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Thread: "Three is Better Than Two" with Debby Ryan and Miranda Cosgrove

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    fanfiction "Three is Better Than Two" with Debby Ryan and Miranda Cosgrove

    "Three is Better Than Two"
    With Debby Ryan and Miranda Cosgrove

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

    I had heard very little from my niece, Debby Ryan, since she had caught me fucking her friend Miranda Cosgrove. While chatting with Miranda I discovered that Debby had in fact stopped talking to her luckily she hadn't given a reason. I had tried calling Debby but she sent me straight to voice mail and didn't return my calls. It was late when I dialed Debby's number and was surprised to hear the the young teens voice.

    "Hello Uncle Joe" Debby greeted.

    "Hey, Debby. I need to talk to you"

    "What are we doing" she quipped.

    "I need to talk to you in person."

    "Well then just open your door" she giggled

    A bit confused, I walked to the door and was surprised as Debby and Miranda now stood right in front me. It seemed they had come from a fancy Hollywood event as they were both very dressed up. They each had a short dress the only difference was that Debby showed more cleavage. Before I could say anything Debby walked inside pulling Miranda behind her, I closed the door and turned to them.

    "So, I guess you two have made up."

    "Yeah" Debby looked over at Miranda "I could never stay mad at her. I mean look at that pretty face."

    The blonde teen placed a hand on her friend's face and squeezed it puckering Miranda's lips before she gave her a quick peck.

    "I can't blame you for wanting to fuck her." Debby let go of Miranda while the brunette blushed embarrassed at her friend's comment.

    "I said I was sorry." Miranda looked at me then quickly turned away.

    "Don't be" Debby walked over to me before she continued "I know you couldn't control yourself. I know I didn't"

    Miranda gave Debby a confused look making the Disney star laugh.

    "That's right. I fucked my uncle and I loved it." Debby confessed.

    I was surprised by my niece's bold move. I looked at Miranda as I waited for her reaction, which she seemed to still be deciding on. Debby placed her hand on my penis over my pants and began to stroke it.

    "I would actually be more angry at you if you two hadn't done it." Debby joked

    In only a matter of seconds I began to feel as my dick grew until my erection was obvious

    "I see our friend wants to play." Debby stroked faster while she looked at Miranda Don't you want to play too?"

    The Nick star stood in disbelief at what she was witnessing but as soon as she saw the bulge in my pants everything else didn't seem to matter.

    "I wanna really want to play" Miranda let out making Debby smile.

    Both girls grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bedroom were they ordered me to take off my clothes, I happily complied. Standing completely naked and fully erect in front of my niece and her friend I felt my cock bob up and down calling for the teens. Without thinking twice the blonde teen dropped to her knees and engulfed my entire length.

    Seeing the scene in front of her Miranda was no longer shocked, instead she was completely turned on. Joining Debby the brunette actress gripped the base of my rod and moved her hand up and down while Debby continued taking me in her warm mouth.

    The blonde actress gagged every time my hard flesh made contact with the back of her throat covering my member in a thick layer of saliva. I made my way out while Debby gripped me with her luscious lips trying to stop me from leaving her with an empty mouth. With a loud popping sound her lips separated from my mushroom tip.

    I turned to Miranda and began to repeatedly stuff her mouth for the first time. Not being as much an expert as Debby, the brunette only took in half my stiffness before she pushed me away to catch her breath. Not giving her too much time to rest I jammed my cock between her full sultry lips making her pale face quickly turn red.

    As I retreated from Miranda, my niece once again grabbed my hardness as she began to lick the underside of my tip making me moan out loud.

    "You fucker!" Miranda yelled at me "I was choking on your dick."

    Debby and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

    "It's not funny" the brunette teen very upset.

    "Oh, stop it." Debby seemed annoyed at her friend "now come here and help me with this incredible cock" the Disney star said with lustful admiration.

    Without further argument both teen stars ran their wet tongues all over my throbbing member making every little spot feel their touch. Then each actress placed their lips on either side of my rod until their lips made contact. Then in unison they moved their mouth all along my stiffness until they reached the tip before they made their way back to the base.

    "Oh yes" I moaned "You girls are good"

    Joining them I began to move my hips back and forth before I placed a hand on both of their head to stop them while I continued my motion. I closed my eyes as my body moved faster. Their tongue pressed against my hot member making it completely slick that it slip out from in between both of their mouths. Wasting no time the girls began to make out as their tongues wrestled in and out of each others mouths.

