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Thread: "Doctor Internship" with Olivia Wilde Part 3

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    fanfiction "Doctor Internship" with Olivia Wilde Part 3

    "Doctor Internship part 3"
    with Olivia Wilde
    Written by racquet

    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!

    After a restless night and an early morning shift, I head downstairs only to see Olivia sitting on my couch drinking out of my scotch collection. I could tell she was nervous and scared, and deep down, I was too. I didn't know what Bryan wanted Olivia and I to do. However, I knew I had to say something, if only to get Olivia calm and brave.

    "Starting this early huh?" I said, pacing myself down the stairs, buttoning my shirt as I go.

    Olivia lets out a short quiet laugh, "Yeah, hope you don't mind, I grabbed the best bottle from your collection."

    "Of course I don't." I responded, before sitting next to her and pouring myself a cup. "You're not alone, I'm scared too."

    After saying that, I could see tears start welling up in Olivia's eyes, she wasn't just scared, she was petrified, what if she did fuck him and he still tells on us? Olivia puts her head on my shoulder before letting out tears. Slowly, I could see her mascara washing down her cheeks with the tears, however I didn't know how to comfort her, I couldn't say anything or do anything because I was being involved too and I knew one of us had to stay strong. After 2 glasses of scotch and washing up, we headed off to work, neither of us knew what to expect. As we walked in, we ran into Bryan, who was walking in at the same time we were. Quickly we give him a nod before he comes and walks with us. Bryan was a short, chubby, loud, obnoxious, cocky, curly haired, hispanic young man. He always thought he knew better than everyone, yelling at the senior doctors after he'd do something wrong and got called out on it, slamming things when he'd get mad then running off crying. He would always think he was a boss, even when he wasn't. There were more reasons that everyone hated him, sometimes you'd hear the nurses call him the most incompetent young doctor they'd ever have to work with along with many other things. Finally, Bryan had broken the ice.

    "Check your phone tonight at around 7, you'll have a text from me with all the details." He said before walking away.

    Olivia hadn't said anything afterwards, quickly giving me a hug before heading off in a different direction. Today was supposed to be a good day, today us interns were supposed to be promoted to actual doctors, however, neither me nor Olivia were truly excited. After a few hours, we headed to our last set of rounds ever, I met up with Olivia and the rest of the gang as we were handed our jackets and met with the chief of medicine. Minutes later, me and Olivia headed to lunch, sitting at our regular table we started chatting, talking about anything but tonight, trying to stay away from the topic. As we were talking I had noticed, Olivia had been calm, she still went back to her regular habits of eating lunch with her ipod on and only one of her ear buds in, listening to her music as we talked. Without notice, Bryan had quickly sit down next to me, and suddenly, we shut up due to the tension that you could cut with a knife. Once again, Bryan had decided to break the ice.

    "Soooo, who's got two thumbs and is excited for tonight....THIS GUY!!!" Bryan says with a mouth full of food, taking his two thumbs and pointing at himself smiling. "Awww come on Olivia baby, you'll be okay, I'll treat you right, and Michael will be there too."

    Without finishing our lunch, we quickly got up and threw it away, heading back to work. Today was one of those days that just went by really fast, before we knew it, me and Olivia were both off work, Bryan getting off an hour after we usually do. Quickly we headed back to my place, waiting for the text. Just waiting to see what could he possibly want from us? Finally, Olivia had gotten the text; at first she was too scared to check it, picking up her phone than putting it back down before picking it back up and reading what the text said.

    "Meet me in castle park, by the basketball court." It read. As soon as we read the text, we jumped into my car, heading to the basketball court in Castle Park. When we arrived, we noticed there was no one around, so we decided to just sit on the bleachers and wait for a few minutes, texting Bryan and asking him where he was. After five minutes, we saw finally saw Bryan coming out from the darkness to our left.

    "Get in your cars and follow me." He says.

    As soon as we get the orders, we get into my car and followed Bryan to an abandoned warehouse. Quickly we noticed that Bryan had the keys to unlock the big door, opening it and allowing us inside before closing it and locking it once again.

    "First things first, look around, get comfortable with your surroundings." Bryan says, throwing his coat at me, then grabbing Olivia's ass before Olivia slaps him in the face. "'re gonna regret that baby." He said.

    Olivia and I decide to look around, and the first thing we notice are six bed mattresses lined up two by three and cameras all around them. The next thing we notice are a bunch of lights, pointed around the mattress line up.

    "What are you doing with this Bryan?" I ask pointing at the mattresses.

