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Thread: Hollywood Hot List Chapter 6 (CYA)

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    Default Hollywood Hot List Chapter 6 (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure:
    Featuring Yvonne Strahovski, Kat Dennings, Alison Brie, and Stacy Keibler
    Created by TPG

    Cleaning yourself up, you grab your keys and climb into your Honda NSX and head on out to pick up your date for the evening, aussie starlet Yvonne Strahovski. Having never met her before, you're understandably nervous as you arrive to her apartment and knock on the door. A moment later the blonde bombshell invites you in as she makes a few final adjustments to her dress for your date.

    Right away you're taken aback by her beauty and surprised by how sweet and charming she appears to be, and while she ducks off to the bathroom to get ready you feel your phone vibrate and look down to see another message from actress Kat Dennings. It seems the actress can't take a hint and for whatever reason is determined to meet with you. In fact she's been pursing you ever since you arrived back in Los Angeles, and even more so since enjoying a little tryst on the plane with one of her "Thor" co-stars, Jaimie Alexander.

    Once again you respond with the same text message as before, informing her that you're extremely busy and that if she's serious about seeing you she should contact the office. As expected, this goes over like a lead balloon as Kat continues to message you, insisting that she speak to you in person ASAP. In the meanwhile, Yvonne emerges from the bathroom looking absolutely radiant before the two of you finally leave her humble abode and head to the party in West Hollywood.

    It's during this time that you see that you need to fill up on petrol, and pulling into a gas station you go through the motions as Yvonne sits pretty in the passenger seat. To your chagrin you get another message from Dennings, but before you call her directly to berate her, you look at a photo attached to her last message and you're taken back as it's a topless candid of the busty vixen herself.

    Her body is absolutely breathtaking and you see that underneath the naked picture she's attached her home address and insists you come over right away as she needs to talk to you urgently. Realizing its just a few streets away, you pay for the gas and climb back into the NSX and tell Yvonne that there's been a last minute change of plans, and that you just need to swing by a friends place for a minute before heading out to the party.

    Your date naturally agrees as you head off, your heart racing in your chest as you wonder if you're actually going to get away with the bold scheme which is playing out in your head. Ten minutes later you arrive to the address, and leaving your sexy date in the car, you approach the gate and notice that the house looks dark and deserted for the most part. Hitting the buzzer, you hear the gate unlock and allow you in. A moment later you arrive to the front door and you're greeted by the busty actress herself, Kat Dennings.

    To you surprise Kat's scantily clad in nothing more than a tiny tee and boy shorts, and you waste little time giving her a piece of your mind and asking her what her problem is. As expected Kat has no answer and can only stand there silently as you berate her, taken aback by your aggressive demeanor as you take out your anger on her.

    "I mean WTF?!" You hiss, "Twenty-seven text messages? Why? What is so god damn urgent?"

    To your disappointment it seems that your initial suspicions are right and there doesn't appear to be any emergency or real significant reason for you to be there.

    "So?" You finally snap at her. "What's so important that I just had to come over right away?"

    Kat seems to be stunned by your outburst, and simply stands there quietly not knowing what to say. Rolling your eyes, you finally turn to leave when she stops you.

    "No wait!"

    You turn to face her and without warning Kat slips her tiny t-shirt over her head releasing her huge blouse puppies. Her breasts are so magnificent you actually hear yourself gasp in amazement.


    With a blank expression on her face, the "House Bunny" star walks towards you and takes your hand and places it on her bare chest. Your mind is reeling as you feel the fullness of her breasts.

    "Jaimie told me I had to meet you." she purrs with her thick collagen induced lips.

    "I want to be on the hot list." she adds. "And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen."

    "Clearly." You remark.

    You're so infatuated with her natural assets that you don't realize she's unzipped your fly. In an instant the two of you are making out fervently like long lost lovers, your hands all over her hour glass figure, and more importantly that glorious chest. You marvel at the sheer weight of her huge tits with the palm of your hand, and admire her large pink nipples that swell with excitement as she moans into your mouth.

    Suddenly without warning the actress drops to her knees and before you can say a single word, takes your cock into her mouth. You're absolutely blown away by her enthusiasm and overwhelmed by the feel of her incredibly soft lips. You lean back against the front door and groan appreciatively as the 24-year-old actress blows you keenly. To your amusement her technique leaves little to be desired, but her thick soft lips more than make up for it.

    Kat finally looks up at you with a mouth full of cock, and as though reading your mind she takes you out of her drooling mouth and slips your hard length between her massive tits.

    "Here, this is why I called." she purrs seductively. "I bet you wish now you had gotten back to me sooner, huh?"

    You can only nod your head as you watch her clutch her breasts with both hands, mashes her boobs together and direct you to tit-fuck her deep cleavage. You moan involentarily as you watch your throbbing manhood disappear between those soft, fleshy mounds. As you fuck her incredible chest, you consider your next move and wonder if you should bend her over the couch and take her from behind, or better yet pick her up and take her back to her bedroom... when suddenly the absurdity of it all hits you.

