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Thread: "Re-Gifting" with Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy

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    fanfiction "Re-Gifting" with Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy

    With Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy
    Written By GIGGIDYGOO

    A/N: I know it took me a while to post this story but I finally finished it. I hope you like it.

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are easily offended stop reading now.

    It had been now a couple of months since my relationship, purely sexual, with Miranda Cosgrove had began. We would meet up as much as we possibly could to have wild sex but she had gotten very busy recently due to the fact that she had started taping the new season of "iCarly". I was on my couch watching TV, looking at porn, when I receive a call from Miranda.

    "Hey Uncle Joe" Miranda greeted.

    For some reason Miranda had stuck to calling me uncle, even screaming it while we fucked, although I wasn't. I don't know if it was because I was older and it seem appropriate or if it was just the thought of fucking someone related to her that riled her up, either way it turned her on and that I enjoyed.

    "Hi honey, how are you?"

    "Not so good" she pouted

    "Why not?"

    "Because I miss you so much. We haven't fucked in a long time" The way she said that in such an innocent voice turned me on.

    "I miss fucking you too" I chuckled


    "Of course I do. How can I not miss that perfect body." the compliment only made her miss me even more.

    "I miss the way you eat my pussy and your tongue playing with my clit" Remembering our sexual pleasures made us very excited.

    Miranda's breath getting heavier as she spoke.

    "What I miss the most is that huge cock of yours deep inside my tiny ass" Miranda's voice sounding very sexy now

    "Well, I miss your mouth around my dick, your perfect tits" I undid my pants letting my erection free. "and fucking your ass is all I can think of"

    As I finished my last comment I could hear panting coming from Miranda's side.

    "Are you playing with yourself?" the thought making me horny

    "Yes" her voice cracking

    "Fuck yourself hard" I encouraged "pretend your fingers are my dick fucking you hard"

    "Oh yes" the teen purred

    By now I was also pleasuring myself as I heard the commotion coming from the speaker.

    "Finger that asshole" I moaned

    It only took a few moments of listening to Miranda finger fuck both of her holes before I came, Miranda quickly followed.

    "Wow, that was great, but I still wished it had been you cock and not my fingers" her voice was turning sad

    "You made me cum" I said trying to cheer her up

    "How I want to swallow that cum." the teen star sighed. "That reminds me, I know how we can see each other, and you know" the emphasis on the last words told me what she was talking about

    "How?" I said as I cleaned myself up

    "It's my friends birthday and she's throwing a party, I want you to be my date. If you wan to go." excitement in her voice.

    "I wouldn't miss it for the world" my tone matching Miranda's

    We chatted for a while finally making a plan on when and where to meet.

    "I'll see you Uncle Joe, love ya"

    "Love you to baby" I replied

    The day arrived and to be honest I was excited and nervous. I hadn't seen Miranda in a while so I was hoping that nothing would go wrong and I got some sweet teen pussy. I took a shower and put on some of my best clothes. I felt like a teen again, of course that was nowhere near the truth, luckily my date was a teen. I headed out the door and got in my car.

    I arrived at the locale and was immediately stopped by a heavy guy from security asking for my invitation. I didn't know I needed an invitation and Miranda never mentioned anything. I tried explaining that I was invited but it had been last minute so I had only received a verbal invitation, which should count. He just ignored me while he greeted other guest.

    I tried calling Miranda but it was no use the music was probably too loud for her to hear the phone ringing. I was about to give up and just leave without getting my chance to fuck a beautiful young starlet when as I turned I heard a familiar voice.

    "Uncle Joe, you made it" a hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

    I smiled as I finally got to see this beautiful brunette in person again. Miranda looked so good as she was wearing a black dress with dark blue vertical lines that ran all the way down to the bottom of the dress which was puffed out. The dress showed off her slim pale legs making my member begin to twitch.

    "Of course I came."

