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Thread: "Twitter Feed" with multiple celebrities

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    fanfiction "Twitter Feed" with multiple celebrities

    Featuring Various Celebrities
    Created by TPG
    DISCLAIMER: These FICTIONAL twitter posts were written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Figured I'd have some fun

    Just found out my brother is sending nude photos of me to his friends!! #Busted

    OMG!! I just walked in on my sister giving head to our next door neighbor!! Don't think they saw me.

    Sometimes when I think about my co-stars I just can't stop masturbating.

    Don't let a pretty face fool you. You don't want to know what I'm doing right now. #MutualMasturbation

    There's this old guy at work I hate but I blew him because he has a huge cock!! I can't wait to do it again next week.

    @DaniellaMonet I can't believe we've had sex on the #Victorious set every day this week and no one suspects a thing!!

    I hope you enjoy that little clip I sent you. There's a lot more where that came from!

    Sometimes I could just spend the entire day lying around in bed frigging myself senseless. God I love the weekends.

    Is it wrong that I enjoy spying on my sister in the shower? Her boobs are just magnificent! #Jealous

    I want to fuck my sisters boyfriend SO much! Ugh. #Frustrated

    Anal is overrated. But you know what they say - practice makes perfect!!

    Lick it. Snort it. Suck it. Fuck it! Yep. That just about sums up my weekend!

    A producer hinted that giving him a #BJ wouldn't hurt my chances of landing the audition. Should I do it?

    @JessicaAlba Aren't you sick of using that nasty old rabbit vibe I bought you years ago? Get with the times girlfriend!

    Usually I just pretend to be asleep when my nephew sneaks into my room at night and jacks off all over my tits.

    Can you get pregnant if someone cums in your ass? Just asking.

    Just found out that two of my bestfriends routinely #69 each other. Hmm. Interesting. Very. Interesting.

    If people only knew some of the depraved thoughts that cross my mind during the day. Sometimes I scare myself.

    What is it that they say about Greek women: they love it from behind? I have to agree. #DoggyStyleFTW

    I can't believe I just got my rocks off in the back of a taxi. Reason #243 Why I love Paris.

    Sometimes I wish I could just blow every single one of my loyal fans out there. Grateful. #XRatedBucketList

    Just found out that my mom used to date my boyfriend. Can't stop thinking about it. Strangely fascinated. #Twisted

    Once gave a blow job to my best friend's agent during a #CastingCall. He alludes to it every chance he gets.

    @ElizaDushku OMFG! If you get those tickets for tonight's show I will literally stick my tongue in your ass!! I swear.

    My BFF dared me that I couldn't make her BF cum in my mouth in 2mins. Boy did I have egg on my face! #Facial

    Just because I don't do bad things doesn't mean I don't have bad thoughts. #LoveMyToys

    My brother and his friends spy on me through my window all the time. But I still sleep naked. Kinda turns me on : )

    Why are guys so obsessed with my lips? I've been propositioned at least three times this week! #Tempted

    @EmilyOsment Accidentally overheard my mom having #PhoneSex this morning! Have to admit it was kind of hot :P

    If I catch one more guy staring at my tits today I'm going to take them out and mash them into his face!

    Who do I have to BLOW on this jet to get some service already? #MileHighClub

    @ArianaGrande We should definitely do that again! So hot. I don't think those guys knew what hit them! #Voyeur

    I'm so horny right now I could scream!! I guess it's time to plug in the Hitachi again. #ScaringTheNeighbors

    I'm so sick of guys ejaculating all over my chest. I have a mouth too you know! #Annoyed

    Just because I call you daddy during sex doesn't mean I have daddy issue okay? Calm down!

    Found several photos of my sister giving head. I can't stop thinking about it...and getting off!

    I think I officially have a girl crush on KristinKruek. I might have to visit her trailer later and show her some appreciation.

    Whenever I go to my BFF's house all she wants to do is GIVE head. I might actually let her do it next time. #Curious

    After I said goodnight to my folks I realized there was semen on my sweater. #Awkward

    Last night I was so horny I would have said and done almost anything for a cock in my mouth. #Wet

    What's that saying: once you go black? So true. #DeepThroat

    @LauraVandervoort Had a great time last night. Too bad you play my daughter on TV. Could have been as interesting night.

    I just spent most of the morning thinking about blowing my dad's best friend. Hmm. #DaddyIssues

    @JennaEzarik God I love that new vibrating app on my #iPhone! You should get it sis. Give me a buzz later :P

    Just because I'm home schooled don't mean I don't know when to #Swallow

    Can't believe my own step-brother just tried to blackmail me for sex! Should I be upset or flattered? #Curious

    @AlysonMichalka Just because I don't wear panties doesn't make me a whore.

    Great! NOW the batteries decide to die on me? Ugh. I guess its back to the old fashion way. #FingersFTW

    @SamRonson OMFG! That was crazy. I can't believe no one noticed you under the table like that! XOXO

    Feeling tired and bored. Miss LA. Might just rub one out before going to bed. 'night! #Finger-Bang

    I really should stop drinking. I always wake up naked the next morning with a strange taste in my mouth.

    @OliviaMunn I can't believe I was late for my #Photocall cause we had phone sex last night! hehe

    Live by the cock die by the cock #SuperHorny

    I feel naked when I leave the house without my cell phone. #Selfies

    FYI. A blow job does NOT count as Hollywood anyway : P #BJ

    @SelenaGomez I just love the expression you make when you climax. Makes my day. Miss you so much. #BFF

    @MilaKunis God damn you have an amazing tongue! One day it's going to get the rest of your body in trouble!

    Just realized I'm alone with JessicaAlba in this Vegas bathroom! Should I make a move? #Nervous&Wet

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    different but still amazing and hot

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    Different yes, but very creative and I certainly liked it. All of them well thought out, many of them hot and some actually made me laugh. Well done TPG.

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    hehe, yeah I figure since - we all know when it comes to Jess - she's not exactly the sharpest knife in the draw. It was real fun creating those. In fact it was hard narrowing them down cause at last count I had at least 100 of them - but I finally decided to just go with about half that amount.

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