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Thread: "Cleaning Up the Mess" with Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice

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    Default "Cleaning Up the Mess" with Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice

    Cleaning up the mess
    With Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

    A/N: This is my first attempt at writing ever. Sorry for any grammatical errors and punctuation.

    The only reason I had started working at Nickelodeon was to meet some of the young starlets I had dreamed of for so many years. It had now been a couple of months and yet I hadn't even caught a glimpse of any of them. It hadn't all been a total waste, I had corrupted a few other girls with the promise of their own show, but none of them could compare to the fine ass I was after.

    I was now ready to quit not only because of the failure to complete the mission I was on but also because of the lack of respect I was given. Everyone treated me like a nobody because I was the janitor. I was still here because the pay was good and the benefits were decent but if it hadn't been for that I would have been gone.

    Today was specially bad because I was called last minute to work, on a Saturday nonetheless, and I had to cancel all my plans. I had just finished cleaning the "Victorious" set and preparing to go clean the dressing rooms.

    The only gratifying thing about this whole thing was going through the Nick stars personal items that they left in their rooms. I hadn't really found anything too exciting but just knowing that they had touched what I was now touching gave me a weird satisfaction.

    The first dressing room I came to was Elizabeth Gillies. The room was pretty clean except for a few old food containers and a pile of clothes. I quickly threw the containers away and headed towards the pile of clothes. As I separated the shirts first taking in the scent, a strong smell of expensive perfume and a hint of sweat, as I folded each one and put it on the couch next to me.

    I turned to the pile of jeans that I had saved for last. Opening each pair and smelling the crotch but unfortunately none had any distinct smell. I got to the last pair and when I opened it I couldn't believe what I saw.

    Still in the same position that Elizabeth had left it in was a tiny turquoise thong. My shaky hand reached and grabbed the thong revealing a nice stain. I quickly put it to my nose and took in the sweet scent. Putting the underwear in my pocket I grabbed my things and left.

    Walking down the hall pushing my cart full of cleaning supplies I kept thinking of the prize in my pocket. As I got closer to the next room I noticed that the door was ajar which was strange because no one ever left their door open. Almost at the door I heard some noises coming from inside and stopped in my tracks as I tried to listen.

    All I could hear was mumbling, giggles, silence then more giggling. I tiptoed carefully to not make any noise myself making out a bit more of what was going on inside.

    "That was good but now lets try longer" I heard a voice say that I instantly recognized as Arian Grande. "OK, 1... 2... 3... go!" then silence.

    I stood at the door trying to look in but luck the only view was the wall opposite of me. I had to know what was going on. I tried to think of something when I remembered that on the wall there was a full body mirror but it was still too far for me to see through the opening. My only choice was to open the door even more and risk getting caught and loose my job but it was a risk I was willing to take for a glimpse of what was happening just on the other side of the door.

    I took a deep breath and gently added pressure to the door making it move only slightly. It wasn't enough to see the mirror so again I pushed on the door. This time I didn't stop until I could see the mirror.

    I heard my self gasp as I saw the reflection the mirror. A redhead with her back to the mirror was sitting on the couch while a brunette was on top of her with her face against Ariana's.

    I couldn't believe what I saw Ariana and her female friend making out, it was something I had dreamed of for a while. I put my hand in my pocket taking a second to feel Liz's thong and then took my phone out. I pushed at buttons, without taking my eyes off the mirror, until the screen had a flashing red dot with REC next to it.

    Aiming my phone at the reflection of the two girls making out I could feel my pants getting tighter. The brunette moved her lips away from Ariana's and moved them down to her neck.

    "Mmm, I like that" the redhead exclaimed as she tilted her head back.

    The brunette's hand moved up Ariana's legs then slipped in between her legs.

    "Yes…yes. Just like that" moaned the redhead.

    I couldn't help it anymore and I quickly unzipped my pants letting my cock get some fresh air and stroked it with my free hand. Turning back to the action the brunette now lifted her head for second before she winked and went back to pleasuring her starlet friend. At that instant I stood there frozen in disbelief at the fact that Ariana's friend, who was now staring straight at the mirror, was none other than the "Victorious" star herself.

    Our eyes were now locked on each other having a staring contest. With a swift move Victoria Justice jumped of Ariana and walked out of the view from the mirror.

    "Hey where are you going?" cried Ariana.

    I turned ready to walk away when I heard a voice behind me.

    "Excuse me" Victoria said.

    I slowly turned forgetting that I had still had my cock in plain view.

    "Wow" the brunette exclaimed as she stared at my erection.

    "What is it?" Arian Grande now stood. "Oh my god. Who is that?" she screamed.

