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Thread: "One Crazy Night" Part 4 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

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    Default "One Crazy Night" Part 4 with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

    One Crazy Night Part Four
    Selena Gomez, Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Joanna "Jojo" Levesque.

    This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    Grabbing Jojo on either side of her head Emily brought her up and proceeded to kiss her. “I want you inside me.” Emily said after parting lips.

    Returning the kiss Before Jojo returned to her knees pulling Emily’s dress back over her head, Jojo buried her face back into Emily’s teenage sex forcing her tongue as deep as she could reach twirling her tongue expertly making sure to hit every nerve.

    Emily’s back still pressed up against the wall to the club. Grabbing Jojo by the head Emily pressed her further between he legs. “hmm…. O…O… fuck.” Emily let a slight moan pass her lips noting that the music from the club would drowned out any nose and it had gotten quite dark only the light of the moon shining from above lit the small alley way.

    Jojo had brought two fingers from her right hand and had stuck them into Emily cunt letting the slide in and out as her tongue flicked across Emily’s pussy. After a few minutes of fingering Emily, Jojo reached over and grabbed her discarded clutch purse, unhooking the clasp she reached inside and pulled out a nice sized metallic blue dildo vibrator.

    Jojo removed her other for just a moment to turn on the vibrator bring it up she teased the outside of Emily’s cunt, placing her fingers back inside this time adding a third finger she brought the vibrator back slightly letting tease Emily’s ass making her jump a little. After teasing her ass for a few seconds Jojo put a little pressure on her tight hole letting the head enter…..

    Back in the bathroom inside the restaurant Miley and jumped up on top of the counter with her legs spread resting on Selena’s shoulder who had been grabbed by Miley and had been forced to her knees. “Now it’s your turn.” She said seductively as Selena knowing that it was useless at this point to fight anymore.

    Noting that Miley wasn’t warring any panties under her dress Selena moved her head in a began licking her pussy starting just above her ass and licking up. Selena wanted to finish as quickly as possible so she could return to Demi who unknown to Selena was currently sitting alone by her self. Bringing her fingers she started pumping into Miley’s pussy not bothering to spend time working up to all four fingers. She started pounding in to Miley as she licked and teased Miley between he legs.

    Miley’s dress still being pulled down as she with one hand still played with her breast and with the other pulled Selena’s head in further. “uhh…. Yes….. eat my cunt you dirty whore.” Miley moaned as she gained more pleasure from making the brunette Latina service her in a public bathroom.

    Selena continued finger Miley’s pussy but had now moved her tongue so she was now licking Miley’s tight asshole from below. Miley hadn’t much in her once she felt the sensation coming from her ass. “ooo…. You dirty whore….mmm… you found my weak spot… oooo… Fuck….. you like eating my ass don’t you……” Miley moaned as she was nearing her release.

    Selena sensing this started pumping faster than before as she moved her mouth back to Miley’s pussy letting her tongue perching deep past the walls of Miley’s pussy.

    “O…… fu…ck…..mmm…ooooo!” Miley screamed as cum exploded from between her legs covering Selena’s face and dripping down landing on Selena’s teen cleavage.

    Selena’s arm fell limp as she removed her finger from the younger girls pussy dripping wet from her juices she then stood up and walked over to the sink to get herself cleaned up.

    Miley hoped off the counter and grab Selena once again she then licked herself off of Selena’s face and chest before she kissed the brunette letting her tongue pass through her lips bringing her juices into Selena mouth.

    Selena then pulled herself away as she swallowed what was givin to her. Knowing that if she had spat it out Miley would’ve made her eat her pussy again until she swallowed it.

    “Alright I guess we’ve spent enough time in here we better get back before the other to get suspicious of us.” Miley said as she readjusted her dress pulling it back over her chest.

    After they had cleaned up redoing there messy hair and reapplying there lips, Miley unlocked the door and the pair walked back out into the crowd of people looking for where the other two girls had been seated.

    Finally seeing the table where Demi was sitting alone looking a little anxious she perked up once she say Selena walking towards her. Selena slide in the booth first so she could sit next to Demi.

    “So where’s Em.” Miley asked as she sat in the booth sitting next to Selena forcing the other two girls to slide of so that Demi was now sitting in the middle of the booth.

    Demi didn’t answer Miley’s question right away instead she glared at her having a feeling as to where the two had been doing for so long. She than proceeded to grabbed Selena by her head and the moved in seductively where she than kissed Selena as she still glared over at Miley. Making sure she knew that Selena was hers.

