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Thread: Hollywood Hot List Chapter 2 (CYA)

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    Default Hollywood Hot List Chapter 2 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Ashley Tisdale, Miranda Cosgrove, Debby Ryan, and Alyson and Amanda Michalka
    Created by TPG

    Several hours after getting a message from Alyson Michalka, you're on a plane to the "Hellcats" set in Vancouver to discuss shooting something special with the girls for next month's issue. Arriving on set, you're immediately taken aback by the scene as everyone seems to be under the age of thirty and wandering around half naked. It's an intimidating scene as you're soon directed to an auditorium where you finally see Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale running through their paces.

    Watching them work through one of their dance routines, you glance to your side and notice an attractive blonde staring and smiling at you widely. Right away you can't help but notice her mouth which is filled with metal as it seems that despite her age she apparently has braces? It's just about the most adorable and sexiest fucking thing you've ever seen and you smile back at her.

    "You're that guy from the magazine, right?" she says as she steps towards you.

    The blonde then introduces herself to you as Amanda "AJ" Michalka and tells you that it was her idea that her sister contact you. You and AJ make small talk before Alyson and Ashley finally complete their scene and approach and introduce themselves also. Right away the girls openly flirt with you and invite you to join them back to their trailer as they need to shower and change out of their cheerleading costumes.

    There you sit and chat with AJ as the others undress and shower in the background, and you're taken aback as you realize that the girls are in fact showering together?

    "Are they really in the shower together back there?" You ask AJ.

    "Sure!" the younger Michalka sister giggles. "They do it all the time."

    Noting the expression on your face AJ adds, "But don't worry, my sister isn't a lesbian or anything like that!"

    "Oh really," You reply. "And how do you know that?"

    "Trust me," AJ quips. "She's just like me... she loves cock!"

    A few minutes later the ladies emerged from the back of the trailer and are dressed to impress. Alyson then explains how she wants to discuss an elaborate "Hellcats" promotional shoot for the magazine over some drinks at a local bar they frequent, among other things (the Hot List). You then accompany the ladies to the bar and it's there as you sit and discuss their ideas that you notice that Tisdale seems distant and distracted, and you ask her if everything is alright.

    Ashley goes on to tell you that she is in fact waiting for some friends to arrive who have flown in from Los Angeles to visit her for the weekend, and just as she explains the situation to you, she suddenly shrieks with glee and jumps up to greet those very people. You then glance over your shoulder and see two very attractive yet noticeably young starlets standing in the doorway who AJ explains are Miranda Cosgrove and Debby Ryan.

    The ladies are apparently stars in their own right, and are in town to celebrate their eighteenth birthday together as their birthdays fall just one day apart from one another. It seems the ladies smartly decided to celebrate the big occasion across the border in Vancouver due to the lower drinking age. Ashley ultimately brings the ladies over to the table and briefly introduces everyone before she suggests you all relocate to the nightclub upstairs.

    Right away you catch the teens chatting amongst themselves, and judging from the way they're looking and giggling at you, you're almost certain that they're talking about you. Upstairs, the ladies find a large but secluded area to sit as the Michalka sisters rush back and forth to arrange the multiple trays of alcohol for everyone. With the drinks flowing freely, it doesn't take long for everyone to get noticeably drunk.

    To your amusement it's only the second or third time the teen starlets have enjoyed alcohol before, and they're noticeably slurring their words and giggling uncontrollably amongst themselves. Naturally, Tisdale is well aware of this and feeling a little overprotective, she instructs you to keep an eye out on them and insists that you do not let them leave your sight. Noting the way Debby looks at you, you keenly accept before you invite the busty teen to join you in several more shots.

    That said, out teen guests are in a very playful mood and they literally drag you to the dance floor where they proceed to bump and grind against you. To your delight it doesn't take long for Debby and Miranda to put on quite the sexy little show, as they proceed to grope and fondle each other in full view of everyone. The others soon join in on the festivities and dance erotically as well, with the Michalka sisters flanking you on both sides and picking up where the others left off.

    With the music blaring from the speakers, the sexy sisters sandwich you between them and you're taken aback as you feel AJ actually reach down and covertly grab your hard-on through your pants before you turn and grind that same erection against her sisters round rump. You almost moan out loud as you discover just how firm and tight Alyson's ass really is, before you slide your hands around her hips and over her slender tummy and slowly snake your fingertips just below her breasts.

    The curvaceous blonde does not resist as you feel her sister AJ take up the rear and grind her own athletic figure against yours, her hands on your chest and crotch while she seductively breathes into your ear. A minute later you take the opportunity to duck off to the bathroom to take a leak and when you return you find Tisdale sitting alone by the bar and enjoying the spectacle.

