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Thread: "Slumber Party: Bedroom Fun" with Debby Ryan and Taylor Momsen

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    fanfiction "Slumber Party: Bedroom Fun" with Debby Ryan and Taylor Momsen

    Slumber Party: Bedroom Fun
    With Debby Ryan and Taylor Momsen
    Written by GIGGIDYGOO

    This fictional story contains material not suitable for everyone. It is solely for entertainment purposes. If you are under age or easily offended stop reading now.

    I carried a gym bag, which I never actually used, full of clothes and bathroom necessities and put it in the trunk of my car. I had been informed a few days before by my landlord that there was a pest problem and the entire building had to be fumigated leaving me on the street for a few days. Fortunately my sister had insisted that I stay at her house for as long as I needed. My relationship with my sister had never been good but ever since her daughter, Debby Ryan, and I had gotten very close everything had changed. I was now invited to all family gatherings, but if my sister knew the actual type of relationship I had with Debby things would be completely different.

    Having a sexual relationship with my niece had great risks but ever since the first time we had sex I knew it would be worth it. Now I was heading to my sisters house in hopes of spending the next days fucking Debby in every room of the house. I parked my car, got my stuff from the trunk and headed towards the door. There I was greeted by my sister and her husband who didn't seemed too happy with my temporary stay but allowed me inside anyway.

    Being from the Army, Debby's dad was a very serious man which made me fear what he would do if her ever found out of my relationship with his daughter. Once inside my sister led me upstairs to show me the room where I would be staying. The guest bedroom seemed almost as big as my own apartment as it had its own bathroom, a large bed by the wall and a small balcony which had a view of the pool.

    "I want to thank you again for letting me stay here" I said sincerely

    "It's no problem. I mean, I always thought you would always be and irresponsible good for nothing bum but now I know I was wrong." she sat on the bed before she continued "You're always there for Debby and that really means a lot, and she really loves you"

    "I love her too" I chuckled in my mind "she's a great girl and you count of me for anything. By the way were is my niece?"

    "Working. She's been very busy on her new show so she is staying with a friend. I think she gets a break soon but I'm not sure when. Well, I'll leave you so you can unpack" giving me a hug my sister left the room

    Crap, I thought. This whole time I was waiting to see Debby and now I find out that there was a chance that I wouldn't even get a glimpse of the beautiful teen. Feeling down I put my clothes in the closet before heading downstairs.

    Two days had passed and still no sign of Debby. I spent most of the third with Debby's dad running errands when I received a text from my landlord telling me that it was OK for me to return to my apartment. Not wanting to leave yet I informed my brother in law that it would just be another couple of days and then I would be out of their hair. Feeling frustrated he then confessed that he and my sister had intended on having a special night while Debby was away but then I came along and ruined the entire thing.

    Feeling awkward by the thought of him banging my sister, I suggested that if they wanted a night for themselves they should hit the town really make it special. I gave him a few ideas like going out and pretending they were strangers and then going to a hotel and having wild sex the entire night, I felt like throwing up as I said this.

    In the evening I was watching TV when my sister descended the stairs all dressed up and with a big smile on her face.

    "Wow, were are you going all fancy?" I jested

    "Don't play dumb, I know it was your idea for us to go out and role play" she poked my chest "and I'm excited"

    "I can see. Hope you have fun" I said before returning my attention to the TV

    "I left the number of the hotel b..."

    "Just go" I cut her off

    Giving a shriek of excitement she turned and walked out the door followed by her husband a few minutes later, in order to make the entire experience more real they had decided to leave separately. Now alone in the house I decided to watch a movie on the the large TV with a spectacular home theater system. I made some popcorn, put in the DVD and clicked play. Just as the opening credits began I heard the door open, thinking it was my sister I turned.

    "Back already? It hasn't been 20 minutes" I laughed

    "It's been more like a week" the voice answered

    Recognizing the voice I turned with excitement as Debby now stood at the door, looking spectacular as ever in a pair of shorts and a tank top.

    "Uncle Joe what are you doing here" Debby ran to me and gave me a hug.

