A Friend in Need
With Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell
Written by TPG
CODES: FF, mutual mast, dirty talk
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

The clock struck midnight as 18-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere sat in the middle of her king-size bed with a cordless phone in one hand and her trusty ipad in the other.

There she nervously chewed on the small aerial of the phone before she took a deep breath and proceeded to dial the number advertised on the internet. It barely rang twice before a recorded voice startled her.

"Hello!" it announced over some cheesy 80's porn music. "And welcome to


Terrified. The teen star abruptly hung up the phone before she slammed the handset down onto the bed and tossed the portable device away in frustration.

"Ugh." she hissed. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

The actress sighed heavily as she fell back onto the plush mattress and stared up at the ceiling.

Having only celebrated her birthday weeks earlier, the child star had worked hard to establish a successful acting career. However all this fame and fortune came at the expense of her sex life.

In fact it had been several months since she had last had sex, and in that time the starlet had tried everything she could think of to keep herself "amused" including internet porn, x-rated magazines, and even toys. But nothing seemed to satisfy her. She was still incredibly horny.

It seemed nothing could replace the physical act of being intimate with someone. She needed a man, and she was desperate. Taking another deep breath, Hayden picked up the phone and made another call.

This time a woman's voice answered and it was her friend and fellow "Heroes" co-star Kristen Bell.

"Hey sweetie. What's up?" Bell beamed. "You still awake? You sound kind of down. Are you okay?"

Hayden smiled at the familiar voice and then sighed through the phone.

"I need help Kristen. I'm so frustrated!"

"Oh?" The actress snickered. "So you decided to call me?"

"Ha!" Hayden quipped. "No. I'm being serious. I need help. I'm going crazy!"

In a matter a minutes the "Nashville" star poured out her heart to her BFF and went on to explain how her sex life had been lacking in recent months, causing her to resort to actions that she would otherwise never have considered.

"Phone sex Hayden?" Kristen giggled. "Wow. I never knew you were so kinky. So how was it? Did it get you off?"

"Nah. I don't know." Panettiere shrugged. "I chickened out at the last minute."

"You did? Why?"

"I don't know. I guess I wouldn't know what to say."

"What!" Kristen exclaimed. "What are you talking about? You know exactly how it works."

"Yeah. I guess you're right." Hayden replied before she told her the truth.

"I guess I just don't feel comfortable talking like that to a complete stranger. I'd be so nervous I probably wouldn't even enjoy it. And God knows what I would do if I was ever found out. I'd be mortified."

"I understand." Kristen sympathized. "Are you going to try it again?"

Hayden shrugged before Kristen made a bold suggestion.

"Okay look. I'm home alone at the moment."

"Yeah?" Panettiere replied slowly. "So?"

"So how about we practice together?" Bell offered. "Would that make you feel more comfortable with it?"

"Oh god." Hayden snickered at the mere notion. "You can't be serious."

"Sure. Why not?" Her friend answered. "You trust me don't you?"

"Of course I do but."

"So? Let's just try it out and see what happens." Kristen maintained. "You know I hate to see you like this."

Hayden fell silent as she contemplated Kristen's proposal. Even though the idea was silly she knew she was at her wits ends, and so frustrated that she was willing to try just about anything to calm her raging libido.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely." Kristen assured her. "Just so you can get an idea of what it's about, and not feel overwhelmed."

"Err. Okay. I guess?" Hayden replied, suddenly intrigued.

"All right." Bell smiled. "Now you be you, and I'll be the guy. And let's act as though you just called me."

There was a long pause before Kristen spoke again.

"Well?" she added. "What are you waiting for?"

"Huh? Oh!" Hayden laughed. "I was waiting for you to pick up and answer."

"Oh for god sake!" Kristen quipped while rolling her eyes, as Hayden fell into hysterics.

"This is just too funny."

"Do you want me to help you or not?"

"Yes. Yes. I'm sorry." The younger starlet apologized. "Go on."

Falling into character, the older actress then imitated a man's deep voice.


