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Thread: Hollywood Hot List Chapter 1 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood Hot List Chapter 1 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Eliza Dushku and Lindsay Lohan
    Created by TPG

    It's 8am as you're abruptly awoken by the alarm by the side of your bed and you glance over to see a familiar face lying beside you. Eliza Dushku whines about the noise as you get up, and admiring her naked form, you wander off to the kitchen to make breakfast and check your email and look over your itinerary.

    Being an assistant to the editor-in-chief at Maxim Magazine, you're still on a high as you've been promoted in recent days and entrusted with the magazines next big assignment which involves compiling a list of Hollywood's hottest ladies for 2011.

    To your delight, the position has already proved rewarding as the office threw an extravagant party in your honor the night before, in which you hooked up with one of the many guests at the party, the slayer herself: Faith Lehane aka Eliza Dushku.

    Just then, you watch as Eliza wanders out into the kitchen in nothing more than a shirt and a smile. She helps herself to a glass of OJ as she looks over your shoulder to see what you're doing on your laptop.

    "Are you working on the list?" she smiles, as you grin and obstruct her view.

    The two of you briefly grapple and play-wrestle before Eliza pulls you away from the computer and over to the sofa. There she playfully pushes you to the couch and kneels before you on the floor as she reaches up to fish out the erection in your boxers briefs.

    "Err. Yes?" You snicker at her. "Can I help you with something? What do you think you're doing young lady?"

    "What's it look like." Eliza quips as she grabs hold of your cock and strokes it intently. "I'm taking care of the kid."

    With that said, the TV starlet leans forward and takes you're hard cock into her mouth and proceeds to blow you, her eyes never leaving yours as she takes you into the back of her narrow throat, and gagging briefly, swallows you whole.

    You watch in wonder as one of Hollywood's sexiest actresses flashes you a cheeky wink, and you can't help but marvel at Dushku's cock-sucking abilities and note the way she really seems to get a kick out of performing for you.

    She clearly "gets off" on sucking cock, and is good at it too.

    "Take off your shirt." You tell her, as she happily complies and is now left to kneel completely naked before you, her mouth never leaving your tool.

    Taking the side of her face, you attempt to fuck her pretty mouth but Eliza resists and flicks your hand away and apparently insists that she stay in full and total control.

    The "Dollhouse" actress takes your breath away as she licks the full length of your rod with the flat of her tongue and suddenly dips down to take your balls into her hot talented mouth.

    "Spread your legs for me." she suggests with a grin, before pushing them wide with her hands.

    Your eyes then roll into the back of your head as she proceeds to lick you all over, starting with your balls and then working her tongue even lower to brush across your taint.

    You hear yourself gasp out loud as the ravishing beauty pauses for a moment to abruptly spit between your parted legs, and gently ease a single digit into your butt while her other hand continues to grip and stroke your stiff length.

    "Holy shit." You gasp at the combined stimulation.

    "You like that?" she smirks up at you with saliva smeared lips.

    All you can do in nod involuntarily while Eliza continues to carefully massage your prostate, spitting at her finger some more.

    "Are you going to cum for me?" she teases.


    "I want to see you shot that fucking load all over my face!" she purrs.

    Her words are all it takes to send you over the edge, and before you can control yourself you start to squirm and thrash about uncontrollably on the sofa and announce your impeding orgasm through gritted teeth.

    To your delight the Albanian-American swiftly scoots forward and suddenly takes your throbbing manhood back into her hot wet mouth, sucking you deeply as you abruptly fill the back of her throat with lava-like goo, choking her briefly.

    It seems she's desperate to have you unload in her mouth which you're only too happy to oblige. Swallowing hard, the sexy brunette sits back on her heels smugly and washes her mouth out with a glass of OJ as she reminds you of the promise you made to her earlier that morning.

    "So I assume I'll see my name somewhere on that list, right?" she grins as she struts around the kitchen naked as can be.

    "Sure. Why not." You agree while admiring her ass, despite the fact that deep down inside you know you have no intentions of following through.

    A few minutes later you're in the car on the way to the office when you check your messages and are taken aback as you realize there are two dozen missed calls. It seems word has spread around town about your current position at the men's magazine, and with your boss getting hitched and expecting a family soon, it's no secret that you're next in line to take over.

