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Thread: "Beach Party For Three" with Ashley Tisdale and Samantha Droke

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    fanfiction "Beach Party For Three" with Ashley Tisdale and Samantha Droke

    Beach Party For Three
    With Ashley Tisdale and Samantha Droke
    Written By GIGGIDYGOO

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are under age or easily offended stop reading now.

    It was officially summer as the sun hit down hard across the city. The heat was unbearable, I was sweaty all the time and the warm weather made me lazy. The only good thing about summer is the chance of going to the beach and seeing so many hot babes show of their bodies in skimpy bikinis. Fortunately I had plans to head down to Malibu with some friends and just hang out.

    I got the last of my things, grabbed my keys and headed out making a couple of stops to pick up some friends then we were on our way. As predicted, the beach was packed taking about an hour just to reach the entrance to the parking lot and another half an hour to find a spot to park. After five minutes I was still at the drivers seat not wanting to get out of the air conditioned vehicle when a very attractive girl in a tiny bikini passed by my car with that I left the coolness of my vehicle.

    My friends and I carried all the cookout supplies to the spot where the rest of our group was waiting for us. The crowd was incredible, one after another the girls were arriving modeling their body for all the guys ogle. We spent the day scanning the crowd picking out the ones we would be hitting on when one of my friends called me over as he thought he had spotted former Disney star Ashley Tisdale. Having a huge crush on Ashley I quickly turned my attention in the direction he was looking but with such a large crowd he lost sight of her. Not believing in him I returned to having fun.

    I was flirting with a cute girl when she asked me if we could go for a swim, I agreed. After a few kissing and groping sessions we decided to head back and as we turned we noticed a girl, which seemed familiar, splashing around nearby. That's when we saw a swarm of paparazzi on the beach frantically taking pictures in our direction. Not being famous myself or my companion I knew that the only other person of interest was the mysterious girl. Taking a second look I realized that my friend was right, Ashley Tisdle was at the beach and only a few feet away from me.

    Now knowing who was right in front of me I didn't want to leave but the girl with me was already heading back. I caught up to her and did my best to convince her from leaving but it was no use she had made her mind up. I stayed behind knowing that this pretty much blew any chances I had with the girl from the party but on the other hand I was now alone with Ashley Tisdale in the water. I casually swam around catching glimpses of the hot "Hellcats" actress, each time getting closer to her. Just them a wave came and we both dove under the water. I came up first quickly followed by Ashley.

    My mouth fell open as I noticed that as Ashley came up out of the water her top had fallen bellow her pert breasts. Taking quick action I swam over to her and stood right in front blocking her exposed chest from the paps. Ashley looked up at me scared that I was going to do something to her. Noticing her reaction I gestured at her chest, looking down and seeing her pink nipples out in the open, the star pulled her top back on covering her tits.

    Looking past me she could see her stalkers arguing between themselves.

    "Fuck, I can read the headlines now. 'Ashley Tisdale topless with new mystery guy'" her adding me to the imaginary headline turned me on a bit.

    "They're going to have a field day, but thanks for trying to help me out"

    "No problem, I just hope I was fast enough so they couldn't get any pictures" the images of her petite breasts on my mind as I said this.

    "I hope so too but I doubt it" she sighed

    Feeling down she decided it was time to leave, I walked closely behind her. I was expecting her to just leave me behind as we returned to land but instead she stopped and waited for me to catch up to her. Giving me a smile she walked besides me, no one saying a word until we reached the sand.

    "Thanks again, how can I repay you" Ashley looked so beautiful as the sun hit her wet skin.

    "No need" I said goodbye and turned to walk away when she held my arm to stop me.

    "Look I'm having a party, would you like to come" her face making it obvious she wanted me to accept

    "Sure" I answered coolly but in my mind I was jumping around with excitement.

    "I just need grab a couple of my things"

    "If you don't want to go you can say no" Ashley snapped as she though I was trying to leave

    "What? I do want to go, it's just that my friends tend to think its funny when they hide my things" I explained before wanting to kill myself for sounding so damn lame.

    "OK, then I will go with you" she eyed me still not convince

    As we walked back I had a numerous of paps following us and taking pictures while others cursed at me for blocking their shots of Ashley.

    "When I say go start running" I whispered

    Taking Ashley's hand we began running but they closely followed as people focused their attention the spectacle. After a long run we were able to escape the mob by ducking into a restaurant I that frequented. knowing most of the staff they happily agreed to divert the paparazzi, giving me and Ashley enough time to leave out the back door. I arrived with the rest of my friends panting as I tried to catch my breath. Taking my car keys and phone with me my friends watched in confusion as the gorgeous actress urged me to hurry. Not giving much of an explanation I promised I would be back and took off leaving everyone dumbfounded.

