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Thread: Hollywood Hot List Chapter 4 (CYA)

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    Default Hollywood Hot List Chapter 4 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Leticia and Miley Cyrus
    Created by TPG

    Several hours later you arrive in Rio de Janeiro and are greeted by a chauffeur. Right away you're rushed over to the sell-out stadium where the onetime "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus is set to perform. You soon arrive to the packed venue, and flanked by security, are directed backstage towards the singers highly guarded dressing room. You soon pass through several check points before you finally find yourself standing outside the teen-queen's dressing room door, and smile creeps across you face as you finally make contact with her very attractive mother Leticia "Tish" Cyrus.

    "Please, come in!" she offers in her sexy southern accent. "Glad you could make it! We were expecting you!"

    You leave the imposing security personnel at the door and find yourself inside the inner sanctum where you're soon introduced to the star herself, Miley. There the precocious teen is in the process of being dolled up by several hair and make-up stylists, and seeing you for the first time she smiles widely. To your surprise the teen princess is already dressed up for the show and is scantily clad in nothing more than a provocative leather ensemble which consists of a tiny red jacket, black shorts, fuck-me pumps, and a matching diamond encrusted bra.

    You smirk to yourself as your initial impression is that she looks like some kind of futuristic sex-bot. Right away Miley doesn't waste any time and openly flirts with you. You barely answer any of her questions before she interrupts you with another thought or a more inappropriate question. Finally, the teenage songstress hops out of the make-up chair and sweetly pecks you on the cheek, hoping that you enjoy the show as she makes her way to the stage with her entourage.

    You and Tish follow the heavy precession of security up to the stage area and watch as the sell-out extravaganza gets underway. As expected it's a very sexy and raunchy show, and it's during this time that you can't help but sneak a few glances at the attractive 44-year-old mother, noting how sexy and good she looks for her age. Noticing you stare, Leticia smiles back and you exchange some banter and small talk during the opening few numbers.

    With the music blaring loudly around you, Tish leans over to talk into your ear and you notice her deep cleavage and realize you can see straight down her blouse. Right away you find this thrilling and at one point she squeezes your hand with excitement as her daughter goes through another rigorous dance routine.

    "Sorry about that." Leticia giggles over the music. "Sometimes I get a little anxious watching her perform."

    You grin and tell her that it's perfectly understandable before you ask her where the bathroom is. You're then surprised when she keenly offers to show you the way herself, and the two of you leave the backstage area and head downstairs, once again flanked by security. There you help the sexy MILF carefully navigate a large row of steps as she's wearing extremely cumbersome high heels shoes.

    Leticia then instructs the security personnel to wait at the top of the stairs as the two of you wander down a dimply lit hallway in search of the private restroom at the end of the hall. It's only now that you notice that the further along you go the darker the corridor appears to be, and the two of you soon find yourself totally alone in the dark damp bowels of the screaming stadium.

    The sound of her expensive high heeled shoes click loudly and echo in the tunnel as you finally arrive to the bathroom door. There Tish offers to wait outside, but as you step into the small space you realize that the lights don't work. Tish then suggests that you leave the door open a little to allow some of the ambient light to shine in and she turns her back to give you some privacy as you unzip your pants and prepare to relieve your bladder.

    "You know, I don't know if you know this," Leticia claims with her back to you. "But my daughter has a huge crush on you."

    "She does?" You reply, a little surprised at the news. "I didn't think she knew who I was?"

    "Well I just hope you take her age into consideration, and don't take advantage of her." Leticia says from the door. "The last thing we need on this tour is another scandal."

    "I wouldn't dream of it." You reassure her, as you now stand there grimacing while trying to pee.

    To your chagrin it seems that all this sexual tension in the air is having an effect on you, and you suddenly find it hard to pee as you're cock is semi erect. You now stand there trying to talk your penis down as Leticia Cyrus starts to realize what's going on.

    "Well, I hope you know I'm entrusting you to do the right thing." she adds, before she peers over her shoulder and smiles.

    "You have nothing to worry about." You tell her, as you give your cock a few appreciative strokes. "Besides, I'm usually attracted to more mature women, myself."

    "You are, huh? What's going on in there?" Leticia grins, before she takes a step inside. "Are you OK? Do you need a hand?"

    To your surprise, the busty blonde boldly steps into the small space behind you and glares directly at your hardening cock.

    "What's the matter, stage fright?"

    You suddenly find yourself unable to speak as you watch her reach down and casually grab you by your penis.

    "I... I um..." You stammer.

    "Hmm, what's wrong?" she purrs seductively. "Are we feeling a little intimidated? Allow me."

