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Thread: "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

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    fanfiction "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

    Once Upon a Time in Mexico
    With Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens
    Written by TPG
    CODES: FMMM, FFM, drunk, voy
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    Truth be told I had never intended on joining the guys for a dirty weekend down to Mexico considering I had just broken up with my girlfriend a few days earlier. I was hardly good company or in a right frame of mind for that matter, but was still convinced to tag along.

    The flight down was uneventful for the most part, but by the time we arrived to the hotel we were all in high spirits and pretty buzzed, and wasted little time heading down to the local bar to celebrate our vacation with several drinks.

    There I found a nice out of the way place to drink my beer and commiserate on my own while the guys carried on, hitting on almost every female who wandered into the place.

    It was during this time that I noticed a group of ladies arrive to the saloon, and clearly intoxicated, they immediately became the center of attention with their loud, drunken antics.

    I guess you could say it was a match made in heaven, as I watched the two groups ultimately merge into one obnoxious mob.

    As expected it didn't take long for the girls to join us at our table, and while the introductions were made, I was surprised to learn that two of the girls in the group were in fact Hollywood celebrities, both of them being legitimate actresses in their own right.

    Unfortunately for me I had never heard of Vanessa Hudgens or her blonde friend Ashley Tisdale, and while the guys apologized for my ignorance, we soon realized that not only were the ladies not disturbed by this, but in fact seemed even more interested in me.

    I guess in their minds they assumed that since I knew nothing about them they could let their hair down and be themselves?

    Nonetheless, over the next few hours I quietly sat back and watched as everyone openly flirted with one another and drank profusely, and it didn't take long for me to notice a strong attraction between Vanessa and I, who repeatedly smiled in my direction.

    Still, watching her carry on with her friends I couldn't help but wonder if she in fact was gay or straight, or in the very least bi-sexual.

    It was just the way she constantly caressed her friends, and openly leered and commented on other female patrons at the bar as though she was just one of the boys looking to get laid.

    In the meanwhile Tisdale seemed to notice the way Vanessa and I got along and this apparently made her jealous.

    Without warning, she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me out onto the dance floor where she rubbed her fine ass against my cock and encouraged me to bump and grind with her.

    I happily obliged, but not before one of the boys decided to join in on the drunken fun and proceeded to grope and feel her up as well.

    To our surprise the "Hellcats" star seemed more than happy to permit this lewd behavior and the two of us proceeded to literally molest her in full view of her friends.

    At one point, everyone at our table even cheered us on as Ashley proceeded to make out with the both of us. Back at our table, Vanessa finally initiated some conversation and asked me if I was enjoying myself.

    As we spoke, I couldn't help but grin as the girl sitting in her lap seemed to be really enjoying herself, and judging from the sly expression on Hudgens face, I imagined she was doing something inappropriate to her under the table.

    "Err. Should I give you two some privacy?" I joked over the loud music.

    "Not at all." Hudgens teased. "Besides, we like it when people watch."

    "Do you usually like to finger-bang your friends in public?" I quipped.

    "Sometimes." the actress teased.

    As expected my lack of interest towards Ashley eventually caused the blonde starlet to turn her sights on one of our friends and she soon hook up with Dan on the dance floor.

    There the two of them aggressively sucked face in front of everyone, as the rest of us all agreed to head back to the hotel for more fun and frivolity. Making our way back to the hotel, I soon found myself chatting with Vanessa again as she held hands with one of her blonde friends.

    From the way they were holding hands and gazing at one another, it was abundantly clear to me that the two shared more than just a close friendship, but were in fact lovers.

    Ultimately the lot of us arrived back to ladies apartment, and while Vanessa and her "girlfriends" disappeared outside to frolic by the pool, I followed Dan and Scott up the stairs where Ashley directed us into one of the bedrooms.

    There the "High School Musical" star initially offered to give us a tour of the place, and insisted we look out the window from her bedroom and enjoy the sweeping ocean views.

    But with a few strategically placed kisses on her neck, the actress soon melted and succumb to her more carnal urges and literally threw herself at Dan.

    To our amusement, this drunk and impromptu moment then quickly progressed into something very hot and heavy, and before we had time to react appropriately, we watched as Ashley suddenly began to strip out of her clothes.

    Despite being surrounded by three horny guys, the blonde harlot pulled Dan to the bed and invited him to have sex with her, while Scott and I watched on. Naturally, this arrangement lasted for all of two minutes before Scott began to strip and keenly joined the happy couple on the bed.