    "Already, but you just got here." Miranda snickered

    "Ha ha very funny young lady" I let out a chuckle

    She pulled me to follow her and as we walked past the security guy I looked at him and waved then just left my middle finger aimed in his direction, he cursed under his breath. Inside the place was packed. It was seemed more fun than I had expected seeming, as Miranda had explain, it had been sponsored by a magazine.

    "This looks great" my voice trying to be louder than the music.

    "What?" Miranda leaned in close when I put my mouth to her ear using my hands make direct my voice towards her.

    With my hands covering my mouth and her ear I slipped my tongue into her ear making her flinch but not move away. I gently nibbled on her ear making sure not to make it too obvious of what I was doing. Miranda giggled as if I was telling her a joke but in reality I was running my tongue along the side of her face. I leaned back taking my tongue back into my mouth and she smiled at me with a lustful stare and with her eyes gestured me to follow her.

    We made our way halfway across the room when a man that I recognized as her boss came up to her and informed her that a famous music producer was at the party. He began to explain how he had talked to them about her and how much they wanted to meet her. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes and knowing well that this was a great opportunity for her I nodded for her to go. I stood there my with a low morale as my beautiful date walked away and mouthed a sincere "sorry." I looked around and realized that apart from Miranda I knew not a single person.

    With nothing else to do I walked over to the bar only to be informed that there was no type of alcoholic beverages, I wasn't surprised. I ordered a soda and as luck would have it, I had placed a full flask in my coat's inside pocket before I came to the party. Very discretely I pulled out the flask and swiftly made my own cocktail. I took a sip from my drink when I felt a tap at my arm. I turned around excitedly as I thought it was Miranda, instead I was surprised by a very attractive blonde with a short and shiny sequence dress that proudly showed off a pair of toned legs.

    "Hey, do you think I could get some?" the young blonde went to the point.

    "Excuse me?" I played dumb

    "Can I have some?" the teen spoke louder

    "I don't usually share my drink with people" I kept my act going.

    "I don't want your soda. I want some of what you put in it" she said now frustrated.

    I gave her a confused look.

    "I saw you take a flask out of your coat" she put her hand right at the spot were the flask was "and pour what I assume was alcohol into your drink."

    Knowing that denying the existence of the flask was useless as she was now gripping it I caved in and ordered her a drink. I grabbed the drink and place it near my coat pocket slowly pouring some alcohol into the glass and handing it to her. She took a sip, gulping it down hard as the beverage burned her throat.

    "Thank you." she raised the glass, I nodded

    "I saw you talking to Miranda, how exactly do you know her?"

    " know her because of my niece, Debby Ryan" I sighed in relieve at my lie

    "Debby is here!" the blonde let out in excitement

    "No she's filming her knew show so she couldn't come and she felt bad for missing it so I came on her behalf." the half lie coming to me faster.

    "Do you know the birthday girl?" the blonde interrogated

    This girls just wouldn't let up.

    "No, Miranda is actually the only person I know."

    "Not anymore"

    We shook hands and began to chat, all the while my hand still holding her soft hands. Our conversation went from her show which when I found out that she was Miranda's co star and the birthday girl, Jennette McCurdy.

    "Nice to meet you, and happy birthday" I flung my arms around giving her a tight hug.

    Jennette was a bit aback by my sudden action but she returned my hug . As we continued our conversation I couldn't help but stare at her cleavage, and Jennette couldn't help but notice my ogling her chest. She didn't say anything and we kept on talking and not just that but the actress was in fact flirting with me. I had to admit that even though I had come for Miranda I wouldn't mind leaving with Jennette.

    We talked about entertainment industry and how people made it seem like the easiest job in the world but in reality it is really tough.

    "After being rejected so many times you really don't care. Of course if you want to land a role you have to what ever it takes." the tone in her voice turned serious yet very sexy.

    "And what kind of things do you have to do?" the ideas that went through my head at that moment could make anyone blush.

    "You just have to give the rights person some extra attention" as she said this her hand ran up and down my arm.

    I gulped as for some reason the young blonde made me nervous.

