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Thread: In The Mix Chapter #1 (CYA)

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    fanfiction In The Mix Chapter #1 (CYA)

    In The Mix #1
    With Zooey Deschanel, Avril Lavigne, and Emmy Rossum
    Created by TPG

    It was just another glorious day in Southern California as I arrived to the offices of Valhalla Studios and looked over my busy work schedule.

    Right away I noticed that all three studios in the complex were booked solid for the next two months, which pleased me as I had recently spent a small fortune on renovating the entire building and making it unlike any other recording studio on the west coast.

    The studio itself boasts a fully stocked bar, gaming room, home theater, relaxation area, and even a pool and sauna on the roof. Everything has been arranged to make the artist feel relaxed and comfortable while spending their time at Valhalla.

    Going over the long list of names, I noticed just how varied the clientele appeared to be as it included various musicians, models, and actresses doing everything from voice over work for film and TV, and various albums and projects from local and international stars.

    A moment later my Secretary Zooey DESCHANEL (a singer and actress in her own right) wandered into the office and greeted me with a coffee before giving me some good news.

    "Morning!" she chirped in her usual happy-go-lucky self.

    "How was the big vacation?" she smiled, as she handed me some paperwork to sign.

    "Oh. Did I mention I have to fly out to New York over the weekend?" she reminded me.

    "You do?"

    "Remember that audition I tried out for a few weeks ago?" Zooey explained. "Well I think I got it."

    "You mean that comedy with Natalie Portman."

    "Yeah. They want me to come into the office and do a page-read in front of the director. So I'll be away for a few days."

    While I congratulated Zooey on her recent success the actress flashed me that sexy smile of hers and turned to leave.

    Naturally, I couldn't help but let my eyes wander over her body and notice her sexy little ensemble which consisted of a very short skirt, fishnet stockings and high heeled shoes that only accentuate her womanly curves and long sculptured legs.

    "Err. How long until the first booking arrives today?" I wondered out loud before Zooey glanced over her shoulder and flashed me another knowing look.

    Reading my mind, the sexy brunette shut the office door and grinned shyly before she made her way back towards me at the desk. Without saying another moment she I watched as she casually grabbed a cushion from the office sofa and dropped it to the floor before falling to her knees.

    To my amusement Zooey continued to discuss the morning's affairs as she proceeded to unbuckle my belt and reached in to fish out my cock.

    Without missing a beat she then pulled out my length and proceeded to blow me as I reached over and enjoyed my morning coffee and was suddenly startled by one of the phones on my desk which buzzed to life.

    "Are you going to get that?" I snickered down at my assistant before reaching for the phone myself.

    "You know you really should learn how to multitask, Zoe." I teased.

    On the phone was Allie SIMS, the personal assistant to Avril LAVIGNE who apparently called to confirm a booking for later that day. To my amusement Allie was clearly surprised to hear my voice as opposed to Zooey's who I I explained was currently "preoccupied" at the moment.

    As we conversed, I tried my best to hold my composure and not moan out loud as the ravishing brunette used the flat of her tongue to slide it up and down the length of my cock, bathing it in warm saliva before trapping the head with her lips.

    Deschanel sucked it into her hot mouth and twirled her long tongue around the bell-end before biting it gently with her teeth, her big blue eyes glaring up at me the entire time as her mouth worked me over.

    "Hmm. This is why I love my job." I quipped as the starlet winked up at me and gobbled me down.

    Taking my free hand I reluctantly withdraw from her mouth and playfully slapped her meat stick across the chin, causing a lewd smacking noise to emanate and cause her to purr with delight.

    Snatching the back of her head I then buried my shlong to the very root, and now fucked her slobbering mouth more intently, as she now drooled all over me.

    "Ugh. Yeah." she murmured erotically as she sucked me keenly, taking me into the back of her throat.

    Just then, I suddenly noted some commotion on the other end of the phone and heard Avril Lavigne snatch the cell away from her assistant and greet you.

    "Max!!" Avril exclaimed over the phone. "How are you doing buddy?"

    "Hey little trouble maker."

    "I wanted to book some extra time this week if that's okay."

    "Absolutely." I replied, as I felt Zooey's chin brush against my balls and my knob almost rub against her tonsils.

    The Canadian songstress then giggled as she heard her friend's voice and now seemed to know exactly what the two of us were doing, as I informed her that Studio B was up and running and ready for hire.

    "We look forward to seeing you in a few hours." I told her through gritted teeth.

    At this point my hips almost seemed to have a mind of their own as I fucked my assistant's hot mouth.

    "Will you be bringing the entire entourage again?" I asked absentmindedly, even though I wasn't even paying much attention.

    Lavigne claimed that she was only bringing a few close friends with her and leaving her usual 10-15 person posse at home for once.

