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Thread: Hollywood Hot List Chapter 3 (CYA)

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    Default Hollywood Hot List Chapter 3 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Longoria
    Created by TPG

    A/N: OK, so I had a few complaints that the last CYA chapter was getting a little too long to read? So I've decided to cut them down considerably and make them shorter, nice and short and sweet (well as short as I can make them anyway). Enjoy.

    Back in Los Angeles, you get settled in before you head out to the Premiere of the latest installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean," where you've arranged to meet the "High School Musical" star herself, Vanessa Hudgens. You arrive to the red carpet a few minutes late and look around for the actress, when you suddenly feel someone tap you on your shoulder. Turning around, you're taken aback as you find yourself face to face with "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria.

    Eva smiles sweetly as she directs your attention to Vanessa who is across the way and in the process of being interviewed by several news organizations and photographers. Exchanging glances, Hudgens smiles sweetly as she returns her attention to the interviewer.

    "She looks amazing tonight, don't you think?" Eva smiles.

    Longoria then explains how Vanessa insisted she come over and keep you company for a moment as she's temporarily preoccupied. She apparently didn't want you to get concerned and think that maybe you were being stood up. Just then, Eva greets a passing friend and as they catch up, you can't help but sneak a peek downward and admire her legs. You're blown away by the extraordinary body on the 36-year-old Mexican, who to your chagrin just happens to glance over her shoulder to catch you openly ogling her butt and legs.

    Mortified, Eva finishes her conversation before she turns to you and smiles knowingly. Fortunately for you the sexy Latina doesn't embarrass you but instead mentions her high heeled shoes, asking you what you think about them.

    "They're um, they look... really nice." You stammer, as you're still fixated on her shiny smooth legs.

    A moment later Vanessa finally comes over and greets you with a friendly peek on the cheek, before she greets Eva in the same way and briefly explains who you are and what you're doing there. To your surprise this seems to intrigue Longoria who suddenly seems fascinated with you.

    "Oh really? Wow!" Eva nods her head. "So you're that guy! I've heard about you."

    You can't help but laugh as your reputation around town seems to proceed you.

    Suddenly, Longoria blurts out, "So who do I have to FUCK to get into that magazine?"

    Both you and Vanessa are stunned into silence at her remark, and you look at each other not knowing what to say as Eva finally bursts out laughing informing you that she's only kidding. Still, you can't help but notice the tiny twinkle in her eye telling you that although she's kidding, she's also half serious. There's an awkward silence between the three of you as Vanessa clearly waits for Eva to step away so the two of you can have some privacy, but the sexy Latina pauses to contemplate something and boldly asks for your business card.

    As you pat your chest and jacket checking for a spare card, Vanessa suddenly jumps in and tells Longoria that she'll be sure to give her your number before the evening is through. Eva is clearly disappointed and then na´vely asks if the two of you are going to be at the after party. To your amusement Vanessa is now clearly annoyed and she waves to some people before telling Longoria that they're calling her over.

    Finally alone, you and Vanessa catch up on some small talk and you can't help but feel the sexual chemistry between you. Moreover, you both can't stop smiling at each other as you're both well aware of the sexual tension building between you.

    "I hope I didn't make you wait too long?" she smiles, as you try your best not to stare at the plunging neckline of her dress.

    It's only now that you realize that she's braless underneath that dress and is sporting some major pokies, clearly aroused about something. Inside the foyer, the two of you stand around waiting with the rest of the guest list for the actual screening to begin, and while there the two of you are interrupted several times until Vanessa grabs two drinks from a passing waiter and suggests you find a quiet place to chat.

    Finding a nice secluded spot off to the side, you get to know each other better and it's there that she finally explains to you why she invited you there and why she's been pursuing you in recent days.

    "Hey, before they call us in." she starts to say, changing the subject, "We don't have to watch the movie you know?"

    "We don't?"

    "Well what I mean is," Vanessa claims in a sweet innocent voice, "We could always leave and go someplace else, if you want to?"

    You find her offer adorable, and you smile and insist that you're more than happy to accompany her.

