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Thread: "Snatch!" with Chloe Grace Moretz

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    fanfiction "Snatch!" with Chloe Grace Moretz

    With ChloŽ Grace Moretz
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

    So there I was lying on my folks bed watching the film "Snatch" when my teenage step-sister entered the room.

    With our folks away and the entire house to ourselves, I had planned on spending the entire weekend just kicking back and watching some movies when Chloe emerged from the shower in nothing more than her sleepwear and joined me on the mattress.

    "Hey. What are you doing in here?" she chirped, referring to the fact that I was lying on our parents bed.

    "What's it look like I'm doing." I replied. "I'm watching a movie."

    "Can I watch too!" she asked rhetorically as she made herself comfortable beside me and helped herself to some popcorn.

    Right away I couldn't help but detect the fragrant scent of her wet hair and her heavily perfumed body wash.

    "I've always wanted to fight someone like that," she confessed a minute later, as Brad Pitt began brawling in the movie.

    I had to laugh at her enthusiasm, considering she was all of 5'4 and barely weighed 100 pounds.

    "Are you kidding," I scoffed. "You'd get your butt kicked!"

    Although Chloe possessed a petite and slender frame she was far from athletic and I told her so.

    "Nah-uh." she quipped. "I've got more muscles than you think."

    With that said she then raised her arm and tensed her bicep showing me just how muscular she in fact was, which for someone her size was pretty impressive.

    "Besides." she went on. "I like to play dirty, so I'd totally win any fight."

    "Like you did in that Kick-Ass film?" I snickered. "Um. Talking dirty and fighting dirty are two separate things Coco."

    (Coco was the pet name I had bestowed on her while growing up).

    "Err. Shut up!" she snapped back before flashing me that famous snarl. "I know the difference. And I know I'd win."

    "Maybe against another girl sure. But against a guy?" I chuckled. "Come on. Any guy could take you down."

    "Oh. You think so!" she answered back while raising a brow.

    Right away I knew that I was pissing her off, as she especially hated when people told her she couldn't do something.

    "Yep. It's just a fact."

    I now taunted her while keeping my eyes on the television screen.

    "It's just common sense."

    I had to stifle a laugh as Chloe was so easy to anger. She was just so predictable, and as expected she soon sat up in bed and looked at me derisively.

    "Well okay, smart-ass." she remarked in a surprisingly mature tone. "Prove it."

    "Prove what," I repeated without breaking my concentration from the TV.

    "That you're stronger than me." she challenged. "I bet you're wrong. I bet I could take you."

    I laughed at the mere suggestion but before I could turn to look at her she suddenly leaped at me!

    I hadn't expected her to attack me as she did, and the unexpected action caught me off guard as she quickly managed to pin me down with her knees and placed my arms above my head.

    The petite actress now looked down at me defiantly, her long blonde hair falling across her face as my own eyes were suddenly distracted by something extraordinary.

    It seemed in her enthusiasm to prove me wrong her pajama top had gaped open at the side, granting me a sneak peek inside to see that she was not wearing a bra!

    "Jesus," I gasped inwardly as I realized what I was looking at, and the fact that her rosy-pink nipples appeared to be hard.

    "Enjoying the view," she quipped sarcastically as I blushed beneath her with shame.

    Thinking quickly I suddenly and effortlessly flipped her over onto her back, taking her breath away and causing her to gasp with surprise.

    "Eii!" she let out as I quickly captured her wrists and held them above her head, just as she had done to me moments earlier.

    "Wait, wait! Not fair." she panted out of breath.

    I now glared down at the beauty before me, watching as my troublesome step-sister giggled and panted at the same time.

    "Do you give up?" I hissed, to which she simply shook her head dismissively.

    Chloe clearly got a kick out of the entire ordeal which was evident from her erect nipples. I also noticed that in the process of overpowering her that her night shirt had opened, and now flaunted most of her flat belly and stopped just below the supple mounds of her small breasts.

    Without even realizing it my cock began to stir while her eyes immediately widened as she suddenly felt the familiar sensation of a hard cock pressed against her hip. Naturally I was ashamed, and not knowing what to do I rolled off of her and refused to look her in the eye.

