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Thread: "Doctor Internship" with Olivia Wilde Part 2

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    fanfiction "Doctor Internship" with Olivia Wilde Part 2

    "Doctor Internship 2"
    with Olivia Wilde
    Written by racquet

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    Waking up this morning, I felt energized, my first day as an intern and I had already gotten lucky with one of the hottest interns there. As I got out of bed, I tried hard not to awake Olivia as she was still asleep this morning. Swiftly, I do my regular morning routine and head downstairs to prepare breakfast for the both of us. At around nine forty-eight, Olivia had finally woken up, as I heard the sound of the bathroom sink turn on than off, before coming downstairs with a toothbrush in her mouth.

    "Hey you, I'm preparing breakfast, how do you like your eggs?" I ask.

    "Sdrambled." She mumbles with the toothbrush in her mouth, barely making out what shes saying.

    "Mrahmbled?" I tease.

    As breakfast is finishing up, Olivia quickly runs up stairs to rinse out her mouth and comb her hair before meeting me in the dining room. Quickly she sits down and starts eating as we have to get to work right after.

    "Do you wanna take my car today?" I ask.

    "Yeah, it's faster, and a lot sexier." She says winking.

    As soon as we finish our breakfast, we get into my car and head off to the hospital. After a short drive, we arrive, giving each other a kiss on the cheek, we walk into our hell. Today was not like any other day at the hospital, this was one of the busiest. A patient here, a patient there, everything was going wrong today; it was so wrong that me and Olivia barely had any time to see each other. Finally, after a long, grueling, three hours, we had time to get lunch and meet up.

    "Hey beautiful, what time's your break?" I ask.

    "Three, what about you?" She replies than asks back.

    "Three also."

    At this moment I knew Olivia had something planned, all we needed was the same break time, and we both did, this made her plan work. As we sit down to have lunch and talk more, learning new things with each other, and making new friends along the way. After forty-five minutes, we were back to work, patiently waiting for the clock to hit three. Again we check up on a patient here, and a patient there, even as interns we were busy as hell. At long last, it was three, and as quickly as I can, I headed to the break room, seeing Olivia sitting on the bed waiting for me.

    "Finally." She says than smiling, than patting the bed signaling to me where I should sit.

    Obeying her directions I quickly sit next to her, and before I knew it, Olivia was on top of me, making out with me. First her tongue on top of mine and in the back of my throat, then my tongue on top of hers and in the back of her throat. Quickly she takes off the top of my scrubs, gripping my shoulder blades as soon as the top was off. Seconds later, her top and bra were off, then she pushed me onto my back and quickly pulled the bottom part of my scrubs off before smirking.

    "I've wanted this all morning today." She says, making her hand into a fist around my cock, and gripping it tightly she starts stroking it up and down than up and down in a twisting motion. Now hard, Olivia moves her hand onto the bottom, first using one hand and stroking it to the top, than using her second hand, starting on the bottom and going to the top, than switching hands once again like she was milking a cow, causing me to moan softly. This went on for a few minutes before Olivia decided to start sucking my cock. Slowly she opened her mouth and dropped her head onto the head of my cock, using her mouth she twisted the head of my cock inside slowly as she stroked my cock in a circular motion as if she was using a swizzle stick at a faster pace than she was sucking.

    "Unnghhhh...." I moan as she continues giving me head.

    Minutes later, she was still going at a slow pace with her mouth, slowly using her tongue to lick the head in a circular motion and cover it with spit, than using her lips to give the head a quick kiss before shoving only the head back into her mouth.

    "Faster, come on." I whisper to Olivia. First I didn't know if she had heard me, as she was still going at the same pace, slowly using a twisting motion with her mouth while using a faster motion with her hand. Minutes later, I had found out she had been listening, picking up the pace to a nice fast motion, licking the head of my cock in a circular motion, then taking it deeper into her mouth. Than she started using the side of her mouth, popping my cock out of her mouth than quickly putting it back in with the side once again.

    "That's better." I moan softly.

    After sucking on my cock for seven minutes, Olivia then takes off her scrubs bottom revealing her white thong before taking it off also. Olivia then gets up and walks to the door, locking it then coming back to the bed, getting onto my abs, bending down to make out with me as she reaches back to grab my rod with her hand, rubbing the head. Seconds later, Olivia grabs our scrubs tops and ties my arm onto the bed stand, making sure I can't get out.