    Flirting some more, a few minutes pass before you're directed to your seats and it's there that despite the dim light your eyes go wide as you immediately notice the long slit in her dress which causes the skirt portion to fall open and completely expose her incredible legs. You gasp inwardly as you realize that most of her legs and thighs are on full display, so much so that you can actually see that she's wearing sexy black lace panties underneath.

    Noticing you stare, Vanessa simply smiles and leans over to tell you how excited and relieved she is that you decided to show up and watch the film with her. Its then as the lights start to dim that she reaches over and takes you hand in hers and places it on her lap, over her bare thighs. Your knuckles now rest against her soft tanned skin and you can't believe how incredible smooth her flesh feels.

    The mere sensation against your hand give you wood in your pants, and judging from the sly grin on her face she knows exactly what kind of effect she's having on you. During the film, you can hardly concentrate as you fixate on your hand and where it is, now resting just above her knees. To your delight, you feel her squirm around during some of the action sequences, and this inadvertently allows you to slide your fingers further along her limbs.

    At one point your hand now sits high on her legs, resting on the inside of her soft, smooth, toned thighs. Despite keeping your eyes on the screen, you can feel her trembling under your touch, her breathing a little shallow as your fingers now drift higher still. You then swallow hard as you feel her part her knees a little, and literally invite you in. Holding your breath, you glide you fingertips further along the inside of her smooth thighs and finally make direct contact with her underwear.

    Vanessa inhales sharply as you rub your fingers against her sex, and caressing the fabric, you can actually feel the groove of her slit through the lace material. This action continues for the next several minutes until Vanessa suddenly seems to panic and she clamps her knees shut and covers her legs with her dress. Judging from her reaction you deduce that Vanessa is ashamed and reeling after having been apparently caught fornicating by someone nearby.

    As you then wonder who it could be, Vanessa gets up to go to the ladies room. It's only now you realize that Eva Longoria has been sitting beside her the entire time, and from the sly expression on her face she's been watching the two of you all along. Eva smiles seductively as she folds her legs over the other and flashes you her own remarkable legs. Naturally, you can't help not look at them, and knowing that you're openly ogling her body once more, Eva reaches down and casually plays with the heel of her shoe, putting on a little impromptu show for you.

    You now sit there conflicted as you wonder what to do. Do you get up and look for Vanessa? Or do you stay and sit and continue to admire Longoria some more?

    Thankfully, Vanessa soon returns and taking a seat you notice that she seems a little flustered. Without looking at you, she reaches over and takes your hand again and places it on her lap once more. You can't help but smile as it takes all of 5mins for your hand to slip back between her succulent smooth thighs and you caress her tender flesh. It's during this occasion though that you almost gasp out loud as you soon realize first hand (so to speak) that Vanessa is not wearing any panties whatsoever.

    There you feel the faint sensation of her pubic mound, and gulping deeply, you gently trace the tips of your fingers over her apparently neatly shaved vulva and caress her velvet soft lips for several minutes, teasing and caressing her. Massaging her sex, Vanessa starts to show signs of tortured pressure, as her legs instinctively part and she wants more and more of your greedy fingers.

    Fortunately for her there's a long and loud action sequence which successfully drowns out her moans as she finally cums and saturates your probing digits with her creamy essence. You finally withdraw your fingers from her cunt just before the end of the movie and outside the two of you rush to leave and beat the crowds, but then bump into Eva again. There, Longoria insists the two of you join her to a club across town, and not one to argue, you and Vanessa happily agree.

    To be honest the two of you are still on a high and practically daydreaming as you're both reeling from the finger-fun during the screening. As before you can't stop smiling at the night's turn of events but this time around you notice that Vanessa can barely keep eye contact with you and is blushing shyly. As the two of you stand around waiting for Eva to say goodbye to some friends, you tentatively broach the subject.

    "So are we going to talk about what just happened?"

    "No!" she playfully giggles, before you hold her hand and give her a hug.

    Just then, as you see Eva approaching Vanessa smiles, "You're so bad."

    The three of you then climb into the back of a waiting limousine and Eva insists the two of you join her in drinking some champagne. Inside, you now find yourself seated between the two ladies and right away the "Desperate Housewives" star openly flirts with you. There she takes off her shoes and complains about her feet aching throughout the evening, and without thinking you immediately offer to give her a foot rub.