Noting this Hayden immediately burst out laughing again.

"OMG!" Panettiere chuckled. "Okay wait. I definitely can't do this if you're going to use that voice."

"Fine." Kristen huffed in annoyance. "We should probably start at the good stuff anyway."

"Good stuff?"

"So Hayden." Bell added in her sweet feminine tone. "What are you wearing right now?"

The petite actress looked down at her body.

"Nothing much. Just some sweats." she answered honestly. "Why?"

"Oh. Baby." Kristen replied with heavy sarcasm. "That's so sexy."

"Well okay." Hayden snapped back defensively. "What are YOU wearing right now?"

"Who says I'm wearing anything at all?" Bell teased back. "Maybe I'm just wearing boxer briefs and a cowboy hat."

This comment made them both laugh out loud.

"A cowboy hat?" Hayden teased. "Nice touch. Very masculine."

"Thanks. I know right?"

"Jesus! Lucky we're not writers for the show." Panettiere added. "We're both so bad at this."

"Why thank you sweetie." Kristen interrupted, bring her back on track. "But you know. Since I'm already pretty much naked, it's only fair that you are too."

"Wait. You want me to take off my clothes?"

"Yes." Kristen answered. "I'm getting wet..um, I mean hard right now just thinking about it."

Hayden blushed and seemed a little taken aback by her friends comments about being WET.

In fact the admission caused a jolt of adrenaline to shoot up her spine and cause her own pussy to flood with excitement. Maybe this was going to work after all?

The actress sat up in bed and struggled to remove her shirt without taking the phone from her ear. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so when the sweatshirt came off her pert young breasts jiggled loosely.

The teen star wasn't sure if it was the excitement of what was happening, or just the chill of the cool air against her naked skin that caused her nipples to harden quickly.

"Talk to me baby." Kristen purred with a sensual tone. "Describe everything. I don't want to miss a thing."

"Well. I took off my shirt."

"Can I see a bra?"

"No. I'm naked." Hayden explained before smirking. "Well. Half naked. You can see my boobs."

"What do they look like sweetie?"

"Well my nipples are pretty hard right now."

"Mm. I love your tits Hayden." Bell replied. "I want to feel them. Can I put my big rough hands on them?"

The "Heroes" cheerleader giggled as she felt herself blushing, but that wasn't the only part of her body responding. Her nipples were growing stiffer with each passing moment while her pussy proceeded to moisten.

Hayden lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, using her imagination as she listened to her friend softly breath into the phone and describe the scene.

"Mm. Yeah. I'd like that." she purred softly. "You can touch them if you want."

"They feel so nice. Do you like me touching you like this?" Kristen teased. "Do you like me squeezing and fondling your tits? I bet you like having your nipples tweaked huh?"

"Yeah. I like it a lot." Hayden answered, her voice getting heavier. "That really gets me going."

Then. Instinctively. Her hand moved to her breasts where she began to rub and knead them, gently tweaking a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and watching it stand at full attention.

There was an audible silence before Kristen spoke again.

"Can I taste them?"

Her voice sounded sincere and serious. Hayden had to wonder if Kristen had ever tried this sort of thing before. Moreover, had she ever done it with another woman?

Suddenly the notion of Kristen being with another girl excited Hayden and she felt her catch her own breath in her throat. In her mind she could clearly see Kristen making out with another woman, and imagined Bell taking full control of the situation.

"Go ahead." Hayden offered matter-of-factly. "Be my guest."

"Mm. I'm licking them right now." Her friend cooed before making a soft smooching noise with her mouth. "Can you feel that?"

"Uh-Huh." Hayden replied as her body broke out in tiny goose pimples.

"How does it feel?"

Hayden had to swallow hard before she could respond appropriately.

"It feels nice." she answered. "I can feel your tongue on my skin. You're making my whole body tingle."

"Only tingle?"

"No." Hayden blushed again.

"Are you wet right now?" Bell remarked bluntly, catching her friend off guard.

"Yes." The younger actress admitted. "Really wet."