    Heading to the party there was no need to run as it seemed we had finally lost the paps for good. We soon arrived at beach house packed with people, most of whom seem to already had a few too much to drink. As we entered the party all eyes were on us making feel a bit uneasy. Noticing the expression on my face Ashley leaned in and whispered in my ear.

    "Don't mind them, you're here with me so just have fun" she gave me a pat on the back

    Her words replayed in my head as I wondered if I was in fact now Ashley's date. I let out an involuntary smile as we walked around the room full of girls in tiny swimming attire. As I met new people Ashley presented me as her hero, repeating the story of how met to everyone.

    "...he just came out of the water. At first I thought it was some crazy fan trying to kidnap me or something but then he pointed for me to look down, so I did. That's when I realized my top was almost at my waist" this was about the time every one would go into a frenzy saying "oh my god" and "no way"

    "That's when I realized he didn't want to attack me, he was stopping those worthless pieces of scum from getting pictures of my titties." And this was when I received congratulatory high fives.

    "What ever, I bet he's just you new boy toy." Ashley and I turned around to see who had made the comment.

    Standing in front of us was a beautiful and very fit girl in a white bikini.

    "When did you get here?" Ashley shrieked as she hugged her friend

    "An hour ago but Zack told me you weren't here, and now I know why" the girl lowered the sunglasses as she looked me up and down

    "How rude of me. Sam he's..." just then we both realized that we hadn't formally met.

    "I'm Jim, nice to meet you" I jumped in

    "Wow you don't even know his name. You are a slut" the girl joked making Ashley blush

    "And Jim she's Samantha my bitchy friend" Ashley countered

    After some more bantering the three of us were in deep discussion as they both girls told embarrassing stories of each other. I listened intently as the girls tried to out do each other making them seem more like enemies than friends. I don't know if it was wishful thinking but I could swear that Samantha was eying me sexually. Of course Ashley noticed this too as she had now taken a hold of my hand and constantly wrapped her arms around me making sure Sam knew I was off limits.

    Ashley was in the middle of telling another story when we heard shouting coming from outside catching our attention.

    "Ash" a blonde girl came running up to the actress "there's a fight"

    "Damn it, every time" Ashley looked at me and with no warning gave me a kiss "I'll be right back"

    I stood there frozen with my mouth open. I couldn't believe it Ashley Tisdale had just kissed me.

    "You two must be really serious if you're kissing in public" a sarcastic tone in her voice

    The whole time we had been here all Samantha could do is belittle Ashley for being with me and I couldn't take it anymore.

    "Ok, whats your problem?" I snapped at her

    "I don't have a problem"

    "Well it sure seems like it. You haven't stopped giving Ashley crap since you got here and it getting old" I berated

    "Whatever I don't have to stand here and take this" Samantha turned around to leave but just then I grabbed her by the wrist and turned her around

    "You will listen to what I have to say" without noticing I was now pinning her to the wall

    My face close to Sam's, her chest pressed against mine, her warm body heating mine while my cock began to grow.

    "You were saying" Sam had a devilish look as she could feel my erection

    Just then without thinking I leaned forward and kissed Ashley's friend. At first Sam fought me but just like me she gave in to temptation and returned my kiss. Her tongue entering my mouth, I pushed forward making her feel my hardness against her body making her moan into my mouth. Just then Ashley came into mind and I pushed myself away from Sam.

    "Sorry I don't know what happened" I felt ashamed but I didn't regret it

    "I do but don't worry I won't tell. Oh, you might want to put that away." she pointed at my now awakened dick before walking away

    I did my best to calm my member down but it was no use, Samantha had riled it up and then just left. She was such a tease. Just then Ashley returned while I tried hiding the bulge in pants but this time I wasn't quick enough and she caught sigh of my erection.

    "Are you that happy to see me" Ashley giggled

    Feeling the need relieve the tension in my shorts I pulled the petite actress toward me planting my lips on hers. She was taken aback but enjoyed the sudden extra attention. The kiss went on for sometime getting hotter and hotter each second, our bodies wanting more.

    "Lets go some place more quite" Ashley winked

    Taking my hand she led me down a hall and into the last door. There she closed the door and kissed me again. My hands explored her fit body while she pulled at my shorts hungry for my cock. As soon as my hard flesh was freed Ashley dropped to her knees, running her small fingers along the underside making it twitch.