    "Now we can have fun." She exclaims, before getting onto my cock and grinding.

    At this moment, Olivia was going at a medium pace, taking my cock into her pussy as I'm tied to the bed. I could tell that me being tied to the bed was really turning her on, as her moans were loud and her fucking was simply put exquisite. Quickly, she gets off my cock and turns around, this time showing me her nice firm ass instead of her erect tits. As she was riding my cock, she was slapping her own ass and moaning softly, you like, just loud enough for us to hear. A few minutes into this, Olivia picks up the pace, now taking all of my cock into her wet pussy, watching her body bob up and down was fantastic, never before had I seen such a wonderful sight. Olivia was getting more and more into it, rubbing her clit as she rides my cock up and down and all around, causing her to moan a little louder, as we didn't want anyone to know what we were doing in here. As we're fucking, Olivia then decides to turn around once again, catching a quick glimpse of her tits before she bends down to start nibbling my nipples lightly, turning me on more. After, Olivia quickly moves her head up, kissing my neck passionately before moving up to my mouth. As we were making out, Olivia comes onto my cock, moaning as she does, letting her warm nectar slowly seep down onto my cock and down onto my balls as she still moved up and down on my huge rod.

    "Fuck...fuck yes...." She moans softly into my ears.

    After coming, Olivia turns her head and moves it towards my ear, nibbling it as she rides me breathlessly. After a few minutes of trying to get out of the scrub ties, Olivia finally reaches up and let's me out, and as soon as she does, I quickly flip her over, taking control of the pace, ramming my enormous cock in to her wet pussy. A few minutes later, I lift Olivia up, and quickly go under her, lifting her up with my arms and aiming my cock into her pussy, our backwards missionary style turned her on. Two minutes later, Olivia comes, once again onto the head of my cock as we continue our backwards missionary style, thrusting my cock into her hard.

    "Unnghhh....mmmm....ohhhh." She moans trying to keep as quiet as she possibly can.

    Knowing that in a few minutes I was gonna cum, I decide to flip her onto all fours, aim my cock and thrust it hard into her clean shaved pussy, pulling her hair as I thrust back and forth, causing her to moan softly. Finally after a few minutes, I felt a familiar feeling in my cock, I was about to come.

    "Olivia....I'm coming..." I moan breathlessly.

    Olivia flips over and watches with her beautiful blue-green cat eyes as I come onto her body, shot after shot hitting her body, giving her a nice thick milk bath.

    "Finally you came." Olivia exclaims, smiling as she wipes the cum off her body with the blankets.

    Quickly, we get dressed as we had rounds in a few minutes. As we unlock and open the door, we are shocked, as we see the one intern no one talked to and liked standing by the door, smiling slyly.

    "Oh hey Bryan, how long have you been standing there." Olivia asks.

    "Long enough." He answers then smirks slyly.

    At this moment, we knew we were done, all our hard work, all the school, it was all for nothing, he was gonna ruin us in a matter of seconds.

    "How can we keep you quiet?!?" I ask angrily.

    "You know what I want." He replies still smirking slyly.

    "You're fucking crazy!" Olivia yells.

    "And so are you." Still smiling slyly. "If you value you all the work you put into getting to this point, you'll give me what I want, and what I want is you." He says, putting his hand on Olivia's hip before Olivia sweeps it off.

    ".....Fuck...." I hear Olivia mumble quietly before looking at me.

    "So you'll give me what I want?" Bryan asks.

    "When....and....where...." Olivia mumbles, tearing up.

    "Give me your number, we'll work out the details." He says, "The only thing I know for sure is I want both of you guys there."

    "Wait what???!?? Both?" I reply shocked.

    "Yes, I'll give Olivia a call, giving her the details." He says before walking away.

    At this moment, we were both stunned, our whole dream could be ruined, all this hard work gone down the drain.

    "We're gonna have to do it Olivia." I say putting my arms around her.

    "I know...but.....but I don't want too." Olivia replies crying.

    All I could think about in my head was Olivia, how devastated she must feel and how bad we had messed up. Our one shot at redemption laid in the hands of Bryan, the one intern no one talked too or liked. What was gonna happen....what does he want us to do?

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    Another great series racquet. I'm interested to see where this goes, but I'm really liking it so far.

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    Thanks, I'm kinda basing this off a scrubs/house (tv shows) type thing but with a dirty, porn type twist. And I'm glad you like it :)

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