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Thread: "Doctor Internship" with Olivia Wilde Part 1

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    fanfiction "Doctor Internship" with Olivia Wilde Part 1

    "Doctor Internship"
    with Olivia Wilde
    Written by racquet

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    It had taken me a total of 6 years to finally be able to work as a doctor. Of course I wasn't a full time doctor yet, I still had to do my internship. As I exited my car and stepped in front of the hospital I was at, I had noticed just how big this hospital was. I had taken a big deep breath and stepped in, this was it for me. As we stepped into rounds, I felt lost, I felt as if I didn't know ANYTHING! I was hoping to not be called on, and luckily, I wasn't. As we all seperated from our single file line to check out patients out of no where, one girl comes up to me and puts her arm around my neck.

    "Kinda scary there wasn't it?" She says.

    "Ha yeah it was, my name's Michael, what's yours?" I respond then ask sticking out my hand.

    "Olivia." She says.

    "Well Ms. Olivia, I'll have you know I am top of the class at UCLA." I reply trying to impress her.

    "Really....cause I'm top of the class at USC." She replies back.

    This went on for a long time, teasing and flirting with each other. In my head I kept thinking to myself how beautiful she is, her beautiful green cat eyes, her perfect cheekbones, and her slender figure. This girl was perfect, and she seemed really into me. After our conversation we had to meet up once again for rounds, or as me and Olivia called it, hell. This time we stood by each other to try to help each other in case one of us didn't know the answer. We got lucky again, dodging another one of hell's fury. Finally our first day was over. Me and Olivia had agreed to go to dinner tonight to get to know each other better. Breaking out of our single file line once again I walked toward the dressing room to take off my scrubs when all of a sudden Olivia puts her arm around mine, then looks at me and smiles.

    "So where do you wanna go tonight?" She asks.

    "Somewhere fancy, the London sound good?" I reply.

    "Okay, I'm down! Hurry up and go get dressed!" She teases.

    "You too!" I tease back.

    If I didn't know any better, I would say that she was really into me, no girl does that after just meeting a guy, even if they were just friends. After I had finished getting dressed, I exited out the dressing room only to realize that Olivia had dressed faster than I did.

    "Come on slowpoke!" She walks toward me, taking my arm once again.

    As we exited the Hospital we had to find our cars and get to the restaurant. I was lucky, being able to find a parking spot close to the front.

    "There's mine." Pointing to the white chevy camaro.

    "Nice ride." She says playfully slapping my arm. "There's mine." She says pointing to the white lexus.

    At this point we seperated and decided to meet up at the restaurant. After a ten minute drive, I had gotten there first and waited for her outside only to see her trailing a few seconds behind me. As she parks her car, she gets out and quickly walks toward me, putting her arm around mine and we walk once again. We then get seated and start talking, getting to know each other, question by question. During our meals, we feed each other, looking into each others eyes as we do.

    "You have very very beautiful eyes Olivia." I say, wiping her face with my napkin.

    "Thanks, you do too." She replies smiling.

    After our dessert, we decide to head to my house to get some wine and hang out after a tough first day of work. This time, we get into my car and head off to my house. As we arrive, I go down into my basement to grab a bottle of port, a bottle of pinot noir, and two glasses. After dropping them off onto the table in my living room, I decide to get changed into something more comfortable.

    "Hey Olivia, put on some music. The record player is over there." I point toward the TV stand before heading upstairs. Taking off my shirt and tie and then my slacks and change into a t-shirt and sweats before coming back downstairs. As I'm heading downstairs, I hear very soft sexy r&b music and cork popping off the wine bottle.

    "Starting without me?" I ask playfully.

    "Yeah." She says smiling twirling the glass of wine and then fingering me to come here and sit.

    I quickly run down the stairs and toward the couch, right next to Olivia, turning on the TV and putting my arm around her as she rests her head onto my shoulder. I stroke my hand through her luscious thick brown hair before kissing her on the forehead. Two glasses of wine later, we began making out, passionately, running our hands through each others hair before Olivia decides to push me down and getting on top of me. At this moment I decide to reach my hands down her body, toward her nice round ass and feel that shes wearing a thong. Quickly I reach my hand up her dress and slap her ass before pulling her thong off. Both of us now starting to get into it, Olivia slowly moves her hands down my chest straight to my sweats, pulling off my boxers and sweats quickly exposing my huge cock, then taking off her dress and bra. I quickly take off my shirt and sit up as Olivia drops down to her knees, takes my huge cock in her hand and starts stroking up and down slowly, while licking the head with her tongue. I couldn't help but reach my hands down through her thick brown mane and pulling gently, causing her to moan softly and picking up the pace. The sound of her sucking my cock was all I could hear in the house, and her head bobbing up and down was all that I could keep my eyes on.

    "Wow....that just oh my god...." I moan.

