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Thread: "A Fearless Superstar" Chapter 2 with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

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    fanfiction "A Fearless Superstar" Chapter 2 with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

    "A Fearless Superstar" Chapter 2
    with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry
    Written by racquet

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    As I awoke this morning I came to a realization....I had just had sex with the girl of my dreams last night, and she wants to have sex again, tonight! I literally jumped out of bed this morning smiling from ear to ear as I thought about JUST HOW GREAT the sex was. As I'm finishing up my morning routine, I decide to check my phone to find that I have two new text messages both from Taylor, telling me what an awesome time she had and that tonight couldn't come fast enough, leaving a small smirk on my face.

    A good 12 hours later, I found myself in the same position as I was last night, preparing to go to yet another Taylor Swift concert with....a backstage pass, only this time, I was a V.I.P. At first, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to wear, whether I wanted it to be something fancy, or something casual, finally deciding upon something that provides easy access to my cock and easy to take off. During my long drive to The Staples Center, I decided to skip all the chitchat and go straight into the action, today I was taking charge. Walking through the halls, I was confident and cool waiting to see my country princess again, just the simple thought started getting me hard. As I walk up to the dressing room door, the guards check my badge again, a few seconds later I was allowed in to see my beautiful country princess, sitting on the couch excited to see me, she wasted no time in getting me completely naked as she dropped down to her knees, slowly stroking my cock, biting her lower lip waiting for me to say something so she could start sucking. I could see, she wanted to waste NO TIME and wanted to get straight to business just like me.

    "Well, what are you waiting for Taylor?" I ask.

    "You to take control." she said with a wink

    That put a smile on my face, realizing she wanted me to be the leader this time excited me. I reached my hand down through her world famous golden curls and pushed her head near my fully erect and hard cock. Feeling her warm moist mouth on my cock almost made me bust a nut right there. Wanting to last, I set the pace nice and slow. A few minutes later, I decide to pick up the pace, pushing her deeper and harder, making her gag, and making me moan.

    "Ungghhhh, oh my Jesus Christ, that feels soooo.....oh my god..." I moan

    "You like it like that?" Taylor mumbles with my big hard rod in her mouth.

    Wanting to see how much of my rod she could fit into her mouth, I push her hard and fast to see that she has taken 3/4 of my cock into her mouth before gagging and choking. This continued for a good 7 minutes before Taylor decided to take control, switching from a strong, fast, and powerful deep throat to a slow, licking, swirling motion from the shaft to the head and back down.

    "Your so hard Michael." She says giggling before continuing her licking.

    Pausing for a few seconds, Taylor says to me "It's hard to get you off, are you holding back on me?"

    Laughing I respond "Why would I do that." winking as I say it.

    "I want you to cum into my mouth, and then I'll swallow all of it," She mumbles sucking my cock in her mouth while stroking it with her hand

    "If you keep this up, I will in no time." I respond moaning.

    Speak of the devil.....a few minutes later, after holding my cum back for a while, I couldn't hold it back anymore and moan out loud

    "Taylor...I'm coming..." Moaning out loud I shoot all my cum into her mouth, watching her swallow it, without any hesitation.

    "That was fun!" She says in her ditsy yet charming way, doing a little bunny hop as she says it. "I'm gonna go get ready now, meet me here again later tonight, after the concert?"

    "Of course, you know I will." I respond, getting dressed at the same time, "I can't wait for later tonight." I respond with a smile.

    "I can't either, I got something special planned for tonight. You'll like it I know you will." She says, blowing me a kiss as she walks toward her closet.

    As I walk out of her dressing room, I wonder to myself, what kind of surprise could my country princess have for me today? Is it a present or what? Standing in the hallway, near the stage, I see Taylor walk out of her dressing room, coming toward me in a sparkly red dress and cowboy boots, she gives me a kiss and whispers into my ear "Are you ready?"

    In my mind I'm thinking, oh my god....are we gonna have sex in front of the whole stage? What the hell is gonna happen? Ready for what? Nervous I start pacing, unable to focus on her concert due to my nervousness, I ask for a chair to sit and try to relax myself. To my surprise while performing her hit song love story, I hear a familiar voice and see a familiar person on the stage with her, is that, it is! It's Katy Perry, is this my surprise? Would I get treated to both a Taylor Swift and a Katy Perry concert? Wow what a great surprise I think in my head. As the song finishes, I see Katy walking towards me at this end of the hallway.

    "Hi, you must me Michael" Katy says "I'm Katy it's nice to meet you!"

    "Hey, yeah I'm Michael." I reply

    "Taylor's been telling me a lot about you through the phone, I just had to stop by and meet you." She says with a smile. "Come on, let's go into her dressing room and talk."