    "What kind of attention?" my voice getting higher

    Jennette leaned in close to me, our faces near each other. I couldn't believe it we were about to kiss and in front of everyone none the less, but just as I was getting ready to feel her lips she shrieked.

    "Oh my god, I love this song." the teen jumped "dance with me"

    "I'm not much of a dancer" I scratched my head as the statement was completely true.

    People say that if you are a good dancer then you are a great lover but for some reason that didn't apply to me. I was a horrible dancer and yet I was a magnificent lover.

    "It's my birthday you have to dance with me." she looked at me and gave me a similar look that Miranda had given me a earlier. I caved.

    "Fine but only one song."

    "I promise" she hugged me and directed me to the dance floor.

    As we walked to through the crowd I kept my stare at Jennette's firm behind as it moved from side to side. We reach a space big enough for us to dance but we ended up not needed the extra room because as soon we began to dance Jennette started grinding against me. The teen turned around, my hands at her hips and her ass rubbing against my growing erection. I tried my best to control my member but it was no use and in no time it had grown almost completely. I knew Jennette could feel as my cock pressed against her back but she kept on torturing me. It felt good but I needed to know how it felt to actually take that tight ass.

    Now facing me the hot blonde dropped down her ass pointed outward and her face in front of my bulge. She looked up at me with and innocent look but it didn't fool me, I had seen that look before and I knew that it meant she wanted to fuck. As the young actress began making her way up I realized that everyone around us had stopped dancing and were now staring at us. Noticing my cold gaze Jennette looked around the room and figured out what had me in such a state. Her face turned red and without another word she ran out, I quickly followed.

    I chased her out the room, down a hallway and reached for her just before she went into the women's bathroom.

    "Wait Jennette what's wrong?" concern in my voice

    "What's wrong?" she looked at me ashamed "everyone was looking at us. I can't believe I did that and in front of my parents."

    "What's so wrong about dancing" I tried to make the situation seem less important but we both knew that what she did was more like a mating call than a dance.

    "Are you kidding me? Everyone was looking at us. It's so embarrassing." she covered her face

    "Hey look at me" I pulled her hands away from her face "This is you 19th birthday, OK. You're not a little girl anymore you can make your own decision and if you dancing with that much passion with someone you barely know is something you want to do, then do it"

    Just like that Jennette threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth.

    "And if you want to make out, maybe have sex, with a stranger. DO IT" my hopes of fucking a hot young starlet reignited.

    Taking her smile as a yes to my sex comment, I grabbed her by the waist and took her into the mens bathroom. We kissed again as we stumbled to the sink. Our tongues dancing from mouth to mouth and my hands traveling all over her body. Jennette moaned into my mouth as my hand slipped under the teens silk panties and made contact with her moist pussy. My fingers parting her folds and entering her tight cunt.

    "Fuck me" she purred

    Taking my fingers out of her young sex I slipped one wet finger into my mouth and the other into Jennette's. With my free hand I peeled her thong off, only to reveal that she's completely shaved, then put the underwear in my pocket. With the same hand, my other still being sucked by the teen, I took a hold of her ass and pulled her onto the counter top. Finally releasing my finger from Jennette's mouth I parted her legs and saw her pink slit now fully soaked with her arousal. Not wasting time I dove my head between her legs and began to lick every centimeter of the sweet young pussy. The taste was incredible, I couldn't get enough. I plunged my tongue as deep as I could shaking my head and swirling my tongue inside.

    "That feels so good" the starlet's hand pulling my head making me go even deeper. "but I want you dick."

    Hearing this I pushed myself away taking my juice cover face away from the blonde's womanhood. I stood up and kissed Jennette again my tongue introducing the teen's juices into her mouth while I pulled my hardness out. The actress looked down, her eyes opening wide at the sight of my hard flesh.

    "Do you like it?"

    Jenntte simply nodded.

    "What do you want me to do with it?" I teased

    "I want you to fuck me" the blonde cooed

    "How do you want me to fuck you?" I continued my game

    "I want you to fuck my tight little pussy hard, make me scream." Jennette wrapped her legs around my waist moving me towards her.

