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Thread: "Surprise Visit" with Debby Ryan

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    Default "Surprise Visit" with Debby Ryan

    Surprise Visit
    With Debby Ryan
    Written by GIGGIDYGOO
    (MF, inc)

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

    I entered my apartment when the phone rang, stumbling, I ran to pick up. Disappointed that is wasn't my girlfriend, but instead my sister, I gave a fake laugh and said "hello." We chatted and she said how it would be great if I visited which made me suspicious since we didn't have much of a relationship.

    We were saying our goodbyes when the moment I had expected finally came. My sister wanted me do her the favor of checking in on her daughter while she and her husband went out. My sister was worried that if they left her alone she might do something bad so they wanted me to check up on her.

    "All you have to do is give her a surprise visit" my sister pleaded

    "I don't know, I'm kind of busy today."

    "Don't be like that. Please do this for me." she begged

    "Don't you have someone else to do it."

    "No one else we called could so we decided to give you a try. So..."

    "Fine if I have time I'll go later" I finally cracked.

    "That's fine just pop by and stay with her for a bit. We won't take long"

    With the agreement set we hung up the phone. It was already eight and I had one hour left before I had to go check on Debby so I watched some TV, had some dinner then took a shower. I put on a T Shirt and some sweatpants then headed out the door. I knocked a few times before I finally heard Debby.

    "Hold your horses. I'm coming."

    As the door opened I couldn't help but gasp to myself at what was in front of me. Standing in the door way was blonde with a curvacious body, full luscious lips wearing really short shorts, that showed off a pair of amazing legs, and a really tight tank top that accentuated her chest very nicely.

    This was definitely not the little girl that liked to finger paint and dress up like a princess, this was a beautiful and sexy woman.

    "Oh, hi Uncle Joe. I wasn't expecting you" Debby seemed upset at my presence.

    "I was just looking for you mom"

    Debby gave me a suspicious look as she knew perfectly well that her mother and I rarely talked much less visited each other.

    "Well she's not here. Her and my dad went out."

    "Do you mind if I wait for her?"

    She gave me another look.

    "I really need to talk to her" I lied

    The blonde teen moved back and allowed me inside the house with very little excitement. She closed the door and walked towards the living room. I walked behind her when I noticed that her short were riding up allowing for a great view of her firm cheeks. I couldn't help but stare and wonder what it was like to take that tight ass but I had to stop as I reminded myself that this was my niece, I couldn't have dirty thoughts about her.

    We both took a seat at either end of the couch and sat there in silence.

    "You don't have to sit here with me, just do what you were doing before I got here" I finally said.

    "Well I was just about to watch a scary movie."

    "I love scary movies." I gave a friendly smile.

    "Me too. They are my favorite." Debby smiled back.

    I watched as the young starlet got up and walked over to put in the DVD, her perfect body making the dirty thoughts return. Debby sat back down this time right next to me.

    "I hope you don't mind it's just that I get scared easily and having someone next to me makes me feel better" she explained as she looked for the remote.

    She finally saw it on the coffee table and reached for it. Bent over she lifted herself from the couch, her ass wiggling in the air her shorts now almost completely between her cheeks as she tried to get her hand on the remote. I gulped at the sight of the young round behind that seemed to be waving at me as I could felt my hand begin to move as it tried to make its way to the teen's seductive body.

    Just as my hand was about to touch teen's smooth skin Debby flung back into the couch making me flinch. She giggled while I sat there frozen and ashamed at what I had almost done. The beginning of the movie was a bit slow and I could feel myself get sleepy when I felt Debby's head rest on my shoulder.

    I look over at and was instantly awaken as I could now see down her shirt. I tried my best not to peek but I couldn't help it. The tightness of her shirt pushing her breasts together while her breathing moved them up and down only made the situation worse. I could feel my cock begin to twitch assuring me that I was loosing control over my body. At that moment the killer jumped out at the teens in the movie making Debby scream.

    "Shit that scared me." Debby instantly blushed as she realized what she had just said.

    I chuckled nervously not at the language used by the blonde star but because of nerves as I realized that Debby Ryan had clung to my arm with her chest pressed against me. I was beginning to fantasize when Debby gasped and put her hand up to her face.

    "Oh my. I didn't see anything" She squirmed as she peeked through her fingers.