    She grabs my hand and pulls me to Taylor's dressing room. Just like the night before I was starstruck, this beautiful pop star was sitting near me talking to me like a regular person. Still from my experience yesterday, I was a bit more prepared, answering all her questions with relative ease. We chitchat for about an hour and a half before the concert ends and Taylor comes back to her dressing room, excited to see me and Katy really hitting it off.

    "He's great isn't he Katy?" She asks

    "Yeah, totally awesome!" Katy replies. "Soooo are we getting ready to go now or what bitch?" She asks Taylor playfully.

    "Heck yeah, let me just change first." Grabbing a bunch of her clothes she runs to the back and changes from a sparkly red dress and cowboy boots to a plain white dress.

    "How do I look?" Taylor asks

    "Great!" I respond.

    "I wasn't asking you Michael." She scoffs playfully. "Katy, how do I look?"

    "Great!" Giving the same response I did.

    "So um, where are we going tonight Taylor?" I ask honestly not knowing.

    "You'll see!" Both Taylor and Katy reply at the same time. "Let's go!"

    Walking out of the stadium, we all take seperate cars tonight. Looks like I wasn't getting lucky. Before I had decided to back my car out of the parking lot, Katy comes up to me with her beautiful white smile and asks "Your following me right?" In my head I smile and I respond "Umm yeah, let's go." Driving for about an hour and a half following Katy's black audi a5 we end up at a Hilton Hotel. After parking my car, I come out and ask, "Are we at the right place?" "Yeah!" Katy and Taylor both respond walking toward the entrance. As I stood in the lobby waiting to see what was going to happen next, I noticed that Taylor and Katy only had one room key, was I supposed to get my own? I ask in my mind. Waiting for them to give me any sign of what was to happen next, they finally finish and come up to me.

    "You ready to go?" Taylor asks.

    "Go where, I didn't even get a key." I reply

    "Umm duhhhh it's right here." Katy replies holding the key in her hand

    "So when do I figure out what the plan is?" I ask

    "You'll see." They both respond before taking my arm.

    As we walked from the lobby to the elevator, I notice people were looking at me. Feeling uncomfortable Taylor then says "Why are you feeling uncomfortable? All these people would KILL to be where you are right now, I mean come on, you have both Katy and I on your arms, enjoy it. Smile a little bit come on." I realize, I am pretty lucky to have two beautiful girls around my arms in a hotel room, heading to the elevator. A few minutes later, we arrive in our room, the master suite. This is the first time I've ever been in a master suite, and what a beautiful room it was.

    "What a view!" I say aloud. "And there's a fucking hot tub in here? What the fuck?"

    "I knew you'd like it." Taylor says twirling her hair in her hand while bunny hopping.

    "What do you guys wanna do now?" I ask, while grabbing Taylor's guitar. In my mind I had come to the conclusion....I wasn't getting lucky tonight, so might as well enjoy myself right?

    "Well Katy's gonna jump into the hot tub, I'm gonna join her." Taylor replies. "What are you gonna do?"

    "I guess I'll just sit here and play with your guitar, if that's okay with you."

    "You don't wanna join us?" She asks

    "Well.....I don't have a bathing suit."

    "Neither do we." Katy says, coming out of the bathroom with just a towel on. "Join us." She teased and winked, while running a finger around her lips, teasing me to come join them.

    As Katy disappears into huge bathroom I start questioning myself. Are they serious? They can't be serious. Are they? Ahhhh fuck it, just get undressed and go! As I start getting undressed, I see Taylor getting undressed by the door. As she takes off her white dress and heels, I can't help notice her extremely beautiful, long, tan legs, and her plump, luscious, ass. Taylor turns around and notices me looking. Embarassed, I quickly turn away.

    "You like?" She says rubbing her own ass to tease me.

    "Shouldn't you not be doing that with Katy there? I mean does she even know we did anything?" I reply vehemently

    "Relax, she knows."

    "Oh..." I reply then ask with nothing to lose. "Will I be getting lucky later?"

    "You'll see." she says, biting her lower lip, while walking away doing a little spin just to show her body and walks away to the bathroom, blowing me a kiss.

    I quickly undress and walk to the bathroom. Smiling I think to myself....damn I get to see Katy's luscious beautiful body. I could feel my cock getting hard and throbbing. I'm about to see one of the most beautiful women in the world.....naked! As I walk into the bathroom, I open the door to the hot tub and see Katy and Taylor were making out, instantly getting me hard.

    "Took you long enough. Well do you think your getting lucky now?" Taylor teases playfully.

    "No." I respond, teasing her back.

    "Shut up and get your ass in here." Katy says playfully. "We've been waiting for you for a good three minutes, we're horny bitch!" She says splashing the nice warm water at me.

