One Crazy Night Part Five
Selena Gomez, Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Joanna "Jojo" Levesque.

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional

"I wish you would've have stopped Miley from ordering beer." Emily said looking back over to there table concerned. "But it's my fault I didn't warn you two."

"Why what's wrong?" Demi asked wondering.

"Nothing really, but when Miley gets drunk she become even more frisky and forceful." Emily responded knowing from experience.

The girls continued parting for a few hours dancing and chatting before the four got tired. The girls filed out of the club and headed to their limo before they left heading for Emily's house to spend the night.

"My parents aren't gonna be home tonight." Emily said and then continued to mention how her family left for a vacation. Once arriving at her house and entering one of the girl suggested a pizza and movie which the other the chimed in agreement.

"What movie should we watch." Emily asked as she turned on the T.V. to flip through on demand movies.

The girls fought over a few movies until they finally settled on the Fighter with Mark Wahlberg. Popping some popcorn as they settled in their sleeping bags Miley at this point had already passed out from the beers.

After while the doorbell rang thinking it was the pizza they had order Emily got up to answer only to find that it was in fact Jojo.

"Hay you made it" Emily screamed as she moved into hug her new friend noting that Jojo had changed out of her dress and was now warring a short white skirt and a pink zip up hoodie zipped half way down to reveal her nice cleavage in a white tank top.

At that moment the pizza guy showed up as Emily was inviting Jojo in saying they where expecting a pizza and where watching the Fighter. After paying the pizza guy, then returning to the living room where Demi and Selena greeted jojo.

"Hey! Where glad you could make it." Selena welcomed Jojo as she ran over to hug her. The girls continued eating while watching the Fighter until Selena and Demi dismissed them selves to go change into their pajamas.

Leaving Emily, Jojo, and Miley's unconscious body, the two brunette teens wondered through Emily's rather large house until they reached a comfortable looking room.

"Mmmm... this must be the guest room." Demi said as they entered. It seemed as though the door had just closed behind Selena before Demi jumped on her aggressively kissing her. "I've wanted to get you alone all night, I missed you tonight." Demi whispered in between kisses.

Selena kissing back reached her hands up to cup Demi's breast slipping her slender hand underneath Demi's strapless black dress. "O your breast are so nice." Selena said as she looked into Demi's eyes.

Breaking their embrace Selena turned around and pulled her hair. "Will you unzip me please. "She said as she looked seductively over her shoulder back into Demi's eyes.

Demi moved in behind Selena and began moving her hands up her sides before wrapping her arms around Selena tight slender body and began kissing her in the crook of her neck pulling her in close.

Down stairs the movie had ended and Miley was still passed out. While Emily had moved over to where Jojo was sitting and had straddled her lap and had begun kissing her. "You know what we should do?" Emily asked as she moved her finger down underneath Jojo's skirt and began fingering her.

"What?.. Ooommmm.... you've hit the right spot....mmmmm." Jojo asked feeling Emily's finger enter her.

"Well I was hoping that maybe we could take this party out to my Jacuzzi." Emily asked looking at Jojo with pleadingly big puppy dog eyes.

"Tempting.... But won't ur friends miss us." Jojo asked moving her hands and squeezing Emily's breast together and burying her head in them as she kissed her cleavage letting the straps of her dress fall of her shoulders to reveal the sheer light blue strapless bra she wore under her dress.

"Well." Emily started as she rolled her eyes. "Miley's already out cold as for Selena and Demi they went headed off to bed as well." Emily not nowing what the two Latina were up to upstairs.

"But I don't have a suit." Jojo said teasing the younger blonde as she licked her lips, before pulling her in to kiss her again. "But I want you to model ur sexiest bikini for me, I'll also need to run out to my car real quick."

Emily looking shocked but excited by Jojo's request. "I'll be right back." Emily squealed as she removed her finger from the R&B songstress, jumped off her lap ran up stairs to her room.

Demi now burying her head in Selena's neck as she kissed her brought her left hand back as she grab for the zipper sliding it down slow as she moved her kiss's down the center of Selena's slender back.