"Mm. That's good." Kristen grinned. "That's very good. Are your pants off yet?"

"Just a second." Hayden answered before she swiftly scooted her butt off the mattress and slid her sweat pants down her legs in record time.

"Wait a minute." Kristen interrupted. "Describe it to me as you take them off. Tell me what I can see."

"Huh? Oh. Um. Okay." The teen starlet grinned. "Well. Right now my pants are pooled around my ankles."

"Does that mean you're naked?" Kristen purred. "Does that mean I can see your ass right now?"

"Uh-Huh." she beamed.

"Mm. You've got such a great ass Hayden."

Noting this Panettiere giggled softly.

"No. I'm seriously." Kristen insisted. "You really have a great little ass. Can I touch it?"

"Please." Hayden offered, before she slid her hand across her own firm butt and fondled one of her flawless cheeks.

Squeezing the tender flesh she then traced the tips of her fingers along the crack of her ass, causing her to moan softly which caught them both off guard.

"Oh. You DO like that don't you." Kristen grinned. "You like it when I stroke that butt."

"Um. Maybe." Hayden blushed. "I'm really ticklish down there."

"But what about that sweet little pussy of yours?" The older actress almost moaned. "Can I see it yet?"

It was at this point that you could almost cut the tension with a knife.

Despite their playful nature Hayden had to admit that hearing Kristin say the word "pussy" shocked her a little. Not by the word itself but by the way it made her feel. It really seemed to turn her on, and Kristen immediately picked up on it.

"Well?" Bell added. "Show me your pussy Hayden."

Hayden gasped softly to the demand and finally kicked her pants away with her feet, leaving her to lie there naked as the day she was born.

The room quickly filled with the scent of her arousal as she spread her knees slowly and allowed her free hand to wonder across her hips and legs, before they ventured along the ultra smooth skin just above her slit.

She now lay there spread wide on the bed, glad to have the whole house to herself as she imagined that if someone had ventured into her bedroom at that precise moment they would have been treated to a very lewd display.

"Okay. Now I'm naked." she admitted softly into the phone. "Now you can see all of me."

"Yeah?" Kristen cooed with glee.

"Yep. I'm completely naked..and spread."

"Mm. Really?" Her friend smiled. "Now there's an image."

"Yeah. I just hope no one wakes up right now." Hayden giggled. "And finds me lying here naked on the phone."

"Well aren't you a hot little number." Kristen replied, unwilling to break character.

This comment made Hayden smile.

"I guess."

"I wonder if I was there." Bell purred. "If you'd let me touch you."

"Mm. Yes please."

"Would you like that?" Bell whispered.


"Would you like me running my hands all over you. Touching you. Caressing you. Putting my fingers inside you?"

"Yes." Hayden almost panted.

"Say it." Kristen insisted.

Hayden hesitated for just a moment before she heard herself speak. "You can put your fingers inside me."

"..Kristen." The older actress finished her sentence, emphasizing her name.

"Yes. You can put your fingers inside me Kristen." Panettiere almost moaned. "I'd love that."

"Good girl." Bell grinned. "Are you still spread Hayden?"


"Lick your fingers for me."

As if on cue the pint-sized actress lifted her hand and licked two of her small fingers and waited for further instructions.

"Let me hear you do it sweetheart." Bell added. "I want to hear you slide your tongue all around those fingers. Get them nice and wet for me."

Hayden happily obliged before she reached down and brushed the tips of her glistening digits across her hairless mound. The action caused her to let out a soft whimper as her body reacted to the contact, her back arching sharply.

Her hands now trembled, as did her voice.

"Oh. Yes." she moaned softy. "Feels so nice."

"Are you touching yourself Hayden?"

"Mm-Hmm." she answered honestly. "Are you doing it too?"

Kristen didn't answer her initially but her silence spoke volumes, enough my give Hayden a quick thrill, as she imagined her sexy co-star engaging in the exact same activity on the other end of the line.

"Mm. I bet you're so wet right now." Kristen teased, after finally finding her voice.