    Our lips met once more then without warning I impaled her with my rod opened her meaty lips and went deeper and deeper until it was entirely inside of the beautiful teen.

    "Is this what you want?"

    "Faster" she moaned

    Not wanting to disappoint Jennette on her birthday, I complied. Jennette arched her back as my hips picked up speed and my cock entered her to half length.

    "" she uttered

    "You like that?" I growled

    "Yes. Fuck me harder" she shouted.

    My entire stiffness now penetrating her and stretching her inner walls to the maximum with every thrust while still keeping a steady rhythm. My cock twitching inside of her only turned her on even more. Even thought the pleasure paralyzed my entire body, except for the necessary parts, I still managed to unzip the dress from behind. The straps slid off Jennette's shoulders and down her arms allowing me to finally see her wonderful pert breasts. The pretty pink nipples were pointy enough to poke an eye out.

    "Suck on my tits, I li..." Jennette's voice trailed off as I was already biting down on her pink pebbles.

    I pulled on the nipple with my teeth making Jennette move her body even more wildly than she had this entire time. Apparently this did the trick. Her body started to tremble, her legs stiffened around me, and her moaning increased. The orgasm hit her like a wave making her drown in pleasure allowing her juices to escape and cover my manhood. I stood in silence as I watched the sweet blonde's orgasm subside.

    "That was amazing" she panted

    "Are you ready for more?" I was eager to continued as I had not cummed yet

    "I'm so ready" the lust for me only grew.

    As I was about to continue we heard a couple of voices getting closer. We stared at each other in a panic, worried that we would get caught. Just then I remembered that we were in a bathroom and there was a row of stalls just behind us. Picking Jennette up I turned around and made my way to a stall, my huge erection still inside of her. My running made the teen bounce on my hardness making her involuntarily moan. I ran to stall farthest from the bathroom entrance while Jennette held on to me tightly. Closing the stall door I rested the teen actress against it.

    I dropped my pants in case the people coming saw me they would think I was doing my business. We heard the two voices enter the bathroom.

    "This is a great party"

    "Yeah, so much fine ass"

    Jennette and I stared at each other as we recognized the voices of the dumbasses that interrupted us. I didn't know their real names but I knew they were Jennette's co star's "Freddie" and "Gibby."

    "I want to bang all those girls" Gibby continued.

    "All I want is to fuck McCurdy. Did you see her, she looks so fine." Freddie stated as he took out a blunt and lit it.

    Even though we were not alone in the bathroom my body continued its task, Jennette's hips joining my movements.

    "Don't hog it man, give it here."

    "One of these days I'm going to tap that ass." Freddie's statement almost made laugh uncontrollably and get us caught but Jennette's tongue stopped me.

    "What ever dude, you'll never get with her. You can't even get near her without becoming a complete fool." Gibby mocked

    "What do you know? You've never even kissed a girl." Freddie countered

    "Whatever man. Just finish the fucking blunt so I can go and show you how to get a girl."

    The two boys took one last hit of their joint before freshening up and leaving. As soon as I heard the door close I returned to my previous speed.

    "Oh yeah" Jennette's moaning filled the room once more.

    "Can you...believe...he thinks he'll... get a piece of my ass" the blonde spoke in between moans.

    "Not before I do." I eyed her waiting for a reaction.

    Liking the idea Jennette put her hands on my chest and pushed me away, lowering herself onto her feet. Taking her dress off and letting it pool on the floor the "iCarly" star turned around, her left hand pulling her butt cheek and showing me her little hole urging me to have my way with it.

    "Do you really want to do this?" I didn't really care what the answer was, I was going to make that ass mine.

    "Just fuck my ass" she exclaimed

    Following my orders I prepped the tight ass by coating the tiny hole with saliva, the strand landing just above the rim. I use my hard cock to spread my spit all over, the contact causing Jennette to flinch. My mushroom tip opening the Jennette's back entrance slowly while the teen rests her head on my shoulder.

