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Thread: Stories of an Agent: Thrusting Into a New World

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    fanfiction Stories of an Agent: Thrusting Into a New World

    Stories of an Agent: Thrusting Into a New World: Featuring Miley Cyrus
    By CCM

    Disclaimer: If you are offended by sexual situations...well then why are you even reading this? I mean come on, this whole section in the forums is dedicated to sex. Either get on, or get off.

    All silliness aside, really leave if your offended. My intention isn't to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

    Disclaimer pt 2: This is a warning of sorts(?), this is going to end up being a series if all goes well, a pretty long series as well. Of course it shall contain sex but there will also be a good bit of story, and violence. So ya, if you have a problem with that don't read ahead. Also this particular installment is very very long. Sorry.

    I walked out the front door a giant smile plastered across my face, and why not? I had just had incredible sex with a celebrity!

    Within a matter of seconds after stepping out onto the street, I greatly regretted my actions.

    There was a barely noticeable popping noise and seconds after the sounds reached my ears I felt a very sharp pain in my chest. I looked down and quickly noticed blood begging to seep through my t-shirt. Of course the first thought to run through my head was; why would you destroy a perfectly good 3OH!3 t-shirt?

    As my eyesight began to fade my other senses took in multiple things at once. I heard a woman screaming my name; however unlike minutes prior it wasn’t in a sexual way. I felt a searing pain in my chest. I tasted her sweet delicious taste within my mouth still, and smell? Well I didn’t smell much of anything, except maybe the dirt upon the sidewalk where I had fallen. Does dirt smell? I didn’t really notice.

    The last thought that traversed my mind was; Am I dead?

    Two weeks earlier

    It was odd, sitting behind the desk my father had inhabited for years. Sure the nameplate had changed to boast my first name instead of his, but it still felt …well wrong. Taking in a deep breath I looked over the file my secretary had distributed upon my desk. I had noticed she was quite unattractive and wondered if my mother had anything to do with that. It would be right down her ally to higher an unattractive woman in case my father might get any…well any ideas.

    Maybe I should introduce myself? My name is James Moreau, my father recently passed away and with his death I inherited the fortune he had earned for himself along with his talent agent company.

    I had just woken up, munching on a bowl of cereal watching the news when it pronounced my father had died in a car crash earlier that morning. My own family didn't tell me for Christ’s sake! I had to hear about my dad’s death from a freaking TV!

    After the funeral the family had been gathered together where a stuffy dreary old snob of a man read of my father’s will. As I was his only child I was also his only heir. I inherited all of his money and the company, as long as I took good care of my mother.

    Now I was here, sitting behind a desk which I had no right inhabiting, waiting for my first client interaction to begin.

    I looked up from the files I was reading as a man with long blond hair entered the office. I knew who he was, not because I was a huge fan, but he was just a well known man.

    “Nice to meet you Billy Ray” I said as I stuck my hand.

    “Like wise Mr. Moreau!” He said in his southern accent as he grasped my hand with both of his and shook it vigorously. “I’m so glad you took over for you father! It was great doing business with him!” A giant grin was spread across his country singing face.

    “I wasn’t given all that much of a choice.” I replied unable to keep a grin from surfacing upon my face as well.

    “Well none the less I’m happy!”

    “Alright let’s get down to business shall we?” I motioned for him to sit upon one of the comfy chairs stationed across from the desk. Before sitting down myself I removed my suit coat not entirely used to wearing the thing yet.

    “Soo this file here says that you want to make up a contract for your daughter Miley?” I asked looking over the pieces of paper upon my desk.

    “Yes sir. As she is launching out of her Disney role I was wondering if you could write up a contract in which she could submit to each film she auditions for, you know make things easier. Plus having the Moreau agent firm being associated with her will give producers the affirmation that she can act.”

    “Hmm sounds like a reasonable deal, as long as the company gets a preparation of the profits she makes.” I pondered it and wrote down upon a notepad on the desk. It was a message for my secretary to write up the talked about contract.

    “Well if you could have it written up I’ll wait here and sign it.” He said reclining back in his chair preparing for a long duration of relaxation. “I ain’t got nothing better to do.”

    “That’s a double negative.”

    “What you talking about boy?” He snapped at me.

    “Nothing, forget it. The only problem with that is that Miley needs to be here to sign the contract.”

    “Well in that case, you write it up and you can come over tonight. Maybe before supper, you can dine with us and have Miles sign the contract.”

    “Sounds perfectly fine to me.” I replied. He walked over to the desk and wrote down the address of the house they were currently staying at. With that he left my office to do hell knows what.