    As I jumped in sitting across from both of them, I couldn't help but notice Katy's perfect pink tits and her nice, beautiful, sexy d-cups. Slowly I drop my eyes down to her body before she catches me.

    "Why don't you take a picture, it lasts longer." She says winking.

    With her response, I take my eyes off of Katy and move them to Taylor's body. Starting with Taylor's face I slowly dropped down to her body, while not as curvy as Katy's still sexy in her own right.

    "Why are you sitting so far Michael?" Taylor asks trying to poke me with her feet. "Come closer!"

    "I think I'm close enough." I respond teasingly.

    Taylor quickly gets up, grabs my arm and drags me right in between both of them. "Now you're close enough!" She replies.

    Sitting in between them I put my arm around both of them. Katy moves my hand from her arm to her tit, and looks as me as if she was saying, go ahead it's there for you. I quickly respond by pinching her tits and massaging her boobs. It was then that Taylor began feeling jealous that she took her hand, grabbed my face and started making out with me while stroking my cock.

    I quickly respond "Whoa....we aren't really gonna have sex in here are we?"

    "No, I just wanted to feel your cock cause Katy hasn't yet."

    As me and Taylor were making out, Taylor and Katy were taking turns stroking my cock, for the first couple minutes it was Taylor, then the next couple it was Katy. I was really enjoying myself, two of the worlds biggest superstars were here....stroking my cock. After a few hours, me and Katy exit the hot tub, opting to go to the bedroom leaving Taylor in the hot tub.

    "So....I thought I was getting lucky didn't mean just giving me a hand job as getting lucky right? Cause I didn't even bust a nut." I ask

    "You are." Katy says in a soft and mellow tone.

    At this moment, I notice Katy was searching for stuff in her purse. "What are you looking for Katy?" I ask

    "It's a secret!" Katy says, excitingly. At that moment she pulls out a pair of handcuffs. This was the first time I had ever seen someone pull out handcuffs for sex with me.

    "Soooo which one of us is getting cuffed?" I asked, praying it wasn't me.

    "Both! Of course not at the same time." She said with a ditsy tone in her voice. "Lie on the bed, your first." She says with a commanding tone.

    "But...what about Taylor?" I ask

    "Just do what I tell you, don't worry about her." Playfully responding while cuffing my arms to the bed stand. "I'm gonna give you the best damn blowjob you've ever gotten."

    As I'm cuffed to the bed I can't help but wonder, who gives the better blowjob? I guess I'm about to find out! Katy first starts off this act sitting on my abs, bending down to make out with me. Katy slowly slides down from making out with me to kissing my pecs. From there she moves off my abs down in between my legs and starts stroking my cock.

    "Already hard huh? Don't worry, I'm already wet." She says then opens her mouth and starts licking the bottom of the shaft up to the head, like a lollipop.

    "Oh my god, sweet baby jesus!" I moan. "Keep that up and I'll cum in no time."

    "Then I better not do that, I want you to last!"

    Switching from a licking motion to a bobbing motion, Katy goes all the way down, then back up making me moan. Slowly sliding up to the head, she starts twisting her head with my head in her mouth and stroking my cock.

    "You like that?" She mumbles with my cock in her mouth.

    "Unnnggghhh.....yeah." I respond, weak with pleasure.

    All lubed up, Katy stops sucking and decides to ride me. She gets onto my dick and starts going up and down quickly, making her beautiful breasts go up and down. I couldn't help myself to those tits, since I was handcuffed to the bedstand.

    "Unngghhh oh my gosh your cock is so big, it feels so good in my pussy." Katy moans

    "Unngggggh...." I moan. "Katy, can i grab your tits?"

    Responding positively to my question, she grabs the keys to the handcuffs and uncuffs one of them allowing me to grab her breasts and tits. Riding me for a few minutes, she recommends we switch positions uncuffing me. She then gets on all fours on the bed and tells me to take her from behind. Following her direction, I happily aim my cock for her pussy and thrust, deep and hard making her moan and coo.

    "Oh my god, fuck me just like that, it feels so good." She moans. "I'm gonna cum!" She screams, making my cock warm and wet.

    "My turn to handcuff you now." I smirk and respond slyly.

    I handcuff her to the bed stand and start fucking her missionary style, grabbing and pinching her pink tits and making out with her all at the same time. After a few minutes Katy couldn't help herself anymore.

    "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, oh my god I'm gonna cum. AHHHHHHH!" She screams, cumming a second time.

    After her cumming the second time, I decide to pick up the pace, changing the rhythm to a slow pace. The change of pace startling her in a good way, no one has ever done this for her before.