    After a few minutes, I tell her to get on the couch and spread her legs so I could eat her nice pink pussy. Quickly, she gets onto the couch and lies down, spreading her legs and pussy with her two fingers. I stick my mouth on her pussy, then slowly I use my tongue to lick her clit, causing her to moan softly. Olivia reaches her hands down and puts them on top of my head, running her hands through my hair.

    "Unngghhhhh....ohhhhh...." She moans louder. "I want you inside me....I want you inside me so bad." Olivia then gets down onto all fours and crawls toward me and stands up. "I'm your to me as you like." She says running her finger through my mouth in a circular motion. Quickly, I bend her down onto the table and stick my cock into her warm pussy lubed by my spit. At first I start off slow, thrusting less than half of my cock into her pussy, teasing her.

    "Why you teasing me." She giggles. "Stick it in!" reaching her hands around to my the back of my thighs and pushing me forcing me to stick more of my huge cock into her and causing her to moan. Following her directions after that push, I decide to thrust faster and harder, causing her to moan loud. As I'm thrusting my cock into her pussy, I reach my hands up to her perky brown tits, pinching the nipples and caressing the breast. After a few minutes of fucking doggy style, I flip her around and put her on the table completely, than me getting on top of her. Now that we are both on the table and I am able to get my feet under me, I start thrusting again, as hard and as fast as I possibly could, causing her to moan as loud as she could.

    "Fuck me....oh my god....oh my god your fucking me so good." She moans loudly grabbing my head and pulling it down towards hers as she then sticks her tongue deep into my throat.

    At this point, her moaning was loud, and I could tell she was really into it, grinding along as I thrust my cock into her tight warm pussy. Unable to hold it back anymore, Olivia finally comes, all her warm wet nectar onto my cock, squirting as I thrust in hard. Her cum turned me on more, causing me to gain a new sense of stamina, allowing me to continue fucking her at breakneck speed and causing her to moan so loud the neighbors could hear.

    "Ungggghhh...oh...ohhhhhh." She moans.

    "You like that." I whisper into her ear before slapping her on the ass again.

    After the slap on the ass, I pull out my cock, and tell her to get up, allowing me to lie down on the table as she rode me. Quickly, she hops onto my cock, moves her hair to one side, puts both her arms onto my pecs and starts riding me at a steady pace.

    Moving her hands from my pecs down to my abs she whispers into my ear, "I like your abs." She says rubbing her hands up and down my eight pack.

    Without warning, she slowly picks up the pace from a medium to a fast, this causing me to moan softly. Quickly I reach my hands up to her breasts, grabbing them and massaging them as she went up and down on my cock. Both of us out of breath now and tired, Olivia decides to finish me off by sucking my cock.

    "Stay on the table." She says before plopping down onto her knees and opening her mouth. After a few minutes of her sucking, I decide that I want to take over, reaching my hands down to her head and pushing her down to take more of my cock in her mouth causing her to gag. She slowly moves her mouth down to my cock again, looking at me with her beautiful green cat eyes as she tries once again to take all of my cock into her mouth. Again she gagged, and stopped before trying again. After the third time, she had finally been able to take all of my cock into her mouth allowing me to feel the back of her throat, pulling out after.

    "You have a huge cock." She said, wiping the spit from her lips. "I love it." She says as she starts bobbing her head up and down once again trying to get me to come.

    After a few minutes of sucking, she then decides to switch from her normal sucking motion to a licking. She moves her mouth up to the cock, and starts swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, causing me to moan.

    "Unngghhhhh." I moan softly.

    Then from her swirling motion, she switches to a licking motion, licking the hole of my cock in a fast circular motion. From there she takes the shaft of my cock with her hand, and starts moving it up and down, tethering it on her tongue. Finally she returns to a sucking motion, using the side of her mouth to get me to come.

    "I'm coming AHHHH!" I moan out loud.

    Olivia quickly uses her both her hands and strokes my cock trying to get as much cum as possible as she puts her mouth onto my cock, allowing me to shoot my load into her mouth and swallowing all of it then lying on top of me as my cock goes limp.

    "That was fun." She says breathlessly than kissing me on the pecs. "Are we gonna do it again sometime?"

    "Of course." I respond.

    "I'm tired, do you mind if I crash here tonight?" She asks.

    "Of course, do you wanna stay in the guest room or with me?" I respond

    "With you duh!" She says slapping me on the pecs. "Come on, let's go to bed."

    As we finish our nightly routine, we quickly jump into the bed and into the covers, giving each other a kiss on the cheek and then turning out the lights.

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    @hearsz thanks! I was planning on doing one about zooey deschanel after this series is over, but I thought I was the only fan here, glad to know there's someone else that would enjoy it (at least I'd assume you would)

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    @hearsz Definately, I'm gonna do one on Zooey after I finish this series. I'll figure out an idea on what to do with her, thanks for the input, and I just may take your advice and work with it if you don't mind hahaha! Oh and number 2 and 3 are up of this series, if you wanted to read it.

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