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    fanfiction The Final Countdown feat. Selena Gomez

    The Final Countdown
    Featuring – Selena Gomez

    Written by Jude
    (Mf, Inc, spank)

    This Fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended Please Stop Reading

    July 22 2010 – 06:19 AM

    "I love my wife... I do. I love my wife... But..."

    I whispered this to myself over and over, maybe if I said it enough times it would bring me comfort to me as I stand here in the upstairs hallway of my opulent Los Angeles home, paid for by the Production company my wife and I run together, mostly out of the downstairs office.

    At the end of the hall to my right were the double doors to the master Bedroom I also shared with my loving and beautiful wife Mandy.

    Dead ahead of me, barely three inches from my face was the door to the only other occupied bedroom in the sizeable house. It was my daughter's room; Selena Marie Gomez- the young, already wildly successful teen actress and budding pop-star to boot.

    She was awake, I could tell because I'd been standing outside the door to her room for the last half hour- debating with myself whether to go in or not- and had heard her alarm clock go off at Six AM.

    Unusually early for her to be getting up on a Thursday when she didn't have to be at her job; a television show she was currently filming the final season for.

    The last twenty minutes had been full of the subtle sounds of her shifting around under the comforter of her queen sized bed -the oversized bed a luxury typical of the spoils I had been unable to resist giving her- and eventually the bed-clothes rustling was joined by the sounds of her flipping magazine pages.

    She was waiting in there, for the same reason I was waiting out here.

    And yet- standing here, on the threshold of such a giant leap forward that I suddenly wasn't sure I wanted to take, I couldn't help but look back to where it all began.

    May 18 2006 05:40 PM

    "Son of a bitch" I muttered, knuckles scraping against the stubborn stubble just underneath my chin as I pulled a finger through my hackneyed third attempt at tying my bowtie.

    I was nervous, trapped in a stuffy little closet of an ante-room off the main corridor of the chapel I was soon to be married in. I had been panicked when I was awoken this morning, not even hung-over because I was still a little drunk, to the sound of my ringing cell-phone in the other room. It was Mandy, my gorgeous wife-to-be, leaving a quick message and hanging up before I found my phone to answer, telling me she couldn't wait to see me again at the chapel in a few hours and that, as much as she could understand my showing up to our wedding in my Saturday worst, it wouldn't look great in the pictures.

    Coming to my senses, I remembered that today was the big day; I stormed around the house like a cleaning tornado. Pizza boxes were tossed outside, my two buddies kicked out of the den in the basement and my wayward suit bag quickly located.

    Mandy and I had both organized out respective Bachelorette and Bachelor parties for the same night, we also both forgot to book a sitter for Selena, her thirteen-year-old daughter- still an actress but not nearly famous yet. We couldn't find one last minute so, tomorrow being Mandy's big day I put my hand up to stay home and baby-sit the huffy- I'm not a baby- baby.

    Then the aforementioned friends came around with a half dozen pizzas, a case of Corona and a couple of the dirty debutantes DVDs they knew I liked, so we had a party at home.

    I was doing fine for time, having planned for a full hour at the chapel to get ready before the wedding and being a guy... I only needed fifteen minutes to get pants, shirt, shoes and jacket organized. The suit came with a black cummerbund but I wasn't going to wear it, it was warm in the chapel and I always associated those garments with boring-ass church trips with my father.

    That just left this damn bowtie, I could tie a necktie in my sleep but these stupid... fidgety things.

    "Fuck" I cursed under my breath, then immediately felt bad, swearing in the lord's house and all. As I let my hands drop to my sides there was a knock at the door.

    "Hello?" I said, not turning from my mirror affixed to the wall of the ornate but old dresser in my changing closet.

    "Brian?" a familiar, high pitched but rasped and throaty voice came- questioningly through the door.

    I smiled, turning and staring at the solid pine wall-on-hinges separating me from my wife-to-be.

    The sound of her voice immediately got me thinking about last night, a text from Mandy at a little after Ten PM told me to come upstairs.

    I exited the basement, knowing immediately that my fiancé was in the house, and a little bit tipsy, the trash bin that usually stood against the corner wall between the basement door and the archway into the hall had been knocked over.

    I made my way upstairs, knowing that my buddies wouldn't notice my absence- and found my wife, giggling-drunk in our pre-marital bed. She'd gotten inspired while out at her bachelorette party and came home for a quickie.

    The fresh memory got the blood flowing down south, my member going from Sunday casual to straining for freedom in the blink of an eye.

    Thinking that maybe my rambunctious wife was after another, quick and hard up against the church wall I strode across the room.

    "I thought it's bad luck for me to see you in the dress before the wedding?" I asked through the door.

    "Or maybe you're thinking I tear that dress right off you before I get the chance to see it-" I continued as I yanked the door open- my smile faltered, then I had to drop my gaze about one and a half feet to look into the eyes of Selena. She looked adorable in a pale purple bridesmaid dress, sheer and flowing around the hem with a darker purple sash stitched just below her barely existent bust line.

    Inside my pants, my dick lurched again and I cursed myself for confusing their similar voices. Selena's was higher than Mandy's and I should have been able to hear the difference. I bit down on my tongue too, using the pain to distract my brain and keep it from crossing signals. Mandy, Mandy is the one I get hard for. Selena is the one I go to jail for getting hard for... not that I've ever thought about it. She's cute, cute in an ice-cream and lollipops kind of way not cute in a 'I want to wrap those skinny, pale mocha legs around my head and... anyway.

    Selena smiled up at me, the same slightly distrusting smile I'd been getting from her for the last year, since I started dating her mother.

    "What?" she asked, "You want to tear my dress off?" Her hands unclasped from behind her back and came up to the chest of her long flowing garment, gripping and tugging lightly on almost flat bust-line as though testing its strength.

    "No, No, No!" I asserted quickly, shaking my head vigorously and waving my hand in her face, trying to distract her into letting go of her dress.

    She did and smiled up at me again, tilting slightly to her right before quickly two-stepping around me and into my cramped, stuffy changing room.

    "I'm looking for Mom's bouquet, it isn't in here is it?"

    "Why would it be in here?" I asked blankly, swivelling around in the doorway to stare after her as she started poking curiously around in my bag and the drawers of the dresser, those along with the chair being the only three things in the room besides me.

    "Hmm" she casually, not listening to me, pulling the purse string off her shoulder and dropping the little, mostly decorative thing on the corner of the dresser table.

    "But I'm glad you're here, Selena, I've been wanting to get you alone- er- to talk to you about some things."

    She stopped, turning on the spot and smiled that same slightly distrusting smile at me again.

    "It's about you, and me, and your mother... and most of all today. Now I know you're mother's had the talk with you-."

    "About sex?" she asked, startling me with the sudden foray into the conversation.

    "N... no, the talk about me. We've known each other a while now kiddo, and we get along pretty well don't we?"

    Her suspicious smiled faltered for a moment before she finally nodded her agreement.

    I went on "The fact that I'm going to be officially part of the family now, your family, doesn't have to change a thing between you and I. I'll still be 'Brian' if that's how you want me- er- how you want to call me. Or you could call me step-dad but you never have to feel obliged to call me Dad, okay? That's your father's name and I certainly don't want to step on Rick's toes any. Do you understand?"