"You. Have. No. Idea." The mischievous teen answered slowly.

"I bet you look so good right now. Lying there spread on your bed with your fingers inside you."

"Are you watching me right now?" Hayden hissed back. "Would that turn you on?"

"Fuck yea." Kristen snapped back uncharacteristically. "You know it would."

"You watching me lie here." Hayden went on. "With my legs open while I rub my clit."

"Is that what you're doing right now?" Bell interjected. "Rubbing your clit?"


"I bet that little nub is so hard and shiny right now, am I right?"

"Yeah. Very."

The petite starlet could barely speak as she now squirmed and whimpered on her bed, tossing her head from side to side as she took in each and every lewd comment from her friend on the phone, both of their hands busy at work, or play if you will.

"God you're sexy." Bell cooed. "Such a tease."


"Yeah sweetie."

"Are you playing as well?"

"What do you think?"

"Tell me." Hayden almost begged. "Tell me the truth."

"Honestly. I've been playing with myself from the moment I heard your voice."

"Is that the true?"

"Uh-Huh." Bell confirmed.

Hayden was then interrupted by the sound of a slurping noise over the line.

"Hmm." Kristen murmured. "Does that answer your question?"

"Oh god."

"Hayd. You have to do me a favor right now." Kristen added between deep breaths. "I want you to take those fingers that are rubbing your clit and slip them inside your mouth right now. Can you do that? Can you do that for me?"

"Uh-Huh." Hayden complied immediately. "Yes."

The line was then interrupted with the sound of mutual slurping and sucking sounds, both girls now tasting themselves at the same time.

"Good. Now I want you to slide your tongue all over those two fingers and really coat them with your spit."

"Um. Okay."

"Once you've got them dripping wet with your saliva I want you to slide them down over your lips and slowly push them inside your cunt."

"Oh god." Hayden let out involuntarily at the mere notion.

"You think you can do that for me Hayden?"

"Do what?" Panettiere played coy, eager to hear her friend use the "C" word again.

"Slide those fingers inside your tight little cunt Hayd." Bell moaned. "Please. I want to hear you do it."

The younger starlet keenly complied and soon began moving two fingers in and out of her slick vulva.

Burying her digits knuckle deep, she twirled them around inside herself and gasped aloud when she heard Kristen continue to noisily lick and slurp at her own fingers through the phone.

"Oh. Kristin." she managed to choke out. "That feels so good. I'm so deep right now."

"Mm. I know." Kristen sighed. "Same here."

"Oh. God. Really?"

"Oh baby." Bell added. "I want to fuck you so bad."


"I want to stuff this big hard cock of mine right in that sweet little pussy of yours." she stated. "Would you like that baby?"

Noting this Hayden fell silent for a moment and seemed to hesitate before she answered abruptly.


"Wait. No?" Kristen repeated.

But trying to keep things moving along she continued with the boy/girl fantasy.

"Oh yes. You want me to stick my big cock in that teen cookie huh?"

"Kristen! No." Hayden suddenly snapped, starling her.

If the older actress was confused by this surprising reaction her panting friend was equally perplexed. For almost the entire session Hayden had been trying to visualize a big strong man doing these things to her, but she had failed.

Instead Kristen's sweet and undeniably feminine voice was just too much to ignore. It suddenly wasn't some cowboy who was caressing Hayden's breasts and watching her play, but it was Kristen herself.

In Hayden's lust-fueled mind it was Kristen Bell who had suckled her breasts, squeezed her ass, and was now watching her get off with her fingers. But now hearing her BFF describe this "big hard cock" was just too confusing and unappealing for her, potentially ruining her orgasm.

Hayden couldn't believe what she was thinking, but she couldn't deny her true feelings either.

"Hayden? Sweetheart?" Bell wondered. "Are you there. Are you okay?"

"Don't be the guy anymore." Panettiere boldly replied. "It just doesn't feel right."

"Then what do you want me to do?"

"Just be you." she said sincerely. "Just be yourself Kristen."