    "I guess I'll see you guys in a bit." Avril giggled, as I tried my best not to grunt.

    Hanging up the phone Zooey immediately picked up the pace and really went to town as her head now bobbed up and down in my lap.

    "Ugh. Fuck." I hissed down at her. "You're so good at that, sweetheart. This is why I love Mondays."

    I took this opportunity to reach down and lift up her skirt to reveal her stockings and garter belt, which as usual drive me insane with lust.

    Noting this reaction Zooey smiled and groaned around the head of my cock as she knew just how kinky I could get and she dropped one of her hands down between her legs and rubbed her sex over her panties.

    It was at this point that I was just about ready to cum when the two of us were suddenly interrupted once again, this time by the buzzer at the front gate downstairs informing us that had an unexpected guests.

    "Shit." I snapped. "What now."

    "Quick. Cum for me." was Deschanel's only response to which I happily oblige and filled her mouth with spunk.

    Rope after rope of hot gooey cum splashed out across her extended tongue before I heard the buzzer ring again and Zooey finally got up to answer it (albeit with a hot load in her mouth).

    She then hit the release button to let the guest enter, and only now explained that she had apparently arranged for a few interviews throughout the day for her Secretarial position as she'd be away for a few days and several friends had shown interest in the job.

    "I hope you're friends know what they're signing up for." I remarked.

    "Oh. I think they do."

    "I mean. They do realize what's required of them, right?"

    Zooey seemed to be under the impression that the ladies who were showing up for the interview had already been vetted by her and all seemed to know exactly what was involved (sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll).

    A minute later I heard a knock at the door and felt my mouth drop to the floor with surprise as I watched "Poseidon" star Emmy ROSSUM wander in.

    "Hey guys." she beamed, as I asked her to take a seat and make herself at home.

    Zooey emerged from the small bathroom behind the office and greeted her friend with a warm hug as I perused Emmy's resume. Looking up from the table I could see she had definitely put some thought into her outfit as she was scantily clad in a tiny little floral dress and open heeled stilettos.

    Emmy looked almost angelic and every bit the quintessential girl next door.

    "So I'll be gone for a few days." Zooey explained. "And I just need someone to hold down the fort for me for a few days."

    "That's fine." Rossum smiled.

    "It's nothing major." Deschanel added. "Just answer the phone and run the day to day office stuff."

    "I can do that." Emmy chirped back enthusiastically. "I mean, how hard could it be."

    "Well. That's pretty much it." Zooey smiled as she looked at me. "The only other major part of the job is keeping this big lug over here happy."

    "Hey. Who are you calling a lug?" I replied before I playfully threw a rolled up paper at her.

    "Oh. I'm sure I can manage that." Emmy flirted.

    "You do, huh." I counted before Zooey went on.

    "And just for the record, the boss always likes you to wear something sexy around the office... something with a bit of leg or cleavage. You know, for the clients of course."

    "Of course." Rossum agreed, and seemed to blush a little as I tested the waters and made a bold statement.

    "Let me guess," I hypothesized. "You're wearing thong panties under that dress right now."

    "Max!" Zooey whined. "Don't be such a pig. You're embarrassing her."

    She then directed her next comment at Emmy. "You don't have to answer that."

    Despite that Emmy simply smiled as I was sure I had this hot little minx pegged. She might have looked all sweet and innocent on the outside but I was almost certain that she was a real wildcat behind closed doors.

    To my amusement Zooey then apologized for my dry wit and warped sense of humor while Emmy responded to my bold comment by leaning forward and grinning widely.

    "Thong panties?" she quipped. "I don't think so. How about totally commando right now."

    Taken aback, I looked over at Zooey who smiled proudly.

    "Do I know how to pick them or what." she remarked a moment later.

    With that said, I told Emmy to go home and wait for the final decision later that day, while my eyes never left the hem of her skirt as she got up and briefly flashed me her naked cooch.

    The actress was clearly delighted with the interview and shared a quick peck on the lips with Zooey at the door before leaving.

    "Honestly. Do I need to see anyone else?" I remarked. "I think Ms. Rossum aced the interview don't you?"

    Zooey went on to explain how she had three other potential candidates who were interested in the position and suggested I see all of them before making the final decision.

    Unfortunately for her I run a tight ship and due to being so inundated with work it was going to be hard to find the time to squeeze them all in.

    With that said I then glanced over the some additional notes and narrowed down my final three candidates to actress Kat Dennings, Jamie Chung, and Emma Stone. I now had to decide which girl to see next.

    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event


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    And so it begins eh? Love it.

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    Definitely Emma Stone

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    VERY Good ,Thanks TPG

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    Fantastic beginning to a series that could very well potentially be the best yet.

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