Twice the Bait
With Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Disclaimer: This fictional story contains material that will most likely not be suitable for everyone and is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are under age or easily offended STOP READING NOW! If you knew that this is not a story for you but clicked on it anyway then you know the drill.

I awoke to the sight of the most beautiful girl ever laying completely naked next to me. The brunette's legs entwined with mine, her head resting on my chest and her small breasts pressed against the side of my body. I looked down at the teen as she slept peacefully and looked so innocent. The last part being far from the truth considering the crazy amount of sex we had the previous night, not to forget the fact that she was only fifteen and already new how to suck cock like a pro. From the way we acted you would of probably guessed that we were a couple of teenagers exploring these new found sexual urges but that is also was not close to the truth.

I'm actually in college and yes I know having a relationship with someone underage is wrong and against the law but I had no idea how old she was when we had sex the first time, for most of it anyway. Now she was my addiction, I couldn't go a day without feeling her tight young pussy around my large cock. Every day she would sneak to my place were we would go at it like wild animals for a couple of hours until she had to leave but then there were times like last night that she would tell her parents she was staying over at her friend's. This was when we could really enjoy each other and have sex for hours on end. I knew it was stupid to bring her to my place and risk nosy neighbors figuring out what was going on, but my roommate was still away visiting family for the summer and it was the only place we felt somewhat safe.

I ran my fingers across her cheek removing a stray hair from her face, the sensation of my touch waking the teen. Kendall squinted her eyes as they adjust to the light while she tried to look at me.

"Hey" she exhaled with a raspy voice

The teen removed her hand from my stomach to stretch it in the air, pushing her chest out and making her dark pointy nipples stab my skin. Kendall brought her hand back down this time wrapping it around my waist holding me tightly.

"Good morning" I kissed her forehead "How did you sleep?"

"Fantastic, specially after last night" Kendall looked at me now more awake. "I think that's the best we've done it" a smile across her face.

"Yeah well we did go a whole day with out seeing each other" I stated "I needed your body"

My comment made the naked teen blush as she softly kissed my neck.

"So, does that mean you don't want me anymore" she pouted

Looking into her lust filled eyes for a moment before passionately kissing the teen. Kendall moved to adjust her body causing her smooth thigh to brush against my newly awakened cock. Felling that my member began to harden the brunette trailed her hand along my body to my hardened flesh getting a good grip of it. In a slow motion her thin fingers moved up and down my stiffness receiving a low moan in return.

"I want you right now" I growled before rolling over and pushing Kendall on her back

The teen instinctively spread her legs allowing me to position myself between them, my hands by her shoulders and her hand still on my cock. Another kiss ensued while her free hand flung around my neck her hips pushing upward urging me to penetrate her. Our privates touched before I pulled away teasing the hairless sex causing Kendall to pull my body down from my hardness. The strength with which the brunette was gripping and pulling at my cock hurt but just knowing how much she needed me made the pain somewhat pleasurable.

"Come on fuck me" the amount of torture noticeable in her voice.

With a devilish grin I continued my game but before I knew it Kendall wrapped her legs around my waist and using all her strength, and hand to guide my erection, impaled herself with my manhood. Her legs muscles flexing in order to keep herself on me, hanging like a baby monkey to its mom. The teen's body swinging back and forth her tight pussy swallowing more and more of my length but still not getting enough. Without out a warning I let myself drop on the brunette stuffing my entire erection into her teen snatch making her body tense up and a loud yelp of pleasure escaped her.

"Oh shit" Kendall let out as her head tilted back

"Is this what you wanted?" I panted

The teen nodded while biting her bottom lip and her eyes locked on mine.

"I want to hear you tell me what you want" I hissed

Her hands crept up my body stopping to hold my face as she slowly began to talk.

"I want you to fuck my little pussy hard with that big cock that I love" her words acting like Viagra making my member twitch inside the teen.

Her eyes fluttered at the sensation of my pulsating cock giving her inner walls an added stretch. My hips began moving in a slow motion gliding in and out of the snug love canal the moaning becoming more audible.

"Faster" Kendall purred

Complying I increased the speed until I was pounding the tight cunt hard and fast hitting her deepest nerves, ultimately exciting the brunette more than ever. Our naked bodies slamming against each other wildly, my balls slapping her firm ass.