    "Meh. This is lame." I quipped as I moved to lie back down on the bed again. "Let's just watch the rest of the movie."

    Catching my breath, I stared at the TV for several minutes while my mind reeled. Chloe had clearly felt my aroused state and I started to wonder if she would tell mom and dad about the entire scandalous affair.

    But it was while I lay contemplating this that she suddenly lunged at me again, and this time moved to straddle me directly across my stomach as I turned over to defend myself.

    Rolling my eyes I didn't resist and simply kept my attention fixed on the TV, as though attempting to ignore her antics.

    "Ugh. Chloe!" I exhaled in annoyance. "I'm too tired to play these stupid games."

    As I spoke I tried to push her off me but felt her long smooth thighs constrict around me tightly.

    The playful little minx was not going anywhere, and instead proceeded to wiggle her hips back and forth and bounced over my stomach like I was her damn pony!

    "Woohooo!" she cheered triumphantly as I glared up at her. "I love taking my horsey for a ride!"

    "Are you kidding me right now!" I thought, as I watched her ride me like a personal pet.

    "Chloe. Stop it." I groaned. "Hey. Get off!"

    "Oh. Trust me. I intend to!" she snickered as she continued to playfully bounce up and down above me.

    To my chagrin I quickly found myself blushing yet again as I noted the way her young pert breasts now jiggled freely under her night shirt.

    Try as I might I just couldn't stop myself from leering at her body, specifically her nipples which I now noticed were increasingly aroused, swollen, and puffy with excitement.

    "Seriously. Stop it." I whined, as she simply ignored my pleas and settled on top of me.

    "You're just scared because you know I can take you." she accused.

    While my sister carried on I attempted to ignore her antics, but now her incessant wriggling was giving me major wood. Fortunately for me she couldn't sense it as she sat up high on my stomach, but I now wanted to get out of the situation with as little embarrassment as possible.

    With that said I tried to push her off me but it was during one of these lackluster shoves that I inadvertently pushed Chloe down my body and caused her to slip across my hips to poke her butt with my menacing erection!

    Thankfully the little shit didn't say anything but we both knew she felt it as her eyes widened to the contact.

    "Oops." she grinned at the feel of my hard cock.

    "Oops?" I repeated while trying to push her off me.

    "Fine. Whatever." she ultimately pouted, before she wiggled her butt some more until my prick was lodged firmly in the crack of her ass.

    Noting this, I simply glared up at her as she casually sat straight up over my cock and now raised her hands over her head while she tied up her hair. This of course caused her already short night shirt to ride up even more and now exposed the bottom slops of her pert mounds.

    "Are you comfortable there," I remarked sarcastically, as most of her breasts were now exposed to me yet her nipples were somehow elusive.

    I was almost certain that the brat could feel the pulsating pressure of my cock pressing firmly against her teenage sex, yet she hid her emotions well.

    "What's the matter," she teased with a mischievous grin. "Are you ticklish!"

    Despite my reluctance to play I now squirmed against the bed trying to get away from her as she clamped her thighs ever tighter around me and proceed to tickle me with her fingers.

    It was during this time that one particular buck of my hips caused my cock to thrust even deeper between her cheeks, and I was taken aback as she absentmindedly moaned to the sensation.

    "Ugh..." she let out involuntarily, before she giggled at her own admission.

    "Oops. Sorry." Chloe shrugged before she continued to tickle me again.

    This time however I could feel my cock pressing hard against the very edge of her mound, causing me to moan as well.

    Horrified by my own reaction, I attempted to push her away and pulled at her thighs, but instead now marveled at the softness of her skin. We now proceeded to essentially grind against each other all in the pretense of wrestling?

    "Chloe. Chloe!" I insisted. "What if someone walked in here right now. We shouldn't be doing this."

    "Oh relax," the starlet replied. "We're not doing anything wrong...we're just horsing around."

    While I whined and put up a weak fight the "Hick" star now abandoned any and all pretense of play fighting and proceeded to rock her hips against me some more: virtually grinding her teen sex against my own and clearly enjoying the sensation.

    Shocked by her behavior, I now lay there watching as the temperamental star amused herself and used the huge bulge in my pants like some kind of private playground.