    Admiring my cock for a few moments before taking i into her warm mouth Ashley began to blow me. Both of her tiny hands pumping my hardness while her tongue circled the tip and licked at the eye of my penis.

    "Yes, suck on it baby" I moaned

    Granting my wish she wrapped her lips around the head slowly introducing more of my length, her lips stretching and her saliva dribbling out of the sides. She looked so hot with her mouth full of cock. She took in all she could but I wanted her to swallow more so with that I grabbed the back of her head my hips pushed forward making the actress gag. I wouldn't let up as I could feel the back of her throat opening to allow my intruding member.

    "Come on Ashley take it all" I growled, the brunette's face now completely red.

    I finally eased on my grip when letting Ashley catch her breath.

    "What the...fuck doing..." she said in between breaths

    "I thought you wanted my dick" I quipped

    "I do but you could at least warned me" still gasping for air

    I grabbed her by the waist

    "In that case, I'm warning you that I'm going to fuck that little pussy hard" I undid her top pulling it over her head then threw her onto the bed.

    "Yes fuck me hard with that huge cock" she demanded

    Just hearing those words come from Ashley Tisdale's mouth turned me on to no end. I bent over grabbing her bikini bottoms and slid them down her short yet amazing legs and flicked them to the side. There I sat at the end of the bed with Ashley totally naked with her legs slightly parted giving me a preview of what was waiting for me. I began my trip to her treasure starting at her feet, softly kissing her toes and moving up her smooth legs, traveling along her soft thighs all the while opening Ashley's legs more and more until the were spread wide. I was now just a few centimeters away from the Ashley's pink slit, the smell of her arousal filling my nose. I places a finger on each side of her hairless sex teasing her the petite brunette.

    "Eat my pussy already" she snarled

    As soon as my tongue touche the wet opening the taste made me go crazy. With the new taste in my mouth I jammed tongue in the the tight cunt making Ashley coo. I ran my tongue along her folds gently pulling at them my lips while my fingers molest the hot sex.

    "I need you dick, I want you to fuck me" Ashley purred

    Felling the same way my juice cover face left the sweet vagina and was replaced by my throbbing member.

    "Do you really want my dick?" I tested

    "Yes, I want your big dick in my little pussy, please" the hunger for sex in Ashley's eyes

    In one fast and long thrust I impaled the petite actress entirely making her body lift of the bed, her eyes roll to the back of her head and her hands clasp the sheets.

    "FUCK" we both let out.

    Ashley was really tight almost suffocating my cock with her cunt muscles. I continued my rough invasion every time giving her my entire length her juices spread all over my hardness. The actress's hips joining the rhythm making my cock hit against her inner walls.

    "I love it" Ashley said going crazy with pleasure

    It didn't surprise me considering the stars small frame compared to my erection, it was obvious I was hitting a nerve that had never been touched before. I was now hypnotized by Ashley's pointy nipples that moved with the actress's jiggling breast. Wanting to put them in my mouth since I first saw them on the beach, I leaned in pinching one nipple while flicking the other with my tongue.

    Ashley grabbed my hand and pulled at me smashing my face against her tit just like I had done to her with my dick. Just as I was sucking on her stiff nipple and fucking Ashley hard I felt her body begin to tremble and only a few seconds later her orgasm hit. Once her body calmed down I pulled out letting her juices flow out.

    "Did you cum" Ashley pulled her wet hair out of her face, I shook my head

    "Then we're not done yet" a naughty look on her face

    Grabbing her by the waist I lifted her on top of me while I laid on the bed.

    "Ride me you little slut" I ordered

    Hovering over my erection and placing her cunt at my mushroom tip she let herself drop down on my hardness. Again we moaned simultaneously as Ashley moved her hip back and forth along my length. Clawing my chest the actress bounced rapidly, her young tight womanhood swallowing my entire length and her ass slapping against my body.

    "Yes, yes, yes" she scream

    It was at this moment that I opened my eyes that I noticed Samantha standing at the door with her hand between her legs. Our eyes locked on each other while Ashley kept riding me. I saw as Sam reached behind her back undid her top and letting it drop on the floor and did the same with her bottoms revealing a small strip of hair just above her womanhood. Now completely naked Samantha walked over to bed when my mind figured out what was about to happen.