    "Do you want it fast?" I whisper

    "Do it slow. It's my first time doing this" by the tone in her voice I could tell Jennette was scared but yet she pleaded me to continue. "Fuck my ass but be gentle."

    "Don't worry I'll make sure you enjoy it" I comforted her

    Every second my stiffness crept deeper into the naked teens backdoor. Halfway in I began to pull out only to make Jennette upset.

    "I want it all inside me" the blonde pleaded

    "Are you sure you can handle it?"

    "Of course I can" my comment clearly offending her.

    Reaching halfway the teen's muscles began to contract making it harder for me to keep going but I had my orders. Pushing forward and not stopping until her round ass touched the base I finally stuffed my entire length into the beautiful actress. Her arms swung back around my neck, her hands pulling the hair on the back of head while her legs parted further allowing me more access. My hands traveled from her hips, up her tummy, reaching her ribs and finally cupping the marvelous set of flesh mounds. I kneaded the perky breasts while me lips softly kissed the long neck.

    My thrusts had increased slightly in speed.

    "That hurts" her voice conveying the amount of pain.

    "Do you want me to..." my voice was cut off

    "Don't stop, keep going...I like it" Jennette grunted

    I happily obliged as it had been a while since I had fucked such a tight little ass. My hips revved up giving the actress's body a good fucking all while my hands twisted and pulled her stiff nipples.

    "I-I love you" Jennette stuttered

    I let out a chuckle at the absurd confession. We had met less than two hours ago and she already declaring her love for me. I knew she had never know true pleasure and that was the first one to let her experience it but to make her feel like this for me so fast, that was a knew one. Still not wanting to be rude I returned the gesture.

    "I love you too" I murmured

    At that moment my groin alerted me of my orgasm while my beating cock warned Jennette.

    "Cum inside of me." Jennette begged

    As the words came out of her pretty mouth I almost did but I was able to give her a few more powerful thrusts making her yelp.

    "Yes, yes"

    This is when Jennette closed her legs making her ass get a tight grip of my cock adding friction. It was all too much and just as my groin had predicted my pipe burst filling the teen's derriere with my hot seed. We both moaned loudly. Jennette rested herself against the door while I rested against her soft sweaty body. My erection had begun to settle allowing some of my goo to seep out. I finally pull out of the sexy teen and cleaned myself up while Jennette put her dress back on asking for my help to zip it up.

    "I'll never forget that" she sighed

    "Yeah me neither"

    We walked out of the stall and made out one last time before I walked to the door.

    "Hey, about what I said, you know the L word. It was just the heat of the moment" Jennette's lie not fooling me

    "No problem. I'll see you around." I answered before exiting.

    I walked down the hallway when something pulled at me making me stumble.

    "So you fucked Jennette?" Miranda had a stern look on her ace.

    The teen had pulled me into what seemed to be a janitor's closet as it was filled with various cleaning supplies.

    "Well..." Feeling like I was in trouble I was unable to speak.

    "Tell me, did you fuck Jennette?" the petite teen's expression turned to disappointment

    I nodded not knowing what her reaction was going to be next.

    "Good" she smiled

    "What? You don't mind that I had sex with her?" my voice returned

    "No, I was actually hoping you did" the brunette giggled at my surprised reaction

    "Really? Why?" my voice getting high

    She went on to explained how during a lunch break they had begun to talk about what Jennette wanted for her birthday. Joking Jennette responded that she had never had sex and really wanted to try it. So being a good friend Miranda said that she knew the perfect gift, me. I couldn't believe what the Miranda was saying and not just the fact that she had actually planned on me fucking her friend but I had also taken her virginity.

    "So you used me like a cheap object." I joked

    "I thought of you as well. I told her to shave, I know you like that." I was now holding Miranda in my arms.

