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Thread: Hollywood Hot List Chapter 5 (CYA)

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    Default Hollywood Hot List Chapter 5 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Leticia and Miley Cyrus, and Jaimie Alexander
    Created by TPG

    You continue to fuck Miley Cyrus' sweet 18-year-old ass as you watch her mother Leticia Cyrus covertly watch you from the door. Nodding your head, you invite her over and it's only now that Miley finally notices her standing there and protests.


    You quickly silence the teen-queens objections with a few deep thrusts and interrupt her train of thought, as Leticia comes over to the bed. With a firm voice, you insist Tish get comfortable beside you and watch the two of you fuck. The heavily tattooed MILF resists for a moment as she looks into her daughter's eyes, but ultimately complies. Despite her instincts, Tish gets on the bed and watches the two of you intently, noting the way you penetrate Miley in the spooning position.

    "Stay right there," You smirk to yourself. "I want you to watch me fuck her."

    You then ask Leticia to spread her legs and show you her pretty cunt, and hesitating for a moment, she finally concedes. The sexy MILF parts her legs and exposes her sex to you, which apparently shocks Miley to her core and she moans languishingly. You then instruct the mother of five to play with herself as you pick up the pace on Miley's teen ass, and now drill her more intently, causing her to moan out loud.

    "Ugh! Ugh fuck!" Miley lets out involuntarily, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as your eyes lock with her mothers.

    "God she's got such a great little ass Tish!" You snicker, as you pump your hips back and forth, "Such a tight little butt!"

    The ladies both moan in unison, which only spurs you on.

    "Look at her Tish," You tell her. "She's just like her mother... she loves a hard cock inside her!"

    Leticia doesn't respond and simply continues to masturbate as you then instruct her to play with her own backdoor, and licking a single digit, Tish carefully eases it into her tight butthole while still playing with her engorged clit.

    "Oh yeah!" You growl. "Look at your sexy fucking mom, Miley! Look at the way she's playing with herself right now!"

    Drilling her butt harder, you finally pull out and direct the teen starlet to scoot up on the bed and lie beside her sexy mother. Both of them now lay there with their legs spread wide as you admire their naked bodies and note just how similar they appear to be. You stroke your thick cock to the vision before you on the bed as they lie there moaning, squirming, and playing beside one another.

    "Jesus Christ girls," You pant. "Look how hard you've made my cock right now!"

    "Stroke it!" Leticia snaps. "Stroke that hard cock for us!"

    You happily oblige, before you tell the Tish to taste herself and look over at Miley and tell her to do the same. The ladies taste themselves as they glare at your throbbing penis, both of them licking their lips.

    "You really want this cock, don't you?" You tease, as they both nod their heads.

    Feeling bold, you then tell Miley to taste herself again, and insist she offer her slick fingers to her mother.

    Hesitating for just a moment you add, "You do want to get fucked in the ass again, don't you?"

    To your delight, Miley reaches out with her hand and offers her gleaming wet fingers to her mom who swiftly takes them into her mouth, her eyes never leaving yours.

    "That's right, swirl your long tongue around those fingers, Tish." You smirk evilly.

    This incredible gesture causes all three of you to moan with exhilaration and drives you absolutely crazy with lust.

    "How does she taste, Tish?" You almost growl. "How does hot teen pussy taste like?"

    "It tastes... good." she quips.

    Without warning you then grab Leticia by the legs and scoot her to the edge of the bed before you impale her. You now proceed to fuck the sexy MILF where she lies as Miley aggressively finger-bangs herself with three digits, her legs spread wide and open just a foot away from her mother's moaning face. Pinning her legs back, you fuck Tish with deep long thrusts and instruct Miley to talk dirty to you both, and the teen harlot doesn't disappoint.

    "Yeah, fuck her! Fuck my mom hard!" Miley moans in her rasping tone. "She wants it! She wants it bad!"

    "Play with your cunt, Miley!" You insist. "Show your mom how many fingers you can stick inside that tight little cunt of yours!"

    Leticia now cries out loud as you proceed to drill her mercilessly, bringing her to the edge of climax only to pull back. Suddenly, you withdraw only to rub the head of your shlong against her backdoor. You proceed to fuck her thick round rump as Miley plunges two of her own fingers deep inside her own overstretched butthole, her eyes never leaving yours, and to your delight this pushes her mother over the edge.

    Riled up, you ultimately pull out and direct the ladies to swap positions, and you now take Miley doggy-style as she lies between her mother's spread legs, her face resting against her breasts. There Tish attempts to comfort her as you now rail into her young ass once more, this time with great vim and vigor. To you delight its during this time that Tish reaches down and caresses her daughter's body, running her fingertips along her hips and ribs, and caught up in the moment she briefly tweaks and twists Miley's hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger, driving her insane.

    "Yeah? Feel good baby?" Tish moans down at her grimacing daughter.

    For a moment you see that she's almost tempted to kiss her, and noting this you soon announce that you're going to cum. A moment later you pull out and splay your pulpous load all over the teens luscious round butt, and watch in wonder as Tish rushes to scramble over and hungrily licks your mess with her tongue, her lips delving all around and inside Miley's buttocks and over her anus.