    I loosened the tie around my neck and went out to my secretaries’ desk where I handed her the note describing the needed contract.

    Without saying a word I returned to my office, shut the door and proceeded to take a nap upon the couch. It was very comfortable, hell maybe I could get used to this job after all.

    A couple of hours later I was leaving the building with my briefcase filled with files, and the Cyrus Contract. I was surprised however when arriving at the parking garage located near the building in which the agency resided, that my car was gone.

    I searched around the lot for my piece of junk which I drove, hoping that maybe I had been too stupid to remember where I parked and not that someone had decided to steal it.

    Feeling defeated I returned to where I had assumed I parked, and found it still occupied by a car that wasn’t mine. I’m not sure why I thought it would magically just appear again, but it didn’t matter because my car was gone.

    I looked at the car in its place and noted how nice it was, most likely a 1970 Ford Mustang, a car I always wished to own. It was a sleek convertible painted red with a black stripe down the middle of the muscle car. Upon further inspection I noticed the licenses plate: CCM.

    “Holy Shit!” Looking at a quickly scrawled note taped to the driver’s side window, my suspicions were confirmed. My mother had decided to buy me my dream car while I was working and had sent my old one off to the chop shop. The last line of the note told me not to worry as she had transferred all of my belongings from my car into the new one.

    Giddy with excitement I got into the car and was instantly assaulted by the smell of leather, it smelt magnificent and new. I started the car and as I left the garage I found it handled very smoothly. I glanced at the jotted down address realizing I knew the street I headed off to the Cyrus home.

    Arriving almost exactly upon the time I had been appointed I stepped out of my new car and made my way towards the front door. It was a nice big house, modern style with more than enough room for the two of them.

    Before I could reach the door Billy Ray stepped out and nodded at me. “I have to run out and run a few errands for supper, if you want you can go in and go over the contract with Miles figure everything out. I will only be about two hours tops.” Before I could even answer the hillbilly was in his car and on his way.

    “Okay than…” I walked up to the door and went to open it only to find it locked. Sighing in irritation I began to walk around towards the back where I heard sounds being emitted. To my great luck I found a gate that lead into the back yard and it seemed to be unlocked. I unlatched it and stepped into the backyard, most of which was taken up by a giant pool.

    I noticed a remarkably attractive girl, whom I knew to be Miley. Her back was facing me as she stood upon a diving board leading into the pool. She was wearing a skimpy baby blue bikini and I couldn’t help but notice how little of her ass it covered up. My mind began to race and my second head took over for a moment. Attempting to be professional I pushed all dirty thoughts aside.

    She bounced up and down upon the board a few times before doing a back flip and landing in the pool, as she swam up she came over towards the side I was standing closest to. She squinted up at me and then smiled. “Hello Mr. Moreau.”

    “Hello Miley.” I placed my brief case against the wall of the fence and sat upon the shaded grass caused by the fence.

    “So we need to sign a contract!” She said with mock enthusiasm, after which she flashed me another quick smile.

    “Yes we do, and you can trust me, it’s a lot less enjoyable than you think.”

    She sighed and then proceeded to splash a handful of water at me. She giggled with herself as I stood up my shirt now soaked. “Now why did you do that for?”

    “Payback for what you’re going to make me do.” She said.

    “Alright I’ll give you that.” I removed the tie still hanging from my neck and unbuttoned my shirt; my tank top undershirt was soon to fallow.

    I watched as Miley’s mouth dropped open. I’ll proudly admit I’m an attractive guy. I work out A LOT, and it comes with the reward of a six pack and well muscled arms. I had the looks of an actor, and always had. There was my short brown hair which was slicked up in the front, my scruffy face, what I had been told were killed eyes and to finish it all off a smile which makes a girl melt.

    She realized that her mouth was still wide open gazing at my chest when she quickly closed it and swam over towards the ladder to climb out of the pool. I watched as the water slid off her body as she climbed up and again my mind became dirty. I reminded myself that she was eighteen and I was twenty six.

    Miley sauntered over to me and grabbed my briefcase for me, however not before taking a noticeable glance at my biceps. “Come on let’s go sign this contract!” She actually seemed enthusiastic now.

    She lead the way and I watched her ass swing back in forth in front of me very enticingly as she led me to a room populated by two couches, a serious entertainment system, and a coffee table. She placed the brief case upon the table and sat upon the couch ignoring the fact she was still wet. I sat next to her and began to remove the papers form the bag.

    Reaching across my lap she grabbed the papers not before however sliding her arm across my inner thy, I wasn’t sure if this on purpose or if she had in fact just been reaching for the contract.