    With that said you watch in awe as the sexy MILF drops to her knees before you and wraps her lips around the head of your dick. Glaring up at you with a mouth full of cock, you run your fingers through her blonde hair and marvel at the sensation of her warm wonderful tongue. Never in a million years could you have ever imagined such a thing happening. After all, you did travel halfway across the world to speak to her daughter about appearing in next month's magazine issue.

    But now, Miley's mom slowly and meticulously sucks your hard cock, and takes you out of her mouth momentarily only to run her talented tongue up and down the length of your sword.

    "Is that better?" she teases, before opening her mouth and taking you into the back of her throat again.

    Moaning out loud, you finally pick her up by the arm and kiss her hard on the lips before you turn her around, bend her over the sink and proceed to take her from behind. Outside, Miley's music (Can't Be Tamed) blares loudly from the concert upstairs as you now fuck her mother from behind, pulling her hair and cocking her head back aggressively as you pound that MILF ass to the bass driven beat.

    "UGH! Yes! Fuck me!" she grunts over her shoulder. "Fuck me, baby! Harder! I like it hard and fast!"

    Sliding your hands around her smooth hips, you pull her shirt up and expose her sculptured spine and are taken aback as you're suddenly confronted with two huge tattooed wings which adorn her shoulder blades. For a moment you think you're hallucinating before you also notice the large intricate flowers which decorate her hips, and realizing just how wild and uninhibited she really is, you slap her firm round butt sharply with your hand and drill her even hard and fast, just the way she likes it.

    "You like that?" You hiss down at her, tugging at her blonde mane and causing the mother of five to groan involuntarily.

    Pausing for a moment, Leticia turns around and backs up onto the edge of the sink and places her ankles around your shoulders. You grab her firmly by the hips and now pound that magnificent pussy for all its worth, her deep blue eyes burning into your own the entire time.

    "Ugh yes! Fuck me!" she cusses erotically.

    The two of you fuck in this delicious position for some time when Leticia suddenly panics and announces that you have to stop as she hears the crowd cheering loudly upstairs as the concert has come to an abrupt end.

    "OMG! Shit!" Tish exclaims, as she pushes you away from between her long legs and rushes to dress.

    Pulling out, you barely have time to zip up your pants much less drop your load as the sexy MILF hurriedly straightens her clothes and rushes out the door, scurrying up the dimply lit corridor to catch her daughter before she arrives back to her (empty) dressing room. Upstairs, the teen star is absolutely sopping wet and gleaming in sweat from her hour long performance, and while you stand guard by the door Leticia encourages Miley to get out of her wet clothes and take a quick shower.

    It's during this time that Miley makes a bold proposal and suggests you spend the night with her and her mom back at the hotel, and even offers you a place to sleep (the couch). The three of you are soon whisked back to the hotel under heavy security and a few hours later you find yourself alone with the Cyrus ladies, with Leticia on the sofa chatting away on the phone, and Miley on the floor next to you watching movies and playing the xbox360.

    The three of you share a bottle of wine throughout the evening and over the course of a few hours Tish ultimately passes out. This unexpected turn of events seems to make Miley increasingly bold and mischievous, and at one point as you attempt to grab the 360 controller from her, she refuses to hand it to you and the two of you playfully tussle.

    "Give me the controller, Miley!"

    The teen harlot simply giggles, "No! You don't deserve to play."

    Fooling around, this quickly escalates into a friendly but aggressive bout of wrestling, as the two of you quietly grapple and play-fight with each other on the carpeted floor. Over the next few minutes both of you pin one another down while trying your best to keep quiet and not wake Leticia on the couch. It's during this grope-fest that the precocious teen finally gets the upper hand and straddles your hips, and with a sly grin on her face she reaches down to grab your erection through your pants.

    "Whoa! What do you think you're doing young lady?" You stammer, as you check to see if her mother is still asleep.

    "What?" Miley snickers. "Did you think I didn't notice your hard-on?"

    While you blush with shame and try to think of something witty to say Miley remarks, "Besides, red wine always makes me really horny!"

    You quickly overpower the pint-sized singer and swiftly move to pin her on the floor, only to have her refuse to submit and instead wrap her strong young legs around your hips and grind her sex against your menacing erection. Rolling onto your side, you finally break free of her leg-lock only to watch her reach down and grip your cock tightly over your pants once again.

    "Mm, you're so hard right now too." she teases. "Is that for me?"

    Suddenly, before you have time to object she swiftly pulls down the front of your pants and takes the head of your straining cock into her young mouth. The bold action literally takes your breath away and you gasp with surprise at her sheer audacity, especially considering it's in full view of her snoozing mother. Finally conceding to the moment, you boldly reach over to the edge of her flimsy cotton shorts and stuff two of your fingers into her hairless mound, catching her by surprise and causing her to inhale sharply and moan appreciatively.