    "I wanna see just how many dicks Olivia can fuck at one time." He says, snapping his fingers. Soon after, we see two more guys not including me and Bryan appear from the sides of this big abandoned warehouse.

    "You're fucking crazy!" Olivia yells. "I'm not gonna do that!"

    "Yes you are." Bryan says slyly. "Or else I'm gonna show them this." Pulling out the blanket that Olivia had wiped my cum on. "Do you recognize that? I'm pretty sure it'll show matches of cum on it. So....are you in....or are you out?"

    Olivia was hesitant to answer at first, not knowing whether she wanted to do this or not before asking, "What are the cameras for?"

    "There for a memory that this night actually existed, what else?" He replies, shrugging his shoulders.

    "No, no filming!" She exclaims.

    "I believe the ball is on my court, and either you play, or you lose." He says before unbuckling his belt.

    At this point I could tell Olivia had to do this or else she'd lose this job and all the hard work and money that went into it. Slowly, Olivia walked over to the mattresses, taking off her top and dark green laced bra, then her shorts and her dark green laced thong before reaching her hands to my belt, unbuckling it, and pulling down my pants to my ankles, then pulling down my boxers down, letting my cock out before taking it into her mouth, bobbing her head forward and backward. Soon after, Bryan turned on the cameras and joined in, unbuckling his belt than removing his pants and boxers revealing his small four inch erect cock.

    "That's it Bryan?" Olivia laughs before gripping it tightly and stroking it and continuing to suck mine.

    As soon as Bryan joined in, the other two guys quickly took off their pants revealing their small cocks, waiting for Olivia to do something. When she was surrounded, Olivia stood up, turned around and pointed her pussy and ass towards me before dropping down to all fours, allowing me to fuck her in her pussy. I happily aim my cock and put it into her pussy, thrusting slowly back and forth, back and forth, as Olivia started sucking one guys cock and stroking Bryan's and the other guys. I could tell Olivia wasn't enjoying this, knowing that I could last, Olivia was trying her hardest to get the other three guys to bust a nut so her and I could fuck, and I knew what she was planning, seeing as how she was sucking their cock, causing them to moan loudly. This was of course their first time.

    "Oh my gosh, you really know how to suck a dick Liv." One guy says.

    "It's Olivia to you, and what the fuck do you think, shut up and enjoy it." Olivia says feistily before moaning from my thrusting. "Unnghhhh fuck me like that Michael." She moans.

    I tried hard not to pick up the pace, as I didn't want to come before they did. As soon as I thought that thought, one guy came. Olivia not allowing him to shoot on her face or mouth, quickly stopped stroking and let his cum fall onto the floor.

    "I want her pussy now." He says, facing me before walking over and pushing me aside.

    "NO! You can't!" Olivia yells.

    Not listening, he quickly aims his small cock into Olivia's pussy, thrusting hard and fast causing her to moan softly. Olivia quickly points at me, and tells me to come here, before quickly turning her head to suck my huge cock and stroke the other two. Now I had noticed Olivia had been getting a little more into it, switching cocks from mine to Bryan's to the other guys, while moaning as the other guy was fucking her from behind.

    "Unnghhhh fuck me you guys." Olivia mumbles with a cock in her mouth before switching to my cock.

    "Fuck you're a hot dirty whore." Bryan says to Olivia.

    This pissed Olivia off, as she slapped Bryan in his stomach hard, leaving her hand print on there, before continuing to stroke his cock. A few minutes later, Olivia picked up the pace, sucking harder and faster, and stroking hard and fast, causing everyone to fuck harder and faster. Now she was truly into it, first trying to shove all three cocks in her mouth, then deep throating the smaller ones before deep throating and gagging mine.

    "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..." She moans breathlessly.

    Next, the other guy getting his cock stroked cums, and Olivia, still not wanting their cum, quickly points his cock toward the ground, letting his cum hit the ground and then he left the mattresses. After he came, Olivia wanted me to go back to fucking her pussy, obeying orders, I quickly switch with the guy fucking Olivia and start thrusting my huge cock into her warm pink pussy, causing her to moan louder and open her beautiful blue-green cat eyes. Now it was down to me and Bryan; Bryan kept trying to taking control of Olivia's blowjob pace, trying to put his hands on her head, however, Olivia, would not let him even though she was really into this, continuing to slap his hands away every time he tried. Now pissed, Bryan quickly grabs a huge chunk of Olivia's long brown hair with one hand, and starts bobbing her head and an extremely fast and powerful pace, causing her to gag on his small four inch cock. Olivia enjoyed this, as I can now feel her pussy moist with her own cum and her beautiful tits now fully erect. Olivia then winces because of how hard Bryan is now pulling her hair, however, she didn't try to stop him. She allowed him to grab more of her brown mane, with both hands, making it into a ponytail, and force her to bob her head hard and deep as he thrusted his cock forward, feeling the back of her throat. Trying my hardest not to come, I continued to thrust hard and fast, causing Olivia moan hard and loud as she was being fucked in both her damp warm mouth and her nice, wet, pink pussy. Then me and Bryan decide to switch Olivia's position, going from doggie to her being on top of me, while still sucking his cock. Now Olivia was in control, riding my cock at a fast hard pace, continuing from where I left off, while sucking Bryan's cock at a fast pace, moaning as she does.