    It's only now you realize how outrageous the entire scene is as you're actually tit-fucking Kat Dennings while Yvonne Strahovski sits waiting for you in the car? Unfortunately for you before you decide what to do next, you feel your legs tremble uncontrollably and your buttocks squeeze tight as you proceed to cum and spray your gooey load all over those magnificent mammaries.

    Kat simply groans with delight and continues to stroke your spewing cock as you spurt your pulpous seed all over her neck and chest. Catching your breath, the "40-year-old Virgin" star gets up to grab a towel as you take the opportunity to quietly open the front door and attempt to slip away. Noting this, Kat suddenly flies into a rage and yells profanities at you as she throws a porcelain figure at the door which smashes into a million pieces.

    "You bastard!" she screams. "Stop! Where are you going?"

    You snicker to yourself as you dash across the yard, while still trying to zip up, and climb back into the car. It's there you notice that Yvonne has apparently sexed herself up in your absence, as her hair is down and disheveled, and she appears to be showing off a lot more leg. The Aussie actress then produces a small vile of coke and the two of you do a hit each before you pull away from the curb, trying your best to keep your eyes on the road and not stare at her long smooth legs.

    Noticing you stare, the blonde harlot teases you.

    "Do you like my shoes?" she smiles, as she places her legs on the dashboard and shows off her 6inch stilettos.

    You gulp hard and tell her that you're trying to concentrate on the road, and while stopped at an intersection a moment later, Yvonne smirks slyly to herself as she unbuckles her belt and leans over to take your cock into her mouth. Despite having cum just a few minutes earlier, the sight of her legs and the feel of her warm wet mouth gets you hard in next to no time. You immediately note just how different Yvonne and Kat appear to be when it comes to sucking cock, and to your delight the girl from down under sure knows what she's doing.

    She's clearly done this before and is a natural born cock-smoker. Yvonne now blows you the entire way to the party as you start to wonder if this might turn out to be the best fucking night of your entire life. Once there you drive by the valet parking attendants and find a place to stop in an adjacent parking lot. Switching off the car, Yvonne seems to take it up a notch and now almost sucks the sap right out of your balls as you fuck her pretty mouth and reach under her skirt to play with her cunt.

    "Ugh! Fuck yes!" You let out through gritted teeth. "Jesus fucking Christ you're good at that!"

    Noting just how wet she is, you effortlessly glide two of your fingers into her sopping wet cunt and proceed to finger-bang the leggy Australian with your hand as she happily reciprocates and spreads her legs wide for you and now moans with a mouth full of cock, urging you on.

    "Mmppfff! Yeah!" she sighs. "Fuck me! Stick your fingers deep inside! I like it!"

    Hearing this admission, you eagerly plunge three of your long fingers as deep as you possibly can and feel her respond by suddenly deep-throating your meat. This impromptu action makes your eyes roll into the back of your head as you feel your loins scream out for release. A moment later you suddenly and abruptly proceed to nut in her moaning mouth, only to watch her hungrily swallow and devour every morsel drop of semen before licking you clean with her tongue.

    To your delight Yvonne sits up a minute later and check's her appearance in the mirror. Enjoying another hit of blow, the two of you then march down the red carpet and head into the event, both of you as high as kites.

    Inside, you immediately mingle and flirt with various celebrities and your mind turns to mush. You can't remember the last hour or so but suddenly find yourself chatting away with a very bubbly and attractive brunette by the name of Alison Brie.

    "Hello? Anybody home?" she giggles sweetly, "Have you heard a single thing I've said?"

    Alison laughs at your strange behavior as your head is way up in the clouds. To her amusement you can't stop grinning as you openly leer down at her impressive cleavage, and detect a very strong attraction between the two of you. With nothing to lose you're extremely blunt and assertive with her and to your surprise she seems to respond to this. In fact, you suspect that it kind of turns her on and you literally proposition her, asking her to join you for more drinks back at your place later.

    While Alison doesn't respond, she shyly giggles and flirts back and is clearly interested. Knowing full well that you've successfully hooked up with someone for the evening, you take this opportunity to go to the bar to get some drinks. But it's there you suddenly find yourself standing next to an absolute babe who you soon realize is none other than Stacy Keibler. The Amazonian beauty immediately proceeds to flirt with you, and the two of you hit it off and share a laugh and some conversation.

    In your drug-fueled haze you almost forget the reason why you went over to the bar in the first place, only to have the onetime model turned actress nudge you in the arm a few minutes later and nod in the direction of Alison, who storms off in a huff.

    "Shit!" You remark. "I knew there was a reason why I came over here. I think I better go talk to her?"

    "Why?" Stacy states. "Let her go. Trust me, if she really likes you she'll come back."

    Pausing for a moment, you have to agree with her logic and the two of you toast to your new found friendship and throw back several more drinks over the next hour or so. You soon find the leggy blonde extremely friendly and charming, and if you didn't know any better you could swear she was physically attracted to you.

    "So what's your story anyway?" You finally ask her. "Are you here with anyone?"

    "Nope! Just looking to get laid!" she snickers to herself. "What about you?"