    "What's wrong," she remarked at one point. "Too strong for you huh. I told you. I knew you couldn't handle me."

    "Oh. Trust me," I replied offhandedly. "I could handle you Chloe."

    "Yeah right. You wish," she spoke in a seductive tone. "You only wish you could handle this...I'm too much for you!"

    Suddenly everything that she said seemed to have a double meaning as I watched her aggressively grind herself over me again and again, slowly getting herself off.

    "Chloe. Stop..." I growled once more. "Stop. I mean it."

    "What. We're only rough housing a little. No big deal." she reasoned as she placed her hands on my chest and now arched her back sharply, her hips moving in a more suggestive manner.

    I now watched as she closed her eyes and lolled her head back in pleasure and the entire incident was too much for me to bear.

    I let out another moan as my hips now moved in step with hers and we literally simulated having sex with one another but with our clothes on: essentially dry humping one another on the bed!

    "I guess we can rough house some more," I sighed as I placed my hands on her bare naked thighs and caressed her ultra smooth legs.

    "Mm...yeah." she almost purred as she rubbed her body against mine and began to ungulate back and forth.

    Without thinking I instinctively grabbed her by her soft round hips and began returning her thrusts, now purposely rubbing the head of my hard cock directly against her mound.

    Chloe responded to this by biting her bottom lip and closing her eyes as I couldn't believe I was grinding against my very own step-sister: the same one I had seen on the big screen so many times before.

    As we continued to bump-n-grind at a leisurely pace I reached around and gently caressed the length of her spine which she apparently enjoyed.

    "Mm...I like that." she whispered erotically as I continued to touch her.

    We continued in this fashion for some time, both of us quietly panting and petting before she finally made another bold move and without warning reached down and slipped her pajama top right over her head, to leave her straddling me completely topless!

    "Whoa! What the hell are you doing," I almost yelled, as her breasts spilled forth and filled my periphery.

    I tried not to be obvious but as you could imagine it was next to impossible. In fact I was utterly transfixed by her incredible breasts and noticed that in all the commotion she had already begun to perspire.

    "Jesus," I moaned inwardly, as Chloe continued to grind her teen sex against me.

    Her eyes were now closed and her hands were brushing through my hair as I keenly explored her incredible body with my eyes.

    Sliding my hands around her belly, I gently snaked them across her slender hips and along her rib cage, riling another series of soft moans from her as I approached her tits.

    "You can tickle me too if you want," she almost begged before she leaned forward to lie directly on top of me and in the process pressed her incredible chest against my own.

    The feel of her body against mine caused us both to sigh out loud.

    Without thinking I immediately reached down and grabbed her firm round butt with both hands and pulled her harder against my manhood: causing her to grunt into my ear as we both continued to move our pelvises more intently.

    "Oh. Yeah. Grab my ass!" she whimpered hotly as her crotch now slammed into mine repeatedly.

    Suddenly I felt her lips on my neck, and when I felt her kiss and suck on my skin I lost all perception of decency and common sense.

    Instead of objecting, I suddenly needed more contact with her body so I quickly flipped her over onto her back and swiftly inserted myself between her flailing legs.

    "Ugh." she let out before lying there with nothing but a bemused expression on her face.

    Thinking quickly, I raised her legs over my shoulders and directed my hard cock against her sex. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs as I instinctively thrust forward and began to grind my erection against her cookie.

    In fact I was thrusting at her so hard that the headboard began to hit the wall behind us making her snicker.

    "Oh. Oh. Yes." she muttered between giggles, as her hands wrapped around my neck and she pulled me in closer.

    "Yeah. More," I hissed down at her, my eyes meeting hers. "You like rough housing now. You fucking little tease!"

    "Ugh. Uh-huh. Yes." she answered breathlessly as I now rubbing her cunt though her panties. "Don't stop. Don't stop now."

    I looked down as she squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for an impending orgasm.

    As incredible as this was I too found myself reaching the point of no return, but I didn't want our "wrestling" match to be over quite yet. So I slowed my pumps to a crawl and watched as she gasped and shook violently: her body responding to the aftershocks of her initial orgasm as it surged through her.

    "Ugh! Shhhit..." she stammered as I grinned smugly above her.

