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Thread: "My House, My Rules" with Taylor Momsen

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    fanfiction "My House, My Rules" with Taylor Momsen

    My House, My Rules
    With Taylor Momsen
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, reluc, inc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    "Damn it Taylor. You're not leaving the house dressed like that!" I yelled at my rebellious 17-year-old step-daughter.

    In recent times Taylor had become quite the popular celebrity as she had recently starred on the hit show Gossip Girl. Truth be told there was no real reason for me to snap at her in the way that I did, since she had taken to dressing provocatively for quite some time.

    In fact I had seen her prance around the house in far less attire - knowing full well that I was watching her. But tonight's ensemble just took the cake as it merely consisted of a tight white singlet shirt, short denim cut-offs, and high heeled shoes of all things.

    Looking at her it was quite obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra either, as her erect brown nipples could clearly be seen protruding out from under the almost transparent top.

    With her long teen legs and ample round breasts on full display, it was not something a step-father wanted to see. Something about it just bothered me and finally pushed me over the edge.

    Maybe it was just a case of stress, or the fact that her selfish mother and I were having problems. Or maybe it was the fact that Taylor had started to act like I didn't exist, not speaking to me for several days on end and in some instances ignoring me completely.

    Whatever the case may be, I finally had enough and was putting my foot down.

    "Hang up the phone Taylor." I told her, as she stood there chatting on her cell.

    "Ugh. Can I call you back?" she muttered, despite the fact that her friends were waiting for her outside in the car.

    "Taylor. Did you hear me." I reiterated. "You are not leaving the house in that outfit."

    To my chagrin my wayward step-daughter simply rolled her eyes and attempted to leave before I finally jumped into action and grabbed her firmly by the wrist causing her to yelp with surprise.

    "Hey!" she snapped, as I pulled her back into the living room. "Get your fucking hands off me!"

    "Take a seat young lady." I insisted. "You're slutty little friends will just have to wait."

    With the rest of the family out for the weekend I had started to notice a lot of cracks developing in my relationship with Taylor. I sensed she knew it too, but she just didn't care as she was too busy enjoying her new found fame and success with the popular TV show.

    Truth was Taylor and I hardly even spend any time together anymore, and for the most part were now more like two strangers who slept in the same house. I suppose we were just too much alike, both stubborn and ruthless.

    The small arguments and general dark mood between us probably made for the explosive confrontation inevitable. Not to mention it was all starting to manifest itself in the Goth-like makeup she was applying to her face.

    To make matters worse I had only recently discovered that Momsen liked to date, and from what I read in the tabloids it seemed she liked to do a lot more than just that.

    She apparently slept around and screwed around with a lot of different people, even admitting to one journalist that she was "dating" more than one person at the same time, one of which was another female.

    I had no idea if any of it was true, but I couldn't believe she was actually proud of it. And judging by her recent choice of friends - sidling up to renowned porn stars Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey - I knew she was na´ve enough to get into a whole lot of trouble.

    Looking back I suppose I wasn't exactly the best role model either, with her mother and I essentially having an open marriage. In fact in recent weeks I had been in the process of charming the pants off her co-star Leighton Meester.

    I guess I should have expected some blow back from that, especially as Leighton had actually shown some interest and agreed to accompany me on several dates - if you call having sex in the car and various public places around town "dates."

    Be that as it may, Taylor was apparently using that as some kind of excuse to treat me like shit. I guess things started to get weird around the apartment when one afternoon I had arrived home from work and had "accidentally" walked in on her while she was in the shower.

    Truth be told I was more shocked at her reaction or lack thereof than I was at seeing her naked body, as it apparently didn't faze her. After that episode I soon came to the realization that there was more than just one kind of tension developing in the house.

    In fact things took a turn for the surreal when Leighton and I would screw around and she'd playfully talk about Taylor and role-play with me - and pretend to be my step-daughter.

    At first this was done in the interest of fun but we soon realized just how worked up it made us much so that I actually fucked Leighton in the ass in some dark alley after a movie.

    So maybe I was kidding myself about how shocked I was at the sight of Taylor's skimpy little attire. I was just too afraid to admit my true feelings for her.

    Well for whatever reason before I could think straight I found myself towering over her, demanding that she march back upstairs to change into something more appropriate.

    "Bill. I don't have time for this." She quipped. "My friends are waiting for me outside."

    "Bill?" I repeated, annoyed that she would use that tone and not call me dad or daddy like she used to.

    "It's not Bill young lady." I reprimanded her. "It's dad. Or father."

    "Ha. Yeah. Right." She scoffed as she attempted to push her way past me. "You're not my dad. You never will be."

