"How to Make it in America"
With Cheryl Cole
Written by multi-tasking

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

Cheryl Cole looked around nervously as she rang the doorbell again.
Her eyes darted around as she surveyed the area. The Beverly Hills
mansion before her was intimidating enough without the prospect of
paparazzi lurking to photograph her. It certainly would not look good
if she was shot waiting outside an engaged man's house dressed as she
was. Her beige belted mac stopped just past the start of the black
thigh-high stockings that encased her long, slender legs. She finished
the slutty ensemble off with black stiletto heels, her wavy dark brown
hair cascading over her shoulders; freshly highlighted with subtle,
deep red colouring.
She was trying to keep this visit as secret as possible; even driving
herself for once. She had exited the car park of her 5-star hotel,
bypassing the valet service and sea of photographers at the front
door. As she waited for what seemed an almost rude length of time, her
mind thought back to how she had come up with this plan in the first
place, sitting backstage after finishing a live X-Factor show.


"I'm sorry Cheryl, but for the last time: I am not at liberty to offer
you a judging role." Simon said firmly.

"Oh, come on Simon! You know that I'm what keeps half the people
watching this show; It sure as hell isn't the singing!" Cheryl
countered in her wonderful Geordie accent.

"No means no, Cheryl. Look, I'm heading over to the States tomorrow,
and when I get back I don't want any more talk about this!" He left
forcefully, leaving Cheryl in his wake; pondering her next move.

She sat on the black sofa in his dressing room, heels tucked under
her, thinking of some way of getting onto that panel. She had already
had some success in America, but the US X-Factor was going to be huge!
She smiled slyly to herself as she realised what she had to do.

'One thing's for sure, Simon', she thought, "there won't be anything
left to say after you get back."


Barely a day later, here she was: standing outside of Simon Cowell's
magnificent Beverly Hills mansion. She knew that Simon's fiancÚ,
Mezhgan, was gone for the week as she had heard him mention it to Louis
backstage. Still, she felt relieved when it was him to open the door.

"I'm so sorry, I was on the phon-", he stopped as he saw who it was,
"Cheryl, what are you doing here?"

She chose not to answer him, instead walking into his luxurious house,
heels clicking loudly on the wooden floors. Simon waited, unimpressed
by her lack of manners as he closed the door behind her. She turned
to him and held his glare.

"I know you don't want any more talk about that judge's position, but"
she put a hand up - stopping his interruption "I have a deal for you.
You give me that spot, and I'll give you this."

Just as she said that, she undid the belt on her mac and shrugged it
off of her shoulders; allowing it to fall to the floor. His jaw
dropped as Cheryl was left standing in matching lace bra and panties,
along with her black thigh-highs and stiletto heels. It was the most
wonderful thing he had ever seen in his life.

"If you give me that job, I'll give you whatever you want: you name
it, you get it. I don't care how dirty it is, as long as it gets me
that spot."

She walked towards him, breasts bouncing slightly as she did so. He
drank in her wonderful lithe body. There was little wonder why she was
considered one of the sexiest women in the world. Her long legs were
just the right shape, as was her toned flat stomach and slightly curvy
bum. Her breasts were larger than he recognised, and her face was as
beautiful as any in the world. In short: she was perfect, and she was
now standing no more than an inch away from him. He was in control
here, and he was not going to be gentle.
She leaned in, eyes closed, expecting a passionate kiss from him, but
instead she received a passionate slap across the face, making her
recoil in shock. In doing so, she lost balance in her stiletto heels
and fell to the floor. She reached down and picked her up by her silky
hair; eliciting a shriek from the pop star. He held her like that in
one hand and took the belt from her coat with the other, before
leading her upstairs to the master bedroom.

"Oww, Simon; you're hurting me", she cried repeatedly as they walked
up the stairs.

"Quiet you stuck-up little slut. I bet you've used your body loads of
times to get what you want - probably love whorin' yourself out. Love
it a bit rough. I bet you're usually a bit of a dominatrix though, eh?
Time for a bit of your own medicine!"

He arrived in the bedroom and flung her face-first onto the four
poster bed against the right wall. Before she could do anything, he
bound her hands behind her back with her mac's belt, pulling it as
tight as he could. She tried to wriggle free but eventually gave up as
he loomed over her. He flipped her onto to her back and dragged her to
the edge of the bed, with her head dangling down. He let go
momentarily only to have her flail around in a vain attempt to free
herself. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hardening cock right
in front of Cheryl's eyes - which went wide at the sight of it. He
stopped her wriggling with one slap of her face, leaving a red marker
in the outline of his cock.

"What's the matter, Cheryl?" He taunted "I thought that you were
willing to do anything. Now stop struggling before I have to get
really rough."

With that, he took off all of his clothes; throwing them across
the floor, and rested his cock over her beautiful face. It was rock
hard as he pulled back and thrust it straight into her mouth and down
her throat.

Cheryl Cole was mortified as she gagged on his man-meat. She couldn't
believe what he was doing. I am the sexiest woman in the world and he
thinks he can just have me, take me? she was disgusted by his
arrogance at thinking that he could dominate her, without paying
respect to her beauty. This certainly was not the first time that she
had had a dick in her mouth - but all those times she had been the
dominant one; toying with her man. She was used to controlling. Most
men would kill to have one minute with her, and Simon thought that he
could boss her around?