    "God Damn." I thought, as I realized there hadn't even been any penetration.

    We had only been fooling around and grinding on each other for a few minutes and yet we were both riled up beyond belief. Fortunately for me I knew just how to ensure our little tryst would continue.

    "See. I told you I could take you." I stated arrogantly before I suddenly let go of her and rolled over onto my back.

    As expected this remark had the desired effect, and I could almost hear the steam venting out of her ears.

    "What!" she screeched in disbelief. "Nah. Bullshit! That's bullshit!"

    As I returned my attention to the TV I felt the bed move and could tell she had gotten up. My heart stopped for a moment as I wondered if I had really upset her. Was she now going to run off to our folks and tell them everything?

    I glanced over my shoulder and was immediately taken aback to see her casually slide her pajama shorts down her legs, leaving her to stand there completely and utterly naked as the day she was born.

    My cock instantly twitched at the mere boldness of her actions, and the fact that I could see her neatly shaved cunt. Was she fucking insane!

    "Chloe!!" I heard myself gasped out loud. "What the hell are you doing?"

    "Just because you won the first round doesn't mean anything," she affirmed. "I deserve a rematch!"

    "What, naked?" I chuckled. "Put your clothes back on before mom and dad come home and find you like this."

    "No!" she refused. "Come here and make me."

    "You're fucking crazy, you know that?" I hissed. "You're going to get us both in trouble."

    "What's wrong, do I intimidate you?" she teased. "Care to test your luck now?"

    Shocked into silence I looked back at the TV and shook my head. Judging from the look in her eyes she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

    "Well?" she taunted.

    With a devilish glint in her eyes my naked step-sister now crawled up onto the bed and waited for me to respond, as I thanked my lucky stars that Chloe was so predictably competitive.

    As she moved to settled beside me I couldn't help but notice the way her entire splendid body now shimmered in perspiration. We had only been tussling for a little while but she had clearly worked up a sweat.

    "This is insane." I remarked to myself, still amazed at her willingness to be completely naked in front of me.

    "Chloe! Put your clothes back on."

    "No!" she snapped back defiantly. "You might have won the last round but I'll win the next one. I guarantee it!"

    With that said I rolled over and proceeded to get up to leave the room only to have her literally throw herself at me.

    Shocked by her actions, we now grappled aggressively for several minutes before she finally pushed me back onto the middle of the bed and to my surprise proceeded to yank my pants down my legs, as though attempting to undress me.

    "Wait! What the hell are you doing?" I laughed while clutching at my pants. "Have you lost your mind?"

    The teen harlot simply giggled while rolling her tongue over her top lip.

    "Face it. You can't stop me."

    "Chloe!" I stammered. "What the hell has gotten into you today?"

    "Well. I'm naked!" she reasoned. "So you should be too. It's only fair!"

    "Jesus Christ!" I gasped as I watched this wanton creature assail me.

    "What's the matter?" she finally challenged. "Are you ashamed of your body?"

    "Huh?" I replied a little defensively. "Of course not. What makes you say that?"

    "Are you scared that I'll see you're hard on?" she smirked. "Too late. I already know it's there!"

    With nothing to lose I finally let go of my pants and permitted her to strip me completely, and for my troubles I was soon left to lie there on the bed without a shred of clothing just like her.

    My devious little step-sister even giggled when my cock popped free of my waist band.

    "Okay. So now what?" I scoffed while still clutching my crotch with both hands. "Are you satisfied?"

    Suddenly Chloe crawled up over my body on all fours and leaned forward which caused her tight teenage butt to stick up in the air as I held my breath and waited to see just what she would do.

    Watching her face dip below my hips I suddenly tensed up as I wondered if she was actually going to do something drastic and remarkable like blow me?

    But instead she simply teased me with her mouth and placed her lips on my pelvis just to the right of my throbbing member and blew a raspberry, causing me to jump with surprise.

    "Whoa! Wait. What?" I chuckled. "Round Two involves blowing raspberries while being naked?"

    Chloe smiled up at me before I watched her move her lips all around my hips and legs, even pausing to bite me every now and then. I could only squirm on my bed as she cruelly teased me with her mouth and tongue, the entire time her tight young ass swinging freely in the air beside my face.