    "Unnnggghhh.....You can last Michael....." Katy moans

    Breathing heavily Katy decides she wants to ride me again, telling me to uncuff her and let her finish me off. Following directions, she handcuffs me and goes to work on my cock making me moan due to the great sensation of her nice warm pussy inside of me.

    "Unnngggghhh......I want you to cum all over me...on my tits, on my face, on me period!" She moans.

    After saying that, I lasted all but a few seconds screaming out loud, "I'm coming!"

    She quickly gets off my cock and watches as I cum all over her face, tits and body.

    "That was awesome..." I said

    "I'll be right back..." she says as she uncuffs me letting me sit up.

    She disappears into the bathroom for about few minutes. The bathroom door opened up, expecting to see Katy, I was shocked when Taylor came out.

    "Hey ready to go again?" She asks playfully.

    "Fuck yeah, let's do this." I respond with a smile on my face. "Handcuffs or no handcuffs?"

    "No handcuffs, I want you to control me. You're the master, I'm your bitch." She responds biting her lower lip after.

    Taylor eagerly jumps onto the bed and gets on all fours. "Take me from behind first."

    Happily I obliged, sticking my rod into her pussy and thrusting, nice and easy causing her to moan softly. Two minutes later, I decide to pick up the pace and power, thrusting into her I reached around to grab her small but perky tits with one hand and rubbing her clit with my other causing her to moan louder and scream.

    "Oh fuck I'm coming!" She moans out loud.

    After Taylor made my cock moist and wet, she decided to try something new, moving to the huge window with a view, she got up on the balcony and told me to fuck her right there, where everyone can see her. I faced her forward and went to work sticking my cock into her and rubbing the inside of her thighs. As I was doing this, I can tell she was really getting into it, screaming louder and louder. Taylor grabs my head and pulls it towards her, making out with me while I fuck her on the window for the whole world to see.

    "Unnnnggghhhh oh my gosh. This feels so good." I hear her moan.

    While fucking her in front of the mirror, I could notice she loved and wanted people to watch her be fucked. After a few minutes of fucking her missionary style, I ask her if I could fuck her in her ass. She happily allowed me, lifting her legs higher so I could stick my huge pole into her ass. This turned me on, it was the first time I had ever gotten to fuck Taylor in the ass. I boldly got to go where no other guy has ever gone before, one small step for man, one giant step for me! As I stuck my cock into her ass, I could tell she was truly enjoying it, moaning as loud as ever, telling me to keep going and not to stop, I could tell she was getting off......again! As I'm fucking her in the ass I tell her to cum. Obeying my order, she does, squirting her hot juice onto my abs as I'm thrusting my cock into her tight ass. A few seconds after she came I could feel it, I was about to cum. I was trying so hard not to let myself cum, doing everything I could, however it was everything was soooo hot. I was fucking the country princess in the ass, in front of the window, with her warm come all over me, it was just too much.

    "Ungghhhh I'm coming Taylor." I moan, quickly pulling out allowing her to get onto her legs, letting me cum into her mouth and on her face before swallowing all of it.

    Breathing heavily and worn out we walk ourselves to the bed, barely able to stand, we hear the bathroom door open and Katy comes out.

    "Sooo can you do one more? This time with both of us here?" Katy asks

    Sadly I couldn't, I had no energy left. "Sorry, I'm worn out." Responding in a sad yet apologetic tone. "However I promise, tomorrow morning, I will be able too."

    "Okay, I can wait till then." Katy replies smiling. "However, it better be the best damn sex I've ever had!"

    "For sure." I respond, too tired to say much else.

    As I was lying on the bed with Taylor spooning with me. I had to ask that one question still in the back of my head, "Hey Taylor, do you do this with every guy that you has a backstage pass?"

    Giggling, she tilts her head slightly, "If I did, would I be this tight?"

    "So then why me?"

    " were so cute when I first laid eyes on you." She said playfully rubbing her hands on my arm.

    I smiled feeling like a champ. Taylor Swift found me cute, that in itself was more than enough for me.

    "So what happens with Katy tomorrow morning?" I ask.

    "Well after our threesome, she has to fly to New York for a concert." She replied

    "Well.....what about us?" referring to Taylor and I.

    "I have a concert in Boston, you're welcome to come if you'd like?" She said smiling, then walking to her purse getting out yet another backstage V.I.P. pass.

    "Down!" I reply taking the pass and putting it onto the table.

    As I was preparing for bed, I heard Katy snoring away, Taylor came by and put her hands on my shoulders, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

    "I'll see you in the morning?" She asks.

    "You sure will." I responded, smiling. "Goodnight."

    "Goodnight!" She replies skipping to our bed.

    In my head I'm just doesn't get any better than this.

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    Another great chapter. Well done Racquet. Looking forward to the next...

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