

    "Can I borrow you for just a minute?" Cyrus claims, while grabbing you by the hand and dragging you away.

    "I just need your opinion on something." she adds, as the others giggle as they're apparently in on the joke.

    You happily oblige but immediately notice the disappointed look on Selena's face, realizing that she in fact likes you and would have enjoyed getting to know you better.

    Upstairs Miley leads you through her lavish bedroom and quickly directs you to sit on the edge of her large bed, as she drops a cushion to the floor and kneels in front of you.

    "I want you to tell me the truth," the teen queen asks you. "What do you think about my tattoos?"

    With that said she then takes your breath away as she swiftly and unashamedly tosses her bikini top aside and now exposes her succulent young breasts to you. The two of you then pretend to be engrossed in conversation about her choice in body art while your eyes openly leer at her increasingly hard nipples. As you converse, she then proceeds to unbuckle your pants and quickly frees you're raging erection.

    "Um, can I help you?" You snicker to her bold actions, as she simply steams on right ahead.

    To your amusement, her blue eyes soon grow wide as she finds you standing at full attention.

    "Hmm, I see you really do like them then?" Miley quips, referring to her tats, "Or do I owe this boner to Selena downstairs?"

    "What?" You stammer defensively. "What makes you say that?"

    "I saw the way she was looking at you," Miley alleges, "And the way the two of you hit it off. She obviously wants to fuck you."

    "She does?"

    Without wasting another moment, Miley reaches out to stroke your cock appreciatively as she goes on to say that as far as she's concerned you're her property now, and before you have to time ask her what she means by that, she suddenly leans forward and abruptly engulfs your member with her mouth and proceeds to blow you intently.

    "Oh! Jesus!" You let out, as you grab the back of her head and pivot her face to the side so you can fuck the side of her bulging cheek.

    Suddenly, Miley pushes you back upon her bed as she swiftly straddles and rides you. You simply lie back, a stunned expression on your face as the teen diva has her seedy way with you and impatiently impales herself over your dip stick again and again, moaning aloud while clutching her own breasts with her hands as she thrashes about and tosses her long dirty blonde hair from side to side and climaxes violently.

    In fact, the temperamental teen cries out so loudly that you're sure the neighbors down the street are frightening into calling the cops. Back downstairs, you bump into Selena briefly as she explains that she has to now leave the party for a few minutes to drive her man-child boyfriend home as its past his curfew. Demi Lovato then interrupts your conversation and insists that she wants to tag along, and moreover, demands that you keep her company in the backseat.

    Not one to argue you and Demi then follow Selena and Bieber out to the car and get comfortable in the backseat of Selena's Mercedes Benz as she sits behind the wheel. There Demi immediately starts to fool around and proceeds to playfully grab at your cock and whisper into your ear.

    "So, how was Miley?" she slurs drunkenly. "You know we could all totally hear you guys having sex from downstairs."

    "Sorry about that," You reply, not really knowing what to say.

    "No, don't be!" Lovato quips, "It was really hot! Well, I thought so anyway."

    Scooting a little closer to you she adds, "I bet you regret leaving the party earlier tonight, huh?"

    You smile to yourself as you recall the night's incredible events, from one location to the other, and from one TV starlet to the next.

    "Is that why you came back?" Demi beams.

    You simply nod knowing full well that the real reason for your return, and the reason that you're in the backseat for that matter, is seated in the front seat steering the vehicle. But Demi then distracts your lewd thoughts as she whispers seductively into your ear again.

    "Can I tell you a secret?" she purrs. "I'm so horny right now."

    And with that said she takes your hand and guides it between her shapely thighs, and for the second time that evening you find yourself in the backseat of a car with an absolute hottie and your hand between her legs. The two of you start to fool around as you notice Selena glance over her shoulder several times to see what the two of you are up to. It's only now that you notice that from your vantage point behind the passenger seat that you can see Selena's dress is hiked up considerably, exposing most of her slender thighs and even treating you to a hint of her lace panties underneath.

    With your eyes glued to her legs, you continue to caress and fondle Demi's moist sex with your fingers as she quickly discovers just what you're leering at, and feeling cheeky, Demi slips her hand around the driver's seat in front of her and playfully pinches at her friends limps, causing Selena to jump with fright and inadvertently pump on the brakes.

    "Demi!" she shouts. "What are you doing? You're going to make us have an accident!"

    "Show us your legs, sexy!" Demi laughs loudly. "Let me see your panties!"

    Selena giggles as her friend's drunken demeanor and she glances back to flash you a seductive smile. A few minutes later you finally drop off Selena's "friend" and snicker as he attempts to kiss her goodnight but she refuses.

    "Justin, stop!" she briefly argues with him, "I told you not yet. And not in front of other people, OK?"

    Bieber is clearly frustrated and ashamed with her reluctance to be with him and he makes some kind of snide joke to save face, which only falls on deaf ears.