Even though she had lost some ground on reaching her orgasm the TV starlet continued to rub her clit, panting and whimpering softly into the phone.

"Err. Are you sure?"

"Yes." Hayden answered. "You're all I can picture right now. Please. Please don't ruin it for me."

"Okay. Sure." Kristen agreed, still unsure about the whole thing.

The "Veronica Mars" star was wary of taking advantage of her friend in such an aroused state, but at the same time didn't want to ruin the moment by upsetting her.

"Please." Hayden whimpered again. "Talk dirty to me Kristen. I need this. I need this so much right now."

Hearing the anguish in her voice Bell knew what she had to do.

"What do you want me to do?" she offered, instantly blushing and growing wet at her own submissive tone.

Having recently just celebrated her 27th birthday, Kristen Anne Bell was never one to take orders from no man, or woman for that matter. Hell she was never one to partake in phone sex either, or so she thought.

But now listening to her young friend get off on the phone, Bell suddenly found herself incredibly aroused at the prospect of being under Hayden's full and total control, and doing whatever her perverted little teenage mind wanted her to do.

The mere suggestion that Kristen would surrender herself entirely over to this masturbating teen star now caused her own nipples to jut out from her chest, while her hand unconsciously wandered over her body and down between her legs to slip inside her shorts.

"Tell me Hayden." she whispered hotly. "Tell me what you want."

"Oh." she moaned softly. "I want you."

"Be more specific." Bell almost hissed, as she captured her throbbing clit between two fingers and squeezed.

"Okay. Tell me what you're really wearing right now." Hayden asked, but then interrupted herself. "No wait. I don't care."

"Whatever it is just take it off!" she commanded. "Just take it off right now! Please."

In reality Kristen was not wearing boxers briefs or the cowboy hat she had mentioned in the fantasy, but rather a simple white t-shirt and short-shorts as she had been preparing for bed.

Standing in the kitchen of her two bedroom apartment, she had not had as much experience with phone sex as Hayden apparently did, but knew that her sexy young co-star was in need of help and much needed release, so Bell's concentration was focused solely on her.

With that said she set her phone down on the counter for a moment and quickly undressed before she rushed over to lie down on a nearby recliner, completely naked.

Getting comfortable she placed one foot on a small side table while the other was flung over the arm rest, causing her knees to spread. There she briefly stroked her gleaming lips, feeling her clit twitch and harden under her trembling fingertips.

Truth be told it had been a while since she had last felt so riled up and aroused, and smearing some saliva across the tips of her fingers, Kristen sighed as she briefly teased her body before returning to the conversation at hand.

"All right. I'm back." she panted loudly, still catching her breath after undressing quickly. "And I'm completely naked now."

Having left Hayden alone for a minute, it seemed the pint-sized star hadn't wasted anytime getting off and was breathing a lot heavier than before. Returning to the conversation, Hayden took control of the dialogue without missing a beat.

"So you're naked right now huh?"

"Uh-Huh. Completely."

"On your bed?"

"Nah. I'm on the sofa right now." Bell admitted. "Lying back and touching myself."

"Oh. Wow."

"Yeah. I've got one foot on the table and the other across the arm rest of my chair." Kristen explained. "And I'm just lying here listening to you play."

"Mm. Are you thinking about me right now?" Panettiere whispered. "Are you trying to imagine me naked?"

"Absolutely." Bell assured her. "Only you Hayden."

"Can I see your breasts?" Hayden enquired.


"Are your nipples hard?"

"Very. Do you want to suck them?" Bell offered. "I love it when they get sucked."

"Mm. I'd love to stick them in my mouth." Hayden answered breathlessly. "But only if you keep fingering me."

"Okay. It's a deal."

Listening to ladies speak so openly about their current states of undress only riled them up further. Just as Kristen had caught her breath from her previous exertion, Hayden was taking it away again causing her chest to heave with every passing moment.

"So you want me to finger you huh?" Bell teased a minute later.

"Yeah. With two fingers." Hayden described. "I like that. I only ever use two fingers when I play with myself."