    This development doesn't seem to be lost on several celebrities, and their very persuasive representatives, as they suddenly seem eager to meet with you and get some face time together.

    A few minutes later you arrive to the office and find yourself inundated with calls and messages from more celebrities. Just then, the phone rings and you answer it to hear a very sexy and seductive voice on the other end.

    Right away the mystery woman openly flirts with you and claims that you must meet with her right away. You snicker at the suggestion as you still have no idea who she is, but you're quickly taken aback as you hear her giggle and tell you that you're in fact speaking with Lindsay Lohan.

    "Are you there?" she says in her notoriously husky tone. "What's wrong?"

    Lindsay then claims the two of you have mutual friends and that she wants to discuss an urgent matter with you ASAP. Laughing nervously, you tell her that you're extremely busy with various meetings throughout the day but can arrange to see her sometime next week, but she smiles through the phone and insists that she'll make it worth your while.

    "You will huh?"

    "Come on." Lindsay teases. "Just give me 15mins. Trust me. It's all the time I need."

    "Yeah. I bet." You snicker.

    Intrigued by her offer, you can hardly resist and know that if you refuse you'll most probably never forgive yourself. With that said, you agree to meet with her at a local Coffee Bean in Santa Monica and head out the door.

    Minutes later you arrive to the location and step inside to find Lindsay seated at a booth by the window. There she sits with her black sunglasses on, playing with her phone while enjoying a coffee.

    Watching her for a moment you see her wave towards a car situated in the parking lot outside and realize she's not alone. In fact, your surprised to see that her mother Dina Lohan is seated in the front seat and appears to be preoccupied with own phone conversation.

    Spotting you at the door, Lindsay smiles and formally introduces herself to you. Taking a seat, you're actually taken aback by her natural beauty and you have to remind yourself that she is in fact is the same troubled star you've seen on TV and in various gossip rags.

    Ordering a coffee, you don't waste time and get right down to business and tell Lindsay that you don't have much time as you're extremely busy with various interviews and flight preparations.

    Glancing out at the car her mom waves at you, making you both laugh at the strange circumstances. Lohan finally tells you the motive behind her call and claims that she's interested in promoting her latest project - a perfume her people have created in her name.

    The actress goes on to say that she knows all about your latest assignment and wants to make you a proposition.

    Lindsay claims she has no money to speak of for the ad campaign behind the perfume, but instead offers to help out in any way she can with the hot list in exchange for an opportunity to sell her perfume in the same magazine issue.

    "I mean. I assume I'm in the top 10 Hot List this year, right?" she quips, as you simply shrug your shoulders and agree.

    Noting your reluctance, Lindsay goes on.

    "Look. I know who you are and I know you can make it happen." she insists. "Am I right? Or did I call the wrong guy?"

    To your amusement the perfume hasn't even been released yet, though she's apparently convinced that it's a slam dunk and that it'll be a raging success.

    In saying that, you have to wonder what her real motivations are but you soon deduce that the onetime Disney star is only trying to con her way into you're employment so as to avoid jail in a few weeks time.

    It seems Lindsay's under the impression that if she has a job and is busy with a pet project that the judge will take her employment into consideration, take pity on her, and won't lock her up for several months.

    "And how exactly can you help me Lindsay?" You ask her bluntly. "Last I heard you're getting hauled off to jail in a few weeks."

    Lohan explains that she's an accomplished writer and photographer in her spare time and would love to help with compiling the interviews. Naturally you're a little suspicious about her sudden bought of generosity and you snicker at the suggestion, which only infuriates her.

    "I tell you what," You remark. "I'll definitely think about it."

    "Please do." she urges, as she reaches out to grab your hand. "Just so you know. This really means a lot to me."

    "I can only imagine." You grin.

    "No. Honest." she claims. "I've always wanted to get involved in such a project."

    Watching her charm and sweet talk her way through the meeting, you suddenly feel a shot of adrenaline shoot up your spine as you realize that you really have nothing to lose, and decide to have some fun and see just how far the troubled actress is willing to go.

    "So anyway," You boldly remark. "You told me on the phone that if I came here today you were going to make this worth my while."

    Suddenly, Lindsay seems to lose the smile and puts on her game face as she realizes what you're insinuating.

    "What did you have in mind?" she replies in a sultry tone.

    "I dunno. You tell me, Lindsay." You reply. "You're the one who made the bold claim earlier."