    Samantha now stood behind Ashley her hands slowly reaching out to Ash to finally caress her body making the brunette flinch but allowing Sam to continue. Samantha placed her hands on her friends tummy before they headed in opposite directions, her left hand rising up Ashley's body until cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple while Sam's right hand headed south to play with Ash's clit. The "Hellcats" star body moving out of control as the pleasure had now increased while Samantha kissed her neck.

    "Cum for me Ashley" Sam whispered

    Just on cue Ashley again climaxed this time it was even bigger than before.

    "Like this" Ashley whimpered

    "Yes like that baby" Sam's hand still rubbing her friend's clit

    The entire thing was unbelievable and just like that I was ready to finish myself but just as I was about to cum Ashley pushed herself off me and collapsed on the bed. Again I was left deprived of the ultimate pleasure when I looked over at Sam who was already on her knees.

    "My turn" Sam bit licked her lips and dove right to work

    Samantha stuffed her mouth with my meat, which was still covered in Ashley's cum and taking in more of my length than her friend had been able to.

    "Your so good" I grunted as Sam licked the entire underside of my cock

    Samantha spit right at the opening of my helmet then with her tongue spread it all over while Ashley settled herself on me again this time her soaked pussy in face. Her juices dripping on my chin and I couldn't take it any more, I grabbed Ashley's firm ass sitting it on my face while my tongue dipped into the satisfied cunt once more. Giving my member a few more pumps while her body placed her self on the bed Samantha was now ready to get fucked. Copying her friend's previous position Samantha was now the one pleasuring herself with my pole, her vagina just as tight as her friend's.

    My tongue kept on tasting Ashley's juicy cunt, playing with the engorged clit then running all along the soaked slit and continuing onto the actress's backdoor. The new sensation made Ashley stand up straight pressing her ass against my face while my tongue pushed into the tight hole. I could hear Ashley moan as I tongue fucked her derriere and Samantha moaned as my rod drilled her clam.

    Ashley's body had begun grinding my face my tongue as far in as it could and swirling around inside. It was all too much I couldn't hold it any longer and Samantha knew as well that I was finally going to cum. Samantha jumped off me and swallowed my cock once more as my goo flooded her mouth. I had finished but Sam kept on sucking me as if I was withholding my sticky cream from her. Finally convince that she had milked me dry Sam moved closer to Ashley resting her body on my stomach.

    Looking at each other with lust the actresses started making out, Ashley's tongue stealing the cum from Sam's mouth then Samantha doing the same. I meanwhile had taken Ashley's hand and made it into a fist leaving only her index finger stretched out along with mine. We felt our way along Samantha's leg until we felt what we were looking for. Knowing what Ashley and I had planned the starlet's took their share of the hot goo and swallowed it, just then our fingers penetrated Samantha.

    I imagined what my friend's would say if they saw me laying on the bed with Ashley Tisdale sitting on my face, my tongue in her back hole, while her and I finger fucked Samantha Droke.

    "I want you to cum for me like I did for you" Ashley now added her other hand to play with Sam's clit

    Sam's body began to convulse as her orgasm hit her hard. The climaxing actress lifted herself off my stomach and aimed her pussy at Ashley. The actress's juices squirted wildly spraying my chest and neck and hitting Ashley's opened legs. Now exhausted the two girls dropped on the bed, one on each side of me.

    "You sure know how to pick them Ash" Samantha congratulated her friend

    "I know" Ashley responded.

    Just then we heard a knock at the door.

    "Ash are you in there?" the voice seemed like the same girl that had told Ashley about the fight.

    "Yeah, I'm in here" Ashley answered

    "I just wanted to say goodbye" the voice continued

    "Goodbye? Why?" It seemed that in all the fun that the three of us were having we lost track of time and it was now pretty late.

    The actress stood up and quickly put her bikini back on before she gave me a passionate kiss.

    "I won't be long, don't leave"

    I held Samantha in my arms as we watched Ashley leave the room.

    "I'm sorry" I heard Sam say

    I turned to her gesturing her to continue with her apology

    "I was being a bitch because I thought you were and asshole" she explained

    "What do you think now?"

    "I think...the three of us should do this again" she gave me a lovingly kiss

    "I agree"

    We smiled at each other when Ashley came in.

    "Well every one is gone. I guess they felt bad because we had more fun than they did" Ashley joked

    With that Ashley took off her clothes and joined me and Sam in bed. We laid in bed naked while I kept thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if a paparazzi had captured any of what had just occurred in this room, at least not for me.

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    Great story, thanks GIGGIDYGOO.

    "Ride me you little slut!" LOL

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