"Hmm. Interesting." Kristen thought out loud. "I'll remember that for future reference."

"You can rub my clit with your thumb too." Panettiere added.

"Yeah? You like that too. I can do that for you."

Hayden was now detailing precisely what she was doing to herself on the bed. Sweating profusely, she felt the heat radiate from her body, but especially her pussy which was now SOPPING wet.

In fact she was so wet that her fingers made lewd squishing sounds as they effortlessly moved in and out of her dripping sex.

"Ugh. Oh. OMG." she moaned steadily as her legs trembled.

Borrowing on Hayden's idea, Kristen positioned her hand so that she too could perform the exact same action, and the explicit deed caused her to let out a series of moans.

"Oh. Hayden." Kristen let out. "I can hear how wet you are from here. You're such a nasty little slut."

"Mm. I'm so wet Kristen!" was the teenagers only reply. "So. Fucking. Wet."

"Let me listen Hayden. Please. Put the phone next to you and let me hear your fingers slide in and out."

"Huh. Err. Okay!"

With that said Hayden Panettiere placed her phone down between her spread knees and proceeded to plunge her shiny slick fingers in and out of her gooey cunt, her legs spread wide as she probed herself vehemently.

"UGH. OOH. Kristen." Hayden moaned erotically in the foreground. "Fuck me. Fuck me Kristen."

The actress was now clearly fucking herself in earnest and jamming two of her fingers in and out of her hot little cunt at a frantic pace.

"OMG. OMG. HAYDEN. FUCKKK!" Kristen moaned in unison as she licked her own fingers and rubbed her clit fervently.

Finally after a few moments Hayden picked up the phone again and breathed heavily into the receiver.

"Oh. Did you hear that?" she panted out of breath. "Can you hear how wet I am for you?"

"God yes." Kristen hissed. "Can you finger me too? I want to feel your fingers inside me Hayden. Deep inside."

"Mm. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Hayden suddenly countered. "My fingers plunging all up inside your pussy."

"Yes. Do it!" Bell almost growled. "Do it you little slut! I want them inside me so much."

Hayden was not used to hearing such explicit language while masturbating, but hearing it from her older co-star while in such an intimate setting aroused her beyond belief.

"Yeah?" she suddenly turned the tables. "Is that what you want me to do to you Kristen?"

"Fuck yea." The "Veronica Mars" star moaned. "I can feel your fingers inside me right now."

The ladies both moaned in concert before Bell added. "Jesus Hayd. I want to lick you so bad."

"Me too." Hayden sympathized. "I've wanted you for so long. I'd do just about anything to eat your pussy Kristen."

The ladies now fingered themselves in earnest, faster, deeper as they both laid their cards on the table and confessed their wildest, darkest secrets to each other.

"Mm. Just imagine that we're back at work right now." Kristen breathed. "Back in your trailer."

"Oh. Yeah." Panettiere purred.

"Just imagine we're making out. Kissing each other slowly." she went on. "Before I work my way down your neck."

"Uh-Huh." Hayden cooed. "Oh. I bet you're a great kisser too."

"Now imagine me taking off your shirt, reaching up under that cheerleader skirt and kissing the inside of your legs. Dragging my tongue from the inside of your ankles all the way along your thighs."

"Mm. God. Yes."

"Imagine me gently spreading your knees with my hands while working my lips across the front of your panties. Licking the grooved outline of your pussy through your underwear with my tongue. Would you like that? Would that make you hot for me?"

"Please." Hayden almost sobbed.

"Then I'd peel your white cotton panties to the side and wrap my mouth entirely around your pussy."

"Ugh. Fuck." Hayden grunted in approval. "Then what would you do?"

"Then I'd eat your pretty little peach and suck out all of your juices." Kristen teased. "I'd suck your CUNT until there was nothing left. Slurp and swallow down every last morsel drop of cum from you."

Hearing this just about drove Hayden Panettiere stir crazy, as she now lay there twiddled her clit madly.

"Then. Before you'd know what was happening." Bell added. "I'd take off my robe and climb up and straddle your face."