    There you join her for a drink, and throwing back several shots, you get to know each other better as you discuss her career and friends, and her BFF back in Los Angeles Vanessa Hudgens.

    "She really wants to meet you." Tisdale claims, referring to her onetime "High School Musical" co-star.

    According to her, Vanessa is very interested in making the cut (for the hot list) this year, and is eager to please and impress you and prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that she in fact belongs on the list. Ashley then gives you Vanessa's cell phone number and insists that you text her later and arrange to meet with her in Los Angeles over the weekend.

    Just then, Ashley is soon approached by a group of guys as Miranda and Debby come over to join you at bar for more drinks. At this point you actually grow concerned as the ladies are clearly wasted and can hardly stand on their feet much less speak coherently, and for the first time that night you start to wonder if it's a good idea for them to continue drinking, knowing full well they're going to regret it in the morning.

    Still, you find it amusement as its obvious at this point that they're now just trying to impress you. With that in mind, you initiate a few body shots between the girls and watch as Miranda leans over to lick salt and lemon from Debby's ample cleavage. The next thing you remember is being alone with Miranda in some dimply lit hallway at the back of the club, with the music still blaring loudly from the speakers as the two of you make out fervently and grope one another.

    Squeezing her breasts through her dress, Miranda moans into your mouth and mumbles something unintelligible.

    "What about the others?" she finally whispers through heavy bloodshot eyes. "They're going to notice we're missing."

    You simply shrug before you slip your hand between her long slender legs and lovingly caress her panty clad crotch making her coo. To your delight you quickly discover that despite her young age Miranda is well versed in foreplay as she rewards your daring actions by plunging her long wet tongue into your mouth, urging you on. You now gently caress and massage the outline of her slot through her silk panties and feel her move her hips back and forth, grinding her sex against your digits and almost encouraging and daring you to go further.

    "You like that don't you?" You remark, as Miranda simply smiles up at you.

    "You fucking tease," You add. "You're not as innocent as you make out to be, are you?"

    "I can be." she replies, "But not tonight."

    "Oh? And why is that? What's so special about tonight, Miranda?"

    "Tonight I feel dirty." she purrs with a sly grin. "Tonight I feel like a bad girl."

    Sharing another kiss, Miranda suddenly pulls back and blushes brightly as you hear someone clear their throat behind you and you turn to find Debby Ryan standing there. With drink in hand, the busty brunette has a sly grin on her face and can barely stand there without swaying in the nonexistent breeze.

    "There you guys are!" she beams, "I was looking for you guys!"

    "Well, you found us." You tell her, as you pull Miranda close to you again and kiss her face sweetly.

    Caught up in the moment, Cosgrove initiates another kiss and moans into your mouth as you grab her ass with both hands and suck her long wet tongue into your mouth. You finally break the embrace only to see Debby still standing there watching you intently, enviously, biting her bottom lip.

    "Well? Are you going to stand there all night?" You quip. "Or are you going to come over here and join us?"

    Not knowing what to do, Debby blushes and looks over at Miranda who simply smiles and nods in agreement. Ryan finally moves her feet and takes a few steps towards you before you suddenly reach out and grab her by the wrist and kiss her hard on the lips, taking her breath away. With the club music now pounding loudly in your ears, you're filled with adrenaline as the two of you make out for the first time before you abruptly break your lip-lock with her and return to sucking-face with Miranda again.

    You now hold both of the young actresses in each arm as you take turns kissing them passionately, savoring their lips and rating their varying techniques. Squeezing their teen asses with both of your hands, you finally urge the two to stop and pause and share a moment together, and kiss. As this happens, you take the opportunity to fondle one of Debby's large breasts, and feeling bold you pull her outfit down enough to expose one of her erect nipples.

    In an instant you lean over and hungrily devour one of the stuff nubs between your lips, causing her to inhale sharply and moan into her friend's mouth. Pulling her top all the way down, both of her pert breasts are now exposed to the cool breeze as you encourage Miranda to follow suit. The "iCarly" star reluctantly breaks her lip-lock with Debby, and kissing her way down Ryan's supple neck, she finally takes her left nipple into her mouth as you hungrily devour her friend's right teat.

    Debby can only moan as the two of you have your seedy way with her, exposing and man handling her nubile body for your own pleasure.

    "Hmm, I think she likes that Miranda?" You grin, as the ladies lock eyes and watch Cosgrove hungrily suckle her breast.