    I leaned in to kiss her lips when she turned away making the kiss land on her cheek. I gave her a look of disbelief at her rejection.

    "Why did you..." as I said this Debby gestured to the door.

    Just then I heard loud talking when five girls walked in the door. At first I was mad but as soon as I saw the amazing beauty my feelings changed and my cock began to wake. The feelings of the group of teens changed as well from happiness to annoyance due to my presence.

    "Girls" Debby waved her friends over "I want to you to meet my Uncle Joe"

    "Hey," I gave a small wave as they all introduced themselves.

    First there was Emily Osment, then a Sasha Grey look-a-like by the name of Zoey Deutch, who was accompanied by a pretty brunette named Ariel Winter. The ladies were followed by two other gorgeous young friends who went by the names of Nathalia Ramos and Bridgit Mendler.

    It was almost like a buffet of babes.

    "Yeah...I though we were going to be alone" Zoey exclaimed

    The rest of the girls nodded.

    "Me too. Did my parents convince you to stay here so you could look after me like before" Debby's eyes giving me a naughty stare as she said this "because they said it was OK for me to have a slumber party"

    "Don't call it that" this time it was Emily who spoke "It makes us seem like little girls and we're not"

    It was true they were no longer little girls but rather very attractive young women, except for the brunette which seemed to be the youngest of the bunch, attractive nonetheless.

    "Don't worry, I'll just finish watching the movie in my room. It'll be like I'm not here" I said taking my DVD from the player.

    I was on my way up the stairs when another one of the teens made a comment but this time it was made by a girl who was just arriving.

    "I'm here bitches" the scantly dressed blondes hollered

    As the teen walked in I couldn't help but notice the provocative way the slim young blonde was dressed. She was wearing a large shirt as a dress that ended just at the beginning of her thighs showing of her long slender legs, a ratty leather jacket, what seemed to be stripper heels and a mask of makeup. I was dumbfounded at the new guest as she was someone I would never imagine talking to Debby much less being her friend. The group of young girls screamed as they greeted the new arrival, hugging, and commenting of the amazing time they were going to have. Still standing on the stairs the slutty dressed blonde caught a glimpse of me and headed in my direction.

    "Who is he?" she said as she stood at the bottom of the stairs "Is it the entertainment?" she now climbed a few more steps

    "A bit old but still very hot" she reached for my pants

    "No. he's my uncle" Debby exclaimed as she grabbed her friend's wrist.

    "Oh, well nice to meet you sir" her tone changing to sound sexy "I'm Taylor Momsen" she gave me a naughty look.

    "Hi. Um. If you need anything I'll be upstairs" I gave a nervous smile and hurried up the stairs making the teen laugh at the state she put me in.

    "I'll keep that in mind" Taylor remarked as I reached the top of the stairs

    I entered the room and turned on the TV fighting my urges to masturbate while thinking of the girls downstairs. It was no use as my mind wondered what the teens were up to, hot scenes of the girls in various stages of undress making out with each other. Instinctively my hand went to my pants and pulled them down freeing my erection and stoking it. I was getting a good pace going when I heard the splash of water coming from the backyard. Without pulling up my pants I walked over to the balcony, from there I saw as Bridgit and Nathalia splashed around in the pool while the others watched.

    After a couple of minutes I realized that Debby was not among the group, thinking that she might just be getting some snacks and drinks I grabbed a seat so I could see but not be seen. I watched as the pair of bikini clad teens swam while I kept playing with myself. I was really getting into my alone time when I felt a pair of hands massage my shoulders slowly moving down my chest, a pair of lips kissing my neck while the hands now pushed my own away and took control of the stroking. I looked up and saw Debby biting her lip as her hand moved up and down my manhood.

    "I missed you so much honey" I moaned before Debby planted a kiss on my lips.

    The starlet's tongue dancing into my mouth her hand moving faster while I reached back and grabbed her ass giving it a tight squeeze. Separating from Debby I stood from the chair and took off my clothes in single move, the blonde starlet doing the same but more sexily. She giggled out of her tight pair of shorts and pulled her shirt off, then unhooked her bra to let it drop. She stood in a tiny red lace thong, her chest moving to her heavy breathing and her nipples as stiff as my cock.