"Yes, umph, yes" Kendall grunted

I leaned in kissing the teen's long neck her stiff nipples indenting my chest as they rubbed against my body with our motions. In a moment of complete pleasure I felt my groin warning of my orgasm.

"I'm going to cum" I breathed

"Yes, cum inside me. I like to feel your cum inside me."

With that I unloaded my warm sticky seed deep inside my under aged lover. Breathing heavily I pulled out of Kendal and dropped onto the bed next to her, little drops of my cum seeping out of her satisfied pussy. Still in a daze of pleasure Kendall turned her head to the side and noticed the time.

"Shit, I'm going to be late for school" Kendall jumped out of bed and grabbed her over night bag

I stayed in bed watching as the teen yanked clothes out of her bag and pulled them on frantically. Even when she wore just a plain T shirt and shorts Kendall managed to look so radiant. She ran into the bathroom to prep herself before urging me to change as I was her ride.

We got into my car and we headed to the school as Kendall held my hand and would glance at me with a look that told me she was really falling for me and not just because of the sex.

"I hope I don't smell bad. I didn't get to shower thanks to our fun time" she grinned

I kind of liked the thought of Kendall reeking of sex,with my goo still in her, through out the day and wondered if anyone would notice that distinct smell, maybe a teacher. We finally reached the school which was even better than my college as this was a private school and not just any regular private school were only rich kids attended but it was an exclusive famous people, super rich kid school. Kendall leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek when I took a hold of her and brought her in for real kiss slipping my tongue into her mouth. After a few second I released her to allow her to get out of the car and running over to her group of friends who giggled as Kendall reached them. The teenage girls all looked at me before giggling at me and Kendall waved by before heading to the main entrance.

As the girls walk in I couldn't help but notice Kendall's younger sister, Kylie, giving me the evil eye before following the group inside. Since the first time I met Kylie she instantly hated me as she disapprove the relationship I had with her sister and had warned me to stay away from her, she had a right but on the other hand I enjoyed fucking Kendall so I ignored her threats. I knew ignoring Kylie's threats could mean trouble but I quickly realized that she would keep quite as long as Kendall asked her to. She had even, against her better judgement, helped Kendall lie and cover for her when she stayed over at my place.

The next few days were terrible as Kendall had gotten a new modeling gig and wasn't able to visit me, luckily we had planned on spending the night together the day after she finished with the three day photo shoot. I heard a knock on the door, exciting me as I ran to open and have my way with the brunette only to be surprised by Kylie.

"I came to get Kendall" a stern look on her face, hands on her hips.

"She's not here" I answered

"Don't play dumb, I know she's staying the night here" she said before pushing me to one side and entering my apartment.

"Please come in" I quipped sarcastically

Still not believing me she looked in every room proving that I wasn't lying.

"I told you she wasn't here"

"Fine, then I'll just wait for her" Kylie took a seat

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the fridge

"Can't you just call her" I gestured if she wanted a drink which she refused

"I tried but she didn't answer. I thought maybe you guys know so I came over" her voice now less aggressive

"Why did you want to watch" I joked which didn't amuse the young brunette

"No" her voice returning to its previous toughness "my mom wants her home because we're having...guest"

The slight pause at the end of her sentence caused me to believe that the Kylie wasn't being completely honest. I sat next to her on the couch, she scooted away. We sat in awkward silence my hand tapping my knee. I knew this was a perfect time to get on Kylie's better side and hopefully accepting me and Kendall as a couple. Making my mind up on what my angles was going to be I finally spoke.

"So why do you hate me?" I blurted

"What? I don't hate you" Kylie turned to me fake surprised at my allegations.

"You don't have to lie. Its obvious you don't like me"

The teen ignored my comment

"Look, I really like Kendall and I would never hurt her. You have nothing to worry about"

"Yeah right, I know you only want one thing" she stabbed my chest with her finger

"Yes, I do enjoy having sex with Kendall" Kylie felt disgusted at my admission "But I also like spending time with her even when we're dressed"

My attempts at making the situation less tense only made thing worse.