"Ugh. You would?"

"Yeah." Kristen whimpered. "I'd make you EAT me Hayden. I'd make you tongue my clit. Make you stick that hot wet tongue of yours right in my ass!"

"Oh. Fuck." Hayden interrupted. "I'd totally stick my tongue in your ass Kristen. So good too."

"Mm. I'd grind my pussy against that chin of yours." Kristen muttered audibly. "I'd fucking ride your face."

"Then we could 69 each other!" Hayden added enthusiastically. "I'd love to do that with you."

Kristen simply moaned her approval as Hayden went on.

"I can so see us doing that right now. I'd totally wrap my lips around your pussy and suck your lips into my mouth."

"Suck me Hayden. I want you to taste me. I want you to devour me with your sweet little mouth." Bell moaned. "God! I'm so FUCKING WET right now."

"Oh Kristen. Yes." Hayden exclaimed. "I'm so close."

"Yeah? Both of us locked in a hot and sweaty 69." Kristen teased, trying to get her friend off. "Both of us sucking and tonguing each other till we cum."

"OMG." Hayden briefly squealed in the background. "I'd make you cum so good Kristen. I swear. I'd make you squirt all over my face and down my throat."

"Yeah? Is that what you want." Bell countered. "To make me squirt you little slut?"

"UNGH. GODD!" Hayden moaned loudly.

"God help you the next time I see you Hayd." Kristen threatened. "I'm going to make you suck my CUNT if you like it or not. You think you can do that? Huh? You think you can manage that the next time we see each other on set next week?"

"Oh. Sweet Jesus. Yes. Absolutely." Hayden almost yelped. "Please let me go down on you..just once!"


"Just one time Kristen." Hayden vowed. "I promised you won't be disappointed."

Kristen grinned at the lewd scene playing out in her head.

"Have you done it before?"

"Uh-Huh." Hayden confessed in the heat of the moment. "And I'm really good at it too."

"Wow. I never knew you were such an experienced little slut." Bell grinned.

"Please let me do it." Hayden added. "Just so I can stop thinking about it..and playing with myself every night."

"You'd really do that for me?" Bell quizzed. "You'd be my personal little fuck-toy?"

"Absolutely! I'd eat your pussy so good Kristen. Only if you let me." she insisted. "Next time I see you on set I'm not even going to say two words to you. I'm just going to drop to my knees and offer you my mouth. Lick you until you scream!"

"But if you do that." Her co-star teased. "I'm liable to CUM all over that pretty little mouth of yours Hayden."

"UGH. FUCKKK." Panettiere grunted at the mere notion. "I'd love that! I'd totally drink down your juices."

"Yeah. You're right. You'd probably like that wouldn't you? Mm. Yeah. Watch you slurp down my cum and rub my wet pussy all over your dirty little mouth."

Hearing this response Hayden suddenly shrieked out loud as her body convulsed and thrashed against her diligent hand.

"OH SHIT! KRISTEN. OHHH." The starlet choked back a scream as she climaxed abruptly.

Hearing her orgasm through the phone Kristen grunted through gritted teeth and joined her over the precipice.

"OHH FUCK. HAYDEN. Are you cumming all over my tongue? NNNNNGGHHHHHH."

In all the commotion the "Fanboys" star dropped the phone and grabbed a nipple firmly between her fingers as her own orgasm washed over her. Bucking wildly on the recliner she yelped out loud and nearly rolled right onto the floor as her body thrashed about involuntarily.

A short while later the two ladies waited to catch their breath, neither of them had moved from their positions as they both lay there gasping naked and coated in sweat.

"Are you still there?"

"Yeah." Hayden croaked. "I thought we got disconnected."

"That was fucking intense." Kristen giggled.

Pausing for a moment Hayden finally spoke.

"Err. Did we just cross a line?"

A big smile spread over her friends face.

"You bet your ASS we did. And I tell you something else. I can't wait to see you at work next week."

Feeling relieved Hayden snickered.

"Me either."