    Once again I stopped her from leaving and pushed her back to the sofa.

    "And from now on." I added. "No more going out dressed like a cheap slut."


    "But nothing Taylor." I told her. "It's my house, my rules."

    Taylor pouted.

    "So get your tight little ass back upstairs and change." I blared. "And you can forget about meeting up with your skanky little friends."

    I half expected her to yell back, and in fact braced for it, but I had absolutely no idea how to respond when Taylor simply smiled seductively at me, as though seeing right into my soul.

    It was only a moment later that I realized what I had blurted "tight little ass" and could feel myself starting to blush. Walking to the bottom of the stairs Taylor glanced over her shoulder and grinned.

    "What's wrong dad." She taunted. "Are you mad because I dressed like a slut...or because I'm actually getting laid."

    I had a flash of revelation as her remark revved my anger up a thousand times over.

    "Get your ass upstairs now!" I barked.

    Something in my voice was enough to scare her into action, and she rushed up the stairs towards her room. But as she reached the top of the stairs she turned around one final time and began to shout.

    "I hate you! I wish my mom never met you! You can't tell me what to do. You can't tell me what to wear. I can go out with whomever I want. And I can FUCK who ever I feel like! You impotent prick!"

    With irresistible compulsion I chased on after her as Taylor shrieked and bolted for her bedroom. Terrified at what I might do, she slammed the door as I climbed the stairs two steps at a time.

    "You little SLUT!" I yelled as I reached the top and began to undo my thick belt.

    Her room was basically the same as it had been since high school, a little young for her even then with lots of pink, and lots of movie posters. I was so enraged at the time that without thinking I brutally kicked in her door, almost breaking it off its hinges.

    "Eeeii!" She yelped, as I entered her inner sanctum.

    It was only now that I noticed that she had one hand on the window and was attempting to sneak out of her room.

    I was so enraged I barely registered what I was doing, and detecting her girlish bedroom only infuriated me more as I began to wonder what the hell ever happened to my sweet, innocent step-daughter.

    Taylor just stood there, staring at me expectantly. Noting my anger she finally grinned as if taunting me. Her face was a strange mixture of fear and amusement. She seemed to get off on provoking me.

    "Alright-Alright." She stated calmly. "I'll change okay?"

    With that said Taylor smirked mischievously to herself as she flipped her shirt right over her head, leaving her to stand there completely topless and exposed while she sauntered over to the wardrobe.

    I almost gasped to the action and instinctively looked away, still shocked by her blase demeanor. Meanwhile Taylor simply grinned as she perused what to wear, and caught me sneaking glances at her through the mirror.

    In all honestly she had to have had the best set of tits I had ever seen.

    "Taylor." I finally protested. "Put some clothes on please."

    "Sure. Okay. I'll wear whatever you want daddy." she said in an almost seductive tone.

    There was definitely an implication in her remark, a double meaning that was truly the final straw for me.

    "I can put something else on." She added. "But I really have to go out tonight...and you can't stop me."

    Watching her flaunt her body like this and attempt to tease her way out of trouble got me so infuriated, so enraged that I finally snapped.

    "You fucking little tramp!" I shouted as I grabbed her by the arm and spun her around to face me. "You're not going anywhere tonight. Understand!"

    In an instant I pushed her backwards and pinned her up against the wall, my hand wrapped around her throat. Gasping in surprise, Taylor stood there frozen in fear for a moment, staring at me wide eyed while her large naked chest heaved enticingly.

    With her mouth agape, her glossy wet lips quivered, and I could feel her breath on my face. Without thinking, the next think I knew I was kissing her hard on the lips, frantically making out with her without the slightest feeling of repentance or shame.

    o my amazement, not only did Taylor not resist but she keenly reciprocated and eagerly slipping her wet tongue back into my mouth.

    "I'll get you out of these fucking clothes." I growled as I pawed at her heavy chest.

    With that said, I suddenly and violently tore at her sexy little denim short, almost ripping them apart.

    "Oh." she sighed softly, as I shoved them down her long smooth legs and exposed her to the room.

    "Oh. Bill. I'll do whatever you want." she cooed between kisses. "I'll do whatever you want daddy."

    I stood there admiring her excited breasts for a moment, watching as her large chest rise and fall. My emotions were now on autopilot, and some part of me hoped this would let me escape my guilt after everything I had been put through.

    Grabbing her wrists I then pushed her backwards and this time towards her untidy bed. Catching the mattress with the back of her heels caused her to topple over and fall back onto the bed.

    With her shorts already ripped and open, it was easy to peel them from around her feet, leaving her to lie there on her own bed as naked as the day she was born.