"If I haven't said anything to my parents it's because I love Kendall and I have to respect her decisions even if they are wrong, but if you ever even think about treating her bad, I will not only tell on you but I will personally make sure you pay for everything"

The demeanor of the thirteen year old was really beginning to scare me but I did my best to hide just how frightened I was. Full of fury Kylie was now only a few inches away from me her deadly stare closer than ever when I gulped as I looked into her eyes. I was still sitting on the couch while Kylie was bending over me her finger digging into my chest her breath getting heavier. I was sure the teen was going to punch me or something when out of no where I saw her face getting closer until her puckered lips met my surprised mouth.

Caught off guard by the sudden action I kept my eyes opened, thoughts of Kendall walking in and catching me and her younger sister kissing made me react and push Kylie away. Even though I thought the teen was just as beautiful as her older sister I wasn't willing to risk what I had with Kendall.

"I'm sorry. I...I don't know what I was thinking" she stuttered as she covered her face embarrassed by what had happened.

This was when I truly noticed Kylie as more than Kendall's little sister she was actually quite a looker specially how she was dressed. She had on a tight spaghetti strap blouse, a short skirt that showed of her amazing legs and a pair of heels that added to her legs hotness. I grabbed Kylie's arm and sat her back down on the couch next to.

"It's OK, it's not your fault" I tried to comfort the upset brunette

"I can't believe I did that" her hand muffled her words "Kendall is going to hate me if she finds out"

"Then we won't tell her" I suggested thinking it was the best idea

"So you want me to lie to my sister about us kissing"

"Technically you kissed me but I still think we should keep this between us" I put my hand on her shoulder

"I knew it, you were going to lie to Kendall" her tone changed

"What?" I sat there confused

"The first chance you got and you were ready to lie to her. Wait until I tell Kendall" she hissed

I was shocked this was all just a setup to get Kendall to hate me.

"So you planned all of this?" I was the mad one now

"Not at first but since I was here I might as well do something to make my sister realize what kind of guy you are" I had no idea a girl this young could be so spiteful.

"How is she going to believe you if you have no evidence?" I now had the upper hand as it was obvious she hadn't thought her plan out

"Well..." in a move of desperation Kylie swung her hand at me but with my quick reflection I caught it before it hit me

She tried the other hand but had the same luck before she tried to kick me. I pinned her down on the couch my lower body between her legs, holding them still.

"Get off me she" the young girl twisted her body trying to free herself

"Not until you promise to try and get along with me" I increased my grip on Kylie.

"No, now let me go" the teen's body lifted in attempt to push me off her, causing her skirt to rise above her hips

This last attempt caused her young sex to brush my crotch making it grow. I tried to subside my awaken cock but to no result. Scared that Kylie might think I was doing it on purpose I eased my grip on her yet my body stayed on top of the teen. I looked down at the brunette who was still grinding her hips against me but this time it was for pleasure. Kylie's mouth was opened, little moans escaping her as she stared at me with fondness. I couldn't believe it Kendall's sister was actual getting herself of on my bulge. Still worried that this might be a trap I decided to stop Kylie.

"I think you should go" I muttered as my cock begged for me to free it

Not wanting to stop her sudden pleasure Kylie pushed her head up and kissed me again, this time more passionately. My head scream at me to stop but at this point my brain was no longer in command, my dick was. I reciprocated by slipping my tongue into the teens mouth my hands now letting go of her. Kylie began grinding harder making my cock hurt a bit as it was still trapped in my pants, but still not sure how far Kylie was willing to go I kept my cock jailed.

I moved away from the young mouth and moved down her neck planting kisses on her soft skin. My middle moved to the rhythm Kylie had started making her coo.

"Kendall told me all about you two" she moaned as my erection pressed harder on her sex

"She did?" I said while kissing her neck

"She goes on and on about how you two have sex" Kylie's hands clasped my hair

"What did she tell you?" the curiosity of knowing what Kendall really thought of out sexual encounters got the best of me.

"She can't stop talking about your big cock and how you fuck her so good" she moaned louder as my hips move like I was already penetrating the teen.

My attention had turned to her pert chest as I pulled her top down with only a bra separating me from the teen's nipples.

"Kendall talk's so much about you and I hate it" I wasn't paying much attention as I had just removed the last barrier from me and the firm breast.