    Meanwhile as incredible as this spontaneous moment was, I couldn't help but think about Vanessa who was still outside in the pool, shrieking out loud with her friends as they skinny-dipped in the dark.

    While I now stood there contemplating my next move, my train of thought was suddenly interrupted with the vision of Tisdale happily accepting a fresh hard cock into her open mouth, while Dan fucked her missionary style.

    "Come on dude, get in here!" Scott insisted. "She likes it!"

    Unfortunately for me as aroused as I was, I was doubly drunk and even more exhausted.

    In fact I could barely keep my eyes open much less keep an erection. With that said, I attempted to join in on the fun and reached over to tweak a nipple and slip a hand between Tisdale's legs before I eventually stepped back and passed out from all the alcohol.

    Hours later, I awoke to find myself lying in the corner of the dark room and despite not seeing much I could clearly hear people having sex around me. Were the guys still in the process of fucking her?

    I snickered to myself, before I almost threw up all over the floor.

    Feeling sick, I got up slowly and wandered down the hall in search of the bathroom but instead stumbled into one of the other bedrooms only to find it filled with naked women.

    Wiping my eyes, I was then taken aback as I realized who they were and what they were doing, and immediately recognized Vanessa Hudgens who was lying naked on her stomach between one of her girlfriend's legs, eating her out!

    The sexy "Sucker Punch" star simply took her lips away from her friend's pussy and looked at me bemused, as I gasped and just stood there glaring, wondering if it was all just a dream.

    "Oh shit, sorry." I stammered. "Wrong room I guess?"

    While she simply smiled, her sexy friends were not amused and they abruptly yelled and shouted for me to shut the door behind me before I watched Vanessa return her lips back to her friend's hairless mound.

    With that image still fresh in my head, I now wandered around the dimply lit condo in a total and utter daze, wondering just how long I had been passed out and why I appeared to be the only one in the house who was not getting laid.

    Fortunately for me I finally relieved my bladder outside by the garden area before I literally took two steps back and suddenly collapsed and passed out again.

    Amusingly enough, I had never been so drunk in my entire life and had to wonder if everything I had seen up until that point was real or just my overactive imagination.

    The very next morning I awoke to feel the sand between my toes and I managed to get up and wander back into the condo.

    Still groggy and wondering where the hell I was, I aimlessly wandered down the hall towards the bathroom and suddenly realized I could hear the shower running.

    Looking around the apartment I could see everyone was still passed out and half naked, and glancing into the bathroom I was taken aback to see Vanessa Hudgens inside.

    Without even flinging an inch, the "Bandslam" star simply looked at me and smiled before she continued to leisurely massage and foam her exquisite body.

    Shocked into silence, I simply stood there like a dolt, marveling at the vision before me.

    "Am I dreaming?" I wondered. "Is this actually happening or am I going to wake up soon?"

    I almost drooled all over myself as I watched the soapy suds gently trickle over her flawless back and hips, across her impossibly tight ass, before seeping down her shiny toned legs.

    It was without doubt one of the sexiest and most sensual things I had ever seen, and noticing my stare, Vanessa smiled over her shoulder.

    "So are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to join me?"

    I stripped off my clothes in record time, and joined her under the spray of water. Not wanting to frighten her, I tried to pace myself and actually felt nervous about touching her.

    "You can do my back if you like?" she suggested, as I was handed some lotion and invited to put my hands on her.

    Gulping hard, I gently placed my fingers on her shoulders and almost gasped as I realized just how incredibly soft she in fact was.

    Caressing her back, I slowly worked my way down her splendid frame and skimmed my fingertips along her delicate spine, over her luscious hips, to ultimately massage her remarkable butt.

    Vanessa smiled as I honed in on her ass, and giggled softly as I proceeded to fondle it. In fact the sly little minx responded to this bold action by bending forward slightly and offering me great access.

    We probably spent the next 5-10 minutes just concentrating on her butt until suddenly I was startled to hear someone clear their throat behind me. Holding my breath, I turned to look at the door and found her BFF Ashley Tisdale standing there watching us.

    "Am I interrupting something?" she quipped, before she stepped inside and shut the bathroom door behind her.

    For a moment I panicked and assumed that Ashley might be pissed, but instead she just yawned while she casually slipped out of her clothes and joined us in the cramped space.

    "You don't mind do you?" Vanessa smiled, as I was literally rendered speechless.

    I guess the expression on my face must have said it all, as I was soon squeezed into the corner of the shower and quietly watched as the two ladies proceeded to lather each other up, and ultimately shared a tender kiss.