    True to her word she did not refuse me as I suddenly realized that my sexy young step-daughter had planned to go out for the night with no underwear whatsoever.

    "Oh. You little slut." I gasped as I discovered that not only was she entirely naked underneath her shorts but that she was completely shaved clean.

    "Who showed you how to shave you pussy like that?" I hissed. "You're whorish mother? You porn star friends?"

    Nothing on earth could now stop me as I moved to push her long legs apart with my knees, spreading her wide on the bed and giving me complete access to her teenage cunt.

    "So you want to look like a slut huh?" I muttered. "Then I'm going to treat you like one."

    A moment later I dropped to my knees between her parted knees and wrapped my arms firmly around her soft smooth thighs.

    "Oh. Daddy." she gasped erotically. "Please."

    "Please what?" I snapped back. "Don't you fucking move. Understand?"

    She simply nodded her head in agreement as I jerked her body to the edge of the bed, noting how incredibly sexy she looked completely naked except for the high heeled shoes she still had on.

    Taylor whimpered nervously as I leaned in and without warning slowly dragged my tongue along her hairless slit.

    "Oh. Bill." she moaned audibly. "Oh. God."

    She indeed tasted as good as she looked. Her pussy was sopping wet. No doubt due to my anger or despite it. Nevertheless, I eagerly slurped and sucked on her gleaming quim as Taylor could only moan and thrash about beneath me.

    Watching her legs and heels flap around in the air only spurred me on, as I coated my mouth and chin with her delicious juices. Unable to hold off any longer I quickly replaced my head with my hips, and before she could object I guided my manhood towards her teen cunt.

    Taylor simply glared up at me with wide eyes as I gently rubbed the head of my bell-end against her dripping wet sex, running it up and down and the full length of her slot and smearing her juices all around in the process.

    "Oh. Shit." she sighed as the contact caused us both to groan in unison. "You're so hard."

    "Hmm." I growled back. "And you're so fucking wet. Does my baby girl want to get fucked. Huh?"

    "Yeah." she purred. "Please daddy. Fuck me. Do it. Stick that big fat cock inside me."

    Clutching her by the legs, I then carefully eased my cock into my famous daughter's cunt, causing her to sigh and tremble as half my length effortlessly sank inside her.

    Taylor finally reached down to grab hold of her own legs, pulling them apart as I began to pull back and then sink back into her, and proceeded to fuck her tight young cunt intently.

    "Ugh. Oh. Yeah." she grunted. "Fuck me daddy. Fuck your whore daughter."

    "Is that what you want?" I panted. "You want to get fucked! You want daddy's big fat cock inside you sweetheart?"

    "Yes! Yes." she moaned. "I need to get fucked daddy. Deeper. Faster. Please."

    Gripping her hips, I then began to piston in and out of her a rapid pace.

    Like Taylor I was now moaning involuntarily, overwhelmed with the pleasure and taboo of it all. To my surprise her experience began to show, as I felt her moving her body and hips in a steady rhythm.

    She was now twisting her hips and grinding her ass back at me, making sure that every inch of my manhood was rubbing, stroking, and massaging her velvet walls.

    With the amount of effort she was putting I knew I wouldn't last long, and I soon let out the last of my anger at her.

    "Oh baby." I hissed. "You're just like your mother. So fucking wet and tight!"

    "Yeah daddy. Fuck me." she moaned back. "Fuck me the same way you fuck her!"

    We both moaned aloud as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately on the mouth, begging me to make her cum.

    She then wrapped her strong legs firmly around my waist and I suddenly felt her hit her peak, climaxing violently. Taylor dug her long nails into my back as I too approached my zenith.

    In an instant I reluctantly pulled out and attempted to shoot my gooey load all over her belly, when without warning she pushed me away from her and jumped to kneel between my legs and spearing out her tongue and insisted I cum all over her face.

    "No! Here." she gasped. "Shoot your load all over my face!"

    Gripping my cock I instantaneously erupted, coating her pretty mouth with rope after rope of hot syrupy semen. Falling to the bed in a heap, Taylor giggled to herself as she wiped her cum-glazed face.

    "Jesus Bill." she casually remarked. "You really need to get in shape."

    Still dazed and confused, I was still trying to find the right words to say before she spoke again.

    "So um." she spoke softly. "Does this mean I can wear that outfit tonight?"

    "Maybe." I replied. "On one condition."

    "What. Anything."

    "As long as you get home before midnight... and you tell me all about your wild night with your friends."

    "Hmm." she grinned while licking her cum-soaked fingers. "I think something can be arranged."

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