    Thinking quickly, Lohan looks at her mom in the car who is still preoccupied with her own issues then back at you and smiles seductively.

    "Well. I guess I could blow you?" she casually offers.

    Noting this, you can't help but grin - glad to know that all those rumors you heard about her are true.

    "Good." You smile. "I knew I wasn't wasting my time with you."

    "No. I'll definitely blow you," she adds. "But only if you promise to give my offer some serious thought."


    Naturally you're more than interested in watching her suck your cock, in fact it's something you've fantasized about for the longest time but you don't show her your true emotions. Instead you play coy as the two of you now sit there silently for several moments just smiling and enjoying the moment before you finally speak.

    "You know, as tempting as that offer sounds I have to imagine that this opportunity means a lot more to you than just a BJ."


    Lindsay just looks at you blankly as you only now realize that the top she's wearing is almost transparent. Glaring intently, you can clearly see that she isn't wearing a bra underneath and her puffy pink nipples are protruding from underneath the fabric.

    Looking over at Dina in the car you then add, "Truth be told I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't take advantage of this situation right now."

    "Is that right." she remarks sarcastically.

    "Yeah, that's right." You quip. "In fact I've always had a fantasy about taking that sweet ass of yours."

    The actress sits there seemingly unfazed, as though she gets propositioned for anal sex all the time.

    "Is that what you really want?" she finally replies softly. "To take my ass?"

    "What do you think, Lindsay?" You grin. "Damn straight."

    "But you do know I only date girls, right?"

    "Ha. I don't care." You laugh. "Think of this as a business transaction."

    With that said the critically acclaimed actress gets up from the table - flashing you her incredible breasts in the process.

    "Fine. Meet me in the restroom in 60secs."

    You then watch as she wanders down the hall and out of view before you glance back at the car and notice that her mother is laughing and flirting on the phone while hanging her cigarette out the window.

    Despite your calm exterior you can't help but get a little anxious as the reality of what has just occurred hits you, the fact that you successfully talked Lindsay Lohan into anal sex.

    Collecting your things, you calmly make your way down the hall and gently knock on the door to hear Lindsay tell you to come in.

    Inside, you're taken aback by the vision before you as Lindsay now stands there pants less, scantily clad in just a transparent top and thong panties and her high heeled boots, which only accentuate her strong shapely legs. Shutting the door behind you, Lindsay turns to face you.

    "So. Where do you want to do this?" she asks. "Over here by the John, or right here against the door standing up?"

    Shrugging your shoulders, you answer her by kissing her hard on the lips and pinning her back against the door.

    Lindsay giggles at your enthusiasm and moans into your mouth as you casually grope one of her large soft breasts through her see-thru top. Spinning her around, you pin her up against the door as you run your hands over her body... across her hips, back, and along her bare butt.

    "Hmm. Such a great ass." You murmur as you admire her prize winning derriere.

    Pulling her back by the hips, you motion for her to keep her face pressed against the door but step back and bend her over, instructing her to open her stands and arch back for you to accentuate her round backside.

    Giving her tight tushy a firm smack, you lick your palm and slip it between her legs and you both moan as you realize just how excited she already appears to be.

    "Only date girls huh?" You snicker into her ear. "Fucking liar! You love this shit."

    Lindsay simply grins over her shoulder as you casually twiddle with her moistening sex and gently glide a single digit along and between her soft velvety folds, smearing her wetness and exploring her hairless cunt.

    To your surprise the actress suddenly stands up straight and objects, claiming that her clam is off limits and that she only agreed to give you her ass and nothing more.

    "Fine." You shrug. "Whatever."

    With that said you instruct her to bend over again as you now play with her puckered bunghole, and teasing it briefly before you slowly ease a single finger inside.

    Fascinated, you moan aloud as you discover that despite her antics she's extremely tight back there but very compliant. Watching her body respond to your touch, there's no doubt in your mind that she's definitely had anal before.

    "We have to hurry okay?" Lindsay quips a minute later.


    "My mom is waiting for me in the car park outside."

    Noting this you roll your eyes as you quickly position yourself directly behind the infamously troubled ingénue, and guide you hard cock towards her tight backdoor.

    "Mmmm." You groan as you watch the tip of your bell-end pop past her pliant sphincter muscle. "Straight to the ass, eh Lindsay?"