    "You girls are fucking insane." You snicker breathlessly. "I love it!"

    A few hours later you hope on a flight back to Los Angeles, your mind still reeling from the incredible encounter you shared with mother and daughter. Taking your seat in the first class section, you find yourself seated next to a very attractive brunette who soon introduces herself to you as Jaimie Alexander. Right away you note just how incredibly anxious and fidgety she seems, and she admits that she rarely flies and absolutely hates it. In fact, she immediately warns you that she might throw up during the flight.

    You find this amusing considering the long flight ahead, and ask her how she came to find herself in South America, and Jaimie goes on to explain how she had been forced to fly to Latin America to promote her latest film "Thor." Sweating profusely, you realize just how traumatized she is and you load her up with several drinks and try to preoccupy her mind with conversation.

    To your amusement the plane has not even taxied from the terminal yet but the two of you are already well lit. Fortunately for you the first class section is almost deserted, giving the two of you some much needed privacy and access to the large drinks cart by the door. Just then, as the plane slowly makes is way to the designated runway Jaimie grabs your hand and squeezes it firmly.

    Taken aback, you're surprise at just how strong her grip is as she goes on to explain about her previous athletic career. Seems the striking brunette was once a semi-professional wrestler in her time, and you make a wise crack to which she quickly responds.

    "Well, normally I'd squeeze you between my thighs like a grapefruit but I figure that would be inappropriate right now?"

    As the plane speeds down the runway and finally takes off, Jaimie seems to be increasingly anxious and the two of you frantically talk about varies topics. The leggy brunette blushes and apologizes for her behavior, but you tell her not to worry about it as you continue to talk, trying to distract her. It's only 15mins into the flight that she brings up the topic of sex, claiming that the only thing that can really calm at present is a cigarette or sex.

    You then offer her an alternative and take out your phone and start to surf several adult sites online. To your amusement, Jaimie suddenly seems animated as she curls up beside you and proceeds to watch you surf various tube sites. Perusing the various niches, the two of you giggle as you try to hide your activity from a nosey stewardess who checks up on you briefly, but then leaves never to return to the section again (as there are only the two of you seated there).

    The two of you soon return your attention to the porn and you start to discuss various niches, with Jaimie suggesting numerous categories. The two of you enjoy a good laugh before you finally agree on one fetish in particular and settled on "mutual masturbation." Looking around, the two of you then watch and listen intently (with one headphone each) as two girls play with themselves for your enjoyment.

    Jaimie finds this intriguing and can't stop laughing as it seems one of the girl's in the video looks strangely like one of her co-star from "Thor" Kat Dennings. The two of you watch for several minutes before the actress announces that she's going to use the bathroom (to get off). As she gets up to leave you make a snide remark.

    "You know, if you need a hand back there just let me know."

    "Yeah right," she smiles before she disappears into the small lavatory.

    Despite yourself, you can't help but get some serious wood knowing full well what the up and coming actress is doing in the bathroom. Unfortunately for her she returns a minute later and clearly looks annoyed and frustrated. It seems she couldn't find any privacy back there as two of the flight attendants were chatting away in the galley of the plane, right in front of her bathroom door.

    Annoyed, Jaimie takes off her jacket and places it in her lap as you note just how irritated she appears to be. In fact she's so worked up now that her flying phobia seems to be returning and she suddenly feels a little queasy, and announces that she might throw up soon. Feeling helpful, you remind her that she hasn't felt sick or anxious in some time, especially since talking about sex and masturbation and watching those videos, and she agrees.

    "Yes but what's the point if I can't get off?!" she remarks.

    Looking around, you then suggest that she get off right there in her seat, cover her hand with her jacket and help herself. You even offer to leave for a few minutes to give her some much needed privacy and she simply smiles and pouts and thinks you're incredibly sweet.

    "Nah, I guess I'll just have to wait."

    "Why wait?" you reply. "Why punish yourself? Besides, we have the entire first class section to ourselves."

    Jaimie seems to disregard your suggestion so you let it go, but a few minutes later the two of you are back perusing more porn together and its during this time that you notice her free hand is under her jacket, and she's definitely playing. Pausing for a moment, Jaimie doesn't fess up to it initially but ultimately smiles and comes clean.

    "You know, I can leave for a few minutes if you want me to?" You offer.

    The "Thor" actress giggles and reaches out with her free hand and places it on your arm, urging you to stay. She claims that she doesn't want to be left alone as the stewardess might try to harass and talk to her again.

    "Do you feel better?" You boldly ask her, as you watch her arm move beneath her jacket and her eyes glaze over.

    "I can't believe I'm doing this right now." she blushes brightly.

    Jaimie adds, "This has to be one of the craziest things I've ever done, but I can't help it."

    "Craziest, or sexiest?" You grin, as you continue to openly ogle her the entire time as she twiddles her clit.

    "I mean..." she stammers, "I don't even know you!"

    "And that's what makes this entire moment so hot, don't you think?"

    Jaimie continues to play with herself and its a few minutes into this scandalous affair that she smiles at you and boldly suggests you do the same.

