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Thread: In The Mix Chapter #2 (CYA)

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    fanfiction In The Mix Chapter #2 (CYA)

    In The Mix #2
    With Emma Stone and Rihanna
    Created by TPG

    With most of the day's business out of the way, I soon greeted Avril LAVIGNE and her friends and escorted them into Studio B before I made arrangements to meet with Emma STONE for her job interview.

    Climbing into my Audi R8, I made my way over to Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills for a private dinner with the actress only to find her already a little lit and clearly enjoying herself.

    It seems in the time Emma had waited for my arrival she had helped herself to a bottle of wine and was now openly flirting with the waitstaff and appeared to be in a very playfully and flirtatious mood.

    Still, despite making a scene I was immediately impressed by her wit and charm, not to mention her stunning red satin dress which left little to the imagination.

    With the formalities out of the way, the two of us shared some wine and conversation over dinner where she went on to tell me a little bit more about herself, and I was relieved to see that the actress didn't appear to take herself too seriously.

    As a matter of fact she actually seemed completely unaffected by the business and was just about the most down to earth woman I had met in some time.

    With that said the "Easy A" star ultimately asked me about the studio and wanted to know if all the rumors were true, as she was apparently good friends with Zooey and seemed to know about all the inside gossip and scandalous affairs that went on behind closed doors.

    Feeling bold, I suggested that if she was that keen to find out that maybe we could swing by the office before heading back to my place. To my amusement Emma simply grinned and paused for a moment to think of an appropriate response.

    "And what makes you think I'd go home with you tonight." she grinned.

    "Sweetheart," I confidently replied. "You don't wear a dress like that if you're not looking for some fun."

    "What does that mean?"

    "I think you know exactly what that means. I bet you knew exactly what you were doing when you put that dress on tonight."

    "Maybe." Emma smiled as she helped herself to some champagne.

    As this flirtatious conversation continued I couldn't help but notice her hard pokies which stood at full attention under the satin dress. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra and was excited about something, with her nipples standing at full attention.

    This only spurred me on and a few minutes later Stone paused for a moment before she suggested we leave.

    "So. Shall we."


    With that said, the two of us left the restaurant and headed back in the direction of the studio.

    The entire time as I drove Emma rested her hand on the inside of my thigh, and as I would shift the manual transmissions I would feel her nails dig into me giving me wood.

    Minutes later we arrived back to Valhalla Studios where Stone appeared to be spellbound as she watched a grunge band jam away in one of the rooms, while Avril Lavigne and her girlfriends sat around riffing lyrics and smoking pot in another.

    "OMG. This place is amazing." Emma exclaimed before I took her by the hand and lead her up to the rooftop which overlooked the city skyline and featured a heated pool.

    The "Zombieland" star was clearly impressed as she took in the panoramic view.

    "So what do you think," I remarked while pouring her another glass of champagne. "You think you could get used to working in a place like this."

    Emma could barely wipe the grin off her face as I took this opportunity to lean forward and kiss her on the lips.

    Suddenly the starlet took a step back and without saying a single word she slipped out of her dress and dived into the pool, taking my breath away.

    Thinking quickly I immediately stripped out of my clothes and joined her in the water where the two of us frolicked around for several minutes before I finally cornered her in the shallow end of the pool and we proceed to make out passionately.

    There I leaned over to the side and poured an open bottle of champagne all over her mouth and neck, watching it cascade across her breasts and trickle over her erect pink nipples.

    Emma responded to this action by wrapping her bare legs around my hips and invited me to suckle her tits. The two of us proceeded to fuck right there in the water with the entire city around us.

    The two of us moaned audibly as I quickly discovered just how tight (and wet) the 22-year-old actress was, and while she groaned into my ear I suddenly noticed something in the corner of my eye that caught my attention.

    To my chagrin I suddenly realized that we were not alone and in fact had an audience who were casually sitting in the shadows smoking in the distance... and watching us have sex.

    Doing a double take I reluctantly withdraw from between Emma's legs and called out for them to identify themselves.