    "So you like to jack off to my friends." she grinned "wouldn't you rather fuck my little pussy" Debby teased as she pulled her underwear a bit down showing me her shaved pubic mound.

    "Just how you like it" she added

    With hunger in my eyes I walked to her throwing Debby onto the bed pulling her thong from in between her thick round ass and down her smooth legs. Her young wet womanhood on full display for me to ogle before getting a taste. I dove my head between the spread legs, wasting no time in sticking my tongue inside the needy cunt.

    "I missed you too Uncle Joe" Debby cooed at the contact.

    Holding my lover by the hips I pushed my tongue in further. How I had missed the sweet taste of my niece's teen pussy. Debby held my head tightly in its place to stop it from leaving her hot sex while her legs wrapped around my neck pushing me deep inside her.

    "I love how you eat my pussy" Debby moaned.

    I responded by shaking my head, my nose rubbing the starlet's clit making her body jump from the bed. The teen hovered over the bed, her back arched while I softly chewed her clit and my fingers probed her tight cunt. I stood up placing the starlet's entire body weight on Debby's shoulders as her body was now high above the bed, my mouth clasping her clit and two fingers spearing between the wet folds. My free hand caressed the teen's skin as it slid up her body to the two firm chest mounds, pulling at the puffy nipples. My fingers retreated from the wet hole and were replaced by my tongue for a second before sneaking to caress the actress's backdoor.

    "Fuck me now Uncle Joe" Debby said through gritted teeth "I want your cock"

    Hearing my horny niece beg for my dick to penetrate her wanting pussy made my manhood grow to its full extent. I slipped my tongue in and out of her ass rapidly for a few more moments until my desire to eat her rear was fulfilled. One last taste of her bum and I finished with the teen's ass before I removed her legs from my shoulders and let Debby drop back onto the bed, her voluptuous chest jiggling as the teen bounced on the mattress. With her legs spread open Debby played with her engorged clit, teasing me, urging me to fuck her tight pussy.

    "Its been too long, I missed that big dick of yours Uncle Joe" Debby moaned as two of her fingers entered her

    "I thought I was going to die without you Debby" I confessed

    "Yeah right, Miranda told me you had quite a night at Jennette's birthday party" my niece playfully closed her legs keeping her hand between them.

    "How can I be sure you even want me anymore" Debby pouted

    "Oh I want you Debby, I want you so bad" I hovered over the teen

    "Then prove it" she gave a sly smile

    I forced her legs apart, her fingers still inside her wet cunt, holding them and biting down on her stiff nipple.

    "That still proves nothing" Debby breathed

    I ran one of my hands along her thigh tickling between the base of her limb and her private area until two of my finger joined hers inside her pussy.

    "Mmmm, Uncle...ooooh" Debby moaned as our hands forced into her

    "I'm going to show you how much I want you" I kissed her neck and cheek

    "Yes, show me, please show me now" the needy blonde begged

    Removing all the fingers from the little pussy I put them into my mouth sucking off the juices then giving Debby a taste of what was left. Letting go of her hand I placed both of mine on her legs pinning them to the bed and in one long hard thrust I impaled my nieces with my entire length. Debby's body arched off the bed while her folds touched the base of my cock and my mushroom tip hit the depths of her most private area.

    "Oh my god" Debby yelped as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

    The speed increased as I held Debby at the edge of the bed spearing my cock into her like there was no tomorrow. The feeling of her tight walls stretching every time I penetrated her entirely drove me crazy.

    "Fuck me harder" she growled

    I complied making my balls slap loudly against her round behind, grunts escaping both of us. Our bodies began to perspire and little drops of sweat landed on the stars body as I leaned in to kiss her, our tongues wrestled before our lips even met. The wet kiss continued while my hips moved from side to side with each thrust hitting her inner wall roughly and causing tremendous pleasure. Using the force of my thrust I pushed Debby away from the edge giving me just enough spaced to climb on the bed. Now kneeling on the mattress in front of the TV star I resumed my previous speed. I slowly lowered my body until it was resting on Debby but my cock still pounding my young niece. My head was on the teen's chest and her racing heartbeat played in my ear like the soundtrack in a movie overshadowing every other sound.