    I looked at her and then faced in the direction of her stare and realized that this whole time my sweatpants had been stretched out by my massive erection. I tried covering up but it was too late the damage had been done. I was waiting for Debby to scream at me calling me a pervert and kicking me out of the house but instead she just sat on the couch with a devious look in her eyes.

    "So do you always get turned on with scary movies?"

    I was surprised by her reaction but just as I stared at the busty star I realized that I wasn't the only one that was turned on, even with a bra on I could see Debby's nipples poking through.

    "Only one type of movie makes me horny and its not that one."

    "Well, then what could possibly make you this worked up?" Debby leaned in resting her hands near my leg.

    I took a quick glance at her cleavage but Debby noticed.

    "You like these?" Debby teased as she squeezed her pert tits together making them almost pop out of her top.

    I simply nodded not knowing where the hot young star was going with all of this.

    "Why? I mean I'm sure you've seen plenty" she pulled her top down allowing for a better view before she continued "so how can they make you that horny?" she gestured to the bulge in my pants.

    Feeling brave I decided to play along despite my better judgement.

    "Well it's not just your pert chest. Your whole body make my friend hard."


    "Yeah. Your firm round ass, your smooth toned legs, those cute little toes, that pair of beautiful eyes, that bright smile and those luscious meaty lips."

    With that Debby wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. My mind was spinning, I couldn't believe that my sister's daughter had just done that. The Disney star pulled away and smile. We stared at each other knowing perfectly well that what we had just done was wrong and yet we did it again, this time the kiss was more passionate.

    I could feel Debby's hand go under my shirt and run across my abs slowly heading down and stopped at feel of my sweatpants. I knew better than to let her continue but as her hand made contact with my penis all common sense went out the window. Her lips were still on mine but as I finally pulled off my bottoms she pulled away to finally see what she was about to enjoy.

    The star's eyes grew wide as she took in the sight. She had imagined it was big but actually seeing the large dick filled her with excitement and fear. Debby licked her lips as she moved her head towards the throbbing member.

    "Are you sure you want to do this?" a bit of guilt returned to me.

    "Oh, I want this" Debby answered as she looked over her shoulder.

    I smiled thinking to myself that the young star had no idea what she had gotten herself into. Debby Ryan leaned in until her tongue made its first contact with my mushroom tip making me moan out loud as the wet tongue circled the tip. The teen's soft lips finally touched my hardness making it twitch and pull away from the sex hungry teen who took a tight grip of the cock and introduced it into her mouth.

    My heart began to beat faster as the young blonde tried to get the entire erection but only took in half before she had to take a breath.

    "Come on honey try again."

    Debby nodded and one more time wrapped her mouth around my rod. Her hand moving up and down half of my erection while her mouth made her way along the other half. Her warm tongue sliding against my cock as it enter further into her mouth. She stopped once more this time getting more meat into her mouth. At that moment I placed my hand on Debby's head and gently adding more and more pressure.

    The Disney star tried pushing herself up but I wouldn't budge. I used both hands as I forced more of my manhood the starlet's little mouth making her gag. I released my grip on Debby, she instantly shot her head up and gasped for air. She shoot me a dirty look but then smiled.

    "That was awesome" she panted.

    "Wanna do it again?"

    Without hesitation Debby got in position as I place my hands on her head and pushed it down until I felt the back of the young star's thoat. I held her there for a few seconds before letting go. Again Debby shot her head while a string of saliva clung from her mouth to my mushroom tip. She quickly wiped it away as her face turned red.

    When Debby finally caught her breath she once again went for my hardness this time I leaned back and enjoyed.

    "Oh, yeah just like that" I moaned.

    I could only the back of Debby's head bobbing up and down as she stuffed her mouth with my meat rod while her apple bottom ass taunted me as it swayed from side to side right next to me on the couch.

    I couldn't help it anymore the temptation was killing me. With that I reached for Debby's shorts and pulled them down. As I took her shorts of the young blonde flung her leg over me, and arched her back, leaving us in a 69 position.

    With the starlet's sweet rump now in my face I place one hand on each cheek, I spread them open revealing her tight little asshole and a moist pussy. I began to drool just thinking that I was finally going to have a taste. My tongue ran along Debby's womanhood, mixing my saliva with her juices. My taste buds went wild each time my tongue separated her folds or caressed her sensitive clit.