    To your amusement, this provokes Vanessa into action and she suddenly claims that she in fact gives proper professional massages, claiming that she gives all her friends full body rub downs and is more than willing to lend a hand. You now sit back as Eva Longoria leans back against the door, and with her petite legs resting over your lap, watch as Vanessa Hudgens proceeds to massage her feet with both hands.

    "Oh wow," Longoria purrs, as you admire her well manicured toes. "That feels so good, Vanessa. I should get your number so we can do this more often."

    Vanessa then claims how Eva has perfect feet, and to prove her point she leans over and gently kisses her toe, making the Mexican giggle.

    Fooling around Eva then quips, "Well heck, since you down there..."

    And to her delight, Hudgens playfully takes her toe into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it as though re-enacting a blow job.

    "Oh yeah!" Eva laughs, spilling some champagne all over herself. "Suck my toe, bitch! Make me pop in your mouth!"

    You all laugh as you realize just how drunk they both appear to be, before Eva reaches over with her glass and carefully pours champagne all over her toes and invites Vanessa to lick it off her. To your surprise you watch as Hudgens happily obliges, and in the process Longoria flashes you a sly grin as she can certainly feel your budging erection against the back of her bare knee.

    A few minutes later the Limousine comes to a stop and the three of you pile out and step right into the exclusive club. There, Eva excuses herself to go talk to a few friends while you and Vanessa enjoy some quality time together.

    "That was a pretty crazy limo ride back there, huh?" You remark, as you hand her another drink.

    "Yeah, tonight has been one crazy incident after another." she replies, referring to the fingering session in the movie theater earlier.

    Feeling bold you finally decide to broach the subject of her missing panties once again and Vanessa playfully quips, "Well I had to get your attention somehow?"

    "Well, you definitely have my full and undivided attention now." You tell her.

    Dropping all pretense, Vanessa then claims that she really wants to be on the hot list this year, and is motivated and willing to do and say just about anything to get it.

    "So what do you think?" she purrs seductively. "Do you think I make the grade?"

    As she playfully pouts, she guides your hand down to her ass and you smile before the two of you finally share your first official kiss. Playing along, you break the embrace and tease her, claiming that although she's cute you're not quite sure if she's as committed as the other actresses and models in the magazine. The "Bandslam" star then takes your hand and guides it between her legs so you can feel the heat emanating from her sex.

    "How about now?" she coos. "How about we go back to my place and I show you exactly how committed I really am?"

    Without a moment's notice, you leave the club without even saying goodbye to Eva and you both pile into the back of a cab. There you make out and pet heavily in the backseat, and Vanessa invites you to stroke and caress her gleaming slit. To you surprise, the sexy little nymphet spreads her legs wide in the backseat, completely and utterly exposing her pristine sex. Unfortunately for the driver she's seated directly behind him so he has no idea just how naked she in fact is.

    Despite your lust for her, you calmly run your hands all over her incredible legs and remark how amazing they feel.

    "You want my fingers inside you again, don't you?" You whisper into her ear, and she simply nods her head.

    "Show me," You tell her softly. "Why don't you show me how you like to play?"

    Without hesitation, Vanessa licks her fingers and places them directly over her clit and proceeds to rub herself. Her eyes immediately close as her body responds to her talented fingers. Raking your own fingertips along the inside of her spread legs, you arrive to her center and gently smear some of her juices around that region. Leaning over you kiss on her neck and ear, and without thinking you gently glide your index finger underneath her glistening pussy and boldly brush it against her puckered anus.

    Vanessa's eyes immediately shoot open and she flashes you the most seductive look yet.

    "You like that don't you?" You smirk, as you gently rub your finger against her tight little backdoor. "Keep playing with your clit."

    Feeling bold, you suddenly plunge your index finger all the way inside her dripping cunt, taking her breath away and causing her to gasp and tremble wildly before you withdraw your sopping wet finger and gently ease it into her bunghole. The entire time Vanessa simply sits there panting heavily and flashing you a scathing look as you explore both of her holes. You now urge her to slide two of her own fingers into her gleaming cunt as you carefully add more of your digit into her backdoor.

