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Thread: "One Crazy Night" Part 3 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

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    fanfiction "One Crazy Night" Part 3 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

    One Crazy Night Part Three
    Selena Gomez, Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Joanna "Jojo" Levesque.

    “So how was your first time” Selena asked once they broke of their kiss.

    “Amazing” Demi answered looking intently into Selena gorgeous brown eyes.

    “Happy birthday sexy.” Selena exclaimed as she kissed Demi again……..

    Laying there as the hot water still in each others arms while they kissed Selena not wanting to let go she broke the kiss. “Dem we have to get ready for the party before my parents get back and Emily gets here.”

    Selena got to her feet and pulled Demi by her arms helping her to her feet quickly picking up the soap and first soaped up Demi then soaped her self massaging all over her teenage body.

    After rinsing off Demi reached up and turned off the water still eyeing Selena looking her up and down, before opening the door feeling the cooler air flow over her body.
    Selena followed behind her staring at the lower half of Demi’s body noting how tight her butt was fighting the idea of pinching it or reaching down with her head so she could taste it.

    Grabbing a large white cotton beach towel Selena then grabbed Demi to wrap both them in it and kissed her once again while rubbing the towel against her skin getting her nice and dry.

    After drying and fixing their hair Demi walked over to the bed where she had removed her dress and underwear. “I might need to barrow a pair of ur panties Sel.” Demi asked looking back over her shoulder at her friend who stood near her dresser.
    “Sure you probably need a matching bra as well.” Selena responded while reaching into a draw and pulling out a red lace bra and matching panties to go with her friends red stockings, before pulling out white lace bra and panties before walking over to her bed.

    Placing the white set and the red panties down on the bed, Selena held out the bra in both hands motioning Demi to turn around. Pulling the strapless bra around to Demi’s and hooking it together in front.

    Selena then grabbed the matching panties and knelt down and told Demi to step into them as she pulled them up quickly kiss Demi on her stomach before sitting down on the bed grabbing her own strapless white lace bra.

    Demi sat down next to Selena as she picked up her red stockings and proceeded to pull them on. While Selena pulled up her panties. Reaching behind her to pick up the short white dress Demi had placed on the bed.

    Holding the dress down by her feet so she could step into it and then slipped it up her long sexy legs, until it was in place. The dress that she wore was a short playful white dress the length stopping just below half thigh. With one strap over her left shoulder.

    “Will you zip me up” Selena looked over her shoulder at Demi who stood up slowly pulling up the zipper until the dress hugged her curves tightly. After they finished getting dressed, they both headed into the bathroom to do there make up and hair.

    A few minutes passed and the girls heard Selena parents come in from down stair getting home. “Selena where home and Emily’s here come down.” Her mom yelled up the stairs after entering the house.

    “Okay where almost done .” Selena yelled back down just finishing up styling Demi’s hair.

    Waiting down stairs Mandy and Emily talk as Mandy made sure to have the camera ready for when the two girls descended the stairs. “So… exciting night for you four?” making conversation with Emily.

    “Yes we’re going out for dinner then heading to my house for asleep over.” Emily replied with excitement in her voice. Emily had arrived with Miley Cyrus. Chatting for a few minutes until….

    “Okay we’re ready!” Selena called down the stairs. Waiting with the camera as the two teen Latina girls walked elbows linked taking each step by step.

    Selena wore light pink lip-gloss and slight mascara as to not over shadow her gorgeous eyes. Her long wavy dark brown hair was brushed so that it fell over her right shoulder, which was accented with a flower clip pinned in her hair.

    Demi on the other hand wore dark pink lipstick with slightly darker mascara. Her long dark brown hair flowed behind her, with slight curve ringlets.

    Once they reached the bottom of the stairs the four hugged and kissed on the cheeks.
    “I’m so glad you came.” Selena exclaimed as she saw Miley standing there. Miley was wearing a black tight dress studded with clear gems. The dress pushed her boobs together leaving some nice cleavage. Her hair was pulled back leaving bangs to frame her face.

    Emily on the other hand wore a white dress with a black pattern stopping just above her knees and a black sash wrapped around her waist. Her golden blonde hair was falling off her shoulder and had been curled slightly.

    After saying there goodnights to Selena’s parents the four girls walked out side to get in the black limo Emily had rented for the night. Once inside Emily instructed the driver as to the location of the restaurant.

    Once arriving at the restaurant/ club the four quickly spilled out of the limo still looking ravishing in their dresses and tight bodies. Walking into the restaurant Selena felt Miley grab her around her wrist and pulled her off in the direction of the bathroom.

    “We need to go to the lady’s room.” Miley yelled as she dragged Selena off.
    Shrugging it off Emily and Demi walked over and were greeted by the hostess. “Osment party of four.” Emily told the her.

    Miley pulled Selena into the bathroom behind her checking all the stalls making sure no one else was in.

    “Owe.. stop pulling my arm.” Selena exclaimed as they entered.
    After checking the stalls Miley walked over to the door so she could lock it. “So did she like the gift I gave you.” Miley said seductively as she turned the lock.

    Looking bewildered Selena realized what Miley was talking about. “Yes, thank you for the present and teaching me how to use it.” Selena looked into the mirror to fix her hair and to reapply some lip-gloss.

    “I noticed how you to where looking at each other in the limo even though Emily sat between you to.” Miley replied as she moved to stand behind her.
    Back outside the other two girls had been seated at a booth facing the dance floor where some wild music was played.