    "Mm... I like that!" she mumbles with a mouth full of cock, as you effortlessly finger her sopping wet cunt.

    "About time, too!" she quips while smacking her wet lips together. "I've been thinking about cock all fucking night!"

    Sucking you keenly, you can't help but note just how similarly she looks and feels like her mother. It seems the apple clearly did not fall far from the tree. Miley finally takes you out of her warm mouth and gets up to announce that she wants to take a shower, and that you're more than welcome to join her... in fact she insists. The expression on your face must be amusing because she can't help but giggle at your reaction and she tells you to meet her in the bathroom in two minutes.

    With that said, the sexy teen nymphet disappears down the hall as you pause for a moment to comprehend just what is about to transpire. Thinking back to Leticia's comments earlier (about not taking advantage of her daughter) you debate whether or not it's the right thing to do, but your thoughts are quickly interrupted by the sound of the shower. All decency and common sense now fly right out the window as you realize the teen star is totally and utterly naked in the shower, and waiting for you to join her.

    There mere notion makes your cock swell and your heart to race uncontrollably. In fact, you can't remember the last time you were so excited. In an instant you almost rip the clothes from your body and tiptoe down the dimply lit hallway to peer into the lavish bathroom. There you see the room is slowly filling with steam, and glancing around the onyx partition you find the stunning temptress leisurely lathering her teen body with soapy suds, and paying close attention to her sweet round ass.

    Watching her for a moment, you stroke your throbbing member to the vision before you finally step inside and drop to your knees directly behind her and proceed to worship her remarkable 18-year-old butt. Feeling your breath against her skin, Miley glances over her shoulder and giggles to this gesture, but nonetheless enjoys the attention you bestow on her as you now kiss and tongue every morsel inch of that splendid behind.

    Running your tongue along the crack of her ass, you finally delve deeper inside and cause the young songstress to moan audibly. Closing her eyes, Miley reaches back to run her fingers through your hair as you instruct her to bend over and stick out her incredible butt. Without wasting another moment, you slither your tongue up and down the length of her gleaming slot, before you hungrily glare at her tiny little butthole, watching it twitch before you.

    Taking a deep breath, you hungrily slide your tongue into the tiny orifice and proceed to fuck her with it, which seemingly drives her insane.

    "OH! Fuck! OMG!" she half laughs and whimpers. "That feels so good! Don't stop! Don't stop eating my ass!"

    Gripping her hips with both hands, you proceed to bob your head back and forth as you repeatedly penetrate her backdoor with your thick, long, tongue; literally tongue-fucking her precious backdoor.

    "UGH! Jesus!" she grunts more loudly, while trying to steady herself against the wall in front of her. "You're so deep right now!"

    Suddenly, you stand up straight and without warning brush the end of your thick shlong against her slippery folds, taking her breath away. Miley immediately moans and reaches back to drape her arms around your neck as you kiss her passionately on the lips and grope her breasts with both of your hands. The teen sensation arches her back sharply and grinds her hips against you as you now tongue-kiss each other fervently.

    Easing your way inside her teen poon, you proceed to impale and fuck her at a leisurely pace and grin to yourself as the room echoes with the sound of your hips slamming against her tender little butt.

    "Ugh! Yes! Fuck me!" she hisses at you in her husky tone, before she turns around and drops to her knees and proceed to blow you in the shower.

    The sensation of her hot wet mouth combined with the soothing water cascading over your shoulders is extraordinary.

    "How does your pussy taste baby?" You crudely snicker.

    "I want you to cum on my face!" Miley replies. "Can you do that? Huh? Can you cum all over my fucking face and mouth?"

    You can hardly contain your excitement as you watch her glare up at you with those brilliant blue eyes (not much unlike her mother's) while her long wet tongue now spears out and spirals all around your sensitive cock flesh, urging you to submit. Suddenly, you tense up and proceed to grant her wish... and abruptly fill her teen mouth with copious amounts of goo. Grunting out loud, most of your sticky load dribbles out of the corners of her sweet mouth but not before she keenly swallows the rest of your semen down her narrow throat just like the expert cock-sucker that she is, flashing you a devious shit-eating grin the entire time.

    Minutes later, the two of you dash through the luxurious apartment naked as the day you were born, sneaking around and hoping that her mom is still well asleep. You follow Miley into the bedroom where there the two of you swiftly climb under the sheets and embrace one another, both of your bodies still warm to the touch and now skin to bare skin. Despite your earlier orgasm you're hard as a rock as she tightly wraps her legs around you and you marvel at the softness of her flesh.