    "Unngngghhhh. Fuck me....Fuck me...Fuck meee..." She moans.

    Still continuing at her fast pace for both of us, Bryan couldn't hang anymore, she had finally made him cum; instead of letting his cum go onto the ground, she had let him cum into her mouth, spitting it out after he was finished. As soon as Bryan moved off the mattresses and went to where the other guys were, Olivia turned around and looked at me with her beautiful blue-green eyes and continued riding me.

    " I have to make you cum." She says, as she licks her lips, then runs her fingers around her mouth.

    Olivia had slowed down the pace, going from a fast hard one to a slow one. I could tell she really wanted me to enjoy this. She was smiling, as she went up my huge cock, then down my cock swiveling her hips as she did so.

    "Ohhhhh......." I moan. "That feels so good." Hearing me, Olivia then did it again, causing me to moan once again. As she was doing this, she grabbed both my hands and put them on her tits, allowing me to pinch and caress them as she went up and down, this causing her and me to moan. As this was going on, we could slowly see Bryan and his friends, watching from the side, enjoying what was going on. Olivia, wanting to show them what they didn't get, picked up the pace, going to a hard and fast one once again causing her to moan louder and louder. Minutes later, Olivia had come a third time, this time squirting her sweet nectar everywhere as she continued to go up and down my huge cock; however, as she was coming, I had finally hit my limit, I was about to come.

    "Olivia...I'm coming...." I moan.

    Olivia gets off my cock and onto her knees than puts her mouth onto my cock and stroking it, trying to get as much cum as she possibly could out of my cock. After I had finished coming, Olivia swallowed, then turned around and laid on the mattresses for a few minutes. We had fucked her tills he was weak in the knees, she couldn't even get up anymore. Finally, Bryan came over and stopped the cameras, this causing both of us to turn around and look at what he was doing. Before you know it, he had erased all the footage of what had just happened.

    "Wow....why did you just do that?" I asked

    "This was more than enough." He said.

    Finally we had gotten up and dressed, Olivia, jumped onto my back and held on, as she was so tired she couldn't walk. Bryan then came up to me and reached out his hand.

    "Don't worry, your guys' secret is safe with us." He says shaking my hand.

    " know, you're not such a bad guy after all." I reply before letting go and taking Olivia to the car and back to my house.

    A few minutes into our drive, I had turned and looked to see that Olivia was asleep, leaning her head on the window. I couldn't help but feel that maybe we had misjudged Bryan, maybe he was just looking for a friend and a good lay. As soon as I got out of the car, I quickly put Olivia on my back, and took her into my house and laid her on the bed and then I hopped into the shower and followed right after. The next morning, we both had woken up at the same time, with smiles on our faces, knowing that our secret was safe. We showered, brushed our teeth, and zoomed straight down the stairs for coffee before heading off to work. As we had arrived at work, I had noticed that people were giving us the stink eye, eyeing us like we were aliens. All of a sudden I heard a whisper.

    "Look...there she is...that big slut. How can such a pretty girl be such a slut." I heard someone whisper.

    "I wonder how many stds she has?" I heard another whisper.

    Than finally one intern had approached Olivia and asked, "Hey, how do I get under all this?" Running his hand up and down through the air around Olivia's body. Finally, to top it all off, our pagers had buzzed, the chief of medicine had wanted to see! I had finally realized we had just been lied too. Bryan had told everyone in the office, he had hidden a camera on the balcony in the warehouse, and to make things worse, he had edited himself out of the video before giving it to the chief of medicine. Now we were scared...a good morning gone bad. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, we had finally arrived in front of the chief of medicine's office. We both took a big breath, and opened the door...wonder what would happen next....

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    Another great chapter. Quite a turn in the story there, both of them. Looking forward to what happens next.

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