I marveled at the little dark braille nipples that were now in front of me. Wasting no time my tongue reached out to the stiff nub licking it slowly to get the full effect of what was happening.

"It's not fair that she gets sleep with a hot guy like you and I don't" my mouth now sucked at the end of the breast "Mhmmm...I want you to be my first"

The comment made me look up with the nipple still in my mouth stretching it and making Kylie purr.

"Please say yes" the need for my cock matched Kendall's need from the morning

Kendall looked at me waiting for my answer which too less than a second for me to decide.

"You want to get fucked like your sister?" My hands now tweaked the nipples

"Better" Kylie smiled

"I promise" I stated before kissing my way down her body stopping only to suck on both nipples.

Now longer resisting and even urging me Kylie pushed the top of my head to get me to hurry up and reach her pussy. I would of never thought that pink cotton panties could look attractive but when they are soaked in pussy juice and sticking to the young clam of a beautiful girl like Kylie, they were the sexiest things ever. My hands massaged the smooth inner thighs, my mouth drooled at the sight of the wet panties and my nose was filled with the smell of Kylie's arousal. With my tongue out I dipped my head between the open legs licking the stain on the fabric taking in the sample taste. I lovingly kissed the cunt over the piece of clothing, pushing a some of the fabric into the soaked slit.

"I want to feel your tongue inside" the impatient teen pushed me away so she could move her panties to the side, revealing her pretty pink pussy, then pulled my head back down.

My mouth made contact with her hairless opening, which I believed was not because she shaved, my tongue sliding between the folds and a stream of juices flowed down my throat. Kylie was so wet at this point that I considered covering the couch with plastic.

"Oooh, mmm" Kylie whimpered as she was getting her pussy eaten for the first time.

My head moved from from side to side then in a circular motion, running my tongue all over, tasting ever inch of the hot cunt. Biting down on thin vaginal lips I gave them a gentle pull before doing the same to her sensitive clit but with my lips.

"Oh god that feels good" The moaning continued

Grabbing the panties by the waistband I pulled at them, Kylie lifted her waist from the couch, bringing them down the long legs, pulling her right leg out of the underwear and letting them dangle form her left ankle. Giving the tight slot a few more licks I moved up once more taking Kylie's top with me and pulling it over her head and throwing it on the floor, her perfect tits on full display. Not missing a beat the youngest Jenner went to work on unbuttoning my pants and giving them a pull.

"I want to see that big cock Kendall is always bragging about" Kylie pulled my pants and boxers down together as I knelt up to let the clothing go lower.

The more she tugged at the clothing the more I became excited as it finally hit me that this was going to actually happen, I was going to have sex with Kendall's younger sister. The pants reached my knees allowing my cock to spring free and get a gasp of surprised from the teen.

"She wasn't joking, that is huge" her expression told me she was scared yet intrigued by the size of my member.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked already knowing the answer, Kylie nodded to confirm

Getting an idea I leaned and whispered in Kylie's ear, my request surprised her but she did as I asked.

"I want you to fuck my little pussy hard with that big cock that I love" Kylie pleaded

This was exactly what Kendall had said before our last fuck and now having Kylie repeat it, and sounding just like her sister, had the same effect as before. My hips moved forward until my mushroom tip touched the wet hole, Kylie's body responded by moving away but then settling back down. My hard flesh was throbbing in anticipation but I could tell the brunette was having second thought so using a kiss as a distraction I pushed forward. The tip pressed against the small hole trying to push its way in causing Kylie to moan from pain into my mouth. Not letting up continued, the head separating the nubile walls open for my cock to enter. Every second I could feel my member slowly penetrating the hurting teen until, with a wail from the teen, I knew the head was inside.

"That hurts, stop that hurts" she cried

"I thought you wanted this?" I sneered

"I do but it really hurts" she whimpered

Not wanting to become the bad guy I retreated and with a popping sound I exited the young teen. The girl sighed at the relief as I began top stand. Catching a glimpse of mushroom tip covered in her juices Kylie's mind, just like mine, was over taken by her sexual urges.