    Selena's face darkened briefly- an impressive thing for someone to be able to do at thirteen- when I mentioned her biological father. Ricardo had moved, independently from Mandy and Selena but because of them, to Los Angeles when they did. Up until nine months earlier when some unknown aspects of his finances came under investigation from the FBI and he moved back to Dallas.

    "He's not my Daddy anymore" Selena said in a low, resentful voice.

    Then all at once her face brightened and her mood lightened and she smiled, genuinely, up into my face.

    "You're my daddy now" she decided with an assertive little nod.

    I smiled, holding her eye-line to keep her from noticing as I shifted my weight back slightly at the hips. My dick had given another lurch at the way her voice would lower into a kind of kittenish growl on the word 'Daddy.'

    "Good, I'm glad you feel that way" I said, my hands fidgeting subconsciously as her gaze didn't unlock from me. Was she waiting for something?

    "I think..." she said slowly, letting me breathe a sigh of relief that such a sweet moment hadn't gotten awkward. "The first thing I should do for my Daddy is help him tie his bowtie."

    I smiled lamely, holding up both ends of the thing "You know how?"

    She nodded, grabbing the front edge of the dresser table and pulling herself up to sit on it then stretched her arms out towards me like for a hug. "Old Dad was in show business."

    I nodded "Ah" and approached her, making sure to stop a good five inches from the front of the dresser, she was sitting with her knees together and hanging down the front of the table- my half hearted erection would have bobbled against her shins if I was any closer.

    She grunted with dissatisfaction, having to stretch her arms to reach not only up but out to get at my neck. "I can't reach, you need to stand closer" she stated, trying to scoot herself forward on the table her knee accidentally brushed against the front of my tuxedo pants and I suppressed a hiss as she knocked my cock like a bobble-head.

    "I don't think that's a good idea" I replied instinctually at the sensation vibrating through my pants and boxers. I nearly choked on my own tongue when the blatant meaning of my words suddenly struck me.

    "Right," she nodded, blissfully unaware. "Because I'd crease the pants... Here."

    I suppressed another noise, this time a gulp as she quickly grabbed the knees of her dress. With a yank back and side to side shuffling of her cute little butt she hiked the dress up higher and higher until several inches of skin above her knees was exposed.

    "Selena!" I cautioned, then took a breath to try and remove some of the panic from my voice "you-you're mother wouldn't be happy if she saw you messing up that dress."

    Selena ignored me, her dress sufficiently high enough now- I could see half of the tops of her thighs- she reached up and snatched my bow-tie ends again.

    "You need to come closer" she asserted and quickly I felt the backs of her bare calves on the backs of my thighs.

    I barked a loud, startled noise as little Selena tensed her surprisingly toned leg muscles and pulled my legs and thus my whole body forward until my erection was banged painfully between my crotch and the front edge of the hard-wood desk.

    "Oomph" I let out, hands planting onto the desk on either side of Selena, my considerably long upper body bent forward, hunched over her. Then she was looking up at me, her eyes suddenly dusky and dark and her features hanging slack in awe as she stared into my eyes. For a moment we just breathed, her breathing out, the warm air clouding between us before I breathed it in.

    "That should be close enough" she nodded and I quickly pulled back, standing upright and trying to step back but her legs were still wrapped around mine. If I asserted a little strength I was afraid I'd pull her all the way off the table.

    She scooted forward, her crotch now pressing against my belly through the tuxedo shirt as she busied her hands with my collar.

    For a brief, insane moment I was left wondering how much of her dress-hem had been hiked up and away from her crotch. Were Selena's little panties rubbing directly against my shirt? No, the dress had about three layers of material, the chances of her underwear being directly against my shirt were slim to none.

    What the hell was I thinking, Selena's panties, There, I did it again! What the fuck is wrong with me, she's your daughter man, or about to be anyway.

    "You have a thick neck" she commented in a slightly put out voice as her hands fiddled with the half-tied knot, evidently she decided it wasn't coming out right because she pulled it loose and started again.

    "Hmm" was all I could trust myself to say aloud seeing as how fucked up my thoughts were at the moment.

    Then, all of a sudden, the fucked-up-ness went into red alert.

    I felt something, just a tingle at first but I'd only just registered its existence before suddenly it started to grow larger. It was a small but widening patch of warm... damp, sponging into the front of my tuxedo shirt just below my belly-button.

    I allowed myself the briefest of glances down, between Selena's outstretched arms to her crotch. Yep, it was lined up directly with where the warm wet patch was now starting to become unavoidably noticeable.

    Was she... No. There was no way. SHE'S THIRTEEN YOU SICKO, get it out of your head. Calm down.

    Selena Gomez, your thirteen-year-old stepdaughter is not getting wet down there from tying your bow-tie. I didn't even think thirteen-year-olds were hooked up down there to be able to do that.

    "There, done" she said suddenly with a smile, her legs tensed and pressed harder against the back of mine for a moment.

    I tilted the top half of my body back away from her, breathing a sigh of relief at the small amount of distance. Trying not to think about the misguided times in my dumber, high-school days when a girl getting that close to me- legal age or not- could only end one way.

    "Now" she said in a low, insistent whisper that caught my attention immediately "give me your cum"

    My heart practically jumped out of my chest and the voice that I responded with was small, like a rat being trodden on, "What... what was that?"

    "Your cummerbund" she restated, a little louder now, "give it to me, I might as well tie it on too while I'm here."

    She wiggled her hips, rubbing the wet patch between her inner thighs harder against my belly.

    "No" I asserted louder than I should have, grabbing her legs just above the knees and prying them off of my hips, freeing myself and stepping back. "I-I uh- wasn't going to wear it."

    She hesitated for the briefest of seconds, big brown eyes studying my face, obviously questioning my bizarrely strong reaction.

    "Okay" she said suddenly, hopping nimbly off the dresser table and stepping up to me.

    She reached up, grabbed my shoulder and pulled me down, I allowed her too and was rewarded with a peck on the cheek.

    "See you out there Daddy."

    She left the room and I breathed a sigh of relief, checking the mirror and focusing on the fact that she'd actually done a good job on the bowtie... anything to keep from thinking about the other fact that little Selena had just gotten her pussy wet doing something as innocuous as tying a bowtie.

    On top of that there's the fact that the only way I'd have felt it would be if she weren't wearing panties at all. Meaning her bare teenage sex was... anyway.

    The more I thought about it the more I was shocked and disgusted with myself. I was sexualizing my thirteen-year-old stepdaughter... what the hell was wrong with me. Now that the little pheromone factory had left the room I could breathe again and was positive that at least eighty percent of the sexual tension in that little exchange had been imagined. She was just a kid after all.

    It was then that I noticed the little dark purple purse still sitting on the corner of the dresser table.

    I picked it up gingerly, expecting to feel the rattle of Selena's cell phone or a digital camera bouncing around inside. Instead however I felt something else, a solid mass that didn't shift around even with a little experimental shake.