    “I like your dress Demi.” Trying to strike up some conversation Emily commented Demi.

    Demi smiling back at Emily replied. “I like ur’s too Em.” But being to preoccupied wondering way Miley had taken Selena. She stared in the direction of the bathroom.
    Emily was about to ask a question when something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Looking over in the direction of the dance floor noting one of the dancer’s she knew she had seen her somewhere before but couldn’t put a name to that gorgeous face.

    Eyeing her long flowing hair and her slightly revealing dress Emily was stunned at her looks. Just then the stunning figure noticed her admirer she began walking over two where the two girls where sitting.

    “Hey Demi do know who that is walking toward us?” Poking Demi franticly Emily asked.

    Not paying attention Demi remained fixated toward the bathroom.
    Selena still fixing her hair didn’t notice when Miley wrapped her arm around Selena’s tender body. “So did she touch you here.” Miley said as she moved her right hand to cup Selena’s breast on top of her dress.

    “Miley stop not here.” Selena said in a hushed tone as she tried to shrug Miley off.
    Moving her hands lower she brought Selena’s dress up slightly to revile her white lace panties. “You worry to much…. And what about here.” Miley said as she stuck her other hand inside the elastic of her panties, rubbing down the length slightly with her middle finger.

    “Hello my name is Joanna” She introduced herself upon arriving at the table where the two girls sat. “To my friends and fans Jojo.” Jojo quickly followed up with a more seductive voice as she licked her lips.

    Emily scooted over in the booth, giving Jojo a look asking her to sit, which she quickly accepted and moved to sit. As she sat Emily couldn’t remove her eyes from Jojo’s well-endowed chest her dress leaving little to the imagination. The dress that Jojo wore was a short tight dress that showed off her curves quite well.

    “I noticed you checking me out.” Brushing Emily golden blonde hair away from he ear Jojo whispered. Before moving her head back she lightly nipped at Emily ear lobe. “So who’s your friend?” Jojo asked looking over at Demi had removed some of the attention towards the bathroom.

    “Nice to meet you I’m Demi.” Reaching her hand across the table offering to shake hand as she responded. Reaching her right hand to accept Demi handshake.

    Unknown to Demi under the table Jojo had moved her left hand underneath the hem of Emily dress and had begun fingering her.

    Having happened so fast Emily was defenseless against Jojo’s advances, squirming around in her seat as she felt Jojo’s fingers inside her. “We shouldn’t be doing this…. Ugh… not here at least.” Emily pleaded as she whispered into Jojo ear.

    Grabbing Emily by the hand Jojo stood up pulling her with her. Looking over at Demi, “We’re going to hit the dance floor.” Jojo said before dragging Emily threw the crowed of sweaty dancers.

    Back inside the bathroom Selena had finally surrendered to Miley, who at this point was kneeling behind the sultry Latina with her face barred in her pussy.

    Selena moaning from the pleasure coming from Miley was bent over the bathroom counter using her skinny arms to brace her self. From below Miley had pulled Selena’s panties down below her ankles. Miley had pulled down her dress so she could play with her breast as she ate out Selena. Using her other hand she began fingering Selena.

    Unable to hold back anymore Selena let loose arching her back as she felt an uncontrollable spasm loft threw her body. “O fuck.” Was all that escaped from her lips before she collapsed on the counter.

    Miley still playing with her breast liked what was on her finger letting it slide down her throat. “Mmm….. You taste better than I remember.” Miley said as she used her hand to remove Selena’s juices’ from her face, standing up before licking what was on her fingers.

    Jojo was still holding onto Emily’s wrist as they passed though the many dancers. Finally they reached the opposite side of the of the dance floor. Emily hadn’t even noticed she was to fixated on Jojo’s butt the fabric of her dress hugging her ass cheeks.

    Finely reaching her destination in a dimly light area for the club was back door leading outside. Once outside it seemed that the door hadn’t even closed before Jojo had pushed Emily up against the wall and had gotten down on her knees.

    Jojo had moved her head underneath the hem of Emily’s dress. Emily had on a pair of partially see though blue panties, which Jojo had moved aside taking in the essence of the younger blonde’s sex.

    With a quick lick of her tongue Jojo decided she would tease her conquest before taking her. Moving her head a little lower Jojo kissed Emily inner thigh planting kisses all the way up stop just before reaching her cleanly shaven pussy, than moving to Emily’s other thigh and repeating with the same action.

    Bringing her finger back up Jojo rub it over Emily’s slit once more. As she finished kissing up Emily’s leg Jojo planted a single kiss over Emily’s cunt flicking her tongue slightly so it just barely touched her slit.

    “Please, please I can’t take it anymore.” Emily begged for Jojo to continue.
    Pulling Emily’s dress back over her head Jojo looked into Emily’s pleading eyes.
    “I wanna hear you say it.” Jojo said as she flicked her finger across Emily’s slit. “Tell me you want to have me inside you.”

    Grabbing Jojo on either side of her head Emily brought her up and proceeded to kiss her. “I want you inside me.” Emily said after parting lips....

    To Be Continued………

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    Okay third Ch. is up let me know what you guy's think.

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    Absolutely love it. Cant wait for chapter 4

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    love it!! Definitely can't wait for the chapter!

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    unreal dude. fairly classy

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