    "Hey. Who is that over there." I hissed, as my question was followed by giggles.

    "No please. Don't let us interrupt you." a woman replied as she got up from the bench and emerged from the shadows.

    I almost immediately recognized the voice and face which belonged to R&B singer Rihanna who was sitting with two of her friends and enjoying a blunt while Emma and I carried on.

    In truth we didn't even realize she was sitting there.

    Emma naturally gasped with shame and high tailed it out of the pool and reached for her clothes, while I told her to get her things and meet me down in my office.

    The actress scampered away as I slipped into something more appropriate and conversed with the Barbadian beauty, greeting her with a friendly kiss on the cheek as she explained what she was doing there.

    As it so happened Rihanna was in town and visiting the studio to catch up with Avril and collaborate on her latest album.

    "Sorry for the interruption." she smiled in her sexy Jamaican accent, as she finishes her cigarette and we accompanied each other to the elevator.

    "Don't worry about it." I laughed. "Although I think Emma is scared for life."

    "I tried to stay quiet but you guys were really... hitting it off." she teases. "It was really something to see."

    It was while in the elevator that the sexy singer finally turned to face me to pose a question.

    "Max. Can I ask you something?" she said sounding serious. "How come you never made a pass at me before?"

    Taken aback by her comment, I explained that although I clearly liked to screw around I usually never liked to mix business with pleasure (which in truth was bullshit).

    In fact the real truth was Rihanna simply intimidated me, but I was too afraid to admit it.

    "You know. Had I known that you were interested," I added. "I would have asked you out ages ago."

    "You know I'm always up for a little fun, Max." she teased. "I'm always enjoy a nice hard, quick fuck."

    As the elevator doors opened the songstress continued, "I'm just putting it out there."

    I simply nodded as I mulled over her comments.

    "That's err. Good to know."

    "So if you feel like having some fun," she beamed. "You know where to find me."

    I then watched as the leggy singer confidently strutted her stuff and headed back into the studio but not before glancing over her shoulder and flashing me a smoldering look.

    With that image still fresh in my head, I returned back to your office only to hear the shower running and looked to see Emma enjoying herself under the spray of water.

    There I stand for several moments to simply admire the girls flawless body, noting her perfectly pert breasts and the way rivets of soapy, foaming water cascaded across her pale hips and tummy and between her legs.

    The water trickled down over her hairless mound and across her smooth legs before she finally noticed me standing there watching her, to which she giggled shyly and covered her naked body with her hands.

    "Hey. You scared me." she quipped while clutching her flawless body.

    "By the way," she added. "Who has a shower in their office like this. You're insane."

    Approaching her in the shower, I insisted she drop her hands and show me her incredible body which she did.

    I then stepped forward and hungrily kissed her hard on the lips before I reached down and slipped two fingers into her hot wet cunt. Emma literally melted in my arms as I now worked two fingers in and out of her hairless sex and abruptly flipped her around and took her from behind.

    "Ugh! Fuck." she grunted aloud. "Oh. God."

    I now tapped that sweet ass of hers in the shower before she finally took charge and insisted that I sit down on the bench so she could ride me.

    Before I could object Stone physically pushed me down and straddled my legs and proceeded to ride me aggressively, her pretty little breasts jiggling in front of my face.

    The two of us fucked in this splendid positioned for several more minutes before she finally climaxed and creamed my cock with her warm nectar.

    With my pleasure and orgasm now paramount, Emma renewed her efforts and swung her legs around so as to place her in a reverse cowgirl position above me, before she began to move her hips more intently and proceeded to grind her pussy nice and slow.

    I now just sat back and watched in awe as my rod disappeared inside the moaning little minx, noting the way her slimy wet lips grasped hold of your meaty stick and stretched around my girth with each upstroke.

    Without warning the actress soon picked up the pace and began to slam her ass down over my cock, causing us both to grunt out loud while she insisted that I slap her butt and call her a bad girl.

    "Mm. You like that?" she hissed back over her shoulder. "You like watching me ride your fat cock. Huh."