    Curious, I unsnapped the flap on the purse and opened it, finding inside a thick piece of pink and white patterned material. I grabbed a visible seam and pulled it out, regretting it immediately when the pair of Selena's pink and white panties came fluttering out in my hand.

    She... she clearly just took them off because it was hot in the chapel, she's only a kid after all and didn't know any better.

    Yes. I'd do well to stay right away from thoughts like that, she shouldn't even be fully aware of sexuality yet let alone capable of that level of sexual aggression.

    But still... I looked down and groaned, seeing the small stain on the front of my shirt, it was clear, a vertical oval shape with pointed ends. Part of me wanted to untuck my shirt, raise it up to my nose and smell it.

    I put the cummerbund on instead.

    April 6 2008 – 8:58 PM

    I was sitting on the couch with my loving a beautiful wife Mandy snuggled up next to me, we were watching America's next top model or some bullshit like that. I couldn't have been paying less attention if I'd wanted too, really I was just going through the motions by staring at the screen. My eyes were flickering to the clock on the wall of the living room of the house so often I spent more time watching the hands of the clock that I did the screen as Tyra stormed around, getting all 'Uhm-Hmm' at someone or whatever the heck she did.

    The room was dark, the light had been on when Mandy and I came in and sat down after dinner but I'd been sure to turn it off when Top Model started. The only light in the room was the slow-changing kaleidoscope of colour from the TV screen.

    The minute hands ticked another tock and that was my queue. Standing quickly, but making a show of looking casual I crossed the room towards the door into the hall, heading for the kitchen.

    "M'getting a drink, do you want anything?" I asked my TV-enraptured wife.

    She shook her head, eyes not leaving the screen.

    As soon as I was out of her field of view I dashed the length of the hallway, pulled a glass out of the cupboard, half-filled it with tap-water, then dashed back down the hall towards the living room.

    As I was passing the bottom of the stairs I turned, seeing a column of light suddenly break open on the darkened upstairs hallway wall as Selena's bedroom door opened.

    I skidded to a halt, taking a moment to compose myself before rounding the corner into the living room, Mandy hadn't moved an inch. I smiled at her as her eyes briefly left the set to catch mine, a loving smile in them before they returned to her show.

    "That was quick" she commented.

    I hesitated, halfway down to taking my seat not on the couch next to her but the recliner in the corner by the archway, further from the TV.

    "Was it?" I asked innocently, she shrugged with one shoulder and didn't ask anything further.

    I smiled, crisis averted and reached down, hand slipping into my pyjama pants and adjusting my already formidable erection, forcing it down and wedging it under my thigh. My ears pricked to the approaching sound of soft, lithe footfalls on the carpet in the hall behind my back.

    A moment later Selena emerged into the room, she very specifically didn't look at me, even skirting wide around me to make a bee-line for her mother.

    She was dressed in the same thing she'd been wearing for bed every night the last few years, unless she had friends around for a sleepover. A white cotton nightie that had been bought for her at least two years worth of vertical growth ago, so that now it stopped about two inches above her knees.

    My fifteen-year-old stepdaughter Selena stood exactly between her mother and me, bending forward at the hips until the backs of her thighs and a sliver of her perfectly shaped butt were presented to me.

    "Goodnight Mom" Selena said as she touched her mother's shoulder.

    Mandy turned, looking up into Selena's wide, innocent brown eyes and smiling back at her. I knew why, Mandy loved that Selena's burgeoning career as a Hollywood actress hadn't corrupted her; she still said goodnight before bedtime to her parents every night.

    "Night sweetie, have you got everything ready for your first day back tomorrow?"

    "Ah-ha" Selena nodded.

    I nodded to myself, not needing the reminder of how special tonight was; Selena was back at work tomorrow, shooting the second season for her television show 'the Wizards of Waverly Place.'

    She had a starring role in the show, the starring role you might say what with the way half of the audience was made up of older male viewers, watching covertly just to stare at my little Selena.

    With the irregular shooting schedule her bedtime was suspended, meaning that tonight was the last time Selena and I could play 'The Game.'

    Usually the exchange I'd just witnessed was the sum-total of words spoken between Selena and her mother- usually.

    Tonight Mandy's eyes lingered on Selena, after a moment strafing down her baby-girl's legs then back up to her innocently smiling face.

    "We're going to have to buy you some new pyjamas Selena, if you were wearing a dress that short out on the street men would think you were somebody's muchacha mala."

    I smiled, Selena's argument for keeping hold of her once modest- now indecently skimpy nighties was always that she wasn't really growing all that much. Then usually I would jump in with a whippy quip about her still being a baby and she would jump on me and try to pinch me.

    Tonight I was thinking I could skip a few steps and started to softly sing the Nursery Rhyme that came to mind, just loud enough for them both to hear; "Duérmete niña, Duérmete ya, Que viene el coco, Y te llevará."

    They both turned to look at me, the mocking smile on my face directed at Selena.

    Mandy chuckled and Selena got quickly red-faced. "You..." Selena said, her voice irate and embarrassed.

    She lunged at me, skinny little legs curling up when she jumped into my lap. Selena grabbed my face, holding it back and pinching the front of my shoulder through my t-shirt, she then pinched down my chest and onto my nipple, suddenly grabbing and twisting harder to try and get a yelp from me. But I knew it was coming, she had used the same tactic too many times before.

    It was our little game. She'd come down to say goodnight then find some excuse to climb into my lap- trying to stay up for a few minutes past her bed-time- whether it was feigning interest in the show or to get me back for whatever babying comment I'd directed at her. Then the game would begin. She would pinch and scratch and one time even bite to try and get me to make a noise, drawing her once again TV-engrossed mother's eyes back to us to lay down the law and order Selena to bed.

    But I had my mission as well, it was the same as hers but for obvious reasons I couldn't pinch or scratch, and the few times in the past when I had she wailed loudly and left, the look she'd affixed me with telling me that I wasn't playing fair.

    I almost let out a gargle at the twisting pain in my nipple but staved it off, catching her ring finger with my teeth and sucking it onto my tongue. She balked at the sensation and I pressed my advantage, grabbing her legs, one after the other with my right hand and pulling them out. When both her smooth and toned olive skinned legs were splayed over the arm-rest, my hand slithered up between them, tickling that spot I knew she didn't like to be touched high up on her inner right thigh.

    Selena gave off the tiniest little grunt for a split second but stifled the noise immediately, looking at me with narrow eyes and a teasing grin.

    She pulled her finger, my impromptu self-gag from my mouth and used the now freed digits to grab my right hand from between her legs. She yanked it up before I knew what she was going to do and popped the ends of my considerably larger index and middle fingers into her own little mouth.

    I narrowed my eyes into a playful glare, letting her know that wasn't going to work. And then her fingers tightened their grip on my palm, her little pink lips opened into an 'Oh' shape and she slid my fingers deeper into her mouth. My eyes went wide in surprise, fingertips suddenly brushing past her uvula before poking the back of her soft palette.

    Looking through a messy hanging fringe of black hair into Selena's eyes, I could see her staring intently back at mine, trying with all her might not to gag. Then, after a moment she closed her lips around the base of my two fingers and sucked.