    "Sure, why not?" You reply, "Let's go!"

    "No silly!" Stacy laughs. "I mean, are you here with anyone tonight?"

    Just then, as you start to explain your situation (having arrived to the event with Yvonne) you catch sight of Alison in the distance and despite your early bravado, you suddenly feel compelled to go talk to her and apologize. Noting the way you look at her, Stacy smiles.

    "You know what, go right ahead. I don't mind, honest."

    With Keibler's blessing, you kiss her on the cheek before you chase on after Alison and finally corner her in a dimply lit hallway. As expected she's clearly not impressed, knowing that you "traded up" the moment you meet Stacy at the bar. Nevertheless, you insist that she give you another chance (to get to know you better) and you convince her to join you outside to talk.

    There the two of you continue to flirt and chat, as you try your best not to stare down at her now incredibly hard nipples, and explain that you're not a Ladies man but just a bit of a flirt and extremely high. Alison scoffs and tells you that she knows your type, and to your amusement she appears to be a little drunk and a lot more blunt and assertive than before.

    "Yeah, yeah," she scoffs. "I've heard it all before, buddy. You guys will say just about anything to get your cock sucked!"

    Hearing this tone from her, you're taken aback by her uncharacteristic remarks yet strangely aroused. Despite your earlier issues, the sexual tension between the two of you is now strong and undeniable and you even consider asking her to leave with you when Yvonne suddenly appears out of nowhere. To your chagrin, before you can respond appropriately the "Chuck" star comes over and totally interrupts your intimate moment to tell you that she hooked up with some friends and is leaving the party early.

    Without warning she then kisses you on the lips and tells you that she had a great "ride" over, and insists you call her over the weekend to hook up again. Naturally, this action clearly infuriates Alison who simply rolls her eyes and attempts to leave (again).

    "Screw this, I'm outta here!" she says while throwing up her hands.

    "No, wait!" You tell her, "Just give me a minute to explain!"

    "Get your hands off me!" she snaps, before the two of you get into a heated exchange.

    Suddenly, caught up in the moment you act without thinking and you abruptly kiss the sexy brunette on the lips. Taken aback, Alison responds by swiftly slapping you across the face and pauses for a moment before she grabs you by the collar and kisses you hard on the mouth again. The two of you slip into the shadows as you make out fervently and grope one another. You immediately squeeze and knead her incredible breasts, and pulling her dress down to expose her nipple, you unceremoniously suck her teat into your mouth, causing her to gasp with surprise and moan out loud.

    "Ooh! OMG!" she whimpers, while running her fingers through your hair. "What are you... ugh! OMG! You're crazy!"

    The "Community" actress purrs lustfully as you have your seedy way with her, and feeling bold you expose her other breast to the cool evening air and give it the same treatment. She now stands there in the shadows with both her glorious boobs exposed, her nipples hard and erect and the size of pencil erasers, as you now alternate between licking and suckling each one of them.

    Feeling bold you reach up under her dress to play with her sex, and you stop dead in your tracks as you realize the sexy little nymphet isn't even wearing any panties? Noting your reaction, Alison simply blushes and kisses you hard on the lips and the two of you make out some more before you're rudely interrupted by one of her friends. Unfortunately for you the actress then gives you the bad news that she has to drive her friends home, and wishes she could stay but she also has prior work commitments in the morning.

    Despite this you can barely bring yourself to let go of her, as she smiles and tells you that there'll be plenty of time to fool around and get to know each other better in the future. Alison also admits that she kinda gets a kick out of the idea of torturing you until the next time you meet. With that said you exchange phone numbers and give her one last kiss goodnight before you watch her leave with her girlfriends, and you head back inside to the bar.

    It's there you feel someone clear their throat behind you, and you turn around to see the familiar face of Eva Longoria.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" The sexy Latina beams before kissing you on the cheek.

    "We just seem to keep bumping into each other at the strangest places, huh?" Eva giggles.

    To make things even more complicated, Stacy Keibler suddenly flanks you from behind and taps you on the shoulder as she buys another round of drinks, and you play statesmen as you introduce the ladies who are apparently already good friends.

    "This guys not giving you any trouble is he, Stacy?" Eva teases.

    "Not at all," Keibler slurs, as you and Eva flash each other a look as you realize just how drunk the leggy blonde in fact is.

    Catching up with Longoria, Stacy then announces that she's about to leave the party and that she wants you to "escort" her home. Eva immediately raises a brow and giggles as she realizes that you apparently made a good impression on the striking blonde, as she apparently has her heart set on you and seems to have made up her mind. Looking at both ladies you're suddenly put in quite the predicament as you try to decide what to do next. Do you leave with (a drunk) Stacy Keibler, or stay at the bar and drink with Eva Longoria?


    >> FYI you can vote for more than one person/event <<

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    Can ya go back and Do Dennings in the Ass ? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by starbuk View Post
    Can ya go back and Do Dennings in the Ass ? LOL
    yes,yes...more of her...

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    Stacy. In the ASS! 100% what you need to!

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