    Just then, you feel a hand on your erection and see Ryan flash you a devious grin. She definitely wants to take this encounter to the next level, and you're eager to see just how far the sexy nymphet is willing to go. Without saying a single word, Debby unzips your fly and pulls out your cock and now strokes you keenly as you and Miranda return your attention to each other. Suddenly, the "16 Wishes" star moves to kneel in front of you in the dark corridor and before you can respond you watch in awe as she impatiently takes your hard cock into her young mouth, taking your breath away as you feel her soft wet lips envelope you fully.

    You can only groan appreciatively as you feel Debby instantly swirl her hot wet tongue around the head of your penis, and without thinking you instinctively respond by swiftly slipping two fingers inside Miranda's silk panties and stuffing them into her tight little cunt.

    "Ugh!" Miranda grunts in surprise, before rewarding you with her tongue again.

    The three of you make quite the wild scene as you now make out and finger-bang Miranda Cosgrove against the wall, while Debby Ryan (who is topless for the most part) sucks your cock in the dimply lit hallway. This extraordinary scene continues to for several moments when suddenly you hear a commotion and see Ashley Tisdale rush over and interrupt the three of you, pulling her friends away from your grasp.

    "What the fuck are you doing?!" Ashley screams, as AJ rushes over to stop her from slapping you.

    Flipping her lid, Tisdale proceeds to scream and berate you and claims that you're taking advantage of her young (drunk) friends. To your amusement the girls stand up for themselves and there's a heated exchange before Tisdale grabs them both by the arms and demands they leave with her immediately. You're then left to stand there with AJ who can't stop laughing and apparently finds the entire incident amusing.

    "What's so funny, smart ass?" You state.

    "You're so bad!" she snickers before she grabs you by the hand and suggests the two of you find her sister.

    A few minutes later you watch from a distance as Ashley exchanges words with Alyson before leaving the club with her friends in a huff. The Michalka sisters are soon reunited and you listen to them make plans to leave the club as well. Despite Tisdale's foul mood, Aly and AJ are still in high spirits and they insist you join them back to the hotel for more drinks and fun. You happily consent, and while on the way back to the hotel the three of you are so plastered from the night's festivities that you can barely walk.

    Clutching each other for dear life, you take this opportunity to playfully grope and fondle both of them at the same time, making them giggle. Fortunately for you the girls are in a very frisky mood, and inside Alyson quickly puts on some tunes and turns on some pay-per-view porn and invites you to get comfortable as she prepares the drinks.

    "You really watch this stuff?" You grin as you notice how shameless the sisters appear to be towards pornography.

    "I don't, but my sister does." Alyson claims. "AJ watches it all the time and thinks I don't know about it, but I do!"

    "Aly!" Amanda protests.

    The sisters argue briefly before their attention is drawn back to the hardcore action on the screen.

    "Mm, that looks so fucking good right about now." Alyson remarks before she disappears into the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of Southern Comfort.

    You take a seat on the sofa and are soon joined by her as her sister AJ helps herself to a beer and sits on the floor leaning back against the wall directly opposite the TV, watching the explicit action intently. As drunk as you all are, you're all captivated by the film and at one point you hear Alyson giggle and nod her head in the direction of her sister, who to your surprise is now openly caressing her crotch through her lace white panties.

    Watching her, you inadvertently proceed to stroke Alyson's bare legs and slowly work your way between her legs before the two of you playfully grapple a little and you finally stop to share a tender kiss. This sweet gesture quickly turns passionate and the two of you are soon lost in the moment. It's only a few minutes later that you finally pull back as you recall that the two of you are not alone, and you glance over at AJ and find her now sitting on the floor with her knees parted slightly, openly twiddling her clit beneath her underwear.

    The revelation makes your hear skip a beat as you see her panties are lewdly stretched around her right hand.

    "AJ!" Alyson snaps, before you tell Aly to let her be and you silence any further objections she might have by reaching over to kiss and caress her own sex under her dress.

    Playing with her cunt, Alyson simply sits there glaring blankly at you, aroused and surprised at your bold action. Caressing her body, you proceed to fondle her breasts and every so often glance over to watch her masturbating sister who is still transfixed on the TV. Feeling bold, you then have some fun of your own and you proceed to whisper to Alyson, asking her if she's ever played with herself in public before or if she's ever watched her sexy sister get off.

    Alyson initially scoffs at you obscene questions but soon blushes and answers honestly as the alcohol and adrenaline seem to kick in. All inhibitions seem to fly right out the window as Alyson grips your cock through you pants and suggests that the two of you should go to the bedroom for some privacy. But considering the incredible scene developing right in front of you, you have no intentions of leaving from your current position.