    All the while Debby purred at each gesture my tongue made to her now drenched cunt. I ran my tongue along her fold one more time but I didn't stop until I reached the TV star's backdoor. I fondled her backside leaving a glaze of saliva. I pressed my tongue against the rim until I entered her rear end. Surprised by my action Debby clenched my tongue as I swirled it around inside of her then with out warning the young star backed her body against me until my entire face was covered by her firm round ass.

    "I like that" Debby said with her mouth still full.

    The horny blonde began to loosen up allowing me to remove my tongue from her backside then stick it back in repeatedly. I picked up the pace making Debby Ryan coo while my tongue got dryer. I jammed it into her cunt to rehydrate my tongue with Debby's juices then returned to the tight asshole.

    After a few seconds my tongue got tired so I switched to my index finger until I went knuckle deep. This only made Debby even hornier and with that she stood up then positioned her derriere just above my erect penis with her back to me.

    "Fuck me now, Uncle Joe" Debby begged.

    I grabbed her hips and lowered her until I made contact. My hardness pushed at the tight backside until the tip penetrated my niece, Debby Ryan.

    "Mmhmm, yes." she cooed

    I kept pushing slowly going deeper then slowly going out until there was a steady pace, meanwhile Debby dug her nails into my hands breaking the skin. "The Suite Life" star clenched once more so I began to retreat until I was completely out making Debby sigh in relief.

    "Did you like that?"

    "Yes, but I don't think I can take anymore." she exclaimed, sadness in her voice.

    "Don't worry, we're not done yet." I assured her.

    I motioned her to turn around which obediently did.

    "Here now let's see how much you can take." I placed my hand on the actress's twat.

    With a smile from ear to ear Debby grabbed my cock and placed it at her hairless pussy. With a thrust from my hips I penetrated as deep as I could which was only about halfway due to her tightness.

    "Fuck...fuck...fuck" Debby yelped as I pulled out.

    "Are you OK?" she nodded "do you want more?" again a nod.

    Not wasting time I jammed my hungry dick in and out of the sex crazed teen.

    "Faster, Uncle Joe , faster." she ordered, I complied.

    The faster we fucked the more her busty chest bounced out of control and the more intensely my eyes tried to follow. Hypnotized by the beauty of the robust pair of breast I managed to grab one by the puffy pink nipple. I tugged at the hard nipple with my mouth holding it with my lips. This made Debby pinch her other nipple between her index finger and thumb and twist it.

    "I love fucking you" Debby burst out.

    "You love fucking who?" I joked


    "But who am I?" I quipped

    "My uncle Joe" she moaned just as my cock entered her.

    "Now tell me who you love to fuck?" I kept on

    "I love fucking my Uncle Joe" she screamed.

    "You're such a dirty slut" I said smacking her butt making Debby giggle in delight.

    Just at that moment Debby's body began to tremble. Knowing perfectly well that this meant Debby was about to orgasm I revved up the speed until the same feeling came over me. With this in I rammed my aching cock into Debby this time not stopping until my entire manhood was inside my beautiful, young, sexy niece.

    "Oh god!" we both let out as we came.

    Strand after strand of sticky goo filled the sweat covered teen which collapsed on me. Debby's naked body against mine and her head on my should she whispered. in my ear.

    "That was amazing" she sighed. When can we do it again?"

    "I don't know." I simply answered

    My erection swelled down allowing a mixture of both of out juices to run down my cock making our stomachs sticky.

    "Hey, I'm having a small party her to celebrate me and my friend's birthday would you like to come."

    I thought for a while not knowing if it was a good idea but as I turned to look at Debby I couldn't get myself to deny her anything. Just at that moment we heard a car pull up into the drive way making us panic. Debby jumped off me, quickly collected her clothes and with the same quickness put them on. Meanwhile I pulled up my sweatpants.

    Debby threw herself on the couch just as the door opened and we both turned towards it. We greeted Debby's parents with nervous smiles. My sister thanked me for checking up on Debby which made Debby upset to find out the real reason I was there but the feeling quickly subsided.

    I said my goodbyes then headed for the door but not before Debby suddenly flung towards me and gave me a hug.

    "It was fun spending time with you Uncle Joe."

    Both my sister and her husband stood surprised at Debby's affection towards me.

    "Oh and don't forget the party tomorrow" and just like that the not so innocent teen star ran upstairs to her room.

    Without another word and filled with guilt, remorse, and satisfaction I turned and walked out wondering what was in store tomorrow.

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    Very nice, GIGGIDYGOO! Loved it!!

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