    "Mnph, mnph, yes" Debby purred at the sensation of her forthcoming orgasm.

    "I'm going to cum Uncle Joe" Debby yelped

    "Yeah, cum for me baby"

    I held the young body tightly as it spasm uncontrollably. I could feel my cock get covered with a thick layer of the actress's female juices as she climaxed. We stayed in the same position for a few minutes when we surprised by the sound of a voice coming from the door.

    "Wow. that was amazing" Taylor clapped "You almost made me cum and was all the way over there" the slim girl walked closer, her heels clanking loudly with each step

    I pulled out of Debby and jumped off the bed while the Disney star scurried to the top of the bed and grabbed a pillow to cover her naked body. We both stayed quite still in shock and completely embarrassed.

    "To be honest I was coming up here to look for your Uncle" Taylor was now at the foot of the bed "but man I never expect to find this" the half naked teen smiled

    "So tell me, how long have you two been fucking" we said nothing "because that was obviously not the first time, I can tell" the blonde had made her way around the bed and was now standing in front of me, I had my back to Debby and the bed

    "Why so quite all of a sudden? I mean you had no problem speaking before" Taylor quipped

    Debby was now covering her face as she was ashamed, not that she had sex with her Uncle but that she had gotten caught by her friend.

    "So how does it feel to have such a large dick inside you" Taylor turned to Debby

    Still not able to speak Debby stared at her friend with an expression that begged for her to not say anything.

    "Well if you're not going to tell me then I guess I'll have to find out on my own"

    The sexy blonde aimed her naughty stare at me as she reached her hand out to grab my still erect penis. My mind had been preoccupied with thought of what would happen if Debby's friend told any one, that I hadn't noticed when Taylor had placed her hand on my stiffness. I was awaken from my trance when the slender blonde used all her strength and pushed me back, the edge of the mattress hitting my legs and making me tip over onto the bed. I was still surprised but ready to take on this new hottie.

    Taylor gripped my hardness to hold it still as she bent over and stuffed her mouth with my cock. Meanwhile Debby watch in awe as her friend sucked on the hardened flesh that was still covered with her own juices. The sound of slurping filled the room as Taylor did her best to get all of her friend's residue off my cock. The singer's hand began pumping my throbbing member while her lips wrapped around the tip and her tongue licked at the eye of my penis.

    "Oh you're good" I let out making Debby jealous

    Taylor smiled and began kissing my rod all over before kneeling and moving her mouth down to my groin and pulling at the skin with her soft lips, her mascara covered eyes never losing their lock on mine. It was all just so unbelievable. Debby and I get caught fucking and instead Taylor running to tell the rest of the group, she was now pleasuring me like a real pro. I place one hand behind my head and closed my eyes to enjoy the service I was receiving by the beautiful blonde who now sucked on of my balls into her warm mouth. Her wet tongue ran crazy over the skin of my groin while her hand kept pumping my meat. I opened my eyes once Taylor released my balls from her mouth but I couldn't see her anymore not even the the top of her head, but I feel her hand grabbing my leg. Not giving much resistance I let Taylor push my leg onto the bed then do the same with the other.

    I knew what was coming next and to be honest I was excited as I had experience with rimming but had never been on the receiving end. Taylor placed one hand at my ball sac to get it out of the way and then she went to work. I flinched every time the teen's tongue licked my back hole but not giving me time to get accustomed, Taylor pushed her tongue until it was inside my butt.

    "Oh fuck" I moaned as I closed my eyes again

    When I opened my eyes again I saw Debby over me

    "It feels good doesn't it Uncle Joe" the teen actress was no longer discomforted by the sudden turn of events

    Debby planted kisses on me trailing them from my mouth, down my neck, across my chest lowered her head more and more until she reached my cock. Using her exquisite mouth the teen star swallowed my stiffness. The end hit the back of her throat making her gag but that didn't stop her from continuing to chocked herself with my member, meanwhile Taylor continued her exploration of my behind. I had to admit that even though the intrusion of my butt felt awkward the fact that Taylor was actually doing this made it amazing.