Simon's thick shaft was almost too wide for Cheryl's petite mouth and
he was stretching her jaw out as he held his cock in her. She was
staring to panic as he finally pulled out, an action met by her
gasping for air. He gave her only a moment, however, before plunging
back in. He leant forward and took her bra in his hands and ripped it
apart violently, tossing it aside. He was so turned on by the fact
that she couldn't do a thing except submit to his desires.
Her hands were bound and pinned beneath her body: he had complete
power. He spat on her tits and rubbed it all over them, playing with
them as he saw fit. Her breasts were quite large, much more than a
handful, and were definitely real. He knew this as they jiggled around
hugely as he smacked them, turning them redder with each smack. The
intoxicating power that he had, coupled with the gagging of her tight
throat was bringing Simon to orgasm much faster than he had ever
experienced. So much so in fact that he pulled out of her mouth, wiping
the thick trails of drool over her face, further ruining her once
perfect makeup.

"Get up Slut!" He barked as he pulled her up and turned her around so
that she knelt on the bed facing him.

Cheryl was fuming. She seethed as she looked at his smug pompous face.
He thought he could use her, her body; like a common whore! He had
degrades her and fucked her like she was trash, not the stunning
pop star she was. Still, she managed to control herself enough to keep
quiet. She would not give him the satisfaction of hearing her anger
and disgust. She knew as well that as soon as she spoke, she would
berate him with obscenities, and wasn't about to go through all this
to lose it all in an angry tirade. She grew angrier still as her view
of him was distorted as he screwed up her hair, leaving it stuck to
the saliva all over her face. She could just about make out his arms
as he callously fitted a ball gag onto her, trapping some hair inside
it. That done, he threw her onto her stomach across the bed and
readied himself for his next venture.

He grabbed the waistband of her lace panties and tugged them towards
him, her included. He pulled them along her long slender legs and over
her high heels, throwing them over to where her matching bra lay. She
was now bent over the side of the bed, feet on the ground and face
buried in the duvet. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her
ass, nestled beautifully between her smooth round cheeks and pushed it
against her opening, eliciting a stifled shriek.

"What's the matter, Cheryl? Never had it in the ass? I find it hard to
believe that a slut like you has never been fucked in the ass! I'll
tell you what, though; if you want, I'll lube it all up first, okay?"
She nodded frantically.

"What's that, Cheryl? I can't hear you. You'll have to speak up!" She
screamed into her gag desperately.

"Okay Cheryl, if you think you can take it without any. That's your
call." Her muffled screams became incessant and her eyes bulged as she
tried hopelessly to change his mind.

Simon stared at the ass before him. It was perfect; as if it had been
sculpted by Michelangelo himself. He spread her as wide as he could
and firmly pushed his cock through her tight ring. Her back arched and
she stared at the ceiling as she tried to cope with his intrusion. He
did not stop pushing until his entire length was in, and then began
thrusting back out.
He slowly built up his speed, and Cheryl wondered for a moment if he
was going to be merciful. It was not to be. Out of nowhere, he grabbed
her hands and used them as reins as he began to pile drive into her ass
relentlessly. She squealed as he ravaged her ass like a madman - the
sound of flesh smacking together filled the room. Her ass cheeks
rippled slightly as he took her. He pulled her arms back, lifting her
upper body off the bed. He could now watch as her large breasts
bounced furiously all over the place. Her luscious hair was a mess.
That which wasn't plastered to her face was either stuck to her back
with sweat, or flying through the air. Her whole body was glistening
in the Californian heat.
Simon could not believe how great this felt. Her ass was tight and
gripped his shaft like a glove. The pleasure was indescribable, as was
the sight of her body as he thrusted. He couldn't hold out much
longer, so he quickly pulled out of her and yanked her from the bed
and onto the floor. From there he pulled her up to her knees just as
the ropes of cum began shooting out of his dick.
It just kept on coming, blast after blast erupted over her face,
in her hair and over her tits. From there it dripped down onto the
rest of her body and onto the floor. For Cheryl, this was the final
humiliation. Allowing someone to cum on her face was the ultimate act
of degradation, and she had never let anybody do so before. It was a
clear symbol that she had been used as an object, solely for the
pleasure of someone else. A slave.

Simon wiped the last drops of cum off his cock with her hair before
putting his clothes back on. He searched his drawers for his camera,
eventually finding it and turning it on. Cheryl could not See what
what he was doing, but she heard the telltale shutter sound numerous
times as he took photos from every possible angle. He threw her bra
and panties into the bin and untied her hands. Cheryl pushed her hair
out of her face and glared up at him disdainfully yet wearily.

"Well Cheryl, I admire your enthusiasm, but, like I said; it's not my
decision who gets that final judge's spot. Now get the fuck out of my
house you deluded whore!"


Cheryl Cole left the Beverly Hills mansion dejected and furious. Her
coat was perilously short and any kind of wind would reveal her shaven
pussy to anyone there to see it. She hoped against hope that there
were no photographers around to catch her now: half naked and
plastered with cum. Her ass was extremely sore, as were her wrists. As
she got gingerly into her car, she wondered just how she was going to
get back to her suite unnoticed.