    Emily now feeling this new sensation as she felt the head vibrator press into her ass began bucking her hips slightly to the pleasure she was now feeling.

    “Oooo you really like this don’t you.” Jojo said as she continued licking Emily’s slit. Jojo had removed her other hand from Emily pussy and had moved it into her own pussy. “I have never been turned on this much by a conquest.” Jojo thought as she vigorously fingered herself.

    “ooooo… baby…… It…..fel………” Emily unable to finish speaking before letting a slight squeal passes her mouth. Tilting her head up slightly as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

    Emily after a few moments unable to hold back anymore once Jojo had moved the vibrator back to Emily gleamingly wet cunt letting it slid in till It reached her finger tips as she let her tongue slide past the walls to her pussy.

    Emily burst drenching Jojo’s face, hair, and chest. A moment latter Jojo felt herself reaching her climax as she burst. “Wow that was great.” Emily spoke as she stood their legs shaking barely able to keep her from dropping.

    Jojo stood a few minutes later having cleaned most of Emily off her face, bringing the vibrator up she opened her mouth letting it slide in as she tasted Emily’s essences dance on her tongue.

    Emily not wanting to be left out dropped to her knees and moved her head into so she could taste Jojo’s glistening cunt.

    Demi had continued the kiss she planted on Selena’s lips still giving Miley a defensive glare telling her that Selena was her’s. Selena finally still shocked pulled Demi away being out of breath.

    A few minutes later a waitress showed up asking if she could get the girls anything Selena and Demi both order coke’s as Miley pulled out a fake ID and order a couple beers.

    The waitress being obviously over worked didn’t care to question when Miley produced a crisp hundred dollar bill and slipped it to the waitress before left to fetch the girls orders.

    Back outside the to girls and finished cleaning each other off before Jojo had pushed Emily back against the wall and had begun making out with the younger blonde planting short quick kiss’s.

    “I should probably get back to my friends.” Emily said between kiss’s she than reached into her purse pulling out a peace of paper and a pen. “Me and the other girls will be heading to my place, I would love it if you’d drop by later.” Emily said as she wrote down directions to her place before handing Jojo the little peace of paper.

    “Who knows I might show up?” Jojo said still kissing Emily’s soft pink lips before kissing her one last time letting this one last longer as her tongue entered Emily’s letting the tongue fight for a moment or two before reaching for the door and disappearing inside.

    Emily quickly grab a tiny make up mirror from her purse and fixed her hear and reapplied her pink lips stick before entering back into the club passing through the ever changing bodies still dancing to the loud music.

    Not knowing where Jojo had disappeared to she finally reached the table where her three friends sat and talked. A look of concern swept over her face when she say that Miley had been drinking already downing four beers.

    “Hey.” The three girls said in unison as they say Emily a merge from the crowd. “How was the dance floor?” Selena proceeded to ask once Emily had sat down.

    A smile moved across her face when the thought that she could cover up the smell of the session she just had outside. “It was great you should have joined us.” Emily finally responded as she thought what would have happened out there if they had joined us.

    “We still might…. By the way what happened to Jojo I wanted to get to know her better?” Selena asked.

    “Well she had to take off, I told her to meet up with us later…… but I have to take to you both.” Emily said looking back over at Miley’s half passed out body. Emily grab Demi as she slid out of the booth pulled Demi with her followed by Selena.

    They walked off finding somewhere they could talk. “I wish would’ve have stopped Miley from ordering beer.” Emily said looking back over to there table concerned. “But it’s my fault I didn’t warn you two.”

    “Why what’s wrong?” Demi asked wondering.

    “Nothing really, but when Miley gets drunk she become even more frisky and forceful.” Emily responded knowing from experience. The first time Miley had been drunk was when they where sixteen on the set of Hannah Montana, she a con one of the crewmen out of a few beers.

    Wanting to see what the big deal was with beer they snuck back to Miley’s dressing room. Once drunk Miley had forced Emily to have Sex with her. Emily thought back to her first time with Miley as uncomfortable as it was she for the most part had enjoyed it.

    “O well I guess there’s nothing we can do about it now.” Emily said finally. “Just don’t give her the opportunity, plus she’ll probably pass out soon and if she does we should be good.”

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    The fourth ch. of my story. hope you like it Tell me what you think.

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