    Taylor looked up to find her friend keenly sucking my cock made the singer wet her panties even more. They looked into each others eyes, the intensity of the situation making both of the young stars want each other more than ever before. The teens had kissed once before but it didn't turn out too well as the whole thing had been new to them and it felt wrong. Now being here and seeing each other pleasure the same man turned those previous feelings into something that even they couldn't explain yet.

    Taylor moved away from my ass licking her way up my balls and to the base of my cock where Debby was devouring my hardness, her mouth covered in saliva. The cock sucking teen had turned red from the lack of air but when she saw Taylor, who was now watching intently as her friend sucked cock, Debby pulled the songstress in and kissed her. Taylor forced her tongue into Debby's their heads tilted from side to side as the make out session intensified. Both girls stroked my member as they continued their kissing, my moaning the only thing audible. Momsen separated from her friend and stood, pulling her shirt dress off and revealing her perky tits as she was not wearing a bra.

    The teen the turned and slowly wiggled out of her booty shorts bending over as she slid them down her long slender legs. Her cheeks opened as she removed her underwear revealing her pink little clam and a tight little asshole. Once stark naked, except for her seven inch transparent heels, the teen turned back to us. Due to the natural blonde color of her hair it seemed like Taylor was shaved but when the teen climbed onto the bed my cock brushed her pubic mound and I could feel a little coat of pubes.

    "You don't mind if I fuck him, do you?" Taylor asked Debby

    "I don't mind, but do you Uncle Joe?" the teens turned to me

    "Not at all" I grinned

    With that "The Pretty Reckless" singer dropped herself on my sword. I gasped at the tightness of the teen's pussy which engulfed my member to its entirety. Taylor moved her body back and forth faster while I pushed harder ramming her my rock hard flesh. Otuside we could hear faint screams from the rest of the group and splashing as they jumped into the pool.

    I reached out to Debby who was kneeling next to me and gestured her to open her legs which she excitedly did. My fingers grazed the little clit before I inserted my middle finger knuckle deep inside the sopping wet cunt. Both teens moaned loudly as I finger banged Debby and Taylor rode me faster. Seeing her friends round jiggling as I fingered her Taylor decided to join and, just like me used her middle finger, forced it into her friends backside. The sudden invasion of both of her holes caused Debby to collapse on top of me.

    "Yeah, I love it" Debby cooed

    Noticing the amount of pleasure Debby was receiving made Taylor become somewhat jealous. The teen then push off my shaft and directing my cock with her hand place the tip between her little butt cheeks and eased back down. The mushroom tip stretched the tiny hole to the max while Taylor whimpered at the pain and pleasure she was now receiving. The thin blonde position herself better by placing her feet at my waist and leaning back and her arms supporting her upper body. Like this it was easier for me to pick up the speed as my lower body lifted from the bed to pound against the small round ass.

    "Fuck Me hard" Taylor hissed

    I did my best to comply but it wasn't enough for the gorgeous teen who decided to punish me for it. Her hand swung with force against my leg over and over again leaving a stinging feeling.

    "What the fuck bitch" I growled

    "I said harder" her hand hit me

    As soon as I had felt Taylor's tongue tickle my back end I knew fucking her would not be the same as having sex with Debby but this was not what I was expecting.

    "Come on mother fucker" Taylor clenched her ass muscles making my cock hurt as it penetrated the young blonde.

    Not being able to take it anymore I pushed Debby, who was still on me, off and grabbed Taylor's leg and pulled it while my body lifted to throw her the teen onto the bed. With my dick free and Taylor on her stomach I got on my knees on the bed and pulled the singer towards me. Her arm flailed as I dragged her towards me. Using my knees I spread her legs open and my hands pushed her body down pinning it to the bed

    "You want to get fuck hard?" I sneered

    "Yes, fuck me really hard, make it hurt" she sniped back

    Just hearing this young slut say those word made me so horny. With nothing else I held open her pale cheeks and speared right in there until the base touched the taut entrance. I pulled out then rammed back in each time more aggressively going deeper and deeper.