    "Ugh!" Demi rolls her eyes at him. "He's such a dork."

    With Bieber gone, Demi snickers and remarks to Gomez that she thinks her ploy to gain more exposure and notoriety online by dating him is a totally bad idea.

    "I think you were better off with that first idea we had all those years ago, remember?" Demi laughs, "The sex tape?"

    Selena simply shrugs at her misfortune before she invites one of you to sit up the front with her, only to have Demi giggle and claim that you're perfectly fine and comfortable where you both are. With that settled Selena drives you back towards the house as Lovato starts to fool around and ultimately proceeds to suck your cock. Despite her talented mouth, you can't help but feel incredibly guilty as you see Selena glancing back at you via the rearview mirror the entire time.

    Minutes later you finally arrive back to the house and as you get out of the car, Gomez announces that she's calling it a night and heading home. As Demi wishes her a good night and rushes back inside to use the bathroom, you try to talk Selena into staying but she's clearly depressed and disappointed having just watched her BFF blow you in her car.

    "Why are you leaving so soon?" You ask her.

    "Well I guess there's no real reason for me to stick around, now?" she insinuates.

    Nevertheless, despite her glum mood you suddenly open the door and get into the passenger seat and tell her to just drive. Selena giggles at your enthusiasm and attempts to argue but you dismiss her concerns.

    "Seriously though." she yawns. "I'm really tired right now. It's been a really long day."

    Despite this, you still persist.

    "Well I guess bowling is out of the question then?"

    Selena laughs as you literally demand that she do something spontaneous for once and pull the gear lever into "D" and just drive. Rolling her eyes, you finally convince her to go along and you watch as she finally pulls away from the curb and asks you where exactly you want to go. The two of you just drive around for several minutes before you finally instruct her to pull into a secluded park which overlooks the entire city skyline.

    There, she parks the vehicle and you listen to the radio together as things get quickly heated inside the luxury cabin and the windows proceed to fog up considerably.

    "Lucky it's late," Gomez blushes sweetly. "Otherwise someone might think we were doing something nasty in here."

    "Oh really like what?" You play coy.

    "You know, like having sex?"

    The two of you then get talking about sex and previous experiences and Selena seems to take umbrage with the fact that you assume that she is not as experienced.

    "You know, that's the kind of mistake most guys make." she tells you. "People assume they know me, but they don't."

    While you try to assure her that you're not presuming anything, she adds. "You know, I'm not as innocent as I look."

    To prove her point Selena then brings up her long time friendship with Demi, how is a known party whore and substance abuser, and insists that in their earlier days together they used to get up to all kinds of mischief.

    Feeling bold you remark, "Yeah-yeah, I've heard that all before Selena. But talk is cheap."

    This comment more than any other seems to really annoy her, and she sits up.

    "So you claim to be open-minded right?" You challenge. "Well, why don't you prove it?"

    Selena seems both shocked yet intrigued by your suggestion.

    "How do you mean?"

    "Well, OK?" You pause for a moment. "Are you wearing panties right now?"

    To your surprise not only does the actress acknowledge your suspicions but she instinctively lifts her dress briefly to flash you her intricate underwear.

    "Actually tonight, I'm wearing a thong." she confesses.

    "Do you trust me?" You ask her, as she laughs right in your face at the absurdity of it all.

    "Trust you? I only met you like two hours ago?"

    "You know what I mean though, right?"

    Selena nods.

    "If you really are as free and open-minded as you claim to be..." You tell her. "Take off you panties right now and hand them to me."

    For a moment you panic as the color in her face seems to fade away, and you wonder if you've gone too far and finally offended her. You're then taken aback as Selena happily complies, and tells you to shut your eyes momentarily as she reaches under her dress and pulls the sexy garment down her legs. Peeling them from around her high heeled shoes, she playfully flicks them at you and smiles.

    "There, happy?" she quips, as you pick them up and can actually feel the warmth from her sex.

    "So I guess I proved I'm not talking shit, right?" she smirks smugly. "So now it's your turn?"

    You gulp hard as you wonder just what the sexy Latina has in mind for you, and you're taken aback a moment later as she boldly and bluntly suggests that you unzip your fly and expose yourself to her.

    "Huh?" You mutter dumbly, never imagining in a million years that she would make such a daring and scandalous request.

    "I mean why not?" she maintains. "Why should Miley and Demi be the only ones to see, right?"

    To your amusement her logic kind of makes sense as you consider the way things have turned out. With nothing to lose, you slowly unzip your pants and briefly leer at her enticing cleavage as you take out your cock and expose yourself to the sexy songstress. To your delight her eyes grow wide and she bites her bottom lip seductively as she hungrily eyes your manhood.

    "I guess this only proves that we're both seriously insane?"

    "Are you hard right now?" she asks after a brief pause.

    "Not really." You admit, "But believe me, the way you look tonight it wouldn't take much to get me standing at full attention."