    Kissing your neck, Alyson then attempts to seduce you with her lips but you then respond by unzipping your fly and allowing her to stroke your cock directly. As expected her eyes grow wide and she smiles slyly and licks her lips before you place your hand on the back of her head and gently guide her towards your manhood. The "Hellcats" starlet resists for just a moment, and while glancing over at her masturbating sister one last time, she leans over and takes your hard length into her hot mouth.

    You groan with glee as you feel her soft luscious lips finally wrap around your hard bell-end, and you look over to see AJ masturbating furiously, her eyes locked with yours as she watches her older sister suck your cock.

    "Ugh! Fuck yes!" You let out, as you feel Alyson's lips slide up and down the length of your pole. "Fuck you have great lips! You do that so well!"

    As you speak, you can't help but note the lust in AJ's eyes, and watch as she plunged a single digit into her sopping wet cunt.

    "Having fun over there?" You direct at Amanda, who simply continues rubbing herself frantically as though in some kind of sexual daze.

    "Have you seen your sister suck cock before, AJ?" You ask her, and she shakes her head no.

    "Lick your fingers baby?" You instruct, and she does as she's told.

    "Now smear those juices all over and around your clit."

    Amanda happily obliges, and moans softly to the action. Her legs spread a little further apart in the process. Nothing this reaction, you instruct her to repeat the process several times before you finally tell her to open her legs wide and show you exactly how she likes to plays with herself, the entire time as her older sister now sucks your cock expertly.

    "How many fingers can you put inside, AJ?" You ask her bluntly, as you then watch her attempt to glide two of her long digits deep inside her gleaming clam.

    At this point you're feeling absolutely diabolical as you direct your attention back to Alyson who is sucking your cock enthusiastically, and you demand the "Hellcats" star stop what she's doing so as to take off her outfit and kneel before you on the floor in nothing more than her thong. To your delight Alyson swiftly complies, and taking you cock into her mouth once again, you caress her pretty face and talk dirty to her and direct her to look at her sister and remark how incredibly sexy AJ looks sitting there with her legs spread wide, her fingers inside her cunt, watching the two of you perform.

    "Doesn't she just look so sexy rubbing her clit over there?" You smirk. "I think she's enjoying the show?"

    Alyson doesn't respond initially but you punish her by withholding your cock from her eager mouth and wait for her to comply.

    "Yes. Yes she does." Alyson finally murmurs. "Let her watch. I don't care. She might learn something."

    You then instruct AJ to stand up and take off her dress, and invite her to come over and kneel beside her sexy sister. With the sisters now both naked and kneeling before you, Alyson ultimately hands over her control of your penis to AJ and they both proceed to blow you. At one point, AJ licks and slurps on your balls as Alyson encases your bell-end with her hot mouth and swirls her tongue around the tip.

    Unfortunately for you the three of you are so drunk at this point that you blackout... and a few hours later you awake to find yourself lying in bed between the two lovely sisters, all three of you naked as the day you were born. With the radio still playing music in the other room, you glance over to your side to see Alyson is awake and now quietly masturbating. Reaching over you play with her erect nipples and finally take one of them between your lips which apparently drive her crazy.

    "Ohgod!" she whispers, "Bite them! I like it when you bite my nipples!"

    You happily oblige, and despite how incredibly arousing the scene is, the two of you try to keep quiet if only for AJ's sake as she lies sleeping soundly beside you. Nevertheless, caught up in the moment you proceed to kiss your way down Alyson's remarkable body, and worshiping her midsection, you finally kiss your way lower and proceed to feast on her hairless mound. The elder Michalka sister simply lies there with her legs spread wide, twiddling her throbbing clit as you now savor her tangy essence and introduce a finger into the mix.

    Moaning more liberally now, you finally scoot up on your knees and proceed to enter and fuck the wannabe actress missionary style. Changing positions, you then instruct her to flip over and get on her hands and knees before you take her from behind. There you pull on her long blonde mane and rile another series of moans from her. This position more than any other seems to really agree with her and gets her all fired up.

    With nothing to lose you then tug on her long hair and direct her over towards her sleeping sibling, instructing her to place her face across AJ's chest. It's there you see the TV cheerleader gently kiss her sisters neck and shoulders and the mere notion drives you absolutely insane with lust. Nothing this, Alyson snickers to herself and teases you some more.

    "Ugh! Yeah?" she hisses back at you. "You like that? You want to watch me fuck my sister, don't you?"