    It was only now that I realized I could actually detect the scent of her arousal. Her pussy was clearly wet, and her sweet-musky aroma filled my nostrils.

    "I knew you didn't have the guts." I playfully taunted, referring to her insinuation of a blow job.


    "You're just full of shit!" I chastised her before I reached over and placed my hand on her lower back. "You're all talk."

    There I let my fingers gently dance along her sculptured spine and marveled at the softness of her skin.

    As I started to berate her again Chloe then took my breath away as I felt her right hand reach up and lightly grasp my throbbing erection and give me a firm but gentle squeeze.

    Maybe challenging her wasn't such a good idea after all, I mused. Or was it?

    Meanwhile as I contemplated such things my sexy little step-sister playfully speared out her wet tongue and ever so softly brushed it along my bare nut sack, sending a cold shiver up and down my spine.

    She could be positively evil when she put her mind to it, and with that said I leaned my head back against the pillow and lay resigned to my fate.

    "Holy fuck." I let out as she now teased me with her tongue and leisurely licked my balls.

    I could feel the warmth of her mouth envelop my balls as she finally dragged her lips across the scrotum and began to hum. In all my life I had never experienced anything as exquisite as her mouth.

    Moaning out loud I finally reached down and grabbed a fistful of hair and glared down at her. This abrupt action must have startled her cause she yelped with surprise and glared up at me, waiting for me to reprimand her.

    Instead I could only moan her name, making her sigh with relief and grin.

    "Oh...Chloe." I moaned. "You fucking tease."

    "Hmm. Don't you forget it either." she boldly replied, before placing her velvety soft lips around the base of my cock and sucking one of my balls into her hot little mouth.

    "Oh. Shit." I cooed while squirming about uncontrollably.

    My mind was reeling. How did I let it go so far? Did I dare stop this insanely sexy and spontaneous moment between us?

    "You must really love raspberries huh?" Chloe teased as she gently alternated between each ball.

    "Yeah. Um. Yeah." I muttered incoherently. "That must be it."

    "Do you give up?" she challenged.

    "Never." was my reply knowing full well that she was going to continue with this blissful torture.

    "Well in that case. Let me blow one last raspberry." she added and with that said Chloe then wrapped one of her hands around the base of my shaft and slipped my length into her hot young mouth.

    My eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head as she swirled her long tongue around the bulbous head, and wasting little time she began to slowly work more and more of my cock-flesh between her lips and began to hum once more.

    The vibrations shot up and down my spine like an electric current and I moaned out loud in pleasure.

    In fact I was so caught up in the enjoyment of it all that I had to fight the urge to push her face harder onto my cock, as my hips began to move and roll of their own accord matching her sucks.

    "Oh fuck. Oh fuck." I mumbled softly. "You little bitch. Oh. Shit."

    With my cock buried between her moist lips, I gently rested one hand on the back of her head and invited her to move her mouth up and down my shiny staff more vigorously, and the precocious little teen was more than eager to please.

    Chloe now proceeded to bob her head up and down over my rod like it was her god given duty to swallow dick. Caught up in the moment I pushed her hair out of her face so I could watch my cock now slide in and out of her skillful mouth.

    Her tongue now darted across the very eye of my penis as she smiled sweetly.

    "Jesus. You're good at that." I hesitated. "That's the best raspberry yet, Coco."

    This comment seemed to energize her even more, and the petite blonde relaxed her throat and let my cock engulf the back of her mouth completely.

    "Ugh. Fuck!" I growled loudly as I could feel her nose poke into my pubic hair.

    Once again my eyes rolled into the back of my head as she swallowed me completely, and a moment later I spasmed right inside her mouth as she pulled back until only the tip was nestled between her lips and I spewed forth a creamy load across her lips and face.

    To her credit Chloe didn't let up for a moment and she stroked the rest of my shaft furiously as I groaned loudly and came inside her hot tight throat. Gulping down my load, my talented step-sister finally cleaned off the rest of my spunk with her tongue and grinned up at me smugly.

    "I think it's safe to say that I won that round don't you?" she stated smugly.

    I could barely believe what had just occurred, much less how blasť she was about the entire affair.