    Her legs now spread wide as you both fill her at either ends, getting her off in the process.

    "Ooh." she lets out, her legs spread so wide that the heels of her shoes are almost resting against each door.

    "You're such a sexy little slut, you know that?" You whisper to her, which apparently turns her on to no end.

    "C'mon," You hiss into her ear. "Take those fucking fingers deep inside you!"

    Moments later, the two of you stumble through the front door of her apartment while making out frantically. As the two of you stagger down the hall, you continue to kiss and strip each other of your clothes. Vanessa immediately directs you to her bedroom, and once there she pushes you down to the mattress before she climbs up and straddles you and proceeds to ride you aggressively.

    You simply lie back moaning excessively as the 22-year-old harlot rides your cock like a professional porn star. You lie there admiring her pert breasts as they enticingly jiggle just inches away from your face. Fucking this way for some time, Vanessa finally stops to turn around and now rides you reverse cowgirl style, allowing you to grip her butt in both hands and give her luscious round American-Filipino ass I firm slap, startling her.

    "Ugh! Fuck yes!" she hisses over her shoulder. "Will this get me in the top 50? Huh?"

    Caught up in it all, it takes you a few extra moments to realize what she's referring to; the Hot List.

    "Fuck yeah!" You snap back. "Ride that cock! Take it deep! Show me how much you want it!"

    "Ugh. Ugh! Pull my hair! Please! Ugh!" she grunts repeatedly before you suddenly feel overwhelmed and cum deep inside her searing womb.

    Feeling you soften, Vanessa finally crawls off of you and lights up a cigarette before she lies beside you to bask in the afterglow. Lying in bed together, you hear yourself promise that you will in fact put her name in the magazine's Hot List. To your amusement she shrieks with glee and kisses you on the cheek before she jumps out of bed and wanders around the bedroom totally naked.

    "What are you doing now?" You laugh.

    "I just gotta call Tisdale and tell her the news!"

    Just then, you hear your own phone chime informing you of several new messages. Glancing at the time you see that it's almost 1am, and you tell Vanessa that you need to get going. Grabbing your clothes, you tell Vanessa that you'll stay in touch before you slip out the door and call for a taxi. Checking your phone you see you have fresh new messages from Eva Longoria, Miley Cyrus, and Kat Dennings?

    Intrigued, you immediately open the Longoria message.

    "Hey you, where did you run off too?" the message reads. "I was looking everywhere for you. Was hoping to have a drink...?"

    The message then continues with Eva declaring that she's in the back of her limo and on the way home, and that she would really like some company. The text message then ends with her address details and an open invitation to drop by right away.

    "I'll be up for another hour or so, if you're interested?" Eva's text reads.

    As tempting as that sounds, you then go back and read the message created by Miley Cyrus?

    "Hi, heard you were the guy to talk to about getting in next month's magazine issue? We should definitely talk. - XOXO Miley."

    "Hmm," You hear yourself ponder, "Decisions, decisions."


    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<


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    Nice work if the people pick Miley it would be good if it had a nice oral part.

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    Make it miley and kat dennings and it would be good if it had a nice oral part from both of them just oral.

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    Great addition and Miley all the way !

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    I guess htere arent many about ket dennings, but at the same time, you've got to have miley in there somewhere, it just sounds like something she would do, for sure. You could also fit in something about hilary duff, or was that selen gomez that sai something about her recently? anyway hilary is hot, and i reckon a stroy about her could be very popular ;)

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    Yep, I think people forget the premise of this series is that it's based off the 2011 MAXIM Magazine HOT LIST. With that in mind, there are still a ton of celebs I have in mind to feature in future chapters...

    These include (in no particular order); Olivia Munn, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears, Emmy Rossum, Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Jaimie Alexander, Audrina Patridge, Stacy Keibler, Jamie Chung, Laura Vandervoort, and Camilla Belle

    ...not to say I won't use the others, but the names mentioned above I'm really interested in writing about at the moment.

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    good point, its always best to stick to stories that have a point rather than just random stories ;)

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