    Alyson then takes your breath away as she spears her tongue out and proceeds to kiss and lick all over AJ's exquisite body, and for a moment brushes her lips across her sisters bare nipples as you pick up the pace.

    "Fuck yes! Do it!" You grunt as you slam into her. "I dare you! Go on! Show me how fucking wild and crazy you are right now!"

    "Yeah? Fucker!" Alyson hisses as you pull her hair back abruptly once again. "You dirty mother-fucker?! Is that what you want?!"

    Just then, you feel your heart skip a beat as you see her finally trail her lips further along AJ's sleeping form, across her flat toned tummy to ultimately make direct contact with her tender clit. Gripping her hips tightly with both hands, you now pound into the curly-haired blonde bombshell with great vim and vigor as she proceeds to lick her sister's cunt. As expected, AJ is soon awoken by the commotion and can only lay there in a daze like state, moaning involuntarily as she feels her sister's hot tongue frantically lick and explore her pristine center.

    "Yeah that's it! Eat her cunt, Aly!" You tell her between thrusts. "Eat that tight little hairless cunt!"

    To your delight Alyson does not hold back and you watch with rapturous delight as she wraps her mouth firmly around her sisters clam and eagerly tongues her creamy slot, wiping her tongue along the full length of her slot.

    "OMG! ALY?! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod!" Amanda chants as her entire body thrashes about involuntarily.

    Just then, you pull Alyson's face away by the back of her hair and insist that she get up and sit on her sister's face. Alyson moves slowly but does not object to the suggestion before she finally straddles her baby sisters face, and turning around to face you, she leans forward to press her own lips against AJ's clit, leaving them in a 69 position. Watching this extraordinary scene before you, you take AJ's legs in your hands and impale the younger sibling as her sister nibbles at her clit, getting her off almost immediately.

    "OH Fuck!" Amanda cries from between her sisters legs. "FUCK! I'm gonna cum!"

    Taking your cock out, you abruptly plunge it into Alyson's waiting mouth, before you impatiently shove it back inside AJ slippery chasm.

    "Cum baby!" You yell at Amanda. "Stick your tongue deep inside your sisters fucking cunt and make her cum!"

    You and AJ almost climax simultaneously, and without thinking you fill her hot tight plenge with you hot syrupy load. Stepping (stumbling) back away from the bed, you admire the scene before you for a moment as the sisters still lay on top of one another naked and glistening in perspiration. Catching your breath, you hear your cell phone chime with a new message in the other room.

    Searching for your pants, you realize they're in the lounge room and you check the phone and grin to yourself as you see there's a fresh new text message from Vanessa Hudgens?

    "So I heard you were a very bad boy tonight?" the message reads. "Call me when you get back to LA. - Nessa"

    With a smug expression on your face, you lock your phone and return to the bedroom to find the sisters locked in a sweet embrace, their legs and arms intertwined as they gently kiss and caress one another lovingly. Finding your shoes and other articles of clothing strewn around the room, you reach for your things and inform the ladies that you're needed elsewhere.

    "But what about the shoot?" Alyson quips, breaking the hypnotic embrace with her sister.

    You explain that you love the ideas the ladies described to you earlier in the evening and that you'll definitely keep in touch and consider her name for the 2011 hot list you're compiling at the end of the month. With that said, you leave the loving sisters to their own vices and head downstairs, your mind still reeling from the incredible encounter.

    There you peruse your phone as you wait for a cab to take you back to the airport and it's only now that you notice that you've been sent several more messages throughout the evening, some of which peak your interest. Some of these messages are from such well known celebrities as Megan Fox, Audrina Patridge, and Rihanna. With Vanessa Hudgens still fresh on your mind, you start to wonder what to do next.


    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<


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    Pick Megan plz guys there is not dat many stories about her plus shes hot.

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    THANKS! More, please!

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    Yep, I'm still working on Chapter 3. Sorry for the delay. I guess those Vanessa Hudgens red carpet candids threw me for a loop. I had something prepared earlier but seeing her looking so good at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere I scrapped that first idea and have started again. Shouldn't be too long now.


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    Can you keep debby in it please

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    Best Chapter of the Series. :D Seriously though, my bias for the Marvelous Michalka sisters aside, that was a truly great chapter made even better with soon to be eighteen Miranda and the also almost legal, very sexy Debby. The details and descriptions, like any great TPG work, were phenomenal and truly give you a visual of the incredible scenes and outstanding hotness.

    In short i loved every bit of it and look forward to the rest of the series.

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