    "Like that you little slut" I pulled at the messy blonde mane

    Eying me as I held her head back by her hair Taylor slapped her free cheek.

    "More" she demanded

    I looked over at Debby who was sat frozen staring at me as she had never seen me act like this yet it seemed like my niece was enjoying the show. I turned back to Taylor and moved my body in a circular motion, loud yelp escaping the teen as her hole was being stretched more than it had ever been.

    "I love it" Taylor beamed

    "Your a sexy whore you know that?" I exclaimed

    "I'm your whore" Taylor grinned giving her ass a few more slaps, her ass now ruby red

    "That you are" I said as I pulled her head back as far as I could and I leaned in to kiss her aggressively.

    Our teeth hit each other and our tongues missed our mouths getting our faces covered in each others spit. I leaned back and smacked the saliva covered face.

    "Is that all you got" Taylor mocked

    With out thinking I smacked her again with more force that the teens upper body fell to its side her body twisted at the middle. I gripped her throat tightly stopping the oxygen from reaching her lung while my cock destroyed her teen ass. Taylor's body jerked around as she tried to gasp for air but I wouldn't let up. Needing to breath the teen pinched my nipple hard causing me to let go of her throat.

    "Fucking bastard" Taylor panted

    "What I thought you liked it" I smiled

    She pinched me away causing me to instinctively slap her. She turned to look back at me a huge smile on her face. Man I had never met someone so young like it so rough but that only made this young whore so much sexier. Her ass was now fairly loose as my cock entered easier and my orgasm was now approaching. I pulled out of Taylor's asshole, which was now considerably bruised, and turned her body onto her back. I held her throat as I took a seat on her chest the stiff nipples poking my butt.

    "Open your mouth you dirty whore" another smack

    The blonde obeyed and as soon as the lips separated I jammed my cock into her awaiting mouth. The tip touched the back of her throat making her gag but I kept it there, Taylor's narrow throat opening to allow more to enter. The singer's face turned bright red and her eyes began to tear up so I removed my cock letting Taylor catch her breath. Not giving her much time a stuffed her mouth once more this time moving my hips in and out fucking her pretty face. She dug her nails into my legs and with a bang I back handed the teen while I was still gagging her with my throbbing cock. The entire thing was incredibly surreal. I would of never imagined that I would be doing this with such a young girl, but I was really enjoying it and despite what it looked like Taylor was enjoying it as much maybe even more than I was.

    "Do you like this you fucking slut" I pulled out to let Taylor talk

    "I do" her voice barely audible

    "Tel me why you like it" another slap

    "Because I'm a dirty cock sucking slut that deserves to be punished" she snapped

    I spit into her open mouth and returned my cock to its temporary home. My balls were wet, my cock was covered with a thick layer of saliva and Taylor's face looked as if she had been thrown in a tub full of water. Sweat covered both our bodies and the smell filled the room.

    "I'm going to cum" I grunted, Taylor mumbled with a mouthful which I could clearly translate to I want to taste your cum

    A couple more pump and my dick exploded inside the teen star's mouth. I groaned in pure ecstasy as the amount of jizz increased inside the soar mouth and went down to her throat and filled her tummy. I collapse on the bed, noticing that Debby had left, and Taylor coughed as some of the left over sticky ream drooled from her mouth and down her neck. Taylor caught her breath as her hands scooped the runaway semen into her mouth.

    "I see why Debby fucks you" Taylor beamed

    "You weren't bad yourself" I joked

    "I know you loved it" she smirked

    "How can I not"

    "We should do it again sometime"

    "Oh we will my little whore" I gave her one last slap

    With that I went into the bathroom to clean up while Taylor wiped any evidence of what had happened on the sheets and put her clothes back on before heading back downstairs to her friends.

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    Hopefully the girls in the pool are NEXT !

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    Truly. great. story. Such great work Giggidy. This series just keeps getting better which is impressive in and of itself and I'm truly excited to see what comes next.

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    Next up is Taylor Momsen, Emily Osment, Bella Thorne, Zoey Deutch

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