    She glanced over it for some time reading everything it contained. “So it sounds good to me. Could you explain this part though?” Miley pointed at a spot upon the paper which now rested upon her lap.

    “Where?” I asked not having seen where she was pointing. She grabbed my finger and placed it upon the paper.

    “Right there.” I was distracted however as the rest of my hand was not resting upon her thigh.

    “Uhh that’s…that’s nothing.” I snapped back to my sense.

    “Hmm that’s not.” She glanced down at my lap where I had the faintest beginning of a boner. I was startled that I was this hot and bothered.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I said, pretending to ignore it in hopes she would drop the subject.

    “I think it’s something.” She said that last word almost like a deep pitched purr. She moved her hand and rested it upon my leg once again. Miley looked me in the eyes and slowly slid her hand up my leg.

    Before I thought to stop her, her hand was resting upon my crouch. She gave my balls a squeeze through my dress pants. Where had this come from? She was fine earlier and now she was a little nymph, not that I didn’t really like it.

    “So how about we sign this contract in a different way?” She purred. No longer fighting it I brushed her hair aside leaned in and kissed her. She happily accepted my tongue in her mouth and as we continued to kiss and continued to caress my balls.

    As this continued I soon found myself sprouting a full on boner. Miley seemed to notice this as she put a hand upon my naked chest and pushed me back. She flashed me a sexy mischievous grin. With one hand she pushed me back into the couch and with the other she unbuttoned my pants and slid them off. My dick sprung through my boxers and nearly hit her arm.

    “Oh my God it’s big!” She gave my 7-incher a nice look over. She got upon her knees in front of me and wrapped one of her hands around my cock. Giving me another mischievous smile she wrapped the other around it and began to slowly jerk me off.

    “Bet you didn’t expect this when you came over tonight huh?” She giggled after saying this.

    I was lying back against the couch with my eyes closed when I felt wet warmth against the tip of my penis. I opened my eyes to see Miley swirling the tip of her tongue around my head. I grunted in satisfaction and watched as she began to take my cock into her mouth. Inch by inch she took into her sweet little mouth.

    It felt incredible as she slowly began to bob her head up and down each time going a little faster. She made sure not to go too far so as not to chock which I was respecting, we would get to the deep throating eventually.

    I brushed her hair behind her head and watched her pretty face bob up and down as she gobbled my cock. It was an incredible sight and as I let my eyes wander down I could just make out the sight of her tits bouncing ever so slightly to the motion.

    As she sucked me she began to caress my balls with one of her hands, while the other slipped beneath her bikini bottom. The combined attention of her mouth, tongue, and hand finally had my balls tightening up.

    “Fuck Miles I think I’m going to cum!” I moaned and her response was only to go faster.

    As I jizzed in her mouth she became the equivalence of a hover vacuum and sucked almost all of it up. She tilted her head back and swallowed my cum, afterwards flashing me a sexy smile. She got to work licking up any of my cum which escaped with her tongue, slowly sliding it up and down the length of my shaft.

    “Now that’s how you sign a contract!” She giggled. Thanks to get ‘clean up job’ I was quickly sprouting an erection once again.

    “Wow does that thing ever go down?” I laughed at her remark and stood up. She rose as well, and I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close kissing her passionately. As we kissed I let one of my hands travel down and rest upon her ass. I left it there for a bit before taking a chance and giving her ass a nice squeeze.

    “Oh someone’s a little horny!” She giggled and I smiled down at her. Without thinking I picked her up wrapping my arms around her waist. She quickly caught on and wrapped her legs around my own waist. “Which room is yours?” I asked her. Between kisses she pointed to her room and I carried her off.

    It was a plain little room, designed for a girl. It was painted blue, and had a few wardrobes, a big king sized bed, a nightstand, a few cozy cushioned chairs and a closet which she told me led to the rest of her possessions.

    I threw her upon the bed and discarded my boxers which I had pulled up so as to be able to walk in here. Now completely naked I looked at her lying upon the bed. “A little unfair don’t you think?”

    “You’re totally right!” Miley hopped up from her bed and went over to her IPod dock. She pulled over a comfortable looking chair and told me to sit.

    As the 3OH!3 Touching On My song played, Miley turned around and slowly began swinging her hips back and forth to the beat of the song. She slowly slid her hands down the sides of her body from the sides of her breasts to her hips and down to her calves. Thanks to the last part, her ass was inches from my face.

    I reached both my hands out and grabbed each cheek. Miley straightened up and looked over her shoulder giving me a seductive look. She spun on her heels so that she was now facing me; she reached back and untied the knot holding her bikini top in place. Making sure to substitute it with her hands she turned back around.