    She had the vacuum power of a Dyson for God's sake! I groaned, snapping my teeth shut and forcing the sound to bounce around the inside of my mouth.

    Over Selena's shoulder I saw Mandy's own shoulder twitch just slightly, a tendon line under her neck tensing for a moment as she prepared to turn her head... then it loosened, Mandy didn't move.

    Selena was still sucking like a black hole eating up the cosmos, but seeing how close I'd come to losing that exchange had motivated me.

    I placed my hand on Selena's butt, for a moment she stopped sucking and stared at me, wondering what I was about to do to her butt. I smiled, grabbing a fistful of the back of her nightie and yanking it out from under her cute little derriere. My left hand slithered under the nightie and up her bare back, stopping just below her shoulder blades I hooked a finger under her bra-strap and pulled it back a half inch.

    Selena's mouth opened suddenly into that 'Oh' again when I let the bra strap go, it snapped her, thankfully her little gasp was choked by my own fingers.

    She fixed my eyes with an affronted stare, I smiled and pulled her slim bra strap back again, this time further and her stare became pleading. For a second I wondered if she was pleading with me to stop... or to do it again.

    I did regardless and she yelped, biting down on my fingers just barely in time. I felt suddenly compelled as I saw in my peripheral- Mandy's chin was raising, turning and bringing her face with it.

    I gave a few gentle, throat clearing coughs, masking Selena sound and Mandy's neck stopped turning, her head settled a little lower between her shoulders and she blinked. Crisis averted.

    Then for a moment I was overcome with disgust at myself... I had the win, I usually got one victory every ten- maybe twenty rounds or so. But tonight I just couldn't help my lecherous self.

    I felt bad for Selena most of all, the sweet little girl had been conditioned unintentionally by me to think this little game was just that.

    She had no idea that every time we played I was concealing a raging hard-on, it wasn't for her... no, oh no of course not. It's not like I wanted to grab Selena by the hips, stand myself up and drop her onto her back in the armchair, pull off her clothes and mine, penetrate her sweet- virgin pussy, fuck her and fuck her hard until I shot a bucket load of cum deep inside my own stepdaughter.


    It's just that Mandy and I get into these workaholic patterns, and sex is the last thing on our minds, unless I can work up a good strong boner that she couldn't well refuse. This throbbing erection was for her Mother, not Selena.

    I just pray to god Selena never finds out how much touching her in all her little spots turns me on.

    I was sharply distracted from me self-loathing when I felt something, I looked down to see Selena's arm had slithered down between her legs and mine. The sharply painful sensation was her finger and thumb, pinching me hard through my pyjama pants on my inner thigh.

    I jolted when she managed to pinch a little hair between the fabric and her fingers and twist on it, my whole backside jumped a half inch off the seat raising Selena momentarily with it.

    Then the bottom fell out of my stomach.

    The jolt had released my blood-filled and blood-thirsty erection from its pinion under my leg, my heart practically stopped beating when I felt the head of my erection coming swinging up and punch Selena right on her perineum through my pants and her panties.

    I saw the electric shock of the sensation shoot up her body, hitting her face and making it go suddenly and terrifyingly blank.

    She was just a Kid, completely unaware of what effect our game had on me, but she knew her sex ed. And now she knew everything, could feel 'everything' forcing up and sliding subtly around on her crotch.

    Selena turned her shocked face to stare at me, teeth parting and letting my wet fingers slip out of her mouth and fall into her lap. I pulled my hand away like it'd been zapped, afraid she might now realize the placement of my hand as a sexual thing.

    I was done for. Selena was going to yell and holler, crying while she told her mom about the game and how I was still hard and trying to rape her in the living room.

    Then... finally, the axe dropped- her expression changed from shock to realization and... I couldn't believe it, she leaned her face closer to mine.

    Her hands came up, pressing on my shoulders and pushing my back into the chair she pursed her lips. I was struck dumb and still at what was happening as her little pink lips closed over mine and she kissed me. The little pecks she'd been giving me on the cheek for years flashed briefly through my mind as her mouth parted against mine, lips moving and undulating over mine as I felt her tongue slide up and prod at my tightly closed, shocked immovable lips.

    It was all too much, what should I have done? What could I have done?

    I started kissing back, opening my mouth and sucking her little pink tongue into me I felt her tasting the inside of my mouth, her tongue was everywhere at once as she lost her mind a little. Suddenly Selena was writhing around on my lap; just like she'd always done in our little game but this time with a whole new meaning.

    Her hands came down, sliding with surprising precision into my pants, fingers wrapping around my hard cock and pulling until it was half out.

    I felt the knuckles of her other hand against my thigh, knew she was pulling her panties aside.

    I couldn't believe it, my stepdaughter Selena, sweet innocent little fifteen-year-old Selena Gomez wanted me inside of her. The lust-drunk look in her eyes confirmed it; she wanted me so badly she was willing to do it in the living room and in front of her mother.

    Thinking about Mandy brought me suddenly to my senses, I felt the head of my cock brush briefly past one of her already dripping wet vaginal lips. Selena liked our game as much as I did.

    Quickly I pulled my lips off of hers, fixing her 'lost in a daze expression' with a cautionary glare.

    She came to her senses too, head whipping quickly around to look and see that yes- the earth hadn't opened up and swallowed her mother. Then her nimble little hands were tucking my throbbing member back into my pants and pulling her panties back into place.

    "Come up to my room" she whispered, leaning close to the side of my head and punctuating her request with a slow lick along the shell of my ear.

    I almost lost my mind. But I had to keep it together, for Selena... for Mandy.

    "Ahem, Selena" I said loudly, getting her mother's attention as well "Big day tomorrow, don't you think you should get to bed."

    The look of betrayal on Selena's face was heart-breaking. Over her shoulder Mandy, my loving wife suddenly looked around and fixed the back of Selena's head with a suspicious stare. "That's right niña, bedtime" Mandy clapped her hands together once, settling the matter.

    Slowly, Selena untangled herself from my lap and stood, I saw a brief glimpse of her panties before she pulled her nightie back down, they were soaked through with her girl-cum. To think I had done that.

    I hung me head in shame a little, paling under the genuinely hateful look Selena was giving me.

    For a brief moment I wondered what the hell was wrong with me. It's not like I didn't pop a half woodie every time she came into the room. Then she invites me up to her room to... something... and I turn her down... But no, it was the right thing to do. She's fifteen and she's my stepdaughter for God's Sake.

    That positive thought only lasted for about ten seconds until suddenly the fresh, vivid memory of that last look on her face made me wonder... what was she going to do to get back at me?

    January 19 2009 – 2:30 PM

    I grumbled as I came through the back door of the house into the kitchen, hearing the rear door to the garage swinging open and closed in the cold breeze behind me.

    I'd been working, at a meeting at the Broadway cafe in Glendale with a very genial Booking Agent from Blossom Films. Honestly I'd been looking forward to the sandwiches at the cafe more than the meeting, the offer from Blossom was legitimate but the film didn't seem like a good idea. Mandy was on the warpath trying to find a 'Vehicle' for Selena's career; signing Selena on for yet another movie based on a young adult book series didn't seem prudent, and an ensemble to boot... that's the last we'll be hearing about this 'Monte Carlo'.