Letting the fabric of Selena's dress drop to the floor. Demi marveled at the tight peace of ass that had been tempting her all day. Moving her head in Demi opened and bit down slightly on Selena's right but cheek.

Selena winced as she felt Demi taking a light nip at her ass cheek. Demi returned to Selena's neck and began kissing her again as her hands explored every inch of her friend's tight mostly naked body.

"Oh, Sel. You have the sexiest body." Demi whispered into Selena's soft ear as she brushed her loose hair away from her face and neck.

Selena couldn't help but blush as she felt the heat between her legs began to rise and she could feel her panties begin to moisten. Demi moved her hands around placed her hands underneath her soft silk bra.

After running out to her car Jojo headed outside to where Emily's hot tub and swimming pool. Jojo sat at the side of the Jacuzzi and dipped her legs before she removed her pink hoodie and her skirt before moving the rest of her slender body into the steaming water.

Before tossing her hoodie and skirt away Jojo reached In the pocket of her hoodie and grabbed the surprise she had run out to her car, revealing a 10 inch pink dildo and strap on harness, emerging it under the water and placing around her tight waist.

Emily had already gone through a few different bikini's making sure to pick the perfect one to impress Jojo. Looking into the mirror finally satisfied with the sexy number she had picked out. She quickly tied her hair back in a loose pony tail before grabbing a white cotton towel to wrap herself up to hide her body so that she could surprise her new passionate lover, before heading back down stairs.

Demi had moved so that she was now facing Selena letting there mouths tangle as they locked lips passionately. Selena not able to hold back anymore brought her hand up and inserted her index finger between Demi cleavage and pulled down letting her breast pop out of her bra.

Breaking there kiss Selena moved her head down as she pressed Demi's breast together grabbing one of her light pink nipples in her mouth sucking on it before pulling it between her teeth until it popped out letting her tongue tease the tip before moving on to the other nipple.

"Ooha...Sel..... I love you so much." Demi moaned lustfully as she let her hands flow through Selena's long dark hair.

"Mmmmm you're so beautiful I can't keep my hands off you." Selena responded looking up into Demi's gorgeous brown eyes as she continued sucking and fondling her breast.

Selena reaching around Demi grabbed the zipper to her short black dress letting it drop to the floor next to her dress, leaving Demi in just her red panties and matching red stockings.

"Here Demi, I brought a little gift." Selena said as she handed Demi the clutch she had brought with her tonight.

Looking excited as she grabbed the purse from her hand Demi opened it and squealed as she took out the contents reviling the strap on they had used earlier.

Grabbing the harness from Demi, Selena fitted it tightly around Demi's hips before grabbing the dildo from her a sliding it in her mouth still able to taste the sex they had earlier.

Emily noticing Jojo in the Jacuzzi began walking seductively towards her as she held the towel closely wrapped around her teen body. "Well, well, well, there she is." Jojo said as she saw Emily approach licking her lips as she became anxious noticing the towel she wore.

Emily stood a few inches from the edge of the hot tub when she turned around and began to do a sexy little dance removing one fold of the towel then the other holding it with her arms now extended out,

Before covering herself back up and turning to face a very interested Jojo letting the towel slip exposing her right breast covered by a sexy dark blue two peace bikini which only turned Jojo on even more.

Emily finally letting the towel slide down the length of her body dropped to all fours as she crawled around the tub to where Jojo sat. She proceeded to move her head down where Jojo accepted a long passionate kiss before she slowly pulled her into the Jacuzzi next to her kneeling on the first step as they made out.

Jojo pulled Emily over her lap so that so that her knees where on either side of Jojo's thighs, it was then that Emily noticed the 10inch dildo attached to Jojo's hips, which Jojo and purposefully pressed it against Emily.

"Lets get this wet tank top off you." Emily said as she looked down to see what Jojo was warring. Jojo brought her hand up lifting the white tank top with her. As soon as Jojo removed what was restraining her ample breast Emily was unable to remove her eyes before Jojo grabbed Emily by the back of the head and guided there lips together.