    "Just someone who is enjoying our little acting practice" Victoria answered as she moved away from the doorway allowing Ariana get the entire view of the state I was in.

    "Wow" said the redhead this time with an impressed tone "That is huge"

    "I know, its even bigger than my step dad's" Victoria commented not taking her eyes of my erection.

    Taken aback at the young starlet's last comment I couldn't help but get even harder. Noticing my reaction Victoria finally lifted her stare.

    "Oh, how rude of me just letting you stand there. You should really, really come inside" she grinned.

    I walked into the room as Victoria shut the door behind me. I heard a sound which indicated that the door was now also locked. Standing in the middle of the room Ariana approached me.

    "Come closer, I wont bite" she snickered.

    The hot redhead took my hand and directed me towards the couch. She was wearing a loose shirt that was too big for her making one side slip of her shoulder exposing a pink bra strap. The shirt was not long enough to hide a pair of short shorts that accentuated her ass nicely and at the end of her amazing legs a pair of red heels.

    She sat on the couch with her face now only a couple inches away from my throbbing cock.

    "So" Victoria began as she now stood behind me. " You enjoy spying on girls while you pleasure yourself?"

    "It's not a hobby but when I get a chance, why not?" I responded

    Surprised by the answer Victoria took a second to think before she continued.

    "You know you could get in a lot of trouble if we told?" she challenged.

    "Is that a fact?" I answered coolly.

    "Yup. Of course we could keep quite, that is of course if you do what we want" Victoria gave a naughty look at her friend who returned the gesture.

    "Well that depends, what do you have in mind?" I answered hoping that this was going the way I had so many nights imagined.

    "All you have to do is help us practice a movie scene" The brunette said as she got even closer to me.

    "Well that doesn't sound difficult. I'll do it." I answered waiting for the first move to be made.

    "Good, because we didn't want to have to tattle." Ariana said as she licked her lips.

    Victoria put her arms around me as she gently put her lips to the back of my neck. The feeling of her soft lips against my skin made my member twitch smacking Ariana on the chin.

    "Well hello there to you too." Ariana giggled.

    The kissing moved towards my shoulder and the up the side of my neck. It reached my cheek until my head faced Victoria. She looked into my eyes before she leaned in and her lips met mine.

    Knowing that I was now making out with one of the hottest young starlets made me harder. Acknowledging my stiffness Ariana tightly gripped the base of my cock with her right hand, meanwhile her left hand cupped my balls. I could feel her warm breath as she placed her tongue against my dick making its way from the bottom to the tip leaving a trail of saliva.

    The redheads tongue circled the tip when I felt her lips kiss my hardness. The touch of her lips made me moan. Ariana's lips wrapping around my dick as she took more of it in. She reached halfway before she stopped and my cock made its way out of her mouth. The second time she lingered halfway again this time her hand moving up and down the other half of my stiffness.

    "What…what movie scene are…are…we doing exactly" I stammered as Ariana kept working on my dick.
    Victoria separated her lips from mine "It's from a movie we like to watch when our parents aren't around"

    Ariana nodded in agreement

    "Ok, just making sure" I said.

    Victoria took hold of her tight purple shirt and lifted it over her head letting it drop on the floor. Quickly moving her hand to unbutton her pants her perky breast jiggling with every movement she made. Peeling her tight pants off, the kind that drive me crazy every time I see her on TV, and wiggling her hips as she went. Victoria Justice takes a foot out while she kicks the pants off to one side with the other.

    Speechless with my mouth wide open astonished at the sight in front of me. Victoria Justice standing almost completely naked with only a tiny see thru thong, which was positioned as to allow me to see that she was completely shaved, and her nipples erect almost as if they were reaching out to me.

    I quickly took my shirt off, while Ariana took a small break from taking my cock in her mouth to pull my pants down

    "What's this" Ariana asked now holding the underwear I had taken from Elizabeth Gillies.

    I shrugged pretending not to know how they got in my pocket. In a swift motion she put her co stars soiled panties up to her nose and absorbed the smell.

    "Well they have a really good scent" she said as she put them back in the pocket.

    After seeing Ariana Grande sniffing at he friends thong I grabbed the back of her head and forced my penis all the way in. Gagging and pushing me away at the hip I eased my grip on her allowing her catch her breath.

    "Fuck…I took…it all in" she said very proudly before I jammed the cock in her mouth once again.

    I turned to Victoria and pulled her body against mine and kissed her hard. Her breathing got heavier and her nipples indented my skin. My fingers caressed her skin as they studied every inch of her body. Moving down her tummy and stopping at the top of her thong before separating the fabric from her skin and invading her intimate area which was now extremely wet.