    Pushing forward you finally fill her back passage with half your length before you proceed to slowly move your hips back and forth and leisurely fuck her against the door, taking your time to find a steady pace.

    Lindsay grunts softly as you proceed to pound her ass a little harder, and gripping her firmly by the neck and hair you stick your tongue in her ear as you fuck her sweet, sweet round ass.

    "Ugh! Fuck." she grunts erotically. "Not so hard. Slow down cowboy."

    "Where's my cock right now?" You tease into her ear. "Tell me, you little slut."

    "Oh. It's in my ass." she whimpers hotly.

    "Sorry?" You gripe. "I can't hear you."

    "You're cock... it's in my ass!" she blares. "You're fucking my ass!"

    "You like that don't you?" You hiss. "You might enjoy eating pussy, but you definitely love getting you backdoor filled with cock, am I right?"

    "Yes." she moans softly. "Fuck yeah."

    Just then you're both startled as you suddenly hear a knock at the bathroom door, and while the two of you freeze with fear for a moment, you're shocked to hear that it's in fact Lindsay's mom Dina Lohan on the other side of the door.

    "Sweetheart?" You hear Dina remark. "Are you okay in there?"

    "Fuck!" Lindsay hisses under her breath. "See. I told you to hurry up!"

    "Yes mom! Jesus." Lindsay rolls her eyes. "Go away! Can you just give me 5-fucking minutes please!"

    "I'm sorry sweetheart, but you have an important call." Dina tells her. "Do you want me to take a message? I can tell her to call you back?"

    "No! Wait." You hear Lindsay respond, and to your amusement watch as Lindsay proceeds to unlock the door.

    With your cock still wedged firmly inside her tight rectum, you watch as Lindsay opens the door and reaches out to snatch the phone from her mom's hand.

    For a moment you exchange eye contact with Dina and you can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all as she then nonchalantly answers the call and has a fucking parole interview over the phone... while now getting drilled in the ass!

    Feeling devious, you decide to have a little fun of your own and you proceed to thrust into her from behind, causing her to gasp and yelp out involuntarily as your fuck her ass.

    "Err. I um... OH!" Lindsay stammers over the phone. "I need to uh... UGH! Call you back?"

    Having finally hung up the phone, you swiftly pick up the pace and drill her hard and fast causing her to moan out loud against the door, enough to concern her mother on the other side.

    "Honey?" Dina yells from the hallway. "Are you sure you're okay in there?"

    As hard as you try you can't help but laugh at the entire situation as you continue to fuck Lindsay vigorously. Just then, Lindsay reaches down to peel her top over her head, leaving her to stand there in nothing more than her high heeled boots.

    Noting this, you suddenly pull out and announce your impeding orgasm as you watch the "Mean Girls" star instinctively dive to the floor before you and cup her remarkable breasts with both hands, inviting you to shoot you load all over remarkable tits.

    Without warning you happily oblige and abruptly glaze her incredible chest with your creamy load. Catching your breath, Lindsay proceeds to clean herself up as you put away your spent cock and give yourself the once over in the mirror.

    "So... does this mean I get the job?" she asks you.

    "No. but I'll definitely keep in touch." You tell her as you proceed to leave the room.

    Outside in the hallway you immediately find yourself face to face with her mother who flashes you a flirtatious look.

    "Can I have my phone back?" Dina inquires, knowing full well you just had sex with her daughter in a public restroom.

    You shake your head and try not to laugh out loud at how bizarre the entire scene is and return to your car where you hear your phone chime again informing you that you have several new messages waiting to be heard.

    Rolling your eyes, you peruse the list and notice that two of messages in particular catch your attention. One is from Eliza Dushku (your guest and bed fellow this morning) and the new but familiar name of Alyson Michalka?


    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<


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    Amazing start to what will undoubtedly be one of, and hopefully, the best CYA series yet. The bathroom scene with Lindsay was the best. Definitely hot, but not without a laugh or at least a grin while reading it near the end there with her mom and the phone call. Overall a great read and I greatly look forward to the rest of the series, especially the next chapter for obvious reasons.

    VOTE for the Michalka sisters!

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    Good stuff with Eliza Dushku.I voted for the Michalka Sisters.Maybe you could have them make out for guy to try to get on list.

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    THANKS TPG! Please!!! Michalka Sisters! Need A LOT more stories with them together and individually!

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