    The contrast between the two actresses couldn't be greater as Hudgen's sun-kissed skin clashed nicely against Tisdale's pale white flesh. For a moment they almost seemed to forget that I was even there as they proceeded to kiss each other even more urgently than before.

    That was until Vanessa broke their embrace and looked over at me with a huge grin.

    "I think someone's feeling a little left out?" she teased, before she reached down and gripped my erection with her hand.

    Exchanging glances, Ashley then took my breath away as she slowly dropped to her knees before me and without any further ado effortlessly slipped my length into her hot mouth, while Vanessa kissed me.

    It was one of the most incredibly erotic and surreal moments of my life, as I now engaged in a hot threesome with the two Disney stars.

    "She sucks cock real good, huh?" Vanessa purred between our kisses. "She should. I taught her everything she knows."

    To prove her point, Vanessa then dropped to her knees beside her BFF and waited for Ash to relinquish control of my hard organ.

    I then watched in wonder as Hudgens glared up at me and seductively ran her tongue over her lips. Without even thinking about it I reached down and offered her my thumb instead, which she quickly enveloped and offered me a sneak preview at her cock sucking skills.

    Despite it only being my thumb, I actually heard myself moan with glee which made her grin.

    "You like that?" Vanessa teased, before she looked over at her blonde friend.

    "Ash, how about you suck his balls while I have a go."

    The ladies smiled knowingly before Tisdale happily dipped her head lower and proceeded to run her wet tongue along my scrotum, as Vanessa slowly opened her mouth and devoured me whole.

    "Jesus!" I let out to the combined stimulation.

    In an instant my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt Vanessa's soft lips wrap firmly around the bell-end of my cock, her mouth making several popping sounds as she sucked me intently.

    The pleasure I received from both girls was so intense that I was sure I was going to lose the power in my legs and tumble over, so I leaned back against the wall only to see the ladies pick up the pace and really go to town on me.

    Both of them now moaned and whimpered erotically as they sucked and licked me in unison. It was an extraordinary scene to watch the two of them hungrily devour my manhood.

    Pulling out of Vanessa's mouth, I urged her to lick the side of my shaft as Ashley joined licked the opposite side at the same time.

    The girls now giggled as their noses briefly brushed against each other, and they licked along the length of my rod and playfully sank their teeth into my throbbing meat.

    Tilting my penis back, Vanessa then invited Ashley to massage my nuts with their combined tongues and the two of them immediately took a ball each and proceeded to suck me gently, causing me to moan out loud and almost lose my fucking mind.

    Caught up in the moment I finally reached down and grabbed Ashley by her face, and while Vanessa continued to noisily slurp on my sac, I shoved my hard length between the TV cheerleader's lips and turned her face to the side so I could thoroughly fuck her mouth.

    I now moaned and marveled at the way her pretty cheek bulged erotically to the thick intrusion, while I tensed up and felt Hudgens boldly lather her tongue all the way under my balls and tickle my taint.

    Clutching Tisdale's face with both hands, I proceeded to stuff as much of my menacing length down her narrow throat as I possibly could, causing her to briefly gag and cough.

    To my delight this only seemed to riled the girls up more, and I heard Ashley moan before I looked down to see that Vanessa had taken in upon herself to slip a hand between her friends legs and was finger-banging her with two digits.

    "Mm. Fuck yeah! Fuck her throat!" Vanessa hissed up at me, as she continue to fuck her friend with her fingers.

    "Shoot that fucking load inside her mouth!" the American-Filipino cussed.

    Taking my cock away for a moment, I titled Ashley's face towards her filthy-mouthed friend who swiftly responded by abruptly spitting into her open mouth.

    "Come on! Do it!" Hudgens growled. "Deep-throat this little slut with your fat cock! She likes it! Don't you, Ash?"

    I swiftly responded by filling her throat with thick hard cock-flesh again and resumed my throat-fucking of Ashley Tisdale. To my amusement her eyes quickly welled up with tears and now streamed down her pretty face as her gag reflux gave way.

    "Come on! Give me that load!" Vanessa purred from beneath me, while frigging herself in earnest. "I need it bad!"


    "We want it! We want it now!" she urged. "We want you to shoot that fucking hot jizz all over our faces!"

    In an instant, I pulled out of her friends gagging throat and suddenly erupted all over Vanessa's grimacing face, making sure to reward and spray her extended tongue with copious amounts of goo.

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    great story

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    This was awesome. Definitely need another chapter.

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    great story. a part 2 would be good, though how to make it fit would be difficult. you couldnt make it a big series really, but i reckon the ladies just getting up and leaving him, and insisting he meet them again later that night or something along those lines could work for a part 2 ;)

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