    Grabbing her hips I then proceeded to thrust up into her and now pummeled that pussy for all it was worth, and it didn't take long for me to reach my zenith.

    A moment later I finally and reluctantly pulled out of her dripping sex and watched as she frantically dived to her knees and insisted that I unload all over her face.

    To my delight the sexy little nymphomaniac moaned lustfully as I dropped my load directly across her gaping mouth and watched her swallow my seed.

    "Fuck. Yeah." I groaned. "Good girl."

    With a great date had, the two of us slowly got dressed and I prepared to take her home when I caught sight of RIHANNA in the hallway. As expected Emma was still so ashamed from earlier that she could barely look the singer in the face.

    "Hey. Where are you going?" Rihanna quipped. "Are you coming back?"

    Glancing at the time I could see that it as just after midnight, which for someone like me was still early in the evening and around the time the studio really got interesting.

    As I grabbed my keys and was just about to respond to Rihanna, Avril suddenly emerged from the studio behind her and announced that she and her girlfriends were heading upstairs for a late night swim.

    "Hey dude. What's up." Lavigne snapped as she walked straight by us. "Are you going to join us or what?"

    "Hey. I asked him first." Rihanna interrupted with a grin, to which Avril simply poked out her tongue.

    "For your information," I remarked as I walked Emma to the lift. "I should be back in about 20mins."

    "Don't be late, huh." Rihanna quipped, before flashing me a cheeky wink.

    The ride back to Emma's apartment was a short and uneventful trip with the exhausted starlet falling asleep beside me in the passenger seat. Having finally dropped her off home, I told her that Zooey would keep in touch and inform her if and when she could start work.

    Minutes later I arrived back to the studio and entered the garage where it was only now that I started to consider how I should proceed upstairs, knowing that Rihanna was waiting to "talk" to me in the studio while Avril and her friends were upstairs on the roof frolicking in the pool.

    As expected Zooey greeted me in the elevator and judging from her appearance she too had just arrived back to the office after a dinner date.

    "How was it?"

    "Don't ask." she replied, as she claimed that the studio was expecting another late night booking to arrive, while in my office I had a unexpected visitor.

    "What are you talking about?" I scoffed. "It's like half past midnight. Who in their right mind want to see me at this ungodly time of the night?"

    sat another client is in fact on their way to the studio as she speaks, and that Jamie Chung has showed up unexpectedly and is also waiting to see you in your office. You immediately flash your assistant a look.

    "I know, I know." Zooey maintained. "I tried to her her that you didn't want to see anyone but she just woulnd't take no for an answer and insisted she speak to you."

    "Well do you have any idea who she is or what its about?"

    Judging from the guilty expression on my assistants face I could tell that she did.


    "Go on. Spill."

    "It's Jamie Chung."


    "You know, one of the girls on that list I gave potential replacements for me while I'm gone?"

    "Unbelievable." I replied. "I just got back from dropping Emma Stone off at home."

    "Oh really. How was she?"

    Recalling our fun evening of drinking and fucking I immediately grinned.

    "You know what. Never mind."

    "Anyways. What's the deal with this midnight booking." I remarked. "Do we know anything about them?"

    "Yeah. They're a band based out of New York called The Pretty Reckless." Zooey explained. "They should be arriving to the studio at any minute, and shouldn't be too much trouble."

    It was only now as Zooey and I made our way upstairs in the lift that I suddenly realized I had a choice to make.

    I began to ponder if I should go to my office to interview Jamie Chung or meet Rihanna in the studio. Or better yet maybe I should just ditch the two and head up to the roof and join Avril Lavigne and her friends by the pool.

    This place was about to get busy.

    FYI you can vote for more than one person/event

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    The pool sounds like so much more fun ! Thanks again TPG great Story !

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    Another great chapter in the series. Emma was the best part in my opinion. From flirting at dinner to the incredible scene in the pool which makes me think of a far better version of Showgirls. Starbuk is right, "sounds like so much more fun" indeed. Then it just gets even better in the shower, great descriptions and such intense passion that is very fitting for her. Looks like it's back to the pool once again and it should be amazing.

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