    I leaned in reaching to the back of both girls dress and unzipped them. At the sound of my action both girls stood up not taking their lips off each other, they proceeded to wiggle their way out of their dress. Miranda's dress dropped to the floor first leaving her in nothing but a tiny satin thong and a pair of heels. Meanwhile, Debby finally freed herself from her clothing revealing that she had in fact been completely naked underneath.

    The thought of my niece walking around with no underwear and giving a lucky guy a glimpse of her shaved womanhood riled me up. I joined in on the kiss and introduced two finger into their sopping wet pussies. Debby took control of Miranda's body, as we separated from the passionate kiss, and threw her on the bed. She pulled the brunette's thong off her hips and down the slim legs.

    I stood there playing with myself as I saw my hot teen niece bend over and begin to eat her friend's cunt. I watched as Debby ran her tongue all along the "iCaly" star's sweet folds and dove her tongue between them making the Miranda purr. I couldn't help myself as Debby's round behind swayed from side to side and her wet hungry snatch called to me.

    Without warning I plunged my sword deep into her young clam making her arch her back and snap her head back pulling herself away from Miranda. I continued to pushing myself in deeper every time.

    "Yeah, fuck me hard Uncle Joe" Debby cooed as she tried to keep pleasuring Miranda.

    I picked up the speed until I was ferociously fucking my famous niece.

    "Shit, yes just like that." Debby yelled back.

    Miranda just watched, now completely horny, as she pinched on her hard nipples. The more I impaled Debby the more she started to move upwards until she was face to with Miranda. They began another tender passionate kiss which kept getting interrupted only by the blondes constant moaning.

    I pulled out and pushed Debby onto the bed which didn't make her too happy until I rammed into her again. I then pulled on Miranda and ordered her get on top of her friend facing me, which she excitedly did. I pushed her down and knowing perfectly well what to do she licked at the young actress's clit.

    "You two...are...amazing" Debby did her best to speak but the pleasure was too much.

    Her body began to tremble as she was ready to cum. Letting Miranda finish the job I removed my juice covered cock from the tight cunt and drove it into Debby's backdoor.

    "Oh god, I'm coming" Debby yelped

    With that a stream of juices squirted from "The Suite Life" star and sprayed all over catching Miranda off guard as it covered her face. Meanwhile I felt my own orgasm come over me. Seeing my niece's gleaming cunt I entered her pussy once more and released my own juices inside of her.

    "That was crazy." Miranda giggled as she tried to clean her face.

    "Well, I hope you're ready because it's your turn." Debby smiled as she caressed her mound.

    "I don't think he can go again right now" the brunette gestured to me.

    I gave her a dirty look.

    "Oh, I'm ready you little bitch. " I quipped trying to hide how tired I really was.

    "Are you sure?" she taunted

    Accepting the challenge my cock twitched to life. Miranda smiled from ear to ear at the sight of my swelled dick. The brunette positioned herself on her back ready for her turn, I approached.

    "Wait" Debby intercepted then turned to Miranda "You have to get anal."

    Surprised by Debby's suggestion Miranda shook her head.

    "Trust me it's spectacular." Debby assured.

    "No. I've never done that before. It scares me, specially with that." Miranda pointed to my renewed erection.

    "Come on, pleeeeeaase. For me" Debby begged. "Or what you don't love me?" now with a pouted face.

    Miranda frown at the thought of disappointing her friend.

    "Of course I love you"

    "Well then prove you love me and let my Uncle fuck your ass" Debby pressured.

    Still unsure the Nick star gave in and got on all fours and looked over her shoulder.

    "Take my ass." Miranda now determined

    Amazed by Debby's manipulation, I got behind Miranda and let a string of saliva settle on her ass before I used my thumb to completely cover her tight orifice.

    "What you want to do is loosen up so he can enter you nicely." Debby prepped "It will hurt but you'll get used to it. After that just enjoy."

    Debby ran her hand along Miranda's body as she crawled to me.

    "Do you want to help?" I said before stuffing my hardness in her mouth

    The hot young actress swirled her tongue around my flesh before she pushed me away and place that tongue in her friends tight hole. Miranda squirmed at the sensation of her friends tongue inside her rear but not really fighting against it.

    "Mmm" she purred.

    Now ready Debby moved away and pulled me in close to her.

    "Fuck her good Uncle Joe" the naughty teen whispered.

    I nodded in agreement then eased my mushroom tip into the extremely tight little hole while Miranda clasped the sheets. Her ass got tighter as I entered more of my stiffness between the teen's firm little cheeks.