    In fact I was so shocked I could barely even form any coherent words and now just watched her as she playfully smacked her moist lips together.

    "Uh-Huh." I finally agreed. "You win. You definitely win."

    Still shocked by the night's events, Chloe then curled up against my body as I reached down and hitched her leg up so I could feel her teen sex against my hip.

    There I absentmindedly caressed her naked form as we watched the rest of the movie and I soon found my fingers playing at her puffy nipples. To my delight this seemed to have the desired effect as her hips soon proceeded to bump and grind against me, rocking back and forth.

    Chloe soon grew frustrated and finally reached down and gently rubbed my cock back to life as I sighed contently and felt the blood rushing to meet her touch.

    "You know." I pondered out loud. "Right now its a draw. Care for a tie-breaker?"

    My famous step-sister looked up at me with those innocent green eyes and smiled.

    "You think you're up to it?"

    I simply responded by jumping into action and I flipped her over onto her back causing her to gasp and giggle with surprise. My spoiled little sister now lay there silent and wide eyed as I casually slipped my fingers into her mouth and insisted she suck them.

    "Okay. Round three it is." I stated, not asking for her permission.

    Lubricating my fingers with her spit, I then skimmed my hand down her naked body and across her flat tummy and towards her bald sex before I eased two digits into her gleaming little clam.

    "Oh." she let out involuntarily as I buried them to their first knuckle.

    "Spread your fucking legs." I hissed down at her, to which she happily obliged.

    Her hips now proceeded to thrust skyward which inadvertently plunged my digits deeper inside her, and caused Chloe to moan aloud.

    "Ha! Wet willy!" I chuckled. "What are you going to do now?"

    As I spoke I proceeded to slowly twist my wrist and spear my fingers in and out of her young, bald cunt.

    "Ugh!" she moaned as she turned her face to the side and spread her knees farther apart, wordlessly encouraging me.

    "More." she then whimpered erotically.

    "More what?" I snapped back, as I pushed her flailing legs even further apart. "Do you give up?"

    With her urging I then attempted to add another finger to her tight little cunt but it was just damn near impossible.

    Instead I reluctantly withdrew my fingers from her gleaming mound and ran my digits around her succulent clit, which was now prominent and engorged.

    Her hips immediately jerked up against me and I had to hold her down with one hand to steady her. Her eyes were now closed tightly while her mouth was agape.

    "Hmm. Sensitive are we?" I grinned, as I finally seemed to find her weakness.

    Taking my fingers away, I swiftly sucked them into my mouth before I leaned forward and ever so gently wrapped my lips around her delicate bud and suckled it softly.

    "Oh. Fuck." she cussed softly as I began to glide my fingers back into her sopping young minge.

    "Hmm. I think I'm going to win this round?" I remarked as Chloe simply moaned and nodded dumbly, now oblivious to the rest of the world.

    The teen star now lay there on the bed with her legs spread wide as her older brother fingered, probed, and massaged her G-spot while feasting on her hairless cunt.

    "Wow." I sighed. "You're so fucking wet right now, you know that?"

    Chloe simply blushed and refused to look me in the eye.

    "Say it." I insisted. "Tell me."

    "I'm really wet."

    "Yeah?" I grinned. "What's wet?"

    "My pussy." she purred shyly. "My pussy is really wet."

    Adding another digit, I then returned to sucking and chewing on her throbbing clit as I buried those fuckers deep, causing her to gasp and arch her back sharply.

    "ohmigod! ohmigod! ohmigod!" she suddenly chanted. "Don't stop! Keep sucking! Keep doing that! Eat my pussy!"

    Hearing this I increased the suction and abandoned all gentleness.

    I barely stuffed a third finger inside her tiny hole when I felt her pussy clamp down tightly around me, squeezing my digits for dear life as she began to cum.

    Her slender pale hips undulated wildly as her orgasm rolled through her. Her juices flooded my mouth and fingers but I didn't even pause until her thighs finally dropped away and relaxed.

    By the time she was through climaxing I think I may have swallowed a half-gallon of cum, her sweet-tangy juices smearing my entire mouth and chin.

    I gently petted the outside of her tender pink lips, letting her come down slowly from her earth shattering ordeal before I gave her delicate clit a chaste kiss and moved up to kiss her on the mouth for the first time, allowing her to taste herself.