    "You know me so well" I gave her a small peck on the lips "I also got a souvenir"

    I pulled out Jennette's dirty thong from my pocket, Miranda's eyes grew large at the sight of her friend's underwear. In one swift move the young star snatched the garment and put it to her face and absorbed the musky scent.

    "She smells so good. You lucky bastard" the sight of Miranda taking her friend's scent using the dirty underwear revived my manhood.

    "I want you so bad" I let out

    "What are you waiting for?" Miranda teased me further by licking the wet spot of the thong

    I grabbed the teen and turned her around, frantically pulling her dress off the petite body. The teen had only a thong on under her dress, which she wiggled out of. I bent Miranda over and knelt behind her leaning in to eat her pussy. I instantly noticed the difference in taste, while Jennette was sweet Miranda was tangy yet very delicious. My tongue explored the warm cunt while my fingers probed the brunette's backdoor. After a few minutes of tasting Miranda's wonderful juices I stood back up ready to finally fuck the slutty actress.

    Unlike her friend, Miranda had experience with anal and liked to get fucked hard and fast which was exactly what I intended on doing. Looking over her shoulder the brunette licked the wet panties once more, she knew how to get me riled up. With this amazing vision I rammed my hardness into the teen, cramming my entire length inside her back side. With all the anal action she had received Miranda was no longer as tight as she used to be but the actress still felt so good to fuck.

    With Miranda, I wasted no time in pounding her ass mercilessly, my cock disappearing between her pale cheeks.

    "Fuck me faster Uncle Joe." she yelped.

    "I had waited for this for too long. I'm going to fuck you like never before" I snarled

    With a good clutch of Miranda's hips and her joined movement I was destroying her teen ass.

    "Like that uncle mmm...AHHH" she let out a loud cry as my cock entered her harder than ever.

    Felling playful I took the dirty thong away from the teen and stuffed it in her mouth, muffling her moans. Now with both hands free Miranda held onto the shelf making it shake while I railed her from behind. I don't know if it was the fact that we hadn't done this in a while or I was just really horny but seeing her with her eyes tightly shut and a thong in her mouth while her ass got molested changed the way I felt about her, I was truly falling for this girl.

    Trying to take these thoughts out of my mind I picked up the pace even more rattling the shelf making various cleaning supplies fall around us. Miranda's lolled her head back as I turned it towards me and kissed her passionately. I tried slipping my tongue into her mouth but the thong took up all the space. Using my teeth I bit on a strap and pulled the underwear out of the teen's mouth. She took the thong and kissed me again and sucked on my tongue. It was then that I felt a similar feeling in my groin.

    "I'm cumming" I let out

    Managing to push me away Miranda dropped to her knees and engulfed my entire length. Her expert mouth worked on my ready cock. She pumped my dick with her hand as her tongue circled the tip making me grunt in pleasure. I looked down at the gorgeous teen when I noticed her hand fondling her soaked sex with the thong wrapped around her fingers. The view sent me over the edge making me blow my load into the "iCarly" star's mouth. Her lips tightly clamping the head milking me for everything I had. Once fully dry Miranda looked up at me and opened her mouth showing me the mess I had made before swallowing the entire deposit.

    "Just as good as I remembered" I exclaimed

    "Even better" she glowed after finally getting service

    The teen got dressed while I did the same. Once ready she handed me the thong with both hers and Jennette's juices on it.

    "I thing this was a better birthday for you than the birthday girl." she laughed

    "You two didn't have a bad night either" I quipped

    Cautiously leaving the janitor's closet we walked down the hallway holding hands before stopping just before returning to the party.

    "I hope it's not long before we do this again" she frowned

    "I'll find a way to see each other more often and have fun" my comment giving her a jolt of happiness

    "You better" she playfully punched my shoulder before giving me a tender kiss.

    We smiled at each other then taking a deep breath we joined the festivities and disappeared in the crowd.

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    Well done sir, well done.

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    Brilliant, very great story! :D

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    Such a great read. Keep up the awesome work!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snarls200 View Post
    so what's next for the series
    I really don't know but I'm open for suggestions on who to add

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