    I ran my finger along her moist lips before stopping to play with her clit. Getting my finger ready I put two of them together then slowly inserted them inside the sexy teen.

    "Mmm…yeah I like that" she purred.

    Simultaneously increasing the speed of my fingers, going in and out of the young starlets cunt, and the movement of my hips making Ariana's face turn red matching her hair. My hand now completely wet as well I took my fingers out of Victoria and put them in her mouth. She slurped the juices and then sucked on my fingers before she licked the rest of the residue off.

    Once again with my fingers inside her furiously entering and exiting her, Victoria put her head on my shoulder.

    "I want your hard dick inside me, now" she moaned.

    "How much do you want it?" I joked.

    "I really want it" she insisted.

    "Tell me how much you want it" I continued.

    "My body aches for you hard cock to be deep inside me" Victoria shouted.

    Without another thought I flung Victoria onto the couch. Leaving Ariana with her mouth open but with not dick in it I position myself in front of Victoria. Pulling almost ripping her underwear off I place my head between her legs.

    Licking her young clit getting it nice and wet ready for my throbbing manhood.

    "You're one lucky guy" Ariana commented.

    Taking my tongue away from the sweet cunt.

    "Oh yeah" I answered pretending this was nothing out of the ordinary for me.

    "Yeah" Ariana continued "you're going where no guy has gone before"

    I stopped for a moment to think of the comment. Could it be true, could this starlet, who was asking for my cock, really be a virgin. The thought of taking something so special from this young teen made me even more determined. I stood in front of the naked brunette with her legs opened wide.

    I placed her closer to me before I put my dick on her stomach and slowly moved it down massaging her clit then opening her lips. My mushroom tip on the verge of penetrating the needy girl but as I pushed forward my dick wouldn't go in.

    My first though was that I hadn't aimed right but as I placed it directly at her opening I realized that this was going to be the tightest pussy I had ever fucked. I pushed again and again to no prevail while Victoria yelped at every attempt I made

    Now more than ever I had to penetrate this young hottie. I took a hold of Ariana's head and stuffed her mouth with my penis until she covered it completely in saliva. I returned to Victoria and once again position my dick then leaned in and kissed her before making another attempt.

    This time I felt the tip begin to penetrate the tight cunt. Victoria let out a loud moan as she arched her back and tilted her head back. I kissed her neck as I pushed slipped more dick inside her.

    "Oh shit. I want more" Victoria let out.

    With my orders in place I let my cock go in halfway before I pulled it out. I got to the tip then I pushed it in this time not stopping until my whole hardness was inside this young starlet.

    "Fuuuuck" we booth moaned while Ariana smiled at her friends pain and pleasure.

    "Oh shit yes…it feels so fucking good" Victoria panted.

    "It really fucking does" I said still trying to wrap my head around the tightness of Victoria and the fact that I had just taken her virginity.

    "Keep going" Victoria begged while Ariana sucked on her co stars left nipple I sucked on the right one.

    I repeated the treatment, slowly taking my dick out before plunging it deep inside the young brunette every time her muscles contracting more making it difficult for me from bursting. I signaled to Ariana, since I couldn't manage to speak from all the pleasure, who perfectly understood what I wanted her to do.

    She quickly took her clothes off and jumped on top of Victoria with her ass in the air. Using Ariana to hold down Victoria I freed my hands to spread the redheads ass open. I ran my tongue along the rim making it flinch and Ariana purr. I moved to the hot redheads young little pussy splitting her lips open with my tongue.

    As my tongue played with her clit I could feel the starlets juices running along my tongue making my taste buds dance. Taking the same two finger that had been inside Victoria earlier I now placed them knuckle deep inside Ariana.

    The sound of both Ariana and Victoria moaning in pleasure distracted me from my attempt at holding off my unavoidable orgasm. Knowing well that it was only a matter of seconds before I finished I sped my motion.

    The tightness of Victoria sent me over the edge as I felt my cock spurting stream after stream of cum and filling Victoria's tummy full of my nectar.

    "Oh... I feel something" Victoria cried.

    The further contraction of her muscles warned me of her own orgasm. I placed my thumb while Ariana place her tongue on the brunettes clit while I moved what was left of my hardness in and out of her.
    "Yeeeeeeeeees, oh fuck yeseesss.' Victoria couldn't control her body anymore and a mixture of Victoria's juices and my previous deposit sprayed all over soaking me.

    "Shit. God fuck me." Victoria screamed as the juices left her body.