    "Fuck it hurts" Miranda cried

    "You can do it, just a little bit more." Debby tried to comfort her

    It took a few more seconds before I had completely devirginized Miranda Cosgrove's ass. I stood there with my entire hardness inside her enjoying the feeling her insides clenching and the loosening the grip on my member. The soft pale skin of her round bottom against my stomach. I gently began my way out making the brunette screamed into the mattress to muffle the sound, while Debby was now frantically moving her wet fingers in and out of her cunt.

    I took my stiff cock out making Miranda collapse on the bed.

    "Do it again" Debby said excitedly

    "No more"

    Debby now sat next to Miranda and placed her hand her gaping rump.

    "One more time, I know you can take it" Debby pleaded

    "I'll be more gentle" I interjected hoping that the teen would agree.

    With difficulty Miranda got on her knees once more pushing her ass out ready to take its punishment.

    "But you're going to take it easy, right?" the teen's voice cracked

    "I promise" I looked at Debby giving her a wink making her giggle.

    I position myself while Miranda took a deep breath. Without hesitation I plunged my raging cock into the young actress's bowels.

    "Shiiiit! No, hold on" Miranda begged.

    Ignoring her pleas I kept ramming as I could while Debby help me keep Miranda from laying on the bed.

    "Faster, Uncle Joe, faster" Debby egged on

    I increased the speed making the young star wail out so loud the entire building could hear her.

    "Please sto...oh fuck me" Miranda now moaned as she now slightly moved her body along to my movements.

    I leaned down and wrapped my arms around Miranda pushing her legs against her sweat covered body and in one swift movement I lifted her. Debby jumped off the bed as I now spread her friend's legs open. I held Miranda in place while I continued impaling her with my throbbing manhood. This made Miranda arch her back pushing her perky tits out at Debby who was now standing in front of her intensely watching as her beloved friend got her little asshole destroyed.

    Debby placed her lips around Miranda's pointy nipple and began to suck on it making the brunette star coo. My sexy niece then proceed to kiss her way down starting at the Nick star's pert chest slowly moving down her flat tummy, finally reaching Miranda's soaked clam. Returning the favor Debby used her tongue to pleasure her friend while I kept stuffing her backdoor with my meat.

    "I love you Debby" Miranda yelped every time my stiffness went all the way inside.

    Debby smiled then walked over to her to her large purse and reached her hand inside. I let out a laugh while Miranda gasped as Debby pulled out a large vibrator, the one I had given her for her birthday as a matter of fact. The TV star knelt down and turned on the sex toy running it along moist lips.

    "Yes, yes. Oh Debby. Fuck me harder Uncle Joe." Miranda burst out now completely enjoying the treatment Debby and I were giving her.

    I could feel the vibration of the toy as Debby speared it in and out of the juicy cunt. Miranda pulled at my hair as both her naughty parts were molested by her friend and her friend's uncle. Then just like Debby had before Miranda's body gave way releasing a large amount of juices. Covered in her friend's woman water, Debby stuffed her fingers into Miranda's mouth making the "iCarly" star taste herself.

    All the while I was still frantically fucking the no longer tight ass when a similar feeling washed over me making me unload my sticky seed into Miranda behind. I pulled out as I left a trail of semen along the way. Miranda sighed in relief as her ass was no longer invaded.

    My cum covered dick was quickly cleaned by Debby's tongue before it was distracted by a small drop of my fresh jizz that dripped from Miranda's rump. Instinctively the blonde actress jammed her tongue into the gaping hole as the cum ran down her tongue into her mouth to be swallowed completely only a second later.

    Now fully drained I dropped Miranda on the bed and collapse next to her as Debby joined us. They each took a on my chest to rest their head.

    "So how was it?" Debby finally spoke

    "It really, really hurt, but I loved it"

    "I told you." both girls giggled.

    "So did you enjoy it." Debby now addressed me.

    "I did, honey" I smiled

    "Oh, and thank you for my present." Debby waved the vibrator in the air "I really enjoyed it."

    "I did too. Thank you Uncle Joe" Miranda playfully said

    The young teen actresses leaned in and gave me a kiss before they nestled on each of my arms as I wrapped them around the naked teens. After a few moment the three of us drifted off.

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    Having another friend join the fun and maybe some cumswapping would be great

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    Yes pleaseee add Jenette, I've only seen one story about her and she is gorgeous 2bf!

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    I'll see what I can come up with to include jennette

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