    "Who me?" You laugh, to which she flashes you a seductive look.

    "Sure, why not?" she maintains. "Just like those videos we like to watch."

    Looking around, you check to see if the coast is still clear when you hear Jaimie tease you.

    "What's wrong?" she softly purrs. "Are you afraid to show me your cock?"

    Just hearing her say the words makes your penis throb with excitement.

    "Did I mention I like dirty talk too?" You tell her, making her smile.

    "You do huh? Me too." she replies, "This is going to be a very interesting flight."

    Taking a deep breath, you then reach down and stroke your bulging erection through your pants, and her eyes grow wide as she notices just how hard you really are. Feeling cheeky, you offer her a squeeze and while she initially refuses she ultimately accepts.

    "Can I really still touch it?" she whispers, her eyes filled with lust as she continues to play with herself under the jacket.

    "Go right ahead." You offer, before she looks around and then reaches over.

    Thinking quickly, Jaimie takes a portion of her jacket (sleeve) to cover your lap and reaches under to squeeze and grip your tool. Grinning slyly to herself, she curls her tongue over her lips and seems to thoroughly enjoy the contact.

    "Oh wow," she gasps, as the hand between her legs seems to pick up the pace. "You're so hard right now!"

    Just then to your delight it seems that in the process of sharing her jacket she exposes a portion of her legs to you, and you can clearly see her hand is inside her pants and beneath her lace panties. Noting your line of sight, the actress blushes and attempts to cover up but you insist she let you see.

    "Jesus, you look so fucking sexy right now." You tell her.

    "What can I say," she quips. "I'm an actress. I love an audience."

    "Are you wet right now?" You ask rhetorically, and she responds by taking her hand out of her panties and showing you how moist they are.

    "Stick them in your mouth," You tell her bluntly.

    Jaimie hesitates for just a moment before she flashes you the most seductive look yet and slips her glistening digits into her mouth, before shoving her hand back inside her panties.

    "I swear..." she purrs softly, a serious expression on her face."You better take that cock out this very instant!"

    "Move that jacket," You reply, "I want to watch you play."

    Jaimie happily obliges as you proceed to unzip your pants and watch her fingers delve deeper inside her underwear and wriggle around. Exposing your hard length, the two of you now sit there whimpering and moaning softly as you both get off. Suddenly, Jaimie takes her hands away and sits up straight up.

    "Screw this! I've had enough... lets fuck!"

    While you snicker and wonder what she's talking about, the actress takes off another layer of clothing and suggests the two of you sneak off to the lavatory to fuck, and you don't object.

    "Get your ass up and meet me in the bathroom in 2mins." she insists.

    With that said, you watch as the sexy Texan gets up from her seat and marches back to the small lavatory. Your heart now races with anticipation as you wait all of a full minute before you impatiently make your way back there. To you delight the area is deserted for the most part, and gently tapping on the door, it swings open a moment later and you're literally pulled inside. There, the striking brunette urgently unzips your pants and without a moment to lose drops to her knees and proceeds to blow you.

    Watching her perform for several moments, you finally pick her up by the arm and place her on the edge of the sink and fuck her. To your amusement her long slender legs flail about wildly and her feet rest against the small bathroom door as you drill her hard, kissing her passionately on the mouth as the two of you fuck zealously. Ultimately, the lewd encounter turns you both on immensely and it doesn't take much to get you off.

    You finally erupt deep inside her 27-year-old cunt before the two of you straighten yourselves up and return to your seats, not before one of the flight crew catch the two of you stepping out of the same lavatory together. Back in the first class section, the two of you laugh at the encounter before Jaimie gives you her number and suggests that you hook up again in Los Angeles at a later date?

    As you add her number to your list of contacts, you notice that you have several new messages from the office and see that you apparently have a industry event to attend later that evening. Moreover, the guys at HQ have apparently arranged a date for you for the big event, and it's up to you to decide who you want to take. Looking over the list you see four names that really peak your interest.

    These include; Alison Brie, Sophie Monk, Audrina Patridge, and Yvonne Strahovski?


    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<


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    I'm holding onto the hope that Alison Brie wins out. She needs a look in as well.

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    Yeah not to worry guys, I know how some of you feel about Alison so I'll definitely be adding her to the next chapter. Besides, I usually pick more than one of the girls to go through after the voting is done... so at present it'll probably be Yvonne and Alison, but that doesn't mean I won't be adding the others later either.

    There's always opportunity for the likes of Audrina Patridge (even Eva Longoria) to show up in later chapters.

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    Another great Chapter ! Thanks

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    Great Chapter, TPG. Liking the voting choices. Truthfully, kind of getting annoyed with all of the same old "Miley Cyrus" disney teens getting all the attention on the sites. Miss the older stories with people like Natalie Portman, Eva Mendes, Scarlett, etc. etc. Either way, keep up the work!

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    Yep, I hear ya. I'll try to incorporate more of the "classic" babes in the future. I know exactly what you mean.

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    Hahah, good to know you understand. Don't get me wrong, I love all of your stories, its just that I'm much more attached to the classic ones. Call me biased, if you will. :P.

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    Yep, working on it as we speak.

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