    "Oh my god that was amazing" Victoria panted with a huge smile on her face. "Wow I can't believe it"

    "Me neither you're a squirter" I responded amazed at the mess the "Victorious" star had made. Not only that but I had been the cause of that mess.

    I sat on the floor catching my breath when I heard.

    "It's my turn" I turned to look at Ariana who was anxious to get what Victoria had just experienced.

    Taking a spot on the couch Ariana Grande took the earlier position with her ass in the air. Tired but no wanting to waste this opportunity I got on my feet, my body still covered in Victoria Justice's juices. It took no time before I got Ariana's wet and ready fuck.

    Ariana was nowhere near as tight as Victoria, I don't think anyone girl could be as tight as her, but the grip was still good enough to get me hard quickly even though I had no rest in between the pleasuring of the two starlets.

    I had a good rhythm going when the red head looked over her shoulder and said something that I would of never expected.

    "I want it in the ass" she ordered with a naughty look.

    "Excuse me" I said baffled.

    "You heard me , I want it my little asshole" Ariana continued "I love it in the ass, but I've never had one that big."

    Totally hard now with the new revelation I pulled Victoria close .

    "We need lubrication" I answered her before she was able to say anything I put my cock into her mouth for the first time.

    Her lips around my penis and the feeling of her tongue soaking my hardness in her saliva almost made me cum again but I knew that this batch was for Ariana Grande's little asshole. I could feel the back of Victoria's throat while she gagged and her eyes got teary.

    I spit on Ariana's backdoor and massaged it with my thumb then gently pushed it in. Switching to my index finger then both my index and middle finger fondled the young redhead's little hole.

    "That feels good, I can't wait for you to fuck me hard" Ariana said as she stared at her friend getting my dick ready before impaling it in the redhead's tight little ass.

    With a fully lubricated cock I placed it on Ariana's rim then in one quick move I speared right in, wasting no time at all.

    "Motherfucker" Ariana screamed.

    The sudden outburst made stop afraid that I had hurt the young starlet.

    "Who the fuck told you stop" Ariana said giving me a menacing look.

    I chuckled before continuing. Her ass was tighter than I had expected since she had apparently had quite lots of action in her backdoor. The most I could get in was just a bit more than half of my stiff dick but that wasn't enough.

    "Faster" Ariana cried out in pleasure "I want every inch inside me."

    Wanting to fulfill her every wish I pushed harder getting a bit more in with every push. All of sudden I felt something brush my legs. I looked down and saw Victoria's head make her way in between Ariana's legs and play wit her pussy as I fucked her in the ass.

    The sight of Victoria with her tongue in her best friend's cunt got me hornier than ever. I kept staring at Victoria helping me pleasure her co star and every now and then getting a glimpse of her staring back at me drove me crazy.

    I began to thrust faster, my stomach finally meeting Ariana's round ass the sound of bodies clapping against each other as my balls flung back and smacking Victoria's chin as they flung forward.

    Now moving even faster on my cock Ariana tilted her head back. I took a hold of some of her hair and pulled on it.

    My mouth next to her ear I whispered. "Do want it you little slut?"

    "Yes I want it" she answered.

    "Well then beg for it" I shouted back.

    " I want it please" the redhead pleaded.

    "You want what?" I challenged

    "I want your cum deep in my ass." The redhead moaned before she continued "…and I want to taste it.'

    It was too much, I had the same feeling that had previously gone through my body before I came inside Victoria. As the cum escaped me Ariana clenched my cock tighter making me cum more than my body possibly could have predicted.

    As I took my cock out of her cum filled ass Ariana quickly turned to face me and pulled my dick into her mouth. sucking it dry. I took a step back and just admired the two little star sluts. One with both our juices dripping from her now devirginzed little pussy and the other with my cum also dripping but this one from her no longer tight backdoor while she also used my juices as mouthwash but swallowing instead of spitting.

    I got my clothes and put them on then headed to the table that was in front of the couch and grabbed my phone. I was going to check the time when I notice a red dot flashing on the screen realizing that I had "accidentally" left it recording.

    I put the phone in my pocket along with my other souvenir and I couldn't help but smile. This had definitely been the best day not only of working at Nickelodeon but of my entire life.

    I looked back at the two young girls that everyone thought where innocent and wondered what would happen if the video ever made its way onto the internet. Well I would have to keep wondering because this was for my eyes only, for now.

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    That was awesome! Even more so since it was your first ever story!! Fucking excellent read!! And a great scenario too, GIGGIDYGOO!!

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    Thanks TPG that really means a lot.

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    Truly Awesome ! Any chance for a Follow up ?

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