    But I'd done the LA thing, taken the meeting and sat politely, nodding and going 'Hmm' in a positive tone at all the right places.

    Then I get a text message from Selena, my first thought was panic, it was the middle of a weekday, and Selena had left that morning with her friend Demi to go shopping. Demi had only just got her driver's license; I'd cringed at the sound of her car scraping the kerb and riding the clutch into our driveway that morning.

    But then I opened the text message and relaxed- briefly- 'R U home? Think I left mom's straightening iron on n-the upstrs bthrm.'

    The father in me was mad, like I was expected to drop everything, go home and unplug her damn beautifying apparatus. But I also paid the premiums on the Home and Contents.

    So I wrapped the sandwich to-go, apologized to Mister 'Something-or-other' for wasting his time and hopped in the car.

    Forty minutes later and here I was.

    I huffed impatiently, striding through the kitchen to the hall and cutting right to head upstairs.

    It's unlucky I didn't glance left in the hall- I would have seen the man sized black leather jacket and grey hoodie with Selena's purse sitting on top right by the front door- maybe spared myself the cardiac arrest that was waiting for me upstairs.

    Into the upstairs bathroom I went, seeing Mandy's archaic looking black straightener sitting, the power cord unplugged and wound around it, on the floor.

    The impatience in me suddenly broke and I chuckled, taking out my phone and beginning to type a text back to Selena.

    She'd been doing this for the better part of eight months now, ever since that night last April when she... when I took the Goodnight Game too far. We still played, but not as often now because one of us was usually mad at whatever bullshit little errand or chore the other had recently tricked them into doing.

    I was just putting the final touches on my message: 'No, your mother used it after you left this morning, it burned a black streak into her hair, she thinks U broke it. If you don't want her to be mad at you you'd better buy a new one on your way home.'

    Sending that message, I typed up a new one and was about to send 'Got you a present' to Mandy's cell when a sound caught my attention.

    It was a shrill 'Beep-Beep', a message received sound that reverberated through the door across the hall to me.

    I hesitated, turning and looking through the open bathroom door to Selena's closed bedroom door.

    I smiled, she was in there, listening intently to the sound of my hurrying home on her little errand. Smarmy little tart. I'd get her.
    Silent as I could, I crossed the bathroom tile, through the door into the hallway I crept up to Selena's door, standing in a ready position I reached for the door handle, gripping it and turning the knob.

    All at once I threw the door open, taking one strident step into the room.

    "BOO!" I half-shouted.

    What I saw sent a sudden, terrified chill cutting through me.

    Selena wasn't right by the door listening intently. She was lying on her bed, the headboard of which against the wall to my left, her head was pushed back and buried in the pillows, arms splayed and fists clenching the sheets.

    Her shirt was pulled up but I couldn't see below to tops of her exposed bra cups as there was a teenage boy laying on his side, half on top of her.

    His right elbow was visible, raised at an odd angle on the other side of his torso, a positione I recognized immediately. He was fingering my stepdaughter- hard- practically punching her pussy with the way his elbow was jerking.

    The boy stopped, turning his head awkwardly and fixing me with a wide eyed, terrified stare. After all I'm a big guy.

    Selena hadn't seemed to notice me yet, her teeth still clenched and holding back a long, low moan.

    "S-Selena" the boy said, his voice shaking fearfully, still staring at me.

    He pulled his right arm back suddenly and I shuddered at the wet slopping sound it made as his digits were pulled from Selena's no-doubt wet, sixteen-year-old pussy.

    The boy stood, the front of his pretentious pre-distressed jeans tenting with his erection.

    Selena finally regained control of herself and sat up, she didn't say a word upon seeing me, just stared with a vaguely hesitant expression, as though unsure of what I would do.

    I strode forward, eyes locking briefly on the caked cum juice on the boys index and middle fingers.

    He was a pretty-boy, olive skin and short black hair, the face was vaguely familiar but not a boyfriend I knew, I made it a point to memorize every detail about the boys Selena had brought home.

    I grabbed the pretty-boy by the back of the neck and yanked him hard across the room and out into the hall.

    "It wasn't what it looked like sir!" the boy tried to explain through his panic.

    I paused at the top of the stairs, briefly contemplating throwing him down, "What was it then... she tripped and you fell!?"

    He hesitated again and I just growled- a low, predatory noise that broke ground on a new level of fear in his eyes.

    Pulling him with me down the stairs we made it to the door and again he was trying to explain "She told me to do it, she made me for god's sake."

    I let go of the kid, throwing him against the wall and staring daggers at him for a moment as I scooped up his jacket and hoodie. "She's sixteen, and half your size boy. Wait... How old are you?"

    The threat in my question made him gulp "S-sixteen, sir."

    I sighed angrily, throwing his jacket into his face, pulled open the door and kicked him out of it.

    I was already on the bottom stair and climbing by the time the front door slammed shut behind me.

    In the hallway, just a few feet from Selena's now wide open bedroom door I hesitated. Since the day I became her father I'd wondered what I would do if I ever caught her, underage, in a co-ed situation, worrying that I wouldn't be able to man up enough because she wasn't my real daughter.

    Guess that answers that question.

    Even so, I didn't want to come at her mad right now, so I took the moment to calm my breathing and gather myself.

    I'd stopped- incidentally- right by the side table in the hallway, family photos and ornaments adorned it.

    In the back to one corner of the long table I saw the edge of a yellow, porcelain plate.

    I picked it up and looked at it, taking a second to remember the only other time I'd seen it.

    It had been on the day Mandy, Selena and I moved into the new house, I'd unpacked the delicate plate myself and set it on the table while Mandy explained; it was Selena's birth plate.

    It was home-made by one of Mandy's friends, a picture of a Mother teddy bear sitting on a rocking chair in a nursery and cradling a baby teddy wrapped in a blanket.

    On the wall behind the rocking chair were two very deliberately drawn things, to one side of the window was a calendar stuck forever on the July page with the 22nd circled in red. To the other side of the window was a clock face, the hands never moving off of 8:24.

    Thus we had a physical reminder telling us to-the-minute how old Selena was.

    It made me mad again, knowing how young she was and yet she let that smarmy, pretty faced boy put something inside her.

    I set the plate back down, careful not to break it and walked calmly into Selena's room.

    She was sitting up, and this time I got the full view that the boy had been staring at.

    Her jeans had been pushed clean off, draped over the foot of the bed, one leg hanging down to the floor, her little red panties were punched up around her left ankle.

    She had moved one of the pillows, now pressing it between her spread, naked legs- covering her wet and violated sixteen-year-old sex.

    "Did Taylor leave" she asked, innocently as though I'd caught the two of them drinking from one soda-pop with two straws.

    "You!" I stammered madly, fists clenched and shaking by my sides "Why would you do this, you're a good girl, not some punk's little slut, he said you made him do it and I believe him. Is that what you are, just some slut."

    "No" she said, her voice shaking as though about to burst into tears, "I'm not just anybody's slut Daddy, I'm, yours. That night when you said no to me I was mad but I still wanted you to come up here- and every night since then. I thought for a while that if we started playing the Poking Game again then you'd get the message but you didn't." Her bottom lip trembled and I could see the waterworks on their way. "Don't you love me anymore Daddy?"