    "You taste so fucking good." I told her as she eagerly parted her lips and thrust her tongue down my throat.

    We kissed for some time before I bent down and nibbled at her neck and ear. To be honest I hadn't even thought about fucking her until I felt the tip of my hard cock inadvertently brush against her soft thighs.

    Sensing this, we both glared into each other's eyes as she instinctively spread her legs apart for me and invited me to lie between them.

    "C'mon." she insisted. "Get on top."

    With her hand still draped around my neck, we moved into the more traditional missionary position where I allowed my erection to now dangle between our bodies as we kissed.

    There I could feel her entire body trembling with desire before I moved my hips and felt my cock brush against her smooth slot again, and we both moaned.

    "Mm. I like that." she purred, as she wrapped her legs around my body and pulled me in.

    "You like what?" I teased.

    "I like the way you're rubbing my CUNT right now."

    Her blunt words almost send me over the edge right away as I continued to wipe the end of my prick along the length of her slippery slot.

    "Do it." she finally whispered. "Fuck me. I dare you."

    "You dare me?" I repeated.

    "Go on. Stick that cock inside me and fuck me." she cooed. "You know you want to."

    "I do?" I muttered as my brain turned into mush.

    "Yeah. You're dying to fuck me. I can feel it." she whispered seductively. "I can feel how hard your cock is right now."

    "Oh Jesus." I panted, as I suddenly lost my bearings and all common sense flew right out the window.

    "C'mon." she urged. "Stick it inside and make me cum."

    My head was spinning.

    "I bet you can't even make me cum." she taunted me, while pulling on my neck ever so tightly.

    With her mocking tone still floating around in my head, I reached down and rubbed the end of my bell-end against her creamy cookie and tormented her some more.

    "Oh. Please!" she now begged, as her entire body trembled uncontrollably with lust and frustration.

    I could actually feel her desperation rising before I finally guided my length into her tight teen snatch. Truth be told I was actually scared to hurt her so I worked slowly pushing myself into her inch by inch.

    "Oh." Chloe groaned before she yanked my butt towards her until she engulfed my entire pole.

    "Yes!" she then hissed. "Fuck me! I want you to really fuck me!"

    Her own words were enough to send her into a frenzy.

    "Yeah is that what you want?" I growled back at her, "You want your brothers big fucking cock inside you?"

    "Ugh! Yes! Fuck me! Please!"

    With a shared moan I reluctantly pulled back slowly before I slammed back into her.

    "UGH! YEAH!" she snapped contently.

    Slamming down into her again, I then lifted her legs onto my shoulders so I could get better leverage and began to piston in and out of her repeatedly.

    "You wanna get fucked huh?" I hissed as I slammed into her again and again, causing her to moan aloud.

    Chloe reached down and began to play with her clit as I controlled the pace of our fucking and continued to pump into her quim. Picking up the pace of my hips, she now rubbed her clit even faster.

    "Ugh. Oh." she grunted. "Yes! Ram me! Fuck me! Fuck that tight young cunt! Yeah!"

    At that precise moment my pleasure was too carnal and primal for words, and with a loud cry I finally arched my back and thrust into her pussy one last time, burying my entire length inside her.

    Her fingers dug into my hips as I filled her completely and shot rope after rope of hot gooey mess into the teen harlot, and in the process could feel her pussy walls constrict and squeeze my dick for all it was worth as we came together.

    Ultimately I collapsed beside her totally and utterly spent.

    "There. Are you satisfied?"

    "Yes." she panted breathlessly. "You win. You so win."

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    Not sure who's more of a tease... her or you TPG. Brilliant as always.

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    Amazing! Fucking brilliant!

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    There just are no words to describe how much I liked this story...can't wait for the next chapter

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    TPG you are a sick man, brilliantly sick that is. lol LOVED EVERY SECOND of this. Can't wait for the sequel.

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    FANTASTIC ! :thumbsup:

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    As many of the posts before mine have stated so accurately this is quite the story and it's only just begun it seems... Truly amazing, fantastic and downright hot. Well done TPG.

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    Excellent Story, TPG!!

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    Indeed! Well done sir!

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