"Wait, I want it, I don't care if it hurts. I want it" Kylie pulled at my arms

"Are you sure?" I was praying to all the gods to make her say yes

"I'm positive" the teen was now determined

With that I positioned myself between the teen's legs and thrusted forward again, my slick helmet going in easier than before but the rest was still trying to get inside. Kylie's young pussy was considerably tighter than Kendall's which made it so much hotter. I pushed again adding force, Kylie's eyes shut together as if that would help relieve some of the pain while her hands pushed at my hips her manicured nails digging into my skin.

"FuAAAAHHHHK!" Kylie hollered

I grunted with ever thrust, but getting results as little by little I went deeper into the excruciatingly tight cunt. Reaching less then half of my length in I began to pull out then plowed back in.

"Faster, please" the brunette's pain was beginning to transform into pleasure

I suckled at the perky tits while my hips gained speed, stretching more and more the young inner walls making it accustomed to the size. The speed had increased, my cock only going halfway but still causing tremendous pleasure, my mouth still on the dark nipple while the other breast jiggle to the rhythm, my hand running up and down the pale thigh and giving her firm ass a squeeze. Kendall became more vocal, almost screaming what was going on to the entire building, as her body joined the movements of mine.

"I'm getting a weird feeling" Kylie moaned

By the way the brunette's body began to tremble I knew exactly what she was feeling. I stopped and pulled out making Kylie upset at the abrupt action. Then I moved back down her body and my mouth began working on the young pussy once more. This time I was finger banging the teen why my mouth nibbled at her love button making the previous sensation return to Kylie's body.

"Oh god, mmm,"

Just like that Kylie climaxed for the first time experiencing the most amazing feeling in her young life. Her juices began to flow faster leaving her body like rapids drowning my mouth. My fingers still moving in and out of the slit ferociously until the orgasm subsided.

"That was amazing" Kylie beamed

"We're still not done yet, I'm still not done" I grinned devilishly before kissing her and letting the teen have a taste of herself

Grabbing her waist I flipped her over and lifted her body so it rested on her knees. Standing behind her I charged forward this time making sure Kylie got my entire meat inside of her.

"No" Kylie screeched

My thrusts were slow but hard until I heard my phone beep. I picked it up and saw that I had a text from Kendall

"Be there in 10. Cant wait 2 fuck"

"Sorry about this your sister is almost here" I informed Kylie before revving up to full speed

Her as clapped against my body and her moaning was now being muffled by the seat cushion. In less than two minutes I felt Kylie's muscle began to contract around my invading member and her body trembled more out of control than before. Before I knew it the teen was hit with her second orgasm this one more powerful than the first which cause me to exploded deep into the young Kylie Jenner, filling her up with my sweet nectar.

"Now we're done" I panted

I collapsed on the couch and Kylie sat up, my cum dripping from her devirginized pussy. We were resting when I received another text.

"I'm so close I can feel your dick"

"Crap, Kendall's almost here" I pulled up my pants and stood to collect Kylie's things

"Hurry give me my underwear" Kylie pulled on her top and tried put on her panties but do to her nerves couldn't find the way they went on.

"Come on she's almost here" I urged

"I'm trying. There" Kylie pulled her underwear on and I couldn't help but notice how the stain grew thanks to my cum.

The teen fixed her skirt when we heard a knock at the door. Looking at each other nervously I walked to open the door.

"Hey babe" Kendall kissed me then freaked out at the sight of her younger sister.

"Why are you her?" she gave both of us a suspicious look

"I came to get you, mom wants you home" Kylie avoided eye contact

"But she said I could sleep over at Sara's" Kendall whined reminding me just how young they were

"Well she told me to bring you home and since you wouldn't answer your phone I had to come her" her voice faking disgust.

"That's so uncool" Kendall frowned and walked to me "I promise we will fuck" she whispered before kissing me again

"Let's go" Kendall left the bag of food on the counter and headed out the door, Kylie walked behind her

I was still at the doorway when I heard stomping on the stairs and saw Kylie running up the steps leaving her sister outside.

"Kendall was right, you're amazing. But if you ever cheat on my sister again you will pay" Kylie then gave me a passionate kiss.

The youngest Jenner walked out the building out of view. I went into my apartment and grabbed the bag of food Kendall had brought for our ruined night and then headed to the couch were I had just fucked Kylie Jenner. I turned on the TV and took a bite of the food. Well there was denying it now I was going to hell but at least it was for something I would never regret.