    I sighed, trying to fight the racing of my heart-rate by speaking slowly. "Of course I love you sweetie."

    She huffed "not like that... Like this!" Then she was pulling the pillow away and I fought the urge to leer, turning my head away after catching just a brief glimpse of her sodden wet crotch. Her cum had been flowing for a good long while when I got there, spreading the wet patch a few inches up each thigh and as high as the bottom edge of her belly.

    It seemed too that since the last time I'd felt her down there that she had fallen headfirst into puberty, a downy little patch of currently sticky wet black pubic hair was sitting like a quiff above her wet pussy.

    I was rock hard, at the one time in my life I really, really wanted to not be.

    She reached down, cupping her hand over her crotch and covering it which I was thankful for, partly because it allowed me to turn and look at her straight again- but mostly because the smell that had suddenly wafted off of her sex was filling the room, intoxicating me. Every inch of her body was begging for it.

    "It's for you Daddy" she said of her pussy, hand clenching slightly on it to emphasize her point. "I've only ever let other boys touch me. Never let them put their penis inside me, I want you to take my cheery Daddy. And if you don't... I'll... I'll stay a virgin forever."

    "Selena" I moaned aloud, fighting with all my strength to hold back all the very animal instincts inside me. "We can't do this, you know we can't."

    "PUSSY!" she shouted suddenly.

    I grumbled, "Don't call it that, it's demeaning to-."

    "Not this" She asserted, taking her hand away and showing me again, I didn't look away this time. "You are... You're a big pussy, too afraid of his little girl to do what you really want to me. What I want, what I need, what I deserve... Pussy"

    "That's it" I snarled, stepping right up next to the bed and grabbing her by the legs. She squealed happily as- for a moment- I pulled her to me, stepping between her and holding still for a beat.

    Then I grabbed her by the hips, lifting her lithe little body clean off the bed and sitting myself down on the edge of it.

    I twisted her squirming, nubile body in my grasp and brought her down, ass up in the air, over my knees.

    "You've got a rebellious streak in you Selena. We can't have that, so we're going to have to beat it out of you."

    She moaned and trembled, her sex now upside down and dripping onto the thighs of my trousers.

    I raised my hand high, letting it stand there for a moment before saying one last word to my wayward step-daughter.


    "What-?" she managed to get out before I dropped my hand and slapped.

    She groaned an "Owww." my hand didn't bounced off of her bare butt, instead cupping her left cheek, waiting.
    "Wuh-One" she stammered.

    I smiled, spanking her again, even harder this time and forcing a quivering "Two" up her spine and out her mouth.

    I spanked Selena, harder and harder, alternating speed and rhythm and switching randomly between each cheek to keep her guessing. She got up to a shuddering, near orgasmic "Fi-fifty!" when finally I stopped, my hand rubbing around on the red raw flesh of her backside.

    As Selena panted to try and catch her breath, realizing that maybe her punishment was over I started rubbing lower, fingers sliding easily on her cum between her thighs, finding that- surprisingly- her pussy had kept flowing while she was getting her spanking.

    There was so much moisture down there, maybe I didn't realize at all or maybe my subconscious was hiding it from me but all of a sudden Selena moaned anew, her back arching up and her hair tossing back. I realized a moment later that while feeling around I'd accidentally slid a finger inside her.

    Later, I'd swear that I must've had a stroke because that could be the only reason I didn't immediately pull my finger back out of her. Instead my violating digit slid further, past the threshold of her inner lips to where she suddenly got very, very tight.

    "Oooh Daddy, deeper!" she moaned.

    Some small part of my mind snapped; the onslaught of the writhing, orgasmic girl on my lap, the smell that was bleeding out of every one of her pores getting me drunk, the impossibly tight in spite of the buckets of moisture cumming out of her sixteen-year-old pussy.

    "Brace yourself" I whispered into her ear and a moment later she came again, a fresh wave of her pungent girl-cum washed over my hand.

    I pulled back, adding my middle finger to the index that was on the edge of her folds and drove forward.

    "Unngh" she grunted deep and hard as I quickly started to saw my fingers in and out, deeper and deeper inside Selena's tight little pussy.

    She was rocking her hips back to me, impaling herself deeper and deeper onto my digits and driving me wild. Every time I drove my fingers into her the inside of my ring finger would rub against the sensitive, pencil eraser sized nub of her exposed clit, drawing fresh groans and trembles from her wild body.

    After barely a minute of this I felt her cunt muscles start to clench and flex around my fingers. She was going to orgasm on my fingers, hard.

    This thought grew and swelled inside my mind until it was the only thing I could think about. I started punching my fingers into her harder and faster. Forcing her closer and closer, I thought she was just approaching the verge when suddenly she was right there. She screamed; arms and legs flailing as muscles all over her body misfired wildly.

    She came buckets, washing my whole hand in her ejaculate for a solid twenty seconds before just as suddenly as it started, Selena's orgasm stopped. Her whole body sagged, her butt the only thing still raised in the air with my fingers still inside of her.

    She squirmed uncomfortably around my hand. "T-take them out Daddy, it hurts."

    I fought the urge to just yank my fingers out, instead holding her hip with my free hand and rolling her onto her back on my knees, my fingers slipping out of her gently.

    She moaned a happy little noise, writhing on the bed before sitting up, arms wrapping around me, still indecently naked from the belly down and sitting on my lap. Her knees dropped to the bed on either side of my hips and she hugged her body to mine, kissing the side of my face slow, long and deep.

    "Give... um" she muttered in her confused, post-orgasmic bliss "...give me a little while Daddy. You made me cum so hard I stopped thinking for a little bit and it hurts down there now. Give me fifteen minutes before you fuck me, okay?"

    I sighed, wrapping my long arms around her body and holding her to me.

    "Baby, you know I can't do that, I can't have sex with my daughter."

    "Stepdaughter" she insisted haughtily. "And what do you care, you just had your fingers inside your daughter, you made your slutty daughter cum."

    "I can't" I insisted, "If your mother ever found out she'd never forgive me, and she'd never see you the same again. Don't give me that look you know it's true."

    Selena huffed, leaning back on my lap and crossing her arms for a moment before, eventually, something dawned on her. "So..." she said finally, "Mom finding out is the only thing stopping you from being with me?"

    I groaned, knowing that she wasn't going to get my point today but conceding hers, "Yes, I guess, as long as there is the slightest chance of your mother finding out then I can't even think of doing that to you- er, with you."

    She nodded, her face suddenly thoughtful making me just a little bit nervous about what she might be planning.

    May 24 2010 – 9:30 PM

    I sighed, sitting in my armchair and flipping listlessly through the channels, trying desperately to find something to distract myself.

    My depraved, secret relationship with my stepdaughter had reached a kind of homeostasis for the last year and a half.

    Being seventeen, she no longer came down to say goodnight before her bedtime- which was self-imposed, but that was only because Selena and I had created a new game. She would misbehave; sometimes small things like taking one of my beers out of the fridge, drinking enough to get it on her breath then pouring the rest down the drain and pretending to be drunk in front of me. One time I had decided to try and stop myself from touching her ever again, made it two months before her acting out hit a peak when she crashed the car, deliberately, into a suburban home.