    She sat upon my lap and began grinding against my crouch with her ass. She leaned back against my chest resting her head back upon my shoulder exposing her delicious tits to me. I took each one into my hands feeling her hardened nipples against my palms.

    Miley arose once again and turned showing me her backside. She hooked her thumbs into the bottom of her bikini and slowly slid it down her waist, thighs, and legs and as she bent over she stepped out of them.

    I had a magnificent view of her now bare ass and a glimpse of her delicious mouth watering tight looking pussy. A giant smile covered my face; I quickly picked up the musician/actress and deposited her upon the bed once again. As she landed she spread her legs wide open and revealed how wet she already was.

    Without being able to resist her any longer I dove onto the bed, held her legs apart and was just about to drill into her when I remembered something important. “Fuck. I don’t have a rubber.”

    “That’s fine, I’m on the pill.” I gave her a quizzical look. “My dad’s demands.”

    My smile returned bigger than before. “Thank you daddy Cyrus!” She giggled at my remark, but it was cut short as I thrusted into her tight pussy for the first time. A moan exited Miley’s lips as I slowly slid more and more of my cock into her, until it go to the point where she couldn’t fit anymore of me, she was too tight. She grunted in pain as I slowly slid out, and for the first time I wondered if she was a virgin.

    Throwing the thought aside I entered her once again this time going faster and fitting more of my dick into her. The process was repeated multiple times until it seemed she had loosened up a bit and I was thrusting in and out at a reasonable pace.

    Now that she was used to my dick she suggested we switch positions. I shrugged in agreement and withdrew my dick. Miley rolled over and got upon all fours with her enticing ass wiggling in my direction. She looked back at me mischievously and grinned that giant sexy grin of hers. I had half a mind to take her ass right then and there, but decided against it, I would have time later!

    I positioned my dick and thrust into her once again, causing her body to shudder forward; I quickly set up a good steady pace.

    “AHH Conor, fuck me harder and faster!” I was surprised at her outburst, but happy to oblige. I quickened my pace and soon had her moaning loudly our bodies creating a smacking noise as my balls slammed against her.

    “FUCK!” She moaned/yelled. Feeling mischievous I gave her ass a playful slap as I fucked her. She let out a cute little yelp in surprise. “Oh fuck Conor do that again!”

    I slapped her ass a second time a bit harder, soon another fallowed, and another. Soon she was screaming my name in ecstasy.

    “CONOR UHHH I’M GONNA CUM!” She yelled and I found I was right there with her. “Me too babe.” Seconds after I said this my cock was assaulted by her precious juices which set my orgasm off and I cam inside of her. We moaned in unison thanks to our orgasm.

    I pulled out of her and lay back upon the bed. Miley took this time to gobble down my dick once again cleaning off the mixture of her and my cum. My eyes closed I relished the feeling before I heard a door slam. My eyes quickly opened and Miley noticed it to and quickly popped my dick out of her mouth.

    “FUCK!” We both quickly dressed and returned to the living room just as Billy Ray entered it carrying groceries. “What were yall doing in Miley’s bedroom?”

    “Sorry dad we were looking for a pen so I could sign the contract.”

    He pondered this for a moment then nodded at me. “And why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

    “Also my fault! I splashed him when I dove into the pool and it was dripping wet so he left it outside to dry.”

    He nodded again and a smile crossed his face. “Let’s eat!” She definitely was an actress and a great liar.

    “Sorry I can’t I need to head back to the office, my secretary needs me.” I gathered up the contract, thankfully Miley had grabbed a pen from her room and signed it.

    Upon the last page she wrote a little note which I didn’t read just yet. I grabbed my suit case, my shirt and jogged over to the car. I felt a pang of sadness at not being able to dominate that ass. Letting out a sigh I placed my belongings upon the seat and before heading off decided to read her note.

    “It was a pleasure fucking you; I hope to do it again soon. I will definitely miss that dick of yours.
    Love Miley ;)”

    A smile crept across my face; I might be able to fuck that sweet ass of hers after all.

    (Feedback would be very nice. HAVE A NICE DAY :D )

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    Awesome. Hope it'll be a long series!

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    Good start to what I hope will be an amazing series

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    There definitely needs to be a part 2 and maybe some more. You have a great set up

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    incredible first chapter to a series with amazing potential. Great plot and premise. Well written dialog and a really good overall flow from start to finish with hot, detailed descriptions where it counted. Very well done Ronocm13.

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    agreed, well written and lots of potential for expansion. thanks!

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    thanks for all the feedback guys, I have been very busy lately, hopefully chapter 2 will be up either today or tomorrow


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