    You also hear yourself groan with delight as you feel her grind her hairless mound against your thigh while the two of you kiss and tongue wrestle. Riled up once again, Miley then kisses her way down your neck and teases you some more, claiming that if you're good she'll even blow you again in the morning. She then admits that she hates sleeping alone in the large bed and wants you to hold and spoon her during the night.

    You happily agree and she flips over before the two of you get comfortable in bed and soon drift off to sleep. A few hours later it's just after 7am as you awake to find your morning glory nestled firmly between Miley's soft teen buttocks. Caressing her nubile body for several minutes, you can't help but marvel at her incredibly soft skin and despite yourself you grow exceedingly hard and start to rub your erection against her overheated sex.

    Despite being asleep, it seems her pussy is still wet and you take this opportunity to brush the tip of your aching cock along the length of her moist groove, smearing her juices and causing her to stir in her sleep. To your delight her body soon responds and she proceeds to grind her sex against you.

    "Stop it," she finally complains, as she tries to rest.

    Nevertheless, you're as hard as a rock and you decide to tease her a little. To your amusement you feel Miley grow increasingly aroused as she proceeds to grind her hips more intently against you, now almost urging and tempting you to fuck her. But feeling smug, you refuse to enter her completely and instead just continue to smear her delicious juices around her tender sex, driving her crazy. Frustrated beyond belief, the teen starlet is finally forced to take matters into her own hands and she reaches down to twiddle her agitated clit.

    "You're so bad." she whispers over her shoulder, as you smile and tell her that you've heard that before (from Vanessa Hudgens in fact).

    "Please," she begs you softly. "Stop teasing... and fuck me!"

    Playing coy you tell her you have no idea what she's talking about as she grinds her ass even harder against you. At this point it's incredibly hard for you to resist as Miley literally humps you in bed, your hands now caressing her delicate spine and womanly hips. Groping her body, you now reach over and cup and squeeze her succulent breasts with your hands while you suck on her luscious neck.

    "Ooh god..." she whimpers erotically, as she continues to rub her clit with her fingers.

    "Please!" she begs you. "Fuck me! Please! Just fuck me already! I can't take it!"

    To your surprise she then suggests something that absolutely blows your mind... and asks you to fuck her in the ass.

    "Please, do it!" she groans impatiently. "Stick it in my ass! Fuck my ass right now! I need it! I need it bad!"

    Taken aback by the request, you don't need to be asked twice and without any further ado you enter her tiny little sphincter and pull the sheets away so you can watch the lewd action up close. There you watch as you carefully proceed to enter her most holy of holies, and filling her completely, you proceed to fuck her sweet ass as Miley now squirms and withers around erotically.

    "Ugh yeah..." she purrs softly, biting the pillow. "That feels so good!"

    Just then, you're startled momentarily as you glance up at the door and see a shadowing figure watching the two of you. Pausing for a moment you suddenly realize it's her mom Leticia, who's standing by the door in nothing more than her silk robe and admiring the action. Exchanging glances, you continue to fuck her daughter's sweet ass and encourage the singer to talk dirty to you and she doesn't disappoint.

    "You like that baby? Tell me!" You hiss at her. "Tell me you like that hard cock in your teen ass, Miley!"

    To you delight the "Can't Be Tamed" singer doesn't miss a beat, and surprises you by her lustful response.

    "Oh yes daddy!" she moans aloud. "Take my tight ass! I love your hard cock in my ass! I've been such a bad girl!"

    "Yeah? You've been a bad girl?"

    "Yes!" she goes on. "I've been such a nasty little whore! Ooh! That feels so good in my ass... daddy!"

    "I'm going to fuck you till you scream, baby girl!" You tell her, as you pick up the pace of your hips.

    "Ugh! Yes please! Drill my tight, teen, ass daddy! I'm such a dirty little fucking whore!"

    Feeling bold you then stare right at Leticia as you continue to cuss at her ass-gaping daughter.

    "I'm gonna fuck you so hard that it's going to wake up your mother in the next room!"

    "Yeah? Do it! Go on! Fuck me!"

    "And then I'm going to go out there and stick this thick hard cock down her fucking throat, and make her taste you!"

    "Ohgod! Ohgod!" Miley moans as you go on.

    "Then I'm going to come back in here and take this ass again and again!"

    "OMG! Yes! Do it! Fuck my sweet ass, daddy! Teach us both a lesson!"

    You pick up the pace and add several more inches into her butt. Miley can only moan loudly into the pillow as you impale her over and over again and glare into her mother's lust filled eyes, wondering just what is going on in her head.


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    Can you continue to fuck her ass then her mom joins in.

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    Good story to.

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