    Then her punishment, I'd tell her mother that I would take care of it then take Selena up to her room, pull her skirt up or her pants down, tear off her panties and spank her bare ass while she counted off the strikes for me. Sometimes we got as high as three hundred slaps. Then her reward, I'd thrown her down and practically rape her pussy and asshole with my fingers.

    After the car stunt I actually buried my face between her soft, supple thighs and chewed her to an earth-shattering orgasm, twice.

    Three weeks ago her mother and I had farewelled Selena at the airport, our baby-girl was bound for Monte Carlo, Monaco then other locations across Europe to shoot a film on location, by herself for the first time in her life.

    She had to work hard to convince Mandy to let her go, the main point of her defence being that Allison, Selena's assistant, would be chaperoning her the whole time.

    Not wanting to hang around and feel like an empty-nester Mandy had been making plans before Selena left to fly back to Dallas to visit family. I wanted to go with her, but somebody had to stay to feed the dogs and make sure the house didn't catch fire.

    Imagine my surprise when, at about four AM this morning the doorbell woke me up.

    It rang and rang and rang; I grumbled and cursed its existence as I padded down the hall, tying my dressing gown on and finally made it to the door.

    When I opened it Selena came flying across the threshold, dropping her overnight bag and jumping up to catch me in a tight hug.

    She announced she was homesick and wanted to spend a few nights in her own bed.

    I agreed, impressed more than anything else that she had booked and caught her own international flights back from Paris on her own. I knew there was another reason she was here, didn't even need to question her on it when she came down for dinner a few hours ago dressed in nothing but a yellow bra and white panties.

    I didn't need her to confirm it, but still I raised the issue.

    "Selena... why did you really come here... Is it because you knew I was going to be home without your mother for the week?"

    She looked up at me, smiling devilishly and not saying a word as she continued to spoon my home cooked fried-rice onto her plate.

    "Did you think I was going to use the empty house as an excuse to fuck you Selena?"

    Again she smiled, but seeing the serious expression on my face made her falter, "But I was super careful, Allison's covering for me so she's the only one who knows I'm not really laid up sick in my hotel room. And I made sure she knew I was flying from Paris to Montreal because she thinks I'm going to see Nick because that's where he and his brothers are on tour. I even made sure nobody took my picture when I was connecting in Montreal to fly back here. There isn't a chance in heck Mom could ever know I was here unless one of us tells her... And I'm not going to, not if you-."

    "NO!" I slammed my fork down on the table, startling her. "What we've been doing- what I've been doing to you is bad enough, I'm not saying that has to stop but in the eyes of the law you're my underage daughter so I can't be doing that. Do you understand?"

    She pouted, using her puppy-dog eyes to try and appeal to me but I just continued to glare.

    Muttering under me breath about the most tense dinner I've ever eaten I flipped the channel again, finding more unwatchable crap. Things had almost gotten out of my control twenty minutes ago when I'd gotten up to get a drink from the fridge and Selena, evidently waiting at the top of the stairs- let fly a framed picture of the family at magic mountain down the stairs.

    It smashed right at my feet, the sharp metal corner of the frame coming very close to cleaving into my shoulder as it had fallen.

    "SELENA!" I shouted angrily, looking up and seeing her playfully sneaky expression as she leaned over the banister. She was trying to goad me into another punishment session, but I didn't fall for it, god only knew what kind of trap she had set up in her room to ensure I didn't leave until she'd gotten my unyielding erection into her dripping wet seventeen-year-old sex.

    "Clean this up" I instructed calmly before moving on down the hallway.

    Ten minutes it took her to sweep everything up, moping around slowly and sniffling out in the hall, I just turned the volume up louder on the TV.

    The sound of her soft footfalls in the hall once again made me anxious, I didn't turn to look at Selena as she came into the room, doing my best to ignore her, something I'd never been good at.

    As smell wafted up my nostrils causing my member to stir beneath my pyjama pants. She'd been masturbating up in her room- a lot, I could tell because her body reeked of it.

    "Daddy?" she said in the smallest of mousy voices I'd ever heard come out of her lips.

    "Goodnight Daddy" she said a little louder and I heard, sensed and smelled her take two steps closer to me.

    An instinct of self defence made me turn my head to look at her, and my jaw snapped tightly shut.

    She'd been in my closet, was wearing one of my shirts- a powder blue dress shirt, one I usually saved for special occasions. Sitting there, staring with my mouth slightly ajar at Selena I couldn't help but think about how much she's grown.

    She used to be skinnier, smaller, her eyes so much bigger in comparison to her little face. Since then...?

    She's filled out, taken care of herself, slender legs now toned and fuller as they trembled slightly, whether from nerves or the cool air in the living room I don't know.

    It was then, under the questioning, appetent gaze of Selena's big brown eyes that I knew there was no reasoning with her, and decided on the best course of action. Now... how best to go through with it?

    "Goodnight baby" I said warmly, holding my arms out to Selena.

    She smiled wide for a moment, biting her bottom lip and hesitating for the barest of seconds before bounding forward, climbing into my lap and settling there.

    She kissed me, lips sinking onto mine and moaning blissfully into my mouth, vibrating her glossy pink lips as her hands slipped down my sides, finding the waist of my pants and tugging on them.

    I caught her hands, breaking the deep kiss and looking into her eyes.

    "Slow down" I said with a smile, "we've got time."

    She smiled back, somewhat disappointedly and nodded. My hands found the small of her back, sliding down to cup her ass and lift her up, pressing Selena's body against mine.

    She moaned into my shoulder when I let my hands go lower, tugging up the back of dress shirt and realizing with a start that she wasn't wearing underwear at all.

    Not to be disheartened, I quickly inserted a finger into Selena's asshole, pumping it back and forth a few times to let her know I meant business. She had been planting a delicate little line of kisses along the side of my neck but stopped and gasped suddenly, her butt cheeks clenching around my finger.

    She moaned, elegant teeth nibbling on my neck and creating the most amazing conflict of sensations as she humped her bare seventeen-year-old sex against my crotch.

    I could already feel her wetness sponging through the fabric of my pyjamas, knew I wouldn't be able to hold her off much longer so I decided to jump right into the plan.

    Pulling my index finger out of Selena's tight little asshole I grabbed the front of her immodest garment with both hands.

    "Do it Daddy, do it. Ravage me" she egged me on, knowing what I was about to do.

    With a sudden Rip the shirt was torn open, buttons flying and Selena squealing with delight. I held onto each side of her smooth, bare rib-cage, raising her up and pressing my mouth to her burgeoning right breast.

    "Yes" she whispered above me into my hair. "Do you like my tits Daddy? I've been so desperate for them to grow so you could taste them Daddy."

    Selena's body flinched against mine as I rolled her nipple between my teeth, tightening my jaw a little to nibble on it.

    "Mmmm" she moaned, louder than before. "Suck my tits Daddy. Lick them, suck them, bite them, they're yours just like the rest of me."

    "Is that so" I breathed into her dusky, swollen red-brown nipple.