    For a moment there's an awkward silence between you before she finally adds, "Show me."

    "Show you what?"

    "Show me how you get it hard."

    You can hardly believe the sudden turn of events, as Selena-fucking-Gomez now insists you beat off for her benefit. Feeling bold, you then tell her that in order for you to get hard you need her to do or show you something, anything.

    "Geez, aren't my panties enough for you?" she whines as you ask her to show more of her legs and cleavage.

    The "Wizards of Waverly Place" star then teases you with dirty talk as you ask her about her sex life and masturbation and she happily divulges every sordid detail. Selena readily admits how incredibly frustrated she's been of late (with dating Bieber) and how she finds solace in her own hands and fingers and masturbates frequently during the day, and sometimes in the most unlikely places.

    "I do it on set all the time." she admits, as all this talk about getting off seems to have an effect on her and she proceeds to touch herself.

    For a moment she giggles at the absurdity of it all, considering you've only known each other for a few short hours, yet here you now sit in her car talking dirty and masturbating together.

    "You're not getting shy on me are you, Selena?" You claim, as you ask her to lift up her dress and expose her sweet young cunt to you.

    You then take her panties and wrap them around your throbbing member and notice the way she hungrily glares at your penis.

    "Let me ask you something?" You grin. "Have you ever had anyone ejaculate all over that pretty face of yours?"

    Taken aback momentarily, Selena does not answer verbally and just shakes her head as she fiddles with herself under her dress.

    "I bet you'd really like that, huh?" You tease, as a smile slowly creeps across her adorable face.

    "Maybe?" she blushes sweetly, as her tits jiggle briefly and make your cock throb in your hand.

    "Have you ever had a guy jerk off for you like this before?"

    Once again Gomez does not answer directly but from the expression on her face she apparently has.

    "Yeah you have, haven't you?" You snicker. "I bet you really enjoy having guys beat off to you, and that body of yours?"

    "Are you wet right now?" You enquire, and she simply nods that she is.

    "Can I see your tits, baby?" You ask sincerely, and after a moment of hesitation Selena moves her hands and exposes one of her remarkable breasts as the other hand never leaves her crotch.

    "So when you get off," You probe further. "Is there anything in particular that you fantasize about?"

    Selena refuses to answer as you speak for her and determine by a process of elimination just what gets her off. To your delight you soon learn that the sexy Latina appears to get off on the idea of getting fucked in public, and getting taken forcefully by a group of men/fans.

    "You really like that idea, don't you?" You grin, "Getting used and abused by a group of young guys?"

    "Not young," she preferences, "But older, much older."

    "Hmm, daddy issues as well huh?" You chuckle, "How sexy."

    You suddenly recall your earlier conversation with Elizabeth Gillies in the gas station restroom (when you took her ass) and without thinking you start to state all kinds of wicked and depraved things to Selena, which to your surprise she does not object to.

    "Why don't you spread your legs a little wider baby girl?" You insist, "And show your daddy just how you like to play with yourself?"

    Selena happily complies and you head her sigh contently for the first time.

    "Lick your fingers for me." You suggest, and she keenly obliges and proceeds to masturbate more openly now.

    The look of sheer lust on her face is priceless as you watch her pick up the pace and now rub her clit more vigorously.

    "Are you going to cum soon?" she finally whispers to you, breaking the silence.

    "Not even close," You answer. "Not before I feel those soft lips of yours wrapped firmly around the head of my cock, Selena."

    The teen actress/singer moans to the mere notion as you reach over to pull the skirt portion of her dress aside so you can watch her stimulate her clit.

    "When was the last time you had some dick inside you, Sel?"

    Gomez shrugs, "A while I guess?"

    "Is that why you're so horny tonight?"

    "Yes." she answers honestly.

    "If I let you, are you going to come over her and suck my cock properly?" You boldly state.

    Selena simply nods slowly.

    "What are you going to do?"

    "I'm... I'm going to suck your cock."


    "I'm going to suck your big cock!" she states more clearly.

    "That's right, baby girl." You tell her. "And if you're good, I might even let you swallow my load. Do you think you'd like that?"

    "Yes. I'd love that," Selena moans involuntarily.

    "So, go ahead." You tease, "Ask me nicely again."

    "Please, can I suck your huge cock?"

    You snicker inwardly as you find yourself at a crossroads. You really want to fuck and abuse this angelic little harlot beside you, but you can't decide which way to proceed. Should you make her just suck your cock and get it over and done with? Should you take her back to your place? Should you just fuck her in the car? Or should you just tease her some more?

    The possibilities are endless.


    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<

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    You forgot an option... fuck her ON the car (on the hood or such). Especially seeing as how she has voyeuristic fantasies.

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    Can she blow me THEN go back to the pool party ? LOL
    Great story waiting for MORE !

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    Simply brilliant, I can not wait to see more

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    Hopefully its a nice long bj part not short

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