Kissing until they ran out of breath Emily moved her hand to where it had been earlier bringing her finger letting it slide within the sensitive folds of Jojo sex. Jojo moaned as she began toying with Emily's bikini top puling at the strings as the two blondes started making out again as there bodies embraced each other letting there breast press together.

"Mmmm.... Your lips taste even better every time I kiss you." Jojo said as she finally pulled their lips apart. "I think I've waited long enough." Jojo pulled Emily's top off fully revealing her soft plump mounds.

Emily moved her hand down to grip the 10inch dildo. "I don't think this will fit Jo." Emily questioned as she measured the girth of Jojo's rubber cock.

"We wont know until... mmmm... we try...." Jojo licked her plump lips feeling Emily hit that spot between her legs. Jojo let Emily finger her for a few minutes lost in a daze letting moans escape her mouth.

Finally snapping out of her daze Jojo grabbed Emily by the waste and pulled her up and positioned her above her 10inch member. "You ready." Jojo encouraged Emily as she lowered her down letting her rest on the head.

Emily quickly reached down and untied the strings to her bikini bottom letting the float away before speaking. "You know I'm ready." Emily pleaded with the older blonde kissing her as she played with her hair.

After toying with Emily's slit sliding the head of her cock along the length She finally let the head pierce past the folds of her tight teenage sex. Meeting with slight resistance, Emily took the full length as she held onto Jojo.

"'s so big.....!" Emily pouted as she felt Jojo pull back out and began getting into a rhythm starting out slow at first and than moving to faster and harder pumping action.

Emily lost in the sensation she felt from below rested her head on the older blondes right shoulder and began kissing the in the crook of her neck. Reaching her left hand down between Jojo's grinding body and began returning the favor fingering he as she pounded Emily.

Back upstairs Demi had now been sitting on the edge of the bed with Selena straddling her lap, knees on either side of the younger Latina, the two making out as Demi then lifted Selena up and positioned the strap-on rubbing it along the length of Selena's young cunt.

Selena grabbed the rubber cock and lowered herself letting it slid in slowly, even though Selena was no longer a virgin (from her time with Miley teaching her) The dildo still met with some resistance. Selena bit down on her bottom lip as she felt the head enter her from below.

"I've been waiting so long to get inside you." Demi whispered as she slowly started thrusting in and out using a long slow thrust at first so she could get in to the rhythm.

Demi could feel how tight her friend was, as her cunt tensed up around the hard rubber cock pounding her from below. Demi couldn't help but bury her head into Selena's cleavage just barley covered by her white lace bra.

Selena's eye's where closed and her head tilted back as she purred. The two Latina girls fixated on each others movements didn't realized the body standing in the doorway.

MIley had woken after being passed out, up realizing her friends had all left she began to wonder through the house still in a drunken stupor from that nights events looking for somewhere more comfortable to pass out again.

Knowing the layout of Emily's house pretty well Miley was able to make her way up stairs. After washing up in the bathroom Miley headed to the guest bedroom, stopping just outside the door hearing slight moans coming from inside.

A seductive grin came across Miley's face as she cracked the door slightly to the sight before her eyes. Her hand almost immediately fell between he legs. Miley perked up when she realized Just how horny she was.

Removing her hand from between her leg Miley headed to Emily's room to grab something. Half expecting to find Emily in there already sleeping, Miley opened the door noting the empty bed and the swimwear thrown about. "Mmmm she must be out for a late night swim." Miley thought to herself, not realizing Jojo was here. Getting down on her hands and knees to look under the bed.

Miley found what she was looking for as she grabbed the box that Emily kept under her bed. Flipping open the lid to sort through the assortment of sex toys, strapons, dildos, and vibrator.

Miley finely picked out a 8inch flesh colored dildo and a harness before placing the box back in its spot under the bed, before grabbing a smaller box that lay next to the other, opening the box that contained various sex oils and lubricants.

Miley proceeded to strip her clothes off before fastening the harness around her slim waste, after the harness was set Miley grabbed rubber cock and placed it on the harness before rubbing it down with oil.

Miley headed back to the guest room where her prize awaited her. Opening the door a crack so she could slip in the two girls where still distracted by there love making they didn't realize that Miley had entered the room.

Miley without warning moved so she was standing directly behind Selena "You guys started the fun without me." Miley whispered into Selena's ear before reach around to grab Demi so that she was now standing with Selena held between the both of them.

Before Demi could get a word out with a shocked look on her face. Miley grabbed her by the back of the head and planted a dominating kiss much like Demi's kiss to Selena back at the bar.

Demi's shock and worry soon turned back into lust and excitement as she felt Miley's tongue pushed past her lips and biting her lips before pulling away. Demi returned to her pumping rhythm.

Miley proceeded to kiss the crook of Selena's neck first and moving slowly down her back until reach her ass where she licking at her pussy with Demi's rhythm. Miley licked down until she found Selena tight ass whole bring one of her finger's up to her mouth, then letting it pierce into her ass.

Selena wasn't expecting this and tensed up but quickly loosened again and was lost in a lustful daze. Miley felt this and as soon as she felt Selena was wet enough she returned to her feet grabbing hold of the fake cock with one of her hands and letting it slowly enter Selena's tight back door.

"ugh..... Miles...... oooo.." Selena could only get out a few words between a fix of moans and slight grunts. Miley didn't stop she slow pushed in until about half of the 8 inches had entered the brunette Latina and then pulled out slowly before re-entering.

Selena finally loosened up after a few more slow pumps in and out. "Miley was a lot more aggressive when she was drunk" Selena thought to herself.

Miley and Demi met at almost a perfect rhythm as they pounded into there friend. Selena could feel the pressure building up from within her before she burst drenching Demi's cock, Just then Demi lost her footing and fell back on to the bed.

Selena was left panting hard as she lay on top of Demi's glistening body. Miley still not satisfied quickly grabbed Demi by the wrist pulling her out from under Selena and flipping her around before sliding it inside Demi's wet pussy.

"Miley wait......ugh" was all Demi got out. Before Miley started pumping harder and harder. Demi could help but remember what Emily had warned them about back at the restaurant.

Miley moving her fingers through Demi's dark flowing mane before grabbing and pulling back bring Demi's body back so she was so on her knees as Miley wrapped one of her arms around to Demi's chest.

"Sel told me about the great fuck you were!" Miley whispered into Demi's ear before she forced her head back so she could plant another long passionate kiss as she continued fucking her roughly.

Back outside Emily and Jojo had moved out of the hot tube with Emily now on her hands and knees as the older blonde railed her from behind. Emily was in ecstasy was she felt Jojo entered her again and again.

"Jojo......ahhh....Jo.....fuck me harder." Emily squealed out as Jojo obliged Emily's request. "Anything you want sweet cheeks!" Jojo said between pumps. Jojo brought a hand down and began finger Emily's cunt almost setting Emily over the edge.

" you... and .... Ur ..... magic finger..!" Emily moaned as she couldn't hold back any longer as her arms gave away letting Jojo catch her before falling letting her arms wrap around Emily's tight young body as she felt her body tense up and release.

Miley continued to pound away at Demi who lay motionless a little uncomfortable but also aroused by the forceful way she had been taking over by Miley.

Miley still holding on to Demi's long dark hair as she pounded harder and harder into her conquest leaving the only audible sound coming from Demi was a soft moan. Just the Selena rejoined the party, as she moved behind Miley and moved her hand so she was now fingering the blonde songstress using Miley's movement to her advantage.

Miley feeling Demi began to shake and become stiff as her orgasm past drenching the bed with her juices as she felt her own release. Miley finished and slid off the bed heading for the door.

Selena and Demi lay there exhausted as they heard the shower in the other room. Selena moved up so she was now lying next to Demi and moved her head in for a kiss. "I hope you had a good Birthday.." Selena whispered as she broke the kiss and the two fell asleep in each others arms held in a gentle embrace.