    I slipped my hands under Selena's crotch, feeling around and briefly inserting a finger inside her pussy to check and see if she was ready. The dripping wet seventeen-year-old sex I found and frigged quite easily proved the answer to be a subtle screaming YES!

    "Take my cock out Selena" I instructed. She nodded excitedly, reaching down with her nimble little hands and tugging my raging hard-on from my pants.

    "Wow" she intoned reverently as she looked down between us at the size of my fearsome meat-pole. "Is that going inside me Daddy? Huh? Are you going to fuck your sweet, innocent little baby-girl with that big hard cock, please say yes Daddy."

    "Eventually" I offered and she smiled devilishly.

    I lowered Selena down, using only one hand to hold her up as I grabbed my cock with the other, forcing against the base muscle until my cock was pointing straight horizontal towards the TV set.

    When her dripping wet teenage sex finally made contact with my rock-hard member it was perpendicular to her. Selena looked up at me, confused.

    "Aren't you going to fuck me Daddy... You said-?"

    "I know what I said Selena, but you're so tiny and I'm so big that I have to grease myself up first before I penetrate you with my thick cock. Now shut up and let Daddy do what he needs to do."

    Selena nodded, making a show of zipping her lips and throwing away the key.

    I smiled, then focused back on Selena's teenage sex, slowly I pushed her back a few inches, her moist opening dragging and spreading her fluid across my meat. I got her very near to the tip, feeling the bottom edge of her lips grind against the head of my cock and for a moment I was more tempted than I've ever been in my life to just let go.

    But I didn't, I pulled her forward again, grinding that wet teenage crevice back along the outside length of my cock all the way to the base where our contrast colour pubes could mingle together.

    Eventually, as I got to know the dimensions of her body I started getting faster, and faster. Grinding the outside of her sexy teenage pussy all the way along my rod and back again, it felt weak and pathetic and she was going to catch on any second but I didn't care, anything to keep me from being the first man to slide my cock into little Selena Gomez.

    She was getting fidgety, her hands locked onto each of my shoulders, tapping an impatient beat. I was grinding her clit against my cock-shaft but she was working hard to not focus on the sensations, keeping herself ready for the main show.

    Finally she lost her last shred of patience and groaned "Daddy, what are you doing? Why won't you put it insiiiiiiiide?"

    I had to catch my breath, the strain not only of holding her weight up off my cock but also the mental strain of denying my impossibly strong urge to just impale her. "Oh I won't" I answered when I had gulped a lungful of air.

    She looked shocked, confused, but had the sense to grab my hips and force me to stop grinding her dripping wet sex against the outside of my shaft.

    "What?" her voice was a low, feline growl.

    I smiled through my light-headed daze "The soberest version of a Man's brain only exists right after he's orgasmed. You came in here looking and smelling and dressed for sex. I couldn't resist but we both know I'm never going to have sex with you, even though I really, really want to. So to stop myself from actually fucking you I'm going to use your body to make myself cum. Once I have I'll be in full control of my mind and body again and you won't be able to do a thing to entice me."

    She moaned a long, dissatisfied and disjointed sound, hands forming into fists and hammering against my chest in protest.

    I chuckled, clenching her hips tighter and forcing against the relative strength of her skinny arms, pulling her unwilling sex along my cock shaft again. Faster and faster I jerked myself off with Selena's cunt, getting closer and closer.

    She had the brief, brilliant idea of reaching both her little hands down to clamp over her sex but I just gripped her hips tighter and angled her body back a little, my cock sliding longways between her butt-cheeks faster and faster.

    On one forward stroke she tried to flinch away from me and I felt my cock-head angle upward, catching the edge of Selena's puckered little asshole before slipping off and away again. For a single, mad moment I reasoned that I could fuck Selena's butt, that still wouldn't count as taking her virginity.

    I shook my head angrily, dislodging the bullshit technicality as something her generation would dream up.

    "I'm getting close" I warned her as I felt what was almost like a molten hot ball of tension in my groin swelling to bursting point.

    Selena let go of my hips again, crossing her arms in a pout "Fuck you" she stated simply.

    I would have smiled if my jaw wasn't going slack with the oncoming explosion, "I know somebody who'd like to" I laughed before suddenly my sack tensed up.

    I grabbed Selena and pulled her close, startling her as I hugged her to me, my erection springing up between us, angled towards her belly.

    She moaned, sounding frightened and distraught as I started cumming; rope after rope of my sticky, potent jizz splattering onto her smooth, toned stomach.

    My whole body shook, for the thirty seconds it took for me to finally stop orgasming. I'd never had to work that hard, nor never cum that hard in my life.

    I was exhausted, gasping for air with my chin resting on Selena's shoulder, her lustrous black hair in my face.

    "Noooooo" Selena wailed, "You ruined it, that was supposed to be for me, supposed to be inside me. I hate you... you're not my Daddy anymooooore!"

    I sighed, loosening my grip on Selena, I let her sit back on my lap a little, my cock slowly wilting in the humid swamp between our bodies.

    She fell silent as I looked into her eyes, my heavy breathing slowed and eventually fell silent as I looked back. Seeing that intense, passionate heart-break, the longing and loss, hunger and despair... I was overwhelmed.

    So... with the soberest version of the male mind and Selena Gomez sitting half naked on my lap in the living room of the house I owned with her loving mother I came to a single, life changing decision.

    "Alright" I conceded, "Selena, I'll do it. I'll take your virginity."

    She gave a tiny, shocked little scream of a gasp, hand covering her mouth for a moment before suddenly lunging her body against mine and kissing all over my face.

    "Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you," she chanted over and over. "When? Tell me when I need to know."

    "When you're Eighteen."

    Her face twisted into displeasure, lips parting to voice her objection. "And not a moment sooner" I cut her off before she could say a word. "Do you understand? Literally, the very minute you turn Eighteen, Selena your Daddy is going to slide his hard cock into your tender, wet little sex and fuck you until you feel so good it hurts."

    She nodded, suddenly reverent and attentive.

    I smiled, the plan forming in my head as I looked into her eyes. To hell with decency!

    July 22 2010 – 06:21 AM

    I blinked, looking around the hallway for the sound that broke through my memory, seeing the open window at the far end of the hall, a bird perched and singing on a tree branch just outside.

    What a wonderfully banal day for something so wicked to be taking place.

    Selena was born at 8:24 on July 22, compensating for the time difference between here and Dallas then she will have been on this earth for exactly Eighteen years in two and a half minutes.

    Two and a half minutes.

    I reached out, the brass door handle cool under my palm as I turned it, opened the door and stepped inside.

    Stay Tuned for Part Two
    Ain't I a Bitch?

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    You are very much a bitch Jude. Great read.

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    That was fucking incredible!!! Awesome read, Jude. Amazing!!

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    Eagerly awaiting Pt 2 ! Great Story !

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    Worthy of consideration for nomination for story of the year. It certainly should win at least some kind of award... Basically I'm trying to say it is absolutely amazing. The time line, the opening, the flashback, the depth, the detail, the build up... the applause. (yeah